15 More Celebrities That Look Like Cartoon Characters

It’s been said that everyone in the world has a twin. This must be true, because there are celebrity impersonators that are the spitting image of Elvis, Cher and George Clooney. Some celebrities even

It’s been said that everyone in the world has a twin. This must be true, because there are celebrity impersonators that are the spitting image of Elvis, Cher and George Clooney. Some celebrities even look like one another, like Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel, and James Franco and James Dean. Still, some celebrities remind us of someone and yet we cannot put our finger on it.

For example, have you ever wondered why Peyton Manning looks so familiar, or who Margot Robbie is reminiscent of? The answer is that it’s not a person per se, but a cartoon character. Some celebrities only have certain features that are cartoonish. For example, Rihanna’s varying hairstyles have been compared to Woody Woodpecker Brooklyn Decker has been the butt of many jokes because of her close-set eyes – people say she looks like Leela, the cyclops from Futurama. And Charlie Sheen has been likened to Quagmire from Family Guy due to his dark hair and horn-dog personality.

Other celebrities are dead-ringers for cartoon characters, and that is what this list is dedicated to. It’s all about celebrities that look like cartoon characters from head to toe, and vice versa. After you read this, you will finally know why some celebrities’ looks give you déjà vu.

15 Ke$ha & Jem


PIC Rec: Ke$ha with pink hair, or with lots of glitter/a star on her face like Jem.

Singer Ke$ha resembles 80's cartoon character Jem so much that it’s outrageous – truly, truly, truly outrageous! They both have big hair, super pink lips and wear lots of glitter. The resemblance doesn’t end there, since they are both singers. Jem was known for her catchy pop tunes and dancing around on stage with her magic earrings flashing away. Ke$ha is known for her top 40 hits and for flashing her rump, her cleavage and her many tattoos. That leaves many wondering if Ke$ha has an alter ego, like Jem’s true identity of Jerrica. Jem had a brief resurgence this year with the movie Jem and the Holograms. Hopefully Ke$ha’s career’s will enjoy that much success.

14 Sofia Vergara & Jessica Rabbit


Sofia Vergara is often compared to Jessica Rabbit. While Sofia might not have red hair, the rest of her is a carbon copy of Jessica Rabbit. Both ladies have legs from here to ya-ya, a narrow waist, and cleavage for days. Sofia is often seen on the red carpet wearing gowns referred to as “Jessica Rabbit dresses.” Her dresses are often strapless, with a sweetheart neckline to show off her ample bosom, and have a long slit. If only Vergara would belt out “Why Don’t You Do Right,” the two would be twins. Vergara does have one thing on Jessica Rabbit, though – her husband Joe Mangianello is way hotter than Roger Rabbit!

13 Margot Robbie & Barbie


Margot Robbie is a blonde bimbo girl in a fantasy world – just like Barbie! You can brush her hair, and undress her everywhere…which was pretty much her role in The Wolf of Wall Street. In all seriousness, Robbie is one gorgeous woman. The Barbie doll was designed to be the perfect woman, and to say that Robbie is a spitting image of her is a huge compliment. Both girls have tanned skin, a chiseled face, bright blue eyes, pouty lips and a killer chest. They also have a toned body, complete with narrow waist and long legs. Barbie has been a constant beauty since she debuted in the 1950s. So, Robbie should be confident that her brand of good looks will always be in style.

12 Jon Hamm & Inspector Gadget

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Jon Hamm is the sort of man that women want, and that men want to be. A great deal of his success is due to the aura that Don Draper had on Mad Men. What added to his appeal was that he really worked a tailored suit. When dressed up, anyone could tell that he meant business. But when Hamm donned a full trench coat and hat, he gave off a different vibe – that of Inspector Gadget. Although Inspector Gadget has none of Don Draper’s panache, there are similarities. For example, both had black hair and a prominent jawline, and the gray of their attire totally matched. Think of Inspector Gadget as Don Draper’s less successful cousin, if you will.

11 Mama June & Slimer


Did you ever watch TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo and think that Mama June looked awfully familiar? No, it wasn’t because she was your cashier at Wal-Mart. It was because she resembles Slimer from The Ghostbusters animated series which aired in the 1980s. Mama June and Slimer have huge heads, multiple chins, and terrible teeth. And what a coincidence – they both scarf down food like the world is about to end! The only way anyone can tell them apart is that Slimer is green. Seriously, the resemblance is spooky!

10 John O’Hurley & Kent Brockman

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John O’Hurley is best known for his role as Mr. Peterman on Seinfeld. But a savvy fan of the series will recognize that he resembles a character from another great comedy, the newscaster Kent Brockman on The Simpsons. They both share white hair and preppy good looks. The characters are also similar. Both are haughty and talk down to supposed underlings. They are also pompous, and speak in over the top rhetoric. If there’s ever a live action version of The Simpsons, O’Hurley should have no problem finding work!

9 Ed Sheeran & Ronald McDonald

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Ed Sheeran is a great singer. His looks, however, leave a lot to be desired. Part of the problem is that he looks just like Ronald McDonald. The biggest resemblance is the unruly red hair, but it doesn’t stop there. Sheeran has pasty white skin, just like Ronald. And his eyes are weird and buggy which are just like the creepy clown’s. There’s a reason he and Taylor Swift are “just friends.” Because, let’s face it, that girl hooks up with everybody. We’re guessing it’s because she doesn’t want to get mixed up with someone that probably smells like week old cheeseburgers and hangs out with Grimmace and the Fry Kids.

8 Peyton Manning & Beaker


Peyton Manning is a star athlete, makes millions of dollars and has a lovely family. There is one thing he’ll never have, though: good looks. He resembles the character Beaker from The Muppet Babies, a hit cartoon from the 1980s. Modern audiences have also seen Beaker on the ABC hit show The Muppets. Both Manning and Beaker have oblong heads that meld right into their necks, and have rather indistinct facial features that are disrupted by their oddly-shaped noses. Manning’s mouth even looks like Beaker’s. They both look like they are permanently frowning. Manning’s best look is when he keeps his helmet on.

7 Luke Bryan & Woody

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Country singer Luke Bryan looks a heck of a lot like Woody from the Toy Story franchise, even more so when he was younger, which is perhaps the reason for his recently more rugged look. They are both tall and lanky, and dress up like cowboys. Bryan is often mocked for wearing skinny jeans to no end, which is a move that is pure Woody. Bryan is also known for his toothy grin, which is another similarity he has to Woody. The only differences are that Bryan wears his cowboy boots under his jeans instead of on top, and lately sports a baseball cap instead of a ten-gallon cowboy hat. Either way, most women would let Bryan put his boots under their bed any night of the week.

6 Steve Harvey & Mr Potato Head


Steve Harvey has become a mainstay on television for better or worse. Supposedly he’s a comedian, although none of his jokes spring to mind. Mr Potato Head from Toy Story is way funnier. The two do look a lot alike, though. Both have brown skin, bushy eyebrows, domed heads and identical super-thick moustaches. Their passionate yet hilarious personalities contribute further to the similarity.

5 Amy Schumer & Cabbage Patch Kid


Amy Schumer is very self-deprecating in her jokes. She jokes about her looks and her weight, and has compared herself to looking like a Cabbage Patch Kid. Well, we agree! She has a full face, round eyes and rosy cheeks. Schumer admits to being plump, which is also the physique a Cabbage Patch Kid has. This might be a mean comparison, but it could be worse. Schumer could be compared to a Garbage Pail Kid! Fortunately for her, her head isn’t blowing up, she isn’t covered in snot, and she isn’t riddled with pimples.

4 Kylie Jenner & Bratz


Ever since the Kardashians burst onto the scene, people credit them with starting a fashion revolution. People think they invented the style of overdone makeup, hair and clothing. Not so! Bratz did it first. The Bratz girls began as dolls, then quickly crossed over into an animated TV series. Kylie Jenner is really just copying their looks. She probably brought a picture of them into her plastic surgeon’s office and said, “Make me look like this!” Jenner’s looks are, in fact, cartoonish. Her robust lips and smoky eyes make her look plastic. And her clothing is straight from Bratz, too. It is flashy and always two-sizes too small.

3 Katy Perry & Betty Boop


Katy Perry has never had an original thought in her life. All she seems to do is copy other people. First, she came out with the song “I Kissed a Girl” which was eerily similar to Jill Sobule’s song of the same name released in the 1990s. And as it turns out, Perry also copies other girls’ looks. She imitates Bettie Page with her pin-up poses. She dresses up in outlandish costumes like Lady Gaga. And she totally, utterly, 100% has stolen Betty Boop’s style. Perry sports black hair done up to look like Betty Boop’s waves. She further copies Betty by wearing red lipstick and blowing kisses. Perry even wears knock-off Betty Boop dresses that show off a lot of cleavage and are cinched at the waist. All she needs is a little toy dog to complete the look.

2 Danny DeVito & Mr. Spacely


Mr. Spacely from The Jetsons and Adolf Hitler look a lot like each other due to their moustaches. But there is someone else that is a clone of Mr. Spacely’s: Danny DeVito. This time, it isn’t just about the moustache. DeVito and Mr. Spacely are both bald, short and portly. That about sums it up! Turning cartoon classics into live action movies is all the rage right now, as evidenced by remakes of Snow White, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. So it isn’t a stretch to think that The Jetsons will be made into one, especially since movie execs already did the same thing with The Flintstones. In which case, DeVito should definitely get the part of Mr. Spacely – no screen test required. We can just imagine him screaming “Jet-son!”

1 Lena Dunham/Little Critter


There’s something unsettling about Lena Dunham’s appearance. Since we aren’t encouraged to use the word “ugly” on this site, let’s just say that her body is unfortunate looking. It’s hard to say exactly what’s so wrong with her face, except that even on her best days she resembles some sort of a woodland creature. And then it hit us: she looks a lot like the character Little Critter. Her dull eyes, lumpy nose and chopped hair are very reminiscent of the Mercer Mayer character. He has a face only a mother could love. Of course, we do feel bad comparing Little Critter to Dunham. He’s way cuter.

Sources: Complex, BuzzFeed

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