15 More Actors Hollywood Movie Directors Just Won't Cast Anymore

When a new star is discovered in Hollywood, or appears in a hit movie, we seem to take for granted that this particular actor will be around forever. However, this is simply not how things work in Hollywood. Yes, a star might be the center of attention after the release of knockout movie, or even have a few golden years of recognition while starring in a successful franchise. But no matter how secure an actor may appear to be in Hollywood, they never really are. The movie industry moves on so quickly that certain stars can't help but be left behind.

The actors on this list have learned the hard way that one minute you can be overwhelmed with tons of movie offers, and then, in the blink of an eye, you’re struggling to be cast in anything. Many of the stars on this list have faced a sad fate, being replaced by a younger face, or dwindling slowly into obscurity, until one day no one is thinking about them at all. Of course, some of the actors on this list only have themselves to blame, for getting caught up in the wrong type of lifestyle that doesn't do them any favors. Yes, this list will tell you just which stars we’re talking about and you’ll learn just which actors have been down on their luck in recent years...

15 Rob Schneider

14 Anna Faris

13 Halle Berry

12 Hayden Christensen

11 Terrence Howard

10 Drew Barrymore

9 Lucy Liu

8 Seann William Scott

7 Mike Myers

6 Keanu Reeves

5 Lindsay Lohan

4 Rupert Grint

3 Ashley Greene

2 Nicholas Cage

1 Michael Cera

The years 2007-2010 were arguably the highlight of Michael Cera’s career; it was during this time the actor appeared in movie such as Superbad, Juno, Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist and Youth in Revolt. Nevertheless, from this point onwards the actor's career began to slowly fade away and now it’s hard to remember the last time we’ve seen Cera’s boyish face on the big screen. Where did it all go wrong? Some of it is probably down to bad luck; the actor starred in a few flops, such as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which didn’t help him in the least. To add to this, Cera stuck to the same conventional character in all of his movies. Yes, this worked for a while, but soon enough people generally want to see an actor who’s capable of portraying numerous types of characters.

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15 More Actors Hollywood Movie Directors Just Won't Cast Anymore