15 Moments Where Celebs Attacked Reporters & Paparazzi

Imagine trying to leave your home, but you can't because there are weird men camping out on your lawn. Then imagine opening your front door and being bombarded by strangers, who only want to exploit you by taking pictures or videos of you for the sole purpose of making money.

At first, you might be flattered. You might even feel like this is the life you were meant to live; paparazzi following you around like you are the most divine creature on earth. But how long would it take for you to start feeling like you are being stalked? How long before you start feeling a little irritated and quite frankly pissed off that you can't walk your dog in sweatpants without the world thinking you look depressed, overweight or just about any ridiculous adjective they want to throw your way?

What's worse is that the reporters and paparazzi are just waiting for you to lose your mind over the fact that you can run but you can't hide. Want it to stop? Well that's cute, too bad - you belong to the public eye now. Call the cops? Well, you can try but what are they going to do? You're a celebrity, you signed up for this. The paparazzo are only doing their jobs.

Some days might be better than others. Some days you might smile and wave at reporters, maybe even answer a question or two. But what we tend to forget is that as humans, we all have our own repertoire of feelings and sometimes, just sometimes, enough is enough.

15 Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant might be the biggest paparazzi hater in the world. Not only has he already been arrested for attacking reporters, but he has an entirely different way of shaming them. Believe it or not, Grant is famous amongst the paparazzo for carrying around a family-sized tub of baked beans and not being afraid to use it. Back in 2007, Grant attacked a paparazzo who was trying to sneak pictures of his ex Liz Hurley. The incident happened near Grant's home in West London and got violent very quickly. Grant allegedly kicked the reporter repeatedly and then proceeded to knee him in the groin before pouring baked beans all over him. During the attack, the paparazzo said that Grant asked him if he had any children, and when he replied that he had two, Grant yelled "I hope they die of f***ing cancer." However, Grant refuted ever saying these words.

14 Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber might be young, but he's no newbie when it comes to being harassed by reporters and paparazzi. He has been in endless scuffles and doesn't seem to be catching a break anytime soon. In all fairness, getting followed around by older men when you're trying to enjoy some quality time with your girlfriend is more than a little unsettling. In 2012, Bieber attacked a paparazzo who was blocking his car from leaving the movie theatre parking lot. Bieber and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez were submerged in a crowd of paparazzi that would not allow the young couple to vacate their parking spot. Bieber leaped out of the car and kicked the first unlucky guy he could see. This kick made Bieber lose his balance and shoe, and cascade to the floor. But Bieber quickly got back up and punched the poor sucker in the face before throwing him into a nearby car and making a quick getaway with Gomez by his side.

13 Lily Allen


Lily Allen might be short, but don't let her appearance fool you; she's feisty and won't hesitate to demonstrate her disdain. In 2007, Allen was enjoying a night out with friends, at Wardour nightclub in London, when suddenly she was ambushed by a sea of cameras. Allen allegedly became enraged as soon as the bright lights started flashing and proceeded to kick and punch at the crowd around her. In the midst of her drunken stupor, Allen managed hurt two reporters who immediately called the police. By the time the police arrived at the scene, Allen was long gone and the paparazzi were buzzing from all the honey they had acquired. However, Allen's actions did not go unpunished and she was told to meet the officers at the station the following morning. The singer was then arrested for assault and released on bail.

12 Will Smith


When you think of an aggressive celeb, Will Smith is not a name that comes to mind. Smith started off his career by wooing the public with his good humour and nature and although he has come a long way from being the young man who played in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, as he is still considered an all around good guy. Why then did Smith shove and backhand a Ukrainian reporter in the face while at a premiere in Moscow? Well, let's just say he was within his rights. The reporter in question had asked Smith for a hug while stating that he was his number one fan, and Smith being the good guy he was, obliged. What Smith did not know is that the Ukrainian reporter was planning to kiss him on the mouth. Smith reacted as any unsuspecting victim would have and defended himself. While Smith was walking away, he was overheard saying "This joker is lucky I didn't sucker punch him."

11 Russell Brand


Russell Brand was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport in 2010. He was arrested for allegedly striking a reporter in the face after his ex-fiancee Katy Perry complained that the photographer was attempting to take pictures up her dress. Brand did what any fiancee would do and defended his woman. Unfortunately for him, defending his woman and battery are pretty much the same thing in the eyes of the law. While the reporter was seeking medical attention, Brand and Perry were taken to LAPD's pacific division for questioning, which resulted in Brand being booked for battery and then let go on a £13,000 bail. As a consequence of his actions, both Brand and Perry ended up missing their flight. Perry later on posted a tweet saying " If you cross the line & try to put a lens up my dress, my fiancee will do his job & protect me."

10 Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson has had his fair share of run in's with the law, but that does not make this great actor stupid in the slightest. On the contrary, Harrelson is actually very well educated when it comes to defending his rights in a courtroom. In 2006, Harrelson and some friends were reported leaving Element nightclub when things suddenly turned sour. As the photographers camera's started flashing, Harrelson walked up to a paparazzo and asked him to stop taking pictures. When said paparazzo refused, Harrelson saw red and broke his camera right before he started to strangle the man. The battered reporter filed a criminal complaint against Harrelson, in which the actor responded by counter suing for invasion of privacy, the charge was later dismissed.

9 Kanye West


When it comes to rapper Kanye West being photographed, it's rather simple; use it and lose it. West has on two attempts tried to steal the camera out of photographers hands and smash them. You would think that after all this, the paparazzi would leave the guy alone. But nope - they live for this kind of stuff. When West was submerged by a crowd of reporters at the Los Angeles International Airport, he immediately went for the kill and was charged with misdemeanour battery and attempted grand theft, for which he pleaded not-guilty. West was then sentenced to 250 hours of community service and forced to undergo 30 days of anger management. Before the assault happened, West shouted "What you're trying to do is get me in trouble, so I step out and have to pay you like $250,000,." Although the rapper knew of their plan, it did not stop him from giving in to his anger.

8 Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is a timeless beauty who has been in the acting business for decades now. Maybe that is why she has had it up to her ears with paparazzi. One can only be chased for so long before you start chasing back. It is not old news that Diaz has a short fuse when it comes to photographers following her around like lost puppies. In 2006, when Diaz and ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake left a friends house at night, a paparazzo jumped out from the bushes and started snapping away. The couple immediately started chasing the man while verbally and physically abusing him until he was safely locked inside of his car. The paparazzo allegedly used his vehicle as a weapon and steered in Diaz' direction. Later on Diaz filed a complaint stating that she would have been run over if she hadn't jumped out of the way.

7 Shia LaBeouf


Shia LaBeouf might look innocent, but he is far from it. Some reporter's have even gone as far as saying that LaBeouf has no class whatsoever. But then again, why trust a paparazzo's definition of class? They are the ones, after all who hide in bushes to take pictures of celebrities against their will. Now if that's not classy, I don't know what is! However, that does not make LaBeouf's actions look any better, he is after all, constantly being arrested for getting into fights and disrupting the peace. In 2010, while LaBeouf was out taking a stroll in Washington, a reporter started to take pictures of the young actor and did not stop until he was satisfied. When the paparazzo walked away, LaBeouf chased him and emptied out the contents of his hot coffee all over his back. Ouch! Now that's gotta hurt.

6 Britney Spears


At one point in time, Britney Spears was the most famous celebrity in the world. But being scrutinized by the public eye at such a young age can surely go to your head. In 2007, shortly after the pop goddess shaved her head in the midst of a breakdown, Spears was once again pushed too far. After leaving the house of her estranged husband Kevin Federline, Spears was ambushed by a paparazzo. With her emotions no doubt running high after her encounter with Federline, Spears took her green umbrella as a sword and attacked the paparazzo's SUV. Shortly after the incident, Spears checked into rehab and started her journey to recovery. But not before she acknowledged the attack and justified it by saying that she was merely rehearsing for a role in a film. I guess it's safe to say that when it rains, it pours. Luckily for Spears, she has an umbrella.

5 Cara Delevingne


When British Supermodel Cara Delevingne landed at the Heathrow airport in London back in 2014, she was not pleased to see the anticipated crowd of paparazzi awaiting her arrival. I think we can all agree that the last place you want to be photographed is at an airport after a flight. But unfortunately for celebrities, the paparazzi don't care about how you're feeling after an 8-hour plane ride. Delevingne made sure that the crowd of photographers knew that she was not pleased with the situation and she did this by acting in a peculiar manner. First she chased them, then she repeatedly flipped them the bird, invaded their personal space and lastly body chucked them. The following year, the beautiful model came up with the perfect plan to seek revenge on the annoying stalkers we call the paparazzi. Delevingne and her girlfriend St. Vincent hit the streets with water guns and made a game out of soaking up their enemies.

4 Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne has come a long way from being a teenage punk rock princess. However, some can argue that this little rocker's old habits have been somewhat hard to shake off. If the paparazzi have learned one thing when it comes to taking photographs of Lavigne, it is to come prepared by wearing a raincoat. This fierce celeb has a knack for spitting on reporters and giving them the finger. In fact, back in 2006, Lavigne spat on two different paparazzo's in just one week. The singer later apologized to the paparazzi for her behaviour, but in her defense she stated that her actions were "a reaction of the persistent attacks from the paparazzi." And can we really blame her? Being constantly followed around by strangers  is enough to make a saint snap. At least when it comes to Lavigne, all she does is channel her inner llama and spit all over her enemies.

3 Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper who is a little rough around the edges. In 2014, when Azalea and her assistant were spotted grocery shopping in Los Angeles, all hell broke lose. The photographer was caught snapping pics of the pair and when asked to stop, the paparazzo declined, stating that they were in a public place in L.A and that he was simply doing his job. This statement, seemed to enrage Azalea's assistant and so she proceeded in spitting all over the reporter. The man instantly cried out " You assaulted me! You assaulted me! Maybe I got aids now, I got Ebola!" If Azalea wasn't already infuriated enough, this comment sure hit the spot, she cried out "I hope you get Ebola and die!" before attempting to run him down with her shopping cart. As both woman fled the scene, Azalea decided to have the last word by saying, "Being a musician doesn't give you the right to sneak into a supermarket and take pictures of someone buying eggs."

2 Jude Law


When it comes to actor Jude Law, well lets just say that he is far from innocent. Law has on more than one account been arrested for attacking the paparazzi. But in all fairness, Law has been constantly hounded by the buzzing heard of flies that are the paparazzi, and in consequence has become quite comfortable with  lashing out them. In 2009, Law allegedly attacked a female reporter and he did so by hitting her "full in the face." The actor denied ever hitting the woman, but luckily for the reporter, there are pictures of the assault. Law's lawyer even went as far as saying that Law hit the woman by accident when he raised his arms to shield his eyes from the camera's constant flashing, but the pictures of the assault are clearly voluntary. The British actor might have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for his shaky track record with the paparazzi.

1 Kate Moss


Kate Moss is an English model who started off her career in 1988. Moss is still modelling today and has even taken a liking to acting, you can see her latest work in 2016's Zoolander 2. You would think that after being in the spotlight for over 20 years, Moss would get use to the extensive attention from the paparazzi, but some things are impossible to get use to. In 2008, when the model landed at the Los Angeles International Airport with her daughter, the paparazzi crowd was so overwhelmingly big that she feared for her daughters safety. Reports state that Moss was viciously attacked and surrounded by paparazzi, to the point that the young mother had to throw her baggage cart at reporters just to clear the way. Police officers later rescued Moss' daughter from the crowd and isolated her from the attacks.


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15 Moments Where Celebs Attacked Reporters & Paparazzi