15 Modeling Shots Of Actresses Before They Were Famous

Modeling and acting go hand in hand, especially if you're pretty. Well, really only if you're pretty. The reality of the film and television world is this: if you're good looking enough, you might not even need to talk to make money. Those who are attractive and are able speak in front of camera, often do quite well in the acting profession. For many of the gorgeous people that dreamed of Hollywood, modeling was a logical first step. Stand here and look hot while we take your photo. This isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds, either. Anyone who struggles to smile normally for a camera will understand this. But modeling wasn't enough for the ladies on this list. They needed to use their big personalities, their voices and their flair for the dramatic. Still shots couldn't contain them. Modeling was simply a way to get noticed and noticed they got... they were. They were noticed from their modeling.

Modeling sounds glamorous, but let's be clear, some of the early gigs for the actresses on this list were anything but. Not all of them landed in the spotlight in Victoria's Secret or Calvin Klein. Are those still relevant examples? The point is. Some of the initial modeling jobs on this list are awful. Not like the modeling shots your parents got from you at Sears when you were a kid awful, but close enough. For most, they were little kids, so they were modeling weird kid stuff, like sticky hands and juice stains on their upper lips, or whatever else kids are known for. No, they weren’t actually modeling juice stains on their upper lips, we just didn't want to ruin the surprise and also don't know kids very well. Today, these actresses are famous. Seeing them before they were big stars is like peering into their souls. This is when they were just normal people like us, just trying to make a name for themselves. Here are 15 modeling shots of actresses before they were famous.

15 Jennifer Connelly


14 Victoria Justice

13 Leighton Meester

12 Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel got her start in acting in 2000 on the same show that everyone knows her for, Gilmore Girls. Prior to that, Bledel was a model after she was discovered one day while shopping, which sounds like a creepy way to be discovered, but it probably wasn't so bad. You can find a few of her early modeling shots for things like lip gloss and headbands, you know, high quality campaigns. It's not at all hard to notice Bledel because apparently the 35-year old hasn't aged a day since she was 12, which is a little weird. After showing some promise in a few fashion shoots, Bledel decided to attend Page Parkes Center for Modeling and Acting, which is like a modeling and acting boot camp in the South. It wouldn’t be long before she was a mainstay in the industry, playing every fast-talking intelligent young female character she could get her hands on.

11 Sofia Vergara

10 Milla Jovovich

via; papermag

9 Katherine Heigl

8 Cameron Diaz


7 Mila Kunis


6 Uma Thurman


5 Kirsten Dunst

4 Angelina Jolie


3 Amanda Seyfried


2 Charlize Theron


1 Jennifer Lawrence


Prior to appearing in a few small roles in television and film in 2006 and 2007, Jennifer Lawrence tried her hand at modeling. Originally, in about 2004, Lawrence was discovered by an agent who gave her his card. After that, Lawrence would go in for some readings for very small parts, but nothing came of it right away, except for some small modeling gigs, like one for Abercrombie & Fitch, which isn’t really small when you think about it. Either way, these shots were never released, except for the one pictured above, apparently because JLaw was sweaty, red and gross in all the others. So maybe Lawrence wasn't a model necessarily, but she did model once, which is kind of the same thing. Right?

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15 Modeling Shots Of Actresses Before They Were Famous