15 Marvel Characters That Desperately Need Screen Time

With several movies and TV shows already in the ever growing Marvel Cinematic Universe, the wealth of characters that are involved is already vast. From the most popular and famous heroes such as Ironman and Hulk to the lesser know Guardians of the Galaxy, each character's introduction has been a smash hit. However, with years of comic books to draw upon and a long list of characters just waiting to be used, the MCU could be gracing our screens for generations to come.

After the events of Captain America: Civil War left our heroes divided and with the up and coming Avengers: Infinity Wars movies, Marvel's phase three is coming to a close. So with phase four on the horizon and the expansion of the Marvel TV universe, we look at 15 characters that haven't yet made it to the screen. Not only would these characters fit well into either universe, but their inclusion would also make any comic book fan's heart skip with delight as the lesser known characters get a big or small-screen outing.

15 Quasar


We start our list with the cosmic hero Quasar. Many characters in the Marvel universe have worn the quantum bands and gone by the name Quasar, but for this list we're focusing on the most famous Quasar, Wendell Vaughn.

As a graduate from the S.H.E.I.L.D academy, Wendell Vaughn was destined to become a S.H.E.I.L.D agent, that is until his first assignment. Whilst on security detail at a research facility, the facility comes under attack so Vaughn puts on the powerful quantum bands and wields their power with ease. He then becomes the hero Marvel Boy until finally becoming the cosmic hero Quasar.

With the quantum bands, Quasar can manipulate energy and can create hard energy constructs. They also give him the power to control gravity which can help him fly and cross space. Many may argue that Quasar is Marvel's equivalent to DC's Green Lantern, and it the similarities are definitely there.

With several Guardians of the Galaxy movies planned, Quasar will hopefully make an appearance soon.

14 Captain Mar-Vell


With the up and coming Miss Marvel movie, there is little doubt that Captain Mar-Vell will be making his screen debut sooner rather than later. After all, it is how Carol Danvers got her powers and also why she chose the name Miss Marvel and then later Captain Marvel.

As a member of the alien race known as the Kree, Mar-Vell was sent to Earth in order to spy on the people for the Kree Empire. Taking on the form of the recently deceased Walter Lawson, Mar-Vell begins his mission. At first Mar-Vell keeps his distance from the people he is observing until he starts to become close to them, particularly with Danvers.

When Mar-Vell arrives on Earth he doesn't possess any superhuman powers as such; except for having enhanced strength and durability due to his Kree physiology, plus his military training. However, Mar-Vell becomes manipulated by 'Zo' and gains the power of flight, cosmic awareness, solar energy absorption and becomes able to teleport anywhere in the universe.

13 Cable


There aren't many characters within the Marvel universe that have a more complicated history than the mutant Cable. Nathan Summers is the son of X-Men Scott Summers and a clone of Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor. Sent to the future for his own protection, Cable is then teleported back to the present day as an older man, older in fact than his father Cyclops.

Cable was born with powerful telepathic and telekinetic mutant powers. His powers are said to be so vast that their full limits have yet to be disclosed. However, he is able to read and interact with minds over a great distance as well as project mental energy blasts that can easily kill people. On top of his natural abilities, being raised in the future, Cable was given advanced military and combat training, making him the ultimate warrior.

There has been much talk about brining Cable to the big screen; most notably in the planned Deadpool 2 movie, as the two form a very popular partnership in the comic books. There has also been talk of an X-Force movie which may also involve Cable. So expect to see him gracing the big screens at some point.

12 Tigra


A very interesting and also unknown hero, Tigra, aka Greer Grant Nelson, graduated from university in Chicago and was set to marry her police officer boyfriend, which she did. Unfortunately, he was killed on duty, which led Nelson to meet professor Joanne Tulumo, a doctor experimenting with human potential. This also led Nelson to don a cat suit and become the crime fighting hero know as The Cat.

However, after a brief spell as a crime fighter, Nelson asked to be used in one of Dr. Tulumo's experiments. The result was a half human, half feline hybrid who would go on to become the champion and savior of the ancient race of cat people. As this hybrid, Nelson became Tigra.

As Tigra, Nelson possesses many super-human powers such as enhanced strength, agility, senses and speed. She also has retractable claws and has some mystical powers; although many of these have so far gone unexplored.

Tigra has been an off and on member of The Avengers for some time and was even involved in the Civil War story arc. As for the MCU, now that The Avengers have split into two groups, bringing in some new members for the next phase could include this feisty feline.

11 Adam Warlock


Due to the surprising success of The Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and the inevitable success of any of its sequels, it could be time to look into the many characters that have made up The Guardians in comic books. With many characters becoming members of the Guardians, none deserve some screen time more than Adam Warlock.

Originally know as Him, and then later Warlock, Adam Warlock was created by a group of people known as the Enclave. Their purpose was to create the perfect human and they named him simply Him. However, after rebelling against his creators, Warlock left the planet and flew into space. After encountering several planets and species, Warlock soon came up against Thanos, complete with the Infinity stones. With some help, Warlock defeated Thanos and saved the galaxy.

With his great strength, endurance, speed, flight and energy manipulation, Warlock is a powerful hero to have on your side. With talks of new Guardians of the Galaxy members coming up in movies, plus The Avengers: Infinity Wars saga almost upon us, the time for Warlock's screen debut should be very soon.

10 Captain Britain


The events of Captain America: Civil War left not only The Avengers split, but it also saw Steve Rogers give up his Captain America mantle. With this in mind, the MCU could be looking to bring in another captain for its future projects. Although not exactly the same as Captain America, Captain Britain could no doubt fill Rogers' void in future movies. Unlike Steve Rogers, Captain Britain didn't get his powers from a super serum. In fact Brian Braddock obtained his powers through mystical forces and with the introduction of Doctor Strange coming soon, magical characters could be a great way for the MCU to go.

Given that Captain Britain has mystical powers, this gives him super strength, speed, reflexes and flight. He can also fire energy beams and produce force fields. Although he spends most of his time protecting the people of Britain, Captain Britain has also been involved with the Avengers, and Avenger-related groups, on several occasions. Much like The Black Panther of Wakanda, who has just been introduced into the MCU, Captain Britain could well fit into any future Avengers movies.

9 Moon Knight


There are many differences between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, but the main difference is the tone that they have. Although the Marvel movies can be dark and serious from time to time, they also have plenty of color and humor for a more fun superhero romp, whereas the recent DC movies have lacked that fun touch. So if Marvel were looking to add a touch of darkness to their universe, then the inclusion of Moon Knight would be a great way to go.

When mercenary Marc Spector is left for dead in Egypt, he becomes empowered by the ancient moon god Khonshu. Gaining his powers from the lunar cycle, Spector has been granted super human strength, endurance and agility. As well as this, Moon Knight uses and has access to an array of weapons as well as being a great thinker and detective. Using the night as his cover, Moon Knight would be a Batman-like figure for the Marvel MCU.

8 Nova


Since the runaway success of The Guardians of the Galaxy film, the MCU may well be looking to expand upon its lesser known space heroes. As the Nova Corps, an intergalactic police force, has already been featured in the Guardians movie, they will no doubt feature heavily again. If that's the case then it is surely time to include the hero that represents everything the Nova Corps stands for.

As the last members of the Nova Corps start dying, they select high school student Richard Rider to carry on and bestow all their power upon him. Donning the Nova Centurion uniform and calling himself Nova, Rider begins his life as a hero. With superhuman strength, speed and durability, Nova also has the power of flight, energy absorption and he can also open wormholes and even manipulate gravitational forces.

Being associated with both the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers, and also being a close friends to Spider-Man, Nova could easily fit into future stages of the Marvel franchise.

7 Wonder Man


Simon Williams has had somewhat of a checkered past within the Marvel universe. Being the son of a rich business man, Williams inherited his father's business after his death. However, being in direct competition with Tony Stark, Williams' business soon couldn't compete and he became broke. Blaming Stark for his failures, Williams wanted revenge, so when Baron Zemo offered him a chance to get back at Stark, Williams accepted.

Being turned into an ion-powered superman with enhanced strength, speed, flight and even an extended lifespan, Zemo renamed him Wonder Man and Williams was sent to infiltrate the Avengers and take them down from the inside. However, as the Avengers fall into Zemo's trap, Wonder Man has a change of heart and helps them instead.

With the next instalment of The Guardians of the Galaxy on the horizon, there has been lots of chatter and various rumors about which characters will take part. Wonder Man has been confirmed, although so far only as a poster that can be seen in the background. Maybe there might be a more substantial role that the studios are keeping a secret.

6 M.O.D.O.K


The next entry on our list delves into one of the many underused villains in the Marvel universe. A fan favorite, M.O.D.O.K could fit into any movie or scenario, as the unpredictable killing machine is just that, unpredictable.

In the Advanced Idea Mechanics, or A.I.M for short, a technician named George Taleton is trying to study advanced mutagenics and M.O.D.O.C is created. First standing for Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing. M.O.D.O.K soon changed his name to Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing as he kills his creators and everyone around him. Although, for all his great power and intellect, M.O.D.O.K is stuck as a giant floating head with only a limited support for a tiny body.

With greatly enhanced intelligence, psionic powers and the ability to calculate probability, M.O.D.O.K became a great foe for Captain America and The Avengers. M.O.D.O.K would be a very popular and great addition to any future Avengers or Captain America project.

5 X-23


Within the comic book movie world, there haven't been many actors that have not only embraced their role, but have made it impossible for any other actor to ever be seen playing that character. One such actor is Hugh Jackman. Since taking over the role as fan favorite Wolverine, Jackman has become the bad tempered Logan. With several X-Men movies, as well as some solo movies, Jackman has been the most prominent actor within this genre. So with his latest movie set to be released soon and talks of his retirement, the studio might be better off replacing the character within their universe rather than finding a new Wolverine. With that in mind, what better character to replace him in the X-Men world than with his clone X-23?

Created to be the perfect killing machine, X-23 was cloned from Wolverine's genome and is therefor his daughter. Like her father, X-23 has enhanced senses, reflexes and strength as well as his healing powers. She even has her retractable claws coated in the unbreakable adamantium.

4 Kang The Conqueror


When you are dealing with a time traveling and dimension hopping being, it can be difficult to fit them within the world you've created. However, as Kang the Conqueror has just about battled against every hero in the Marvel universe, we think it's time to introduce him into the MCU.

There are many different origins and storylines surrounding Kang. Being from the future, Kang had access to time travel and has been crossing time at will. Kang has been the ancient Egyptian god and pharaoh Rama-Tut, until he was stopped by the time traveling Doctor Strange and the Fantastic Four. Kang has also been involved in a story arc in which Captain America was responsible for destroying the world, as he shouldn't be in our time period and should have died in the 1940s. So Kang set out to put the time lines back and destroy Captain America, although the Avengers had something to say about that. For all his time traveling antics, Kang is often accompanied by the council of Kangs, which is made up of different versions of Kang from other timelines and dimensions.

With that in mind, Kang could realistically fit into any storyline in future movies and would be an interesting villain to put on the big screen.

3 She Hulk


Born Jennifer Walters, She Hulk is the cousin of Dr. Bruce Banner. Not wanting to follow her cousin's footsteps into the world of science, Walters decides to practice law instead. However, when she is in desperate need of a blood transfusion, her cousin is a perfect match and offers to help. Banner's mutated blood mixes with Walters' and produces similar results to that of The Hulk. Although not as strong as Hulk, She Hulk does possess all the same powers he does, but with the added bonus that she can control her condition. So much so that she actually chooses to stay in her She Hulk state permanently.

In the movies, The Hulk has been a bit "hit or miss," with his previous two solo movies not doing very well. But since his inclusion in The Avengers, The Hulk has become a popular character once again. So adding a female version to the MCU could prove to be a very popular move.

2 Namor


Namor the Submariner is not only one of Marvel's oldest characters, but also one of the oldest characters in comic books. Making his splash debut in 1939, Namor is often referred to as the first mutant in the Marvel universe. Being born from a human sea captain and a princess from the ocean world of Atlantis, Namor is a hybrid with extraordinary powers. As well as having the powers you might expect from a sea dweller, such as control over sea creatures and the ability to take on their strengths, Namor also possesses super human strength, speed and agility, as well as the ability to fly, thanks to tiny wings on his ankles.

With DC bringing forward their Justice League movie and introducing their own king of the sea with Aquaman, Marvel may well want to bring Namor to the public's attention. As with many Marvel Characters, there may be some issues over rights as Namor could be included with the X-Men which are owned by Fox. Either way, Namor the Submariner would be a welcome addition to our screens.

1 Spider-Woman


Number one on our list maybe a surprising entry for some, but given Spider-Woman's involvement with both the good and the bad side of the Marvel universe, Spider-Woman is a very important character within the comic books and could easily fit into the next phase of the MCU. On top of that, Spider-Woman is a very close friend to Captain Marvel and with her up and coming movie, introducing Captain Marvel to the MCU would be a great way to involve Spider-Woman.

Born Jessica Drew, she was exposed to uranium as a child and became extremely ill. The only way her father could save her life was to inject her with spider blood and then to place her in a genetic accelerator. Once out of the accelerator, Drew's powers start to show themselves. Similar to Spider-Man, Spider-Woman has increased strength, speed, flexibility, senses and wall climbing abilities. However, unlike her male counterpart, Spider-Woman was  kidnapped and trained by HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D. So not only is she a superpowered hero, but she also has increased military and espionage training as well.


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