15 Lovable Celebs Who Ruined Their Own Careers

Major stars are celebrated as part of our daily pop culture obsessed lives - we know this, and they know this. That’s why it’s surprising to see how quickly one can ruin their career. Sometimes Hollywood is to blame, sometimes drugs, and sometimes even the 19th hole for one famed golfer who refused to “leave it all on the course.” Here are 15 celebrities that ruined their amazing careers through their self-destructive ways.

A couple of honorable mentions go to Kurt Cobain, an inspiration to a generation that barely got to know him and then lost to drugs and suicide. Tatum O’Neal was the youngest winner of the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Unfortunately heroin became her support, sending her life and career down the toilet.

Others just missing the list include racist Paula Deen, who not only has to deal with the backlash from her words, but also Anthony Bourdain - he doesn’t let anything go. Shannen Doherty gets mention for just being a difficult and terrible person. She got too demanding and was kicked off both Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed. Aaron Spelling has since refused to work with her. Maybe she should have just chilled out, maybe “drugs?”

Celebrities creating career suicide doesn’t fit one category – we’ve got bad boys, racists, TV Dads, comedians and of course musicians, always musicians. Here are 15 celebrities that decided to derail their professional life and ruin their careers.

15 Charlie Sheen

14 Shia LaBeouf

13 Courtney Love

12 Britney Spears

11 Axl Rose

10 Lindsay Lohan

9 Macaulay Culkin

8 Chris Brown

7 Mel Gibson

6 Whitney Houston

5 Michael Richards

4 Bill Cosby

3 Michael Jackson

2 Tiger Woods

1 Hulk Hogan

There was both a sex tape and racist comments uttered by Hulk Hogan that really killed his career which is a shame because WWE is still huge and Hogan could be reaping the benefits for his legacy that has really taken a hit. Once considered the greatest wrestler of all time - now almost all mention of Hogan has been removed from the WWE website. Hogan “chose” to resign from the organization and has since been in court suing Gawker for publishing the content that has led to his demise. Once known as the WWE Champion and WCW's World Heavyweight Champion, Hogan has now become a punch line and his legacy has gone from feature to footnote.

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15 Lovable Celebs Who Ruined Their Own Careers