15 Life Changing Movies You Need To Watch Right Now

Have you ever watched a movie that inspired you to become a better person? No? Well, strap on your couch-belt and get ready for an intellectual ride. There are many types of movies out there, some that will make you laugh, other's that will make you cry, but there is something special about a movie that changes your life. Maybe, you see the world in black and white, maybe you're depressed and feel alone.  Whatever the case, there is always a film that mimics everything you're going through.

Movies, like books, were created to reach out to people who feel the need to be awoken. Sure, there are some films that were simply created to gain currency, but those usually have crappy plot-lines and dead-eye acting. Forget you ever watched those movies — they were probably filled with so much propaganda that when the movie ended you went shopping for things you didn't need.

Now imagine watching a movie that gives you chills and that makes you think, "Wow, the world we live in is a messed up place, but I'm not going help it get worse," instead of a movie that makes you believe, "If I want them to like me, I have to get nicer clothes, a car, eye-lash extensions, lip injections, more money, blah, blah, blah."

If you want fresh, interesting topics to talk to with your friends and an eye-opening cinematic experience, then you're in for a treat.  Enjoy the 15 life changing movies you need to see right now.

15 The Life Of David Gale


The Life Of David Gale is a movie that targets the lack of justice behind capital punishment. It is a film filled with sacrifice, injustice, and mystery. The ending is enough to make you question why our government chooses to punish and murder criminals in the exact same way that got them arrested in the first place. It also plays on how corrupt and frail the system really is, especially since there are many people who are wrongfully accused of crimes, and then exterminated.

The Life Of David Gale is the story of an anti-death-penalty activist who is arrested for the murder of his colleague. A reporter, Bitsey Bloom, decides to take on this strange story and attempts to piece together the events that lead to Gale's conviction.

Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet co-star in what is one of the most mind-blowing movies of all time. If this movie doesn't leave feeling puzzled and disturbed by humanity, then you are one twisted human being.

14 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind


Many people fall in love with someone who ends up being toxic for them. Still, they cannot get rid of the thought that they are meant to be together, even though, there are many signs that this is not the case. Love can often lead to obsession, and a bad break-up can cause someone to lose focus at work, stop eating, enjoying life, and often even lead to depression. Now, imagine being able to rid yourself of every single memory of a relationship, good and bad. Would you do it?

In Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind, a man named Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) is informed that his ex-girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet), has had an experimental procedure performed on her mind. A procedure that has completely wiped out every single memory of their relationship. In a pain drive state, Barish decides to also have this procedure done. This movie shows the viewers how easy it is to fall back into the arms of someone who necessarily isn't right for you.

13 The Pursuit Of Happyness 


The Pursuit Of Happyness is a heart wrenching tale inspired by the true story of Chris Gardner. This movie can make you laugh and then rip you to shreds in an instant. It is a film about sacrifice, love, and most of all, burning through the rough patches in life to reach your ultimate goal. Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith team up to deliver what is an inspiring tale of dedication and trust.

In this story, we are presented to Chris Gardner, a man who has grouped his money in the wrong investment. Unable to support his family, Gardner's wife eventually leaves him to take care of their son, alone. With no money, and no home, they are forced to live on the streets. Instead of taking any minimum paying job Gardner decides to become an intern at a stockbroker firm. The only problem is that he will not be paid until the training is completed; and that is if he is hired. This movie shows the painful 6 month journey that Gardner and his son endure in hopes of finding a paying and steady job. 

12 Swiss Army Man


For starters, this might be the strangest movie you will ever see, but underneath its wild plot, you will come to understand its ultimate goal. Swiss Army Man, is a movie about imagination, friendship, and obsession. It is bold and pertains a wicked humour, but most of all, it is sensible to those who feel depressed or even suicidal. It shows the viewers that being kind and respectful to people who you believe to be weird or different is one of the most valuable traits you can ever have.

Swiss Army Man starts off by presenting you to the protagonist Hank (Paul Dano) who is tying a noose around his neck and is ready to end it all. Hank, who has been outcasted on a small island for many days, has given up on a possible rescue, and has come to terms with his untimely death. All this changes when Hank is introduced to Manny, (Daniel Radcliffe) a corpse that has washed ashore on his deserted island. This corpse gives Hank's life a new meaning and a means for escape.

11 Shawshank Redemption


Shawshank Redemption is a story of injustice and hope. It is a thought-provoking and moving rendition of what prison confinement can do to the human spirit. Shawshank Redemption is not only amazingly written and directed, but it is backed with exceptional acting and cinematography.

When a banker named Andy Dufresne gets sentenced to life in Shawshank State Prison for a crime that he did not commit, he remains hopeful that he will someday get out of his sentence. Unfortunately, it does not take him long to realize just how corrupt the jail and its guards truly are. Dufresne is picked by lifer Ellis "Red" Redding to be the newest recruit who is most likely to crack from the pressure of being confined. However, Dufresne does not crack, and quickly befriends Red. Shawshank Redemption tells the story of friendship and shows how important it is for inmates to remain stimulated and educated even behind closed bars.

10 Into The Wild


Into The Wild is a powerful and surprising film that can even influence someone to be more spontaneous and charitable. In the modern world, people are often lead to believe that if you study, get a job, save money, reproduce and conform to society, you will live a happy and comfortable life. Yet many people feel captive in their own lives as though their purpose is mundane and quietly yearn for a life lead by adventure and travel.

In Into The Wild, you get to learn about a character named Christopher McCandless; a privileged 22 year old college graduate, who everybody feels has a promising future. However, McCandless cannot help but feel as though there is more to life and decides to do something a little "crazy." He donates his life's savings and takes off to travel around the world, and even tests himself by living an isolated life in the wilds of the great North. Although McCandless' adventure does not go as planned, he contents himself with the people he met along the way and a rewarding sense of bliss he never thought capable.

9 Life Is Beautiful 


Life Is Beautiful is a movie that everyone should watch. It shows the hardships and devastations that hit the Jewish community during WWII, but most of all, it teaches us that there is no greater love than the love of a parent. It also shows the viewers how important a child's innocence can be and how even in the most unbearable situations a light can be shed to those who open their hearts and their minds.

The movie begins with goofy Guido, a Jewish man who moves to a Tuscan town only to fall in love with a schoolteacher name Dora. Guido does all in his power to take Dora away from her soon-to-be husband and into his arms instead — which he succeeds. Five years later, Guido and Dora are happily married and have a son together. Unfortunately, their happiness is short lived, and anti-Semitic attitudes begin to take their course.

Guido and his son are sent to a concentration camp — but to keep his sons spirit high, Guido pretends that they have entered a competition. He tells his son that everything from food shortages to tattoos are due to the contest  — and that the winner will get to win an armoured tank. Guido goes to extreme lengths to save his boy of any grief or trauma,which is why, in his boys eyes, life seems beautiful.

8 Dead Poets Society


As most of us know, education is something that has become laughable. The education system seems fixed on teaching children subjects that they will never use instead of informing them about the world we live in and how to become part of the change and not the problem. If we are lucky, we will have been blessed with one good teacher throughout our entire academic career. One single teacher, who actually influenced our lives and thought us something important.

In the case of The Dead Poets Society, John Keating is that teacher. Keating, who begins teaching at the Welton Academy, is seen as an erratic and unconventional teacher. Yet as he begins to speak — kids begin to listen. Keating introduces poetry into his students lives as well as many different authors and life-philosophies. His students begin to flourish and become interested in learning again and are even inspired to follow their dreams, despite the recommendations of others.

7 The Beach


The Beach, is a story about travel, love, and society. This movie, although not loved by everyone, has some interesting themes, that once dissected, can be life-changing. Many people are fed up with society, government, and rules so they yearn to pack-up and take-off. Yet, what some people do not understand, is that wherever there are people, there will be those three things. Living a life filled with beauty is possible, but pain and ugliness are also aspects that go hand-in-hand with being human. To think otherwise is charming, but it is false.

This is what Richard realizes while backpacking through Asia. Richard meets a man, who although seems insane, speaks of an island near Thailand that is uninhabited, gorgeous, and pure. Richard, who is skeptical, decides to find the island — despite his doubts. He eventually finds it, after journeying through impossible circumstances, and finds himself amongst a small civilization of hippies. Sadly, happiness is short-lived for Richard and his friends as they realize that nothing is as beautiful as it seems. 

6 Melancholia 


Melancholia is a hauntingly beautiful movie about depression and destruction. It is centred around the end of the world and what happens after we die. This movie is not one that will reassure you, instead it will leave you with a heavy sensation, one that can last for weeks. It is hard to watch, difficult to forget, and worth every single moment.

The world is in full-blown panic as a planet called Melancholia heads towards Earth on a destructive spree. Although many people believe that the planet will not come into contact with Earth, and simply pass it by, others believe it to be the end of the world. The film begins with Justine's wedding, which is supposed to be a happy day, but sadly isn't because the bride is in a state of depression. However, as Melancholia gets closer to Earth, Justine's depression ebbs away, and she is surprised to realize that she accepts death with open arms. 

5 Fight Club


Fight Club is a classic movie that many people know and love. It is a film that enthralls you from the very beginning, mainly because we can all relate to the main character's lonesome state. This movie plays on the fact that we, as human beings, can all learn from pain and chaos, and that it is in fact healthy for us to use our primal instincts from time-to-time. Especially if you are stuck in some dead-eyed job that drives you completely bonkers. The ending to this movie is completely unexpected and mind-boggling.

The protagonist of this story is a nameless and depressed man who seeks comfort in visiting support groups.  He crashes these events because he has no social life of his own and yearns to have human contact. His deep emotional issues cause him to be unable to fall asleep and so he suffers from insomnia all the while working at some job that he hates. One day, this man goes on a business trip and meets a guy named Tyler Durden. Now Durden is everything that he wishes he could be; fun, charismatic, and spontaneous. Durden challenges him to a brawl and he accepts. Our protagonist soon realizes that bare-knuckle fighting makes him feel alive and so Durden and him form an underground fight-club.

4 American History X


American History X is a movie that focuses on America's racial issues. It is a hard movie to watch, but is an eye-opener to the injustices that minorities face on a day-to-day basis. This gang-oriented film demonstrates the horrific hate crimes and stigmas that have ruled the nation for far too long and opens your heart to change and understanding. Although this movie can be hard to watch at times — it is important to know that these demonstrations of racial violence are far from inaccurate.

When Danny Vinyard rouses his Neo-Nazi brother from sleep to inform him of the young black men breaking into his car, he immediately regrets it. His older brother Derek, runs out of their home and brutally murders them without hesitation. Derek gets sent to prison for 3 years, where he learns some valuable lessons of his own. Against all odds, Derek ends up befriending an African-American inmate named Lamont, who completely changes his views on race.  American History X is a movie that also shows the wrongful convictions of black men vs white men. This is easily seen by the fact that Derek killed 2 men in cold blood and received a 3 year sentenced. While Lamont, who stole a TV, was there before and after Derek's sentence. 

3 Click


Click might not seem like a life-changing movie, but somehow it is. Seeing Adam Sandler's face on the cover of anything will lead you to believe that this movie only revolves around comedy, but this is not the case. The movie Click allows you to realize that life is as much about the bad as it is the good. Sure, we would all love to have a magic remote that lets us zoom through the work week, traffic, and tiresome scenarios, but then life would be even shorter than it already is, and we wouldn't get to see the beauty in the bad.

Michael Newman is a workaholic architect who is having trouble balancing his priorities in life. He has a loving wife, two kids, and a pesky dog to come home to, but office hours are long, and he is dedicated to his job. One day, Newman gets his hands on a life-changing device. This device, a remote control, allows him to do anything from travel in time, speed things up and even mute out anyone he desires. Newman becomes so infatuated with this device, that it begins to control him. He fast forwards through so many mundane moments, that he ends up feeling as though he missed life all together.

2 Requiem For A Dream


Requiem For A Dream is a movie that targets the devastating brain of drug addicts. Many people have found this movie to be a little too miserable, but then again, that is the point. This movie will ensure that no one who ever watches it will even think about taking heroin. It brings you face-to-face with addiction, and it is truly an ugly picture. It also shows you how many drug addicts aspire to become clean, but often rationalize themselves into thinking that there is always tomorrow and what is one more day really going to do?

Based on a novel, Requiem For A Dream is a dramatic film about four people who are trapped in a maze of their own addictions. Harry and his girlfriend Marion dream of opening a clothing boutique, but instead of working to obtain their goal, they dream of scoring a pound of smack that they could sell and make a fortune.  This film will get people thinking about the dangers of drug addiction and how it can derail just about any dream. 

1 The Darjeeling Limited


The Darjeeling Limited is a tale about profound bonds, love, and resentment between family members. It is a witty comedy that allows you to fall in-love with the characters and teaches you to love your siblings. Many families do not get along with one another, but still love each other unconditionally, however, this story focuses on the journey of three brothers, who seek to get along, and understand, each other above all.

Three brothers who have lost touch after their father accidentally died, decide that they need to rekindle their bond. All three of them are depressed and resentful and feel as though a nice trip would lighten up their solemn points-of-view. They decided to take a train ride across India and see where it takes them. This hilariously sentimental movie will make you want to call up your brother or sister and ask them to go out for a beer.

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