15 Lesser-Known Celebrity Sisters

It's odd to think of some celebrities having siblings, or any relations at all. Sometimes it seems as though they simply manifested in the public eye, a perfect autonomous package freshly minted at the Star factory. But of course, behind all the Hollywood smoke and mirrors, they're just normal people with a normal family; complicated parents, doting aunts, strange uncles, and siblings - many of whom they may even owe their success to.

There are plenty of well-known celebrity siblings in Hollywood. Many are stars in their own right and are often photographed with their more famous sibling. There are some famous siblings you might never realise were actually related; they appear separately but are almost equally well known in their respective domains. The sisters in this list, though, are much less well known, not quite sharing the fame of their celebrity sibling.

Although they're not as famous as their famous sisters, it's easy to see striking similarities between the following fifteen sister pairs. Take a look, as we compare these lesser-known sisters with their famous relations.

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14 Liv and Mia Tyler

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Liv Tyler is almost perfect in every way, which can be a high standard for others in the family to live up to. Mia and Liv share facial similarities, both with their dad's distinctive mouth, and their hair is pretty similar. But, aside from these features, the two are very different.

Liv has a very slim build while Mia is bigger - Mia has even been a plus side model - and Liv is very feminine, known for wearing soft patterns and chic pastel shades, while Mia takes after her dad's brash style. She's more of a rock chick with a larger-than-life personality. The two are half-sisters, sharing the same rock star father.

13 Emily and Felicity Blunt

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Emily and Felicity Blunt are quite close as sisters. They even look quite similar, especially when comparing their eyes and brow structure. Hollywood favourite Stanley Tucci and Felicity started dating after Emily set the two up on the set of The Devil Wears Prada. Now, they're married and expecting their first child.

Felicity is a literary agent, seemingly as intelligent and hardworking as her A-list sister: Being famous isn’t everything!

12 Beyonce and Solange

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Solange shares an uncanny resemblance to her sister Beyonce. When their faces are placed side by side, it's almost difficult to tell them apart! They're also of similar height, although Queen Bey is certainly the more voluptuous of the two. The one other defining characteristic between the two is their hair.

Solange Knowles is seldom pictured or heard of (except after that elevator incident...) but she does make the odd appearance with her sister Beyonce. When she was young, her parents both left their careers to support Beyonce on her journey, but despite this focus on Beyonce the two sisters appear to have remained close.

11 Demi Lovato and Madison De La Garza

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10 Penelope and Monica Cruz

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Penelope and Monica are sister actresses, but Penelope is, of course, the much more famous of the two. The sisters are strikingly similar, both sharing the same coloring and bone structure and being nearly the same in stature. The two sisters share a love for acting, and also dancing, which they did together when they were younger.

Monica was also Penelope's stand-in during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Penelope was pregnant at the time so was unable to do some scenes. Who better to ask to fill in for her than her sister who looks so similar?

9 Lana Del Rey and Chuck Grant

Caroline Grant is Lana Del Rey's sister and has made a name for herself as a photographer. She prefers to be called Chuck, and is not interested in the same pursuits as her sister. Along with providing photographs for prestigious magazines (like New York Magazine), Chuck also is known for photographing her sister Lana. The two siblings share a resemblance when side by side, but are not altogether too similar - both sisters, who spend lots of time together, are distinctly different and have taken very different paths in life.

8 Laura and Sarah Silverman

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Laura Silverman’s name may sound familiar, probably because she has acted in many roles herself. Or maybe the name is familiar because she is Sarah Silverman's sister... Laura is a talented voice actress, who has provided voices for programs such as Bob's Burgers and Adventure Time. In addition to this, she has acted alongside her sister and appeared on The Comeback. She is probably one of the most well-known sisters on this list, although many do not know that she is Sarah's sister.

7 Ryan and Mandi Gosling

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6 Grace and Lena Dunham

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Grace Dunham, Lena Dunham's sister, has been in the spotlight recently after molestation accusations. When Lena's book came out in which she admitted to touching her sister as a child, conservative media accused her of inappropriate conduct with Grace. The two do not seem too concerned with this though, and Grace has largely backed her sister who explains her autobiography depicted mere childish curiosity.

Grace is an actress as well as a poet and has appeared in Tiny Furniture, an independent film written by her celebrity big sis.

5 Nicky and Paris Hilton

via fanpop.com

Nicky Hilton has been in the shadow of her outspoken, socialite sister, but she is an accomplished businesswoman herself. She is also a fashion model and designer and has launched many clothing lines. She has designed handbags for Samantha Thavasa and has just recently released a collection with eLuxe. All the products in this line are named after the females in her family.

This creative edge has guaranteed her many followers and a successful career - of course, her prestigious family history helped.

4 Ali and Lindsay Lohan

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Although she's not well known, especially next to her sister, Lindsay Lohan's sister Ali Lohan has a lot of accomplishments under her belt. Her modelling career actually began when she was just 3 years old. After this, she appeared in many magazine such as Teen Vogue. In addition to modelling, Ali is also a musician and has released a few singles, and appeared in The Parent Trap alongside her sister.

3 Elizabeth, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

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Although Elizabeth Olson is younger than Ashley and Mary-Kate, some would say she looks older - it must be the height and more mature facial features. The 25 year old has been a big part in her sister's lives and recently they all shared another milestone. The three sisters were all engaged in 2014 and are set to be married around the same time.

Elizabeth (otherwise known as "Lizzie") is nowhere as famous as her sisters, but she does well as both an actress and singer.  She has earned success by merit of her own talents and does not try to leech off her sisters’ fame, and her name is set to become almost as big as her sisters' when she stars in the Avengers: Age of Ultron as the Scarlet Witch.

2 Brandi and Miley Cyrus

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Brandi Cyrus is beautiful and highly talented in many ways, but few know her name. She is Miley's half-sister but they look so similar that the two could almost be twins. They have the same eyes and mouth and nose, even appearing similar in height. They have different styles though: Brandi does not follow the same outrageous fashion choices as her sister, but she has been known to sport an edgy hairstyle now and again.

Other than being Miley's sister, she has her own fashion line and competes in equestrian competitions.Like her sister, she inherited musical talent and has performed alongside her father.

1 Kate and Pippa Middleton

via hngn.com

Kate Middleton has been the center of many royal fantasies. Who doesn't want to be a Duchess? Indeed, Kate even has the characteristic of an ideal Duchess (or princess); she is poised, beautiful and charming. But her sister Pippa is very much like her. The two are seen together often and are very close. Pippa has even said the two enjoy doing sisterly things together.

Some may remember Pippa from her sister's wedding, where she was a stunning bridesmaid. She has published her own book, Celebrate, and she still works for Vanity Fair.

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