15 Kate Upton Photos Every Guy Needs To See

Kate Upton is everywhere and (came out of) nowhere; with major endorsement deals popping up continually and photo spreads for every major beauty mag, everybody knows her face whether or not they remember her name. She is a barrel of contradictions: A very-former athlete (equestrian) and yet, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover mainstay, eye candy with a conscience, Marilyn Monroe for the modern age with curves that have a mind of their own up top and are gym-toned everywhere else.

If you don't know her as three-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl, you may know her from the new wave of the tried-and-true hot chick + sloppy burger Carl’s Jr. commercials, or you might know her as the only thing tolerable about those obnoxious Game Of War game previews that interrupt Words With Friends for non-paying players. Wherever you've seen or heard her, you most likely thought, 'Who is this woman, where did she come from, and where can I see more of her (work) and more of her (body)?' The answer: You can start by seeing much more of Kate Upton's body and body of work in the following collection of images that every man must see.

15 In Studded Shorts For Beach Bunny Swimwear


14 1950's Throwback For Guess Jeans


13 Wild In The Streets For Vogue UK


12 For Elle, France


11 Beach Bunny Bridal Bikini...Bonanza?

10 Getting Sloppy With Carl Jr.


9 For Skullcandy Headphones

8 Airplane Confidential

7 As The Easter Bunny On YouTube


6 V Magazine Sho(o)t #1

5 Baring It All For Esquire

4 Sports Illustrated, 2013, Antarctica

3 Posing For Complex Mag

2 V Magazine Sho(o)t #2

1 GQ Mag Shoot

One hundred (let alone a thousand) words could not do this image justice and readers should be warned that they most likely will forget, momentarily, how to use words once they find the uncensored version of this image online. You can pretty much see all of Kate Upton's perfectly and healthily proportioned anatomy; assuming she is symmetrical like most model specimens who get paid to model are.


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15 Kate Upton Photos Every Guy Needs To See