15 Jobs That Push People Over The Edge

Knowing which careers have the highest suicide rates can be enough to send you running for the hills. Especially since some of these jobs might come as a surprise to you. In the United States of America, over 42, 773 people die by suicide each year and this statistic does not include all the people who did not succeed in their attempts.

Even though nearly everyone has faced depression at some point in his or her life, mental illness is still not taken as seriously as it should be. Worldwide, over 1 million people commit suicide every single year. This is the equivalent of 1 person every 40 seconds.

In today's modern world, many individuals silently battle against depression for many years and this can stem from many different causes. However, as most of us tend to spend most of our woken hours at work, it is important to know that your career path can heavily influence your mental health. Which is why it is always best to follow your heart instead of your wallet, and go into a profession that makes you feel accomplished and happy instead of rich and stressed.

Imagine being able to wake up every morning, and get excited to go to work. For many people, the idea of loving their job is almost laughable, but if you take chances, and find something you actually love, you can live the life you always wanted, and be proud of yourself at the end of the day. Do not let stress and anxiety get the best of you, the best version of you is waiting for you to step-up and take charge.


15 Health Care Workers

Health care workers might seem like they hand out smiles all day, but they have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Imagine getting attached to your patients —maybe even loving them — to one day walk into work and find out that they have passed away overnight. Sure, this is to be expected, but how many times can a similar situation occur before it breaks you? Being surrounded by death on a daily basis will surely influence your mental health at one point or another. You might start thinking that the world is a cruel place and gradually grow depressed.

Nurses and health care workers see the world differently than most of us do. Especially if they have been working in a cancer or children's unit. It takes a special person to work in a hospital, and so even though some seem to have grown desensitized over the years, they are much appreciated and needed. Out of 100,000 health care workers, 15 commit suicide ever year.

14 Accountants


Accounting can be a deadly affair for most people. In fact, some even categorize this profession as boring, tedious and mind-boggling. However, some individuals do feel as though this is a secure and respectable job. One that has good working conditions with a reasonable salary and so many people decide to pursue this career simply because they do not know what else interests them. Sooner or later, they find themselves dreading the work week and everything it entails.

Although many accountants live a happy and fulfilled life, the few that went into this business strictly for money tend to face more troublesome issues. Depression and despair eventually settle in, and they feel as though they are married into a mundane life. Each year, 17 out of 100,000 accountants commit suicide in the United States alone. So next time it's tax season, make sure to tell your accountant how much you appreciate them.

13 Scientists

Once again, stress is the silent killer, and scientists and lab technicians alike won't be spared of this tiresome conundrum. It has been said that individuals with high IQ's are more susceptible to mental disorders — depression being one of them. In fact, out of 100,ooo scientists, 17 commit suicide every year, and these numbers are only growing.

Nowadays, it is common for people to experience depression at some point of their lives, but when paired with stressful work environments, depression can easily escalate until it becomes insurmountable. Scientists often spend their working hours perplexed and obsessed over very small details. They sometimes even feels as though they are seconds away from completed an extravagant puzzle, but are missing one or two pieces, which they feel as though they will never find. Surely, being this engrossed in your work is enough to drive even the strongest of minds to the brink of insanity.

12 Dentists


When you walk into your dentist's office for your 6 month check-up ( if you go that often), the last thing on your mind is that they might be suicidal, but based on a recent study, dentists have been known to battle against depression.

A dentist's job might not seem that demanding, but it is in fact extremely stressful. Dentists spend the bigger part of their days focusing on one small area, in a small room, with a bright light and a tight schedule. Not only do their appointments often run late, but their need for perfection often exceeds their means. Patients are often not happy to see them, they do not get enough exercise, and to top it all off, when they have a free moment they are calling other doctors and making sure their orders will come in on time.

This can also be said about general doctors or health care professionals in general, but out of 100,000 doctors, 19 commit suicide every year.

11 Lawyers

Growing up, becoming a lawyer always sounded like a respectable job. You fight for what's right, you unravel the truth, and you talk in a certain manner that demands respect. Yet, this does not always seem to be the case. As most of us already know, the legal system does not always fall in favour with the innocent, and sometimes, bad things can happen to good people. As a lawyer, it is your job to make sure your client leaves the courtroom free and happy and not crying in handcuffs.

Being a lawyer can certainly make it hard for you to sleep at night, especially if you just lost a case and believe that an innocent man was sent to prison. Or if you won a case and a guilty man is now walking free. Each year in the United States, over 19 out of ever 100,000 lawyers commit suicide.

10 Public Relations 


Corporate executives, managers and public relation officers are also careers that have been known to cause a high level of stress. Each year, 20 out of 100,000 workers commit suicide due to their inability to cope with their many duties and responsibilities.

As a public relations officer, you are liable for your company's reputation and good standing, which can be quite a handful. It is also under your job description to support your client's needs and make sure that you are in a position to influence their behaviours, as well as manage them. Now, no one enjoys being yelled at or blamed irrationally, but as a PR officer, you must be able to tolerate such maledictions. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to take such criticism and therefore end up leaving the office with the weight of the company on their shoulders. Once at home, they cannot enjoy their time-off, and end up getting into bed with their stress and anxieties.

9 Transportation Workers

Any job that takes you far away from home can have its ups and downs, and so it isn't surprising to find out that transportation workers are not smiling from ear to ear every single day. In fact, they hardly ever smile. Every year, 22 out of 100,000 transportation workers commit suicide in the United States alone.

Now, try to imagine the life of a truck driver, without feeling a sense of dread. First off, you are more likely to experience traffic on a daily basis, which can drive anyone mad. You end up leaving your family for weeks at a time. You spend long hours driving alone in your truck, while getting pissed off at the all the smaller vehicles that cut you off. You eat junk food 3 times a day, sleep alone at night, and get stiff from sitting down for long periods of time. Not to mention that many truck drivers take drugs like speed to help them stay up at night — when driving long distances.


8 Computer Programmers


Computer programmers, mathematicians and statisticians are also at risk of falling into the lap of depression. With 23 suicides per 100,000 workers, this is not a job to be taken lightly. Now, many people will wonder why mathematicians and statisticians would ever commit suicide, especially since they are incredibly intelligent. Well, this is not an easy question to answer. So instead, imagine living a life ruled by equations, numbers, theories, data and always being on the verge of hysteria. Do you get it now? That's what I thought.

As for computer programmers, some would agree that a life lived glued to a computer screen is far from appealing. Yet, someone has to do it. What is worse is that many programmers end up suffering from carpal tunnel or other diseases that target their wrists, arms or eyes. Therefore they are rendered incapable of working without pain or frustration, which can easily drive someone completely bonkers.

7 Artists

Art without feeling is close to impossible. Which is why so many writers, painters or artist in general have faced depression at some point in their lives. It is not an easy thing to have a million thoughts and ideas run through your head on the daily and not be able to properly exert or understand them. Art might be beautiful and uplifting, but it also goes hand-in-hand with sadness, darkness and insanity.

Each year, over 24 artists out of 100,000 make the irrevocable decision to end their lives. Designers, entertainers and athletes are also at risk of depression. Especially since they are constantly under the scrutiny of the public eye and reprimanded of every little hiccup they utter. The word "artist" is centralized around somebody who has the innate need to create something out of nothing. In other words, to take their feelings, and exploit them by turning them into something spectacular.

6 Police Officers


Police officers might not be loved by everyone, but they are the first people that come to mind when something goes wrong. Sure, some of them abuse their authoritative powers, but not all of them are bad! Still, they receive a lot of hate from the public and even face disrespect and ridicule while they risk their lives to protect and serve. Not to mention that many of them are killed, targeted and even traumatized by events that they have witnessed.

Imagine going home to your children at night after having witnessed a mother crying over her dead child's body? Or telling your partner's wife that he was killed in a shooting, while you survived. Pretty messed up, right? Out of 100,00 officers, as many as 31 of them commit suicide every year in the United States. This statistic is the same for firefighters, correction workers and protective service workers.

5 Architects

Architects and engineers have one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Not only do they have to go to school for many years and study for extremely difficult exams, but they also do not have any room for making mistakes. If an architect makes a mistake, it is usually a million dollar one and who wants to be responsible for that? It has been said that architects and engineers have one of the highest suicide rates in the world and believe it or not, but out of 100,000 of these geniuses, over 32 commit suicide every year.

So unless you have a strong mind and an easy personality, becoming an architect or engineer might not be the best career choice. To be able to perform in a high-stress environment, you need to be able to accept blame for small mistakes, or simply look over your work a million times before confirming it. 

4 Factory Workers


Working in a factory is not a job that many people want.  Still it is a job that puts food on the table and a little extra in your wallet. Many factory workers are people that did not have a chance to have an education or are routed into supplying for their families. Whichever the case might be, not all factories treat their employees with care and respect. Instead, they are treated as replaceable and unimportant. Not to mention that many of these workers work long and strenuous hours in dingy atmospheres for little pay.

With all this said, it comes to no surprise that many factory workers end up fighting against depression and losing. Up to 35 factory workers out of 100,000, chose to commit suicide and this is in the United States alone. Imagine how many other factor workers have fallen victims to depression in other countries, with worse off working conditions.

3 Maintenance Workers

Many people go into maintenance work be it because they enjoy fixing things or simply helping others out. However, in a recent study, it has been said that mechanics, plumbers, landscapers, janitors and jobs that revolve around installations are not as enjoyable as some might think. In fact, out of 100,000 maintenance workers, over 48 of them commit suicide each year.

Imagine being able to fix everybody's problems, except your own. Sounds pretty frustrating right? Depression is a disease that cannot be fixed overnight and although your handyman or go-to guy might always greet you at the door with a smile on his face, it doesn't mean that he is actually happy. So be careful how you treat the people that help you out of precarious situations and make sure to always thank them. They might seem like they have it all put together, but it very well might all be in act. 

2 Miners


Not many people aspire to become a miner, yet it is a necessary job all the same. Every year, the number of suicides committed by the mining community continues to grow at an alarming rate. Sadly, no action is taken by the mining companies to prevent these irreversible losses. It was reported that 53 out of 100,000 workers had committed suicide in one year alone.

This alarming rate is due to one major factor: isolation. Miners are forced to leave their families and fly off to obscure lands for long periods of time. This alone, is enough to mess up anyone's mind. However, this is not the only factor. Dark working conditions and substance abuse, also play a wicked hand in this fatal career. Many workers seek the help of drugs and alcohol to cope with their dingy work conditions and irrefutable loneliness, but end up falling victim to depression either way.

1 Farmers

Some people dream of quitting their jobs, moving to the country, and living the low-key life of a farmer. Unfortunately, their dream might be short lived and not as feasible as they once believed it to be. In fact, 85 out of 100,o00 farmers commit suicide every year due to high levels of stress, isolation and injury.

Imagine basing your entire families survival on crops that might or might not perform as well as last year's. Or injuring yourself while using one of your complex machines and then not being able to harvest your land whatsoever. Sounds pretty crappy right?

To top it all off, you are your own boss, as well as your only employee, and so you really have no one to fall back on if anything goes awry. Farmers also have access to firearms, poisons and heavy machinery, which can easily make suicide seem like an accident. In fact, many farmer's deaths are rules as hunting accidents, when they are in fact not.

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