15 Instagrams You Need To Follow Now

With countless Instagram accounts out there, sometimes it's hard to know what to follow. With countless celebrities posting their every move on social media, it's tough for other pages to compete. However, the following 15 pages have given celebrities a run for their money and in some cases have created celebrities.

Instagram stardom is the new claim to fame and Internet fame is a real thing that many strive to achieve. All of the following people come from different parts of the world but somehow they have all managed to become sensations almost overnight. With hundreds of thousands of followers (in some case millions), these pages are more influential then we all realize. Some of these Internet stars use their powers for good while others use it to create chaos and controversy. Regardless of their motives, the next fifteen Instagram pages are awesome pages to have on your feed.

The following 15 accounts are ones everyone both man and woman should follow right now. They are all different; while some focus on fitness and health others focus on making their followers laugh out loud on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for a good laugh or looking to be inspired, the masterminds behind these 15 pages have done just that. If you are not already following all of these accounts we highly suggest you do. So get on Instagram and turn that button green for the following 15 Insta-stars.

15 @witanddelight__

Via witanddelight.com

Wit and Delight is one of those pages that inspires your creative side. The account, which is run by a Minneapolis based designer, named Kate Arends, is one of the most visually appealing Instagram accounts. Her photos are filled with stunning landscape and picturesque interior design ideas. Each picture looks like it came straight out of a magazine and is guaranteed to have you itching to redecorate. Her minimalistic approach to interior design is inspiring and beautiful. Seeing life through Arends' eyes is wonderful and we are sure you will think so to, follow her and check out what she sees.

14 @garypeppergirl

Via hijabilife.com

Nicole Warne is the face behind the Instagram account and blog Gary Pepper Girl. Warne looks like she has the coolest and most perfect life ever. The Australia native seems to be a citizen of the world because she is always traveling to somewhere new. This account showcases her adventures around the globe and is sure to inspire your next vacation. Nicole features some of the coolest travel spots ever and her page is always inspiring. Her photos are filled with life and color that are made to uplift your spirits and motivate you to work hard in order to visit these phenomenal locations.

13 @miserable_men

Via glamour.com

We have all encountered those men, the ones who look completely miserable doing whatever it is their wives have them doing. This account is solely photos of just that, miserable men. Most of the pictures are taken while shopping and the outcome is incredible. People from around the world have been snapping photos of sad looking men and sending them in. This page is one that is sure to leave you scrolling through every photo and laughing hysterically. The following men have no idea they are being photographed and the desperation and misery in all the pictures in undeniable and definitely worth the follow.

12 @Kayla_itsiness

Via facebook.com

Kayla is a greek fitness goddess living a healthy lifestyle in Australia. She is the brains behind #kaylasarmy and has girls around the world getting bikini ready with her 12 week bikini guide. With the right foods and 12 weeks of this workout the results are undeniable. She posts inspirational and motivational transformations along with photos of herself, which are pretty motivational alone. Her Instagram page is one everyone looking to get fit should follow, especially girls looking to focus on tightening their bodies and beginning a healthier lifestyle. We along with a couple other million people all think she is awesome and we are sure you will to.

11 @zakshelhamer

Via twitter.com

Zak Shelhamer is an extremely talented photographer and filmmaker. This loving husband posts incredible photos of his adventurous life, which leaves his followers craving a voyage. A San Francisco native, Shelhamer’s photography is both cutting edge and beautiful. His artistic eye mixed with his fearless soul makes for incredible and inspirational artwork. His posts never fail to amaze his followers and his following keeps increasing. The travel and adrenaline junkie leads an extraordinary life, which he shares, with the world. This talented artist is on the path of greatness, which is why you should be following him if you are not already.

10 @passengershaming

Via xojane.com

Airports are probably the best place to people watch and airplanes are the place where you notice the weird habits people have. This page is dedicated to those things exactly. Anonymous people send in photographs of people doing ridiculous things while waiting for their flights and while on their flights. There are a lot of feet pictures while the rest is pretty much pictures of people doing, eating or holding the weirdest and most disgusting things to be on a plane. This is a great page if you want to have a good laugh. This page is also somewhere you can send in your flight experiences, as long as it is shameful enough.

9 @Tindernightmares

Via stylebarista.com

This is by far one of the most hilarious pages on Instagram. Real people send in real Tinder conversations and they are laugh out loud funny. Most singles today have seen what Tinder is all about and although you can actually meet descent people on the app, it shows that there are always weirdos around you. Some of these conversations make you wonder what these people were thinking, or if they were even being serious but no matter the intention, these conversations make from incredible laughs. If you are a person who loves to laugh, you must follow this page, it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

8 @cleaneatz

Via sofeminine.co.uk

With bikini season literally right around the corner, @cleaneatz is the perfect page to follow. This account is a mix of food quotes and delicious looking food pictures. The best part about this food account is that the food they post is healthy. This account will motivate you, inspire you and have you wanting to eat healthy everyday. Two girls run the account with a shared goal of making the world a healthier place and with over 200,000 followers they are off to a good start. This account will make you laugh and hungry at the same time and it is one everyone should follow.

7 @Danbilzerian

Via davidwalterbanks.com

Dan Bilzerian is a professional poker player who has made millions. His Instagram is one of the most popular and controversial pages there is. To many men, Bilzerian is living the dream: he is always flying private, going to exclusive clubs, relaxing on yachts and of course constantly surrounded by beautiful, half-naked (and sometimes totally naked) women. This poker star has over 7 million followers on Instagram and counting.

Bilzerian is no stranger to controversy. In 2014 there was criminal investigation being done on Bilzerian after a video of him kicking a woman in the face in Miami went viral. The King of Instagram got away with his behavior this time, however we hope there is not a next time because violence towards women is far from cool.

6 @Fuckjerry

Via niche.co

This page is for those of us who love a good laugh. Elliot Tebele is the mastermind behind FuckJerry and in a short amount of time he has reached 3.6 million followers. FuckJerry posts anything that makes him laugh. He has a mix of photos and videos that leave all his followers in stitches on a daily basis. His posts are offensive for those who are easily offended and he gets a lot of hate for what he posts. However, he doesn’t seem too fazed by it. His rise to fame has begun and we can't wait to see what he does with his new found power.

5 @13thwitness

Via 21southend.com

If you are a fan of photography, this account is for you. Timmy Mcgurr has artistic blood pumping through his veins. The son of the legendary artist Futura, Timmy made his own name in the art world. 13th Witness has over half a million followers and counting, which comes as no surprise to us because his work is beyond dope. His raw talent and ability to capture beauty in every detail of his work, 13th Witness is on the fast track to greatness. His Instagram is dedicated to his art and he posts daily photos of a variety of things from skylines to subway lines, he brings beauty to everything he photographs.

4 @Crazyjewishmom

Via tkgnews.com

One of our new favorite pages to follow, Crazy Jewish Mom, is amazing. A young woman has been posting conversations she has with her mother and the results have been outstanding. Her fabulous and hilarious mother always has something to say and her daughter is not afraid of posting these conversations. This crazy mother discusses everything from stripers to smoking weed and she is kegel obsessed and probably the only mother on the planet to remind her daughter to do kegel exercises (vagina strengthening). This mother like all mothers is obsessed with seeing her daughter as a bride and she reminds her daughter that her boyfriend who she calls SuperJew hasn’t proposed yet on a weekly basis and even goes on a date, pretending to be her daughter. We love everything about this page!

3 @Textsfromyourex

Via betcheslovethis.com

Everyone knows what it's like to have an ex. However, with technology today, it is much easier for our ex’s to harass us, or insult us whenever they want. Texts From Your Ex is a page every man and woman should follow because it is just that funny, even Ellen DeGeneres has featured some texts on her show. Real conversations are sent in from people all around the world and the raw realness of these messages make them incredible. This page is one that you never get tired of seeing on your feed no matter how many posts they upload a day.

2 @Thefatjewish

Via guestofaguest.com

The Fat Jew is by far the most shameless person on Instagram. His lack of boundaries makes him one of the most loved and hated players in the IG game. His real name is Josh Ostrovsky and he is over six feet and well over 250 pounds. He made headlines when he taught homeless people “SoulCycle” in central park, and after the video went viral, so did he. He has gotten the attention 3.6 million followers, including countless celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry. This NYU dropout is not only making money off of his following but has started a career from it. The Fat Jew has apparently sold two scripted shows and is planning on starring in both of them. We can't wait to see this hilarious man turn into a comedic icon!

1 @Humansofny

Via kpatalent.com

Humans of New York is our number 1 must follow Instagram page, and for good reason. Brandon Stanton who is the brains behind this incredible page came up with the concept by accident. After being let go from his job, he decided to do something that made him happy. He walked around New York City and took photographs of people. Shortly after that, he became curious, and wanted to know a little something about the people he was photographing. Once he realized that every person in the world has a story, he made it his job to share these stories. He has helped people, schools and communities around New York and has even traveled the world, sharing stories from people across the globe. Our society needs to start idolizing people like Brandon more and by following Humans of New York you will see why.

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