15 Insanely Hot 'Unknown' Wives Of Celebs

It's not a secret that most pairs in Hollywood are usually quite stunning. Tens often pair with tens, so it makes sense -- and in the world of the rich and famous, it's not hard to find somebody who's been graced with natural or enhanced beauty. Despite this though, it seems that all of Hollywood has dated each other at one point or another, so finding someone and keeping them seems to prove pretty difficult for the stars.

However, there are several celebrities who have managed to get lucky and have found natural beauty with people outside of Hollywood. If you're one of the many that is secretly hoping you'll somehow stumble upon a celebrity and fall in love, storybook style, it seems that the way to do that is always camp out at restaurants, bars, or weddings.

When you think of a male celebrity who has the most attractive wife, most people automatically think Tom Brady, who's married to Gisele Bundchen, or Brad Pitt, who's married to Angelina Jolie. This list goes on and on. Believe it or not, there are tons of male celebrities out there with gorgeous wives that most people don't even know about. The same can be said for female celebrities as well. There are tons of powerhouse female celebs who dominate the front of magazines and the big screens year after year, but are married to regular, everyday people. But this article only focuses on men's wives.

For many celebrities, being married to someone that's not as famous as them may provide for an easier way of life. Their spouse can probably go out in public without being berated for pictures and autographs. Whereas power couples who are both known for being on the big screen surely can't do much without hiding. Regardless of the fact that these celebrity wives aren't terribly famous, that doesn't change one thing: they are drop dead gorgeous. Even though they might not have a tight schedule packed with shoots and movie premiers, they still deserve some recognition.

Even though being an actor or a model is pretty impressive, there are a plethora of celebrity spouses that are actually out changing the world, or at least making it a brighter place with their life's work. And so, here are 15 of the most gorgeous 'unknown' wives of celebrities.

15 Mrs. Jonas, Danielle Deleasa

14 Mrs. Meyers, Alexi Ashe

13 Mrs. Damon, Luciana Barroso

12 Mrs. Genevieve Padalecki

11 Mrs. Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky

10 Mrs. Stern, Beth Ostrosky

9 Mrs. Alice Kim Cage

8 Mrs. Willis, Emma Heming

7 Mrs. Samburg, Joanna Newsom

6 Mrs. Cross, Amber Tamblyn

5 Mrs. Bale, Sibi Blazic

4 Mrs. Lauren Paul

3 Mrs. Amal Clooney

2 Mrs. Susan Downey

1 Mrs. Vaughn, Kyla Weber

Not only is Vince Vaughn revered for being one of the funniest guys in Hollywood, with films like Old School, Dodgeball and Unfinished Business, he's also known for being a player, like the one he played in Swingers. Nobody thought he'd ever settle down -- that is until wife Kyla Weber came around. Weber and Vaughn were introduced during an event that happened during the shooting of Wedding Crashers, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Weber was one of Calgary's top real estate agents, but it only took four months for her to leave her Canada life behind to be with Vaughn. Even though Weber wasn't famous before being married to Vaughn, it wasn't hard for her to adjust to the lifestyle. Instead of having an extravagant one-day wedding like most celebrities, Vaughn and Weber took it to the next level. Their wedding celebrations were actually a three-day event, starting off in a Chicago penthouse and then hopping from one location to the next.

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15 Insanely Hot 'Unknown' Wives Of Celebs