15 Insanely Hot Photos Of Eva Longoria You Need To See

Eva Longoria is one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood, and at 41 years of age, she is still a hottie with a body. We fell in love with her when she starred in the hit ABC television series Desperate Housewives, a show about a group of ladies living secret lives on Wisteria Lane. The hit drama was full of affairs and sexy time, and you can bet that there were plenty of scenes in which Eva’s character, Gabrielle Solis, was on full display. Yet you don’t need to go find reruns of Desperate Housewives to see some sexy Eva pictures. Just take a look at our list of 15 Insanely Hot Photos of Eva Longoria You Need to See. Before we get started, let’s just say that we aren’t trying to objectify Eva. She is a lovely woman, both inside and out, and besides her stunning good looks, she is a genuinely talented actress who has appeared in both television and film. She has even worked as a producer, which just goes to show that she is both gorgeous and intelligent.

Be sure to catch this Mexican-American actress in the upcoming film Low Riders, and you might even see her cameo appearance in Devious Maids. It sounds like Eva is just a shoo-in for these types of seductive series and roles! Now sit back, get comfortable, and check out these photos and realize that you wish you had your own Desperate Housewife.

15 This Pin-Up Photo


In this sexy picture, we get to see Eva Longoria letting her fun and flirty side show. She is dressed in the style of a 1950’s pin-up girl, which means that she’s wearing a super sleek set of black heels, with a matching corset-style mini dress that shows off her toned and sleek legs. Her hair is all done up in a wavy ponytail that looks sassy and sexy as her golden brown tresses fall down her back. Eva is in a playful position for this photo, as she reclines back on her elbows while resting on what appears to be a satiny pillow behind her (but is that really what you're focusing on?). It’s almost as if she’s saying: “Who’s ready for a pillow fight?” We’re sure that plenty of people would love to get into a pillow fight with Eva Longoria. Just be careful not to damage the goods!

14 Bedtime And Bikini


Only Eva Longoria could make the combination of a bikini and a bed look so inviting. It is very clear that Longoria looks amazing as she is lying down on her side and looking at the camera with a sultry and seductive look in her eyes. In short, she really looks like she’s hungry for some action in this picture! With her slightly parted lips all decked out in red lipstick and her smokey eyes, Eva is perfection and makes it clear why she is so desirable. In this photo, she is wearing a tiny black bikini that showcases her body and also makes many people out there jealous of her toned and tanned tummy. She is also wearing a light jacket, but she has it hanging off of her back, so that her shoulders and chest are completely exposed. What a crafty little wardrobe trick there! Kudos to the photographer for setting up this sexy scene, now we just have to find out where Longoria will be hitting up a beach in the near future.

13 A Babe In Blue


Here we have just another example of why Eva Longoria needs to be a lingerie model, as soon as possible. Even at 41 years of age, she is one sexy seductress, and this next photo is a grand example of that. Eva is spread out on the floor with her booty popping in the air and her bare stomach looking extremely touchable. Everything about her seems to be asking for caresses, and her facial expression in this photo is both coy and cheeky. For this picture, Eva was donning her long, dark brown tresses, which were so shiny and sleek they should be in a L’Oreal commercial (oh wait, they were). Her black booty shorts are making us hot under the collar, while her cut-out top is black and electric blue to add some pizazz to the picture. Not that she needs it! She looks ready to hit the floor.

12 Silver Siren


Let’s go now to an interesting camera angle that perfectly shows off all of Eva Longoria’s assets. In this picture, she is lounging on a contemporary chair in tiger print, which adds even more exotic appeal to the actress. She is wearing little else than her black silk lingerie, which is super sexy and seductive. Eva has her hands above her head and her legs crossed as she stares up at the camera and gives us this look that lets us know she is in charge here. The final element to this photo is a long silver necklace that reaches down from her neck, over her torso, and onto her thighs. It was a clever aesthetic detail that helps our eyes slide down from her face and over her body, which she is so elegantly showing off for us. That full and dark head of hair that she has looks glamorous and has her ready for her close up.


There is nothing quite like seeing Eva Longoria in her bra and panties, splayed out on a sofa that is covered in sexy, mink fur. That’s exactly what this photo shows, and we absolutely love it. Eva looks like the most desired woman in the world as she looks up at the camera poised above her. She is giving a half smile with her pouty lips, and she is in a position that looks like it was taken out of an X-rated adult film! Yet Eva manages to keep it looking classy and not trashy because she is an elegant and dignified woman. She dons a very form fitting sheer black bra as well as some cute panties with a sexy garter. Her bare feet are curled up on one side of the sofa and she looks seriously ready for someone to come and give her some action. This’ll make you feel things.

11 Barely Buttoned Up

Via redvoice

Talk about a Desperate Housewife! Eva Longoria was looking hungry for some bedroom action in this photo, and it would have definitely been a great picture to get people excited about the ABC television series she was starring in. This photo has Eva photographed from above as she lies back on a sofa, dressed in skimpy panties, black high-heeled shoes, and a silky button-down top that is only hanging on by one button. The result is a bird’s-eye view of Eva’s luscious body, all tanned curves, and dewy skin. It is most certainly wallpaper worthy, and we’re sure there is more than one guy who has this picture on their desktop computer! Even though Eva is no longer starring on Desperate Housewives, she solidified herself as an international sex symbol with her role as Gabrielle Solis, a housewife on Wisteria Lane who has an affair with a hunky guy (Jesse Metcalfe).

10 A Barely-There Bathing Suit


In this super sexy photo, Eva Longoria looks to be harnessing her inner sex kitten, and she resembles some kind of elite Latina supermodel (although Eva is her own beautiful woman, mind you!). There is just something so desirable about seeing the actress standing erect with her hands in her hair and her back slightly arched to show off her petite yet voluptuous figure. It truly is incredible that Eva is at once a tiny little thing but also one of the va-va-va-voom actresses of Hollywood. Her swimsuit - er, could we call it a swimsuit? - is more like a black ribbon that is wrapped around her crotch and breasts, with lots of skin to show in between. It sort of looks like a bathing suit that we would see on the Victoria’s Secret runway. Hey, is there any chance that we could get Eva in on that lingerie brand? We’re still hoping for that!

9 Cheeky With A Chair


This playful picture has Eva sitting with her legs splayed out on a backwards facing chair. Lots of celebs have played around with the chair idea (remember Britney Spears in her Stronger music video?) yet Eva looks both seductive and in control of this silly prop. She is wearing fishnet tights and silky black panties, which she paired with a sheer black shrug sweater (you know, back when those were a thing) and her signature smoldering eyes. Eva is an expert in the slightly open mouth look, and those red parted lips are so inviting to so many dudes out there. It’s a shame that Eva is a newly married woman! She married Jose Baston earlier this year, and after two failed marriages (one to Tony Parker and another to Tyler Christopher), we hope that three is the charm for Eva! If not... well, there are plenty of guys waiting.

8 Sexy In A Trenchcoat


Once again, Eva Longoria proves that she and lingerie are a match made in heaven. In this pic, she is moving away from her usual black bra and panties and going for another neutral: white. A low-cut strapless satin bra is the perfect complement to her matching low-rise panties. She wore a white trenchcoat on top, an unusual pairing, but it worked because she left it open and only tied the coat’s belt around her waist. It helped to create quite an interesting composition on her flawless figure, and she is standing in a power pose that makes her look totally in charge of the scene. Her thighs are looking super toned, her skin is dewy and tan, and her hair is in an elegant updo. Everything about this photo is sexy perfection. The finishing touch is Eva’s facial expression: pouty lips, a strand of hair over her eyes, and that lovely smolder.

7 Lingerie On The Lawn


Going back to Eva Longoria’s days on the hit ABC series Desperate Housewives, this photo perfectly sums up her sexy character. In this picture, we can see Eva watering the lawn with a garden hose, but we're sure that what was also growing was the public's interest in Longoria.

The actress is decked out in the laciest lingerie we’ve ever seen, right there in all her gorgeous Latina glory. Her body is amazingly in shape, and with this picture, she could totally be a Victoria’s Secret model. Her bra is delicate and frilled to help keep her contained, and her bottoms resemble a lacy skirt, complete with bows and sheer fabric. It takes a lot of body confidence and self-esteem to pull off this kind of photo, and Eva makes it look so easy. Even though this is an older pic, she could be our girl next door any day.


5 A Ravishing Beauty


Clearly, Eva Longoria does not have to flaunt her figure in lingerie and bikinis to make us feel things. She can do that all on her own, which she proves with this photo. In it, she is kneeling down while wearing super high heels (what talent and agility!) and she is glancing at us sideways with a closed mouth smile that just lights up the room. Her dress is a delight: a black mini number with an asymmetrical neckline that shows off her toned shoulders and alluring arms. The bottom of the hem, as well as the bodice are made of sheer lacy detailing and embroidery to give us a peek at her lush and olive toned skin. She is also rocking the best blow-out we have ever seen, so major props to her hair stylist. This photo is one that showcases Eva as a classy and sexy woman who is confident and comfortable with who she is.

4 Au Naturel


This Latina actress doesn’t have to be all dressed to the nines all the time. She can be glamorous and gorgeous with very little effort. Besides, why would we want to cover that lovely face up so much? In this picture, we get a nice natural look at Eva, as she sits poised on her side with her back facing the camera. It’s a sexy angle and one that plays up her petite curves very well. Eva is wearing matching white panties and a cropped tank top, and she looks ready to snuggle in bed with someone. This shot also gives us a glimpse at her lower body (who knew that she had a small tattoo there?). Eva’s face in this photo is so natural and relaxed, as she has a nude lip, minimally made-up eyes, and her beautiful skin tone just gets to shine through. A wonderful example of her natural beauty.

3 Come Hither


Eva Longoria is looking muy caliente in this photo, and we can see her Mexican-American seduction coming through. This siren is lounging back on a plush bed while showing off her defined and flawless body in a sexy black bra and matching panties. This is definitely one photograph that says “come hither,” and it would make any guy go weak in the knees. Plus, the red bedding adds a whole new level of sultriness to this entire scene. Just Eva, alone on a bed...hmm, we wonder what’s missing? Certainly not footwear, as she is wearing tall black high heels in bed. Whatever; it must’ve been the aesthetic the photographer was going for, apparently. But we give this photo bonus points for the natural lighting resting on her body. It’s a perfect backdrop for this photo that just makes us think of getting busy in bed on a lazy Saturday morning.

2 Bootylicious Babe


Eva Longoria is not the most curvaceous woman in Hollywood, and yet her sexy photos don’t even make us notice that fact. Just take this one as an example. In it, Eva is donning a sleek and sheer black teddy with sequined and jeweled detailing. As your eyes wander from her face down her chest and torso and to her lower half, you can see that she is also wearing some very sheer black tights, as well as a sexy garter. High heeled shoes complete the ensemble, and no expense was spared to ensure that Eva had the best hair and makeup artist available. Her face looks both natural and done up, but in a tastefully sexy way, and her hair has those signature highlights in golden brown, which go perfectly with her olive skin tone. An arched back gives her booty an extra pop, and her smoldering eyes invite us to stare all we want.

1 Revealing In Ruffles


Eva is looking as hot as ever in ruffles and not much else in this photo! The actress captured our undivided attention in a black ruffled dress with tiny white polka dots. The dress had an interesting structure to it, which allowed Eva to play around with the bottom hem. She has it pushed to the side to expose her sheer lingerie garter and her sky-high heels. One leg is front and center while she sits on her other leg. On top, her dress features a very low scoop neck and not much coverage on the sides, which means that we get a peek at some side boob action. In fact, there is only very little of Eva’s breasts covered up in this sexy ensemble, but who’s complaining? Wherever she is in the photo, we want to be right there with her, especially as she looks into the camera with those warm, seductive smokey eyes of hers.

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15 Insanely Hot Photos Of Eva Longoria You Need To See