15 Incredibly Hot Women Of Telemundo TV

Telemundo is a Spanish language network known for its trashy, yet exciting telenovelas, which Americans call soap operas. However, telenovelas are known for bringing way more drama than soaps, and have especially perfected the epic slap in the face scene. Telemundo telenovelas are also responsible for introducing its audience to a number of rising stars, and have kept them employed in novella after novella after novella. Telemundo’s audience usually consists of Spanish speaking natives, but it's intriguing to watch even if you don't know the language.

One of the biggest draws is the attractive cast members. The women of Telemundo are insanely gorgeous. It is as if they do not age. If you are not in the know then you may be shocked at how beautiful these women are. They will remind you of the girl next door, the vixen, or even the cougar that finds herself tangled in a web of lies. And they all look absolutely flawless doing it.

Now, now we are not superficial. Yes, we are talking about their looks, but that is only because we see their looks first. If you actually take the time to watch a telenovela you would be just as impressed. The acting is so intriguing. It is a mixture of over the top drama that is both insane and relatable in a very unique way. That being said, if the looks do not keep your eyes glued to the television, then maybe the drama will. Here is a small percentage of some of the awesome women of Telemundo.

15 Kate Del Castillo

14 Danna Garcia


13 Edith Gonzalez


12 Gaby Espino

11 Marlene Favela

10 Vanessa Villela

9 Genesis Rodriguez


8 Carolina Tejera

7 Carmen Villalobos


6 Silvana Arias


5 Daniela Navarro


4 Aracely Arámbula

3 Ximena Duque


2 Aylin Mujica

1 Adriana Fonseca

Not bad for a girl born to dentist parents. It is a bit of a surprise that Adriana Fonseca became a model and actress. Her humble beginnings started out by working on telenovelas with Televisa, but she has finally transferred over to working with Telemundo, on the highly successful telenovela Corazon Valiente. Fonseca is 37 years old but she looks like she could be as young as early twenties. By looking at her Instagram she may have mastered the art of taking the perfect selfie, seeing as she looks good in every single picture. This fresh faced beauty even has an American film coming out in 2017. It looks like she is on her way to crossing over into the American film world. We are sure many men will have no problem when it comes to welcoming her with open arms. Adriana Lima better watch out, as she is no longer the only hot Adriana in Hollywood.

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15 Incredibly Hot Women Of Telemundo TV