15 Incredibly Hot Women Of Telemundo TV

Telemundo is a Spanish language network known for its trashy, yet exciting telenovelas, which Americans call soap operas. However, telenovelas are known for bringing way more drama than soaps, and have especially perfected the epic slap in the face scene. Telemundo telenovelas are also responsible for introducing its audience to a number of rising stars, and have kept them employed in novella after novella after novella. Telemundo’s audience usually consists of Spanish speaking natives, but it's intriguing to watch even if you don't know the language.

One of the biggest draws is the attractive cast members. The women of Telemundo are insanely gorgeous. It is as if they do not age. If you are not in the know then you may be shocked at how beautiful these women are. They will remind you of the girl next door, the vixen, or even the cougar that finds herself tangled in a web of lies. And they all look absolutely flawless doing it.

Now, now we are not superficial. Yes, we are talking about their looks, but that is only because we see their looks first. If you actually take the time to watch a telenovela you would be just as impressed. The acting is so intriguing. It is a mixture of over the top drama that is both insane and relatable in a very unique way. That being said, if the looks do not keep your eyes glued to the television, then maybe the drama will. Here is a small percentage of some of the awesome women of Telemundo.

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15 Kate Del Castillo


Recently, Kate Del Castillo has been known more for her interviews with notorious drug lord El Chapo Guzman, but she actually has quite a great career. She is one of only a few people on this list to have made their mark on American television. While Del Castillo has not starred in a Telemundo novella in a while, it is where she got her start in the business with shows like Muchachitas-- a 90s telenovela about 4 girls attending an arts academy. Del Castillo has gone on to pursue greater things, like bringing the telenovela La Reina del Sur into great mainstream success. Del Castillo is of Mexican descent and at 43 looks like she is in her early thirties.

14 Danna Garcia

vi telenowele.fora.pl

Actress Danna Garcia has been acting since the late 80s. However, we are going to go ahead and say that she has not aged a day. She looks gorgeous and at 38, seems to be sticking it to her younger competition. The actress is flawless. She may not be well known in America, but something tells us, if she caught the eye of the right agent, producer, director, or executive head she would make a splash. Her skin is so smooth and her body is so perfectly shaped you have to wonder what sorcery she is dabbling in. Garcia is still quite active in the acting world, appearing in Las amazonas and Ruta 35 in 2016, and steadily showing her flawless face at red carpet events, just to remind those up and comers that her acting game is still strong. Garcia is slowly trying to make a name for herself in American films. She has done the voice overs for the Spanish version of American films like Toy Story.

13 Edith Gonzalez

via 20minutos.es

Edith Gonzalez, at 51 years old, is the oldest women on our list, but this means nothing considering she is still one of the hottest women on Telemundo. The actress has been in the acting game since the 70s. Yes, the 70s, can you believe it? She does not look a day over 40 and we are still not fully convinced that she is 51. She had a daughter in 2004, yet her body looks better than most women in their early twenties. She has been lucky enough to play some of the key roles in the top telenovelas and she is currently playing the role of Eva Soler in the 2016 telenovela Eva la Trailera. The story follows a strong woman who takes on any challenge and refuses to be held down by the hardships of life and a perpetually dishonest husband. This show sounds like it is going to be a juicy one. Gonzalez is almost unrecognizable in the promo pics. She looks like a fresh, young face new to the acting world. Something tells us that she is in this game for the long haul. She has a number of new shows she will be appearing in later in 2016 and rolling over into 2017.

12 Gaby Espino


At 38 years old, Gaby Espino has had an interesting career with novellas. She started out mostly doing telenovelas for Venevision but eventually she slowly slid her way into the Telemundo family with the limited series Sin Verguenza, which was marketed like a Spanish Sex and the City. She has since moved on to more scandalous shows like the recent Santa Diabla --about a woman seeking revenge for her murdered husband. The actress is no stranger to drama in her real life as well. She had a scandal during her marriage to Cristobal Lander, where she was accused of cheating with Jencarlos Canela. Espino is 38 and Canela is 28, and while it may seem like a cougar situation, it has actually lasted quite a while and produced a child that Mr. International worldwide himself (Pitbull) is the god-father of. Maybe he could be the connection she needs to crossover to the American mainstream.

11 Marlene Favela


Actress Marlene Favela has crossed over into the American acting world as a supporting actress on Jane The Virgin and Ugly Betty. However, she has not completely abandoned her roots and continues to act in hit telenovelas like El Señor de los Cielos. She has also hosted the Billboard Mexican Music Awards and appeared in movies like Species: The Awakening. Unfortunately for the men out there, she is already taken by Guy Davidyan, an Israeli model who is not bad on the eye as well. They look like a power couple side by side at red carpet events. While Favela possess that girl next door look, which is not necessarily unique, she rocks it well. She has that innocent look about her, a sweet smile with dark features. But do not get it twisted, she can play the bad guy very well, and this has been proven time and time again. She has been named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in People en Espanol, and one has to admit this is a well-deserved title.

10 Vanessa Villela


First we have to start off by saying that actress, presenter and all around beauty Vanessa Villela, looks like the Mexican version of Monica Bellucci. She has beautiful dark features, a perfect oval face, and a great body for her age. She has clearly not allowed gravity to get her down. She has had a great career appearing in shows on Telemundo, Venevision and Univision. She even appeared in the Spanish version of a Jennifer Lopez film Maid in Manhattan. Villela is gorgeous and she never seems to age, her Instagram page is full of perfectly shot selfies that highlight her amazing eyes. It is simply unfair for every feature on her face to be perfect, and to top it off, she lucks out and also has beautiful eyes. She is currently starring in El Senor de los Cielos and we are sure she has way more success to come.

9 Genesis Rodriguez

via barnorama.com

For someone who is the mere age of 29, actress Genesis Rodriguez has done a whole lot to boost her career. She started in a few Telemundo telenovelas like Dona Barbera, Prisionera and Dame Chocolate, which helped her gain success with the Spanish audience. She has now been able to cross over to American television quite seamlessly by co-starring in supporting roles on Days of Our LivesEntourage, and films like What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Identity Thief and Big Hero 6, just to name a few. Rodriguez is young, beautiful and takes a gorgeous picture. You may be lucky enough to see or hear a lot more of her on American television as she climbs her way to the top.

8 Carolina Tejera


When you read news stories about Carolina Tejera, they usually begin with talking about how hot she is, so we will go with the flow. Tejera has the cutest face ever, she looks so innocent and welcoming which may be why she is so good at playing deceiving characters in telenovelas like Cosita Linda, Corazon Valiente and Aurora. She may look like she is in her twenties, but Tejera is 39 years old and is a mother to a 10 year old, which really puts things into perspective, right? Her eyes always look like they are piercing into your very soul. In fact, she looks like she would fit right into a Robert Rodriguez film about a couple of bad girls on the hunt for revenge. Thank god she has a few projects coming up, because we doubt people are sick of seeing her just yet.

7 Carmen Villalobos

via storify.com

Carmen Villalobos is currently the lead role in Telemundo’s latest production a TV movie called Sin Senos si Hay Paraiso, the sequel to Sin Senos no Hay Paraiso. Villalobos is no stranger to starring in Telemundo productions. In fact, at the age of 33, she is used to lead roles in some of the top Telemundo productions. This could be because of how beautiful she is. She has appeared on People en Espanol’s 50 Most Beautiful list and she also has a hot piece of arm candy in the form of Sebastian Caicedo, a nightclub owner from Bogota, Colombia. Villalobos has the girl next door kind of look, you know, the one the guys go crazy for. Part of her appeal is that she seems attainable and looks like someone you can bring home to mom. Every guy loves a girl who reminds them of their dear mother, right? Villalobos’ social media pages are filled with photos that demonstrates her fun loving and goofy nature. She is definitely a girl you want to know.

6 Silvana Arias

via pinterest.com

Unlike many Telemundo actresses, Silvana Arias has tapped into the American acting market. Before she landed her first American role she had great success as a telenovela actress in shows like Gata Salvaje and Amor Descarado. When she finally did transition over to American television, she stayed with what she knows best and landed a role on the highly popular soap opera, Passions. She starred as Poloma Lopez-Fitzgerald, the youngest sister of the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan, the most drama-filled family on the popular ABC daytime drama. Arias has recently found her way back to telenovelas and has even dabbled a bit in fashion, having started her own accessories line appropriately titled ARIAS COUTURE. She has definitely taken advantage of what social media and YouTube can do for a career. Look at that beauty, brains and success all in one.

5 Daniela Navarro

via pinterest.com

Daniela Navarro has been in the business since she was 13 years old. She is of Venezuelan descent and has reached phenomenal success in her career. The actresses’ dark features are not only a hit on the silver screen but on the red carpet as well. She never fails to slay. In 2011 she reached one of the heights of her career by starring in Corazon Apasionado, where she played a breakout role that made everyone look at her in a different light. She was no longer the 13 year old who starred in a teen drama, but the young woman who could take on some pretty serious and devious roles. After a few other small parts in telenovelas, with companies like Venevision, she returned to Telemundo in 2013 on a novella titled Marido en Alquiler.

4 Aracely Arámbula


Let us just say, if you have not had the pleasure of feasting your eyes on Aracely Arambula, then you have no idea what you are missing. The stunning actress, singer and entrepreneur, has a few good years under her belt in the entertainment industry, but she is too gorgeous to not want to throw a few lead roles a year at her. We suggest you take a gander at her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She is very active when it comes to posting non-stop gym selfies. No one has looked better in a pair of yoga pants. She has been linked to hotties like Luis Miguel, and has two kids. She even has her own nickname; they call her La Chule which loosely translates to “pretty.” She definitely did not need a nickname for us to know that.

3 Ximena Duque

via tvynovelas.com

This light eyed beauty was so determined to make a name for herself as an actress that at age 12, she moved from Cali, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, to Miami, Florida, to study acting, diction and accent neutralization. It looks like her plan worked because she has gone on to achieve great success in several Telemundo telenovelas. Duque’s latest project is called Quien es quien?, and like most of the projects she has worked, on it has been a hit. One has to assume that her looks play a major part in her being cast in some pretty awesome bad guy roles. In her real life, her personality is far from the characters she plays. People have described her as intelligent, kind and giving. This is what could have made ex-boyfriend Carlos Ponce, so interested for 6 years. Unfortunately for him, in February of 2016 they called it quits but for us this is great news. Not only is she smoking hot, she is also back on the market.

2 Aylin Mujica


Aylin Mujica is turning 42 years old this November but you would never know considering the fact that she does not age. The actress has had a long, illustrious career in telenovelas and she has been lucky enough to work steadily and actively since 1995. She is here to stay, and let’s face it, we are envious on several counts. First, she was lucky enough to sky rocket in her career almost immediately, and second, her awesome body resembles one of a curvy gymnast. Really, we are dumbfounded that she can look like that after having three kids. Her gym selfies should be everyone's #fitnessgoals. Some gossip rags have described her as a man-eater but what she really is, is every woman's spirit animal.

1 Adriana Fonseca


Not bad for a girl born to dentist parents. It is a bit of a surprise that Adriana Fonseca became a model and actress. Her humble beginnings started out by working on telenovelas with Televisa, but she has finally transferred over to working with Telemundo, on the highly successful telenovela Corazon Valiente. Fonseca is 37 years old but she looks like she could be as young as early twenties. By looking at her Instagram she may have mastered the art of taking the perfect selfie, seeing as she looks good in every single picture. This fresh faced beauty even has an American film coming out in 2017. It looks like she is on her way to crossing over into the American film world. We are sure many men will have no problem when it comes to welcoming her with open arms. Adriana Lima better watch out, as she is no longer the only hot Adriana in Hollywood.

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