15 Incredibly Gorgeous Actresses That Could Be Models

It's no secret that models and actresses are gorgeous more than most of the time. Being immersed in the Hollywood life has some sort of magic where it transforms everybody working in the field into some sort of deity. Maybe it's genetics, or maybe it's the money.

While models and actresses each have their own sets of skills, it's pretty common to see actresses land modeling gigs and models landing roles in movies or television shows. For example - we've seen Jennifer Lawrence in several magazine shoots and we've seen Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Transformers - so it's possible for models to act and actresses to model. When it comes down to it though, it's hard to imagine some actresses not being models. There are some actresses out there who have been graced with such good looks that they should be modelling instead of acting.

It seems that most Hollywood actresses can do just about anything that they want - so it's not to say that certain actresses couldn't model on the side if they wanted to (we can only hope). Here are 15 actresses so beautiful that they could have made their livings as models.

15 Angelina Jolie

14 Megan Fox

13 Hayden Paniettere

12 Jennifer Aniston

11 Jessica Alba

10 Gabrielle Union

9 Julianne Hough

8 Amber Heard

7 Shay Mitchell

6 Kaley Cuoco

5 Mila Kunis

4 Emma Watson

3 Jennifer Lawrence

2 Blake Lively

1 Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev is a little less famous than she should be - she's an amazing actress and is stunning. Not only does she have a unique sort of timeless beauty, but she also looks like she's about twenty when she's really twenty seven. Although Dobrev grew up in Canada, she's Bulgarian. She can be seen in the television series The Vampire Diaries, as well as Degrassi - outside of that, most of her work has been on small time television or straight to television movies. Regardless of her dull acting career, it's hard to deny that this stunner would do well as a model; if she did, it'd be a fair competition for Kendall Jenner.

Sources: IMDB

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15 Incredibly Gorgeous Actresses That Could Be Models