15 Hottest Scenes Of Girls In Cars Hollywood Has Ever Given Us

The movies on this list do truly objectify women in a manner that the producers wanted in order to sell tickets. The women are used much like car models in calendars. In many cases, the objective to make money was met and the movie did sell an enormous amount of tickets. Some of these movies were critical bombs, like any Michael Bay movie. But the guy makes hundreds of millions of dollars on each movie so he must know something audiences like. Other movies on this list are as obscure as can be, proving that even a hot actress in a cool car is not enough to bring the audience to the theaters.

This isn't a judgmental piece. The masses want, what the masses want. Guys like seeing fast cars, and guys like seeing good looking women. Women love seeing muscular guys and strong attractive leading men. Ugly folk like myself have to work harder to make the big bucks, so sometimes we like a little eye candy. It is what it is. This article can really only be written from the point of view of a man, as such we went with movies with good looking women driving, exiting, shooting guns or just plain sitting on a car, as opposed to the approach a female writer would have taken. Only one entry per movie, so this won't be dominated by the Fast and Furious franchise. The movies are all relatively recent with two exceptions. No couple scenes either, as this article is just for solo acts.


15 Carmen Diaz: Bad Teacher - 2011

Not a car movie per se, but just a movie about a teacher many young male teenagers would love to have at first glance. At least until you really get to know this person. Cameren Diaz plays Elizabeth, a teacher and gold digger who is about to quit her job because she's going to marry some rich guy. The rich guy dumps her, and thus she must resume teaching.

She then tries to seduce Scott, a substitute teacher from a very rich family. Problem is, Scott likes Amy, a woman with big breasts. So Elizabeth decides to raise money for a breast job in order to compete with Amy. How does she raise the funds? By hosting a car wash for the students' parents and pretending it's for a good cause. The resulting car wash scenes are both hot and hilarious, proving that the then 39 year old actress still had what it took to pull this one off.

14 Gal Gadot: Fast and Furious 5 - 2011

Okay, so she just sits there. But the car is super fast and super powerful, and when she just stands there, don't tell me it's not exciting. Everyone knows what goes on in this franchise. Every edition is the same. A bunch of street racers are in trouble with the law, they steal stuff, hang out with hot women and they use their driving skills as covert secret agents sometimes used for hire by the government. Each installment sells more tickets then the one before it. The cars get more expensive in each series as the gang matures, and the girls just get hotter. Many of the guys are pretty strong and muscular as well. Any one doubt why people flock to this thing in droves?

13 Megan Fox: Transformers

Every one hates everything about this movie, from the star shown above, to the director and the action sequences. That's why there are four of them and each one makes a 9 digit profit. People secretly watch it because it has everything; cool cars, elaborate scenery, things blowing up, and girl next door types every young man wishes they could have. The formula works pretty well, even if the plots go everywhere.

When Megan Fox performed in the first two movies of the franchise, it didn't matter whether she wore a hijab (Muslim head scarf), strutted around or just showed off her ability to fix things, it was just way too difficult not to be fixated on the screen, no matter what you thought of her. This picture is proof.

12 Christine Brinkley: National Lampoons Vacation - 1983

From alluring and hot, we move straight to alluring and funny. Supermodel Christine Brinkley, made a guest appearance in the Chevy Chase comedy from the 80s that just about everyone remembers. This flick opened at number one and stayed there for weeks in the summer of 83. Christine Brinkley is flirting with Chevy Chase's character (Clark) as she drives beside him in her Ferrari 308, on his way to Wally World with his family in the car. The scene just shows an endless amount of hilarious ways in which Clark flirts with the model. Everything ends abruptly when the sandwich Clark is eating ends up being soaked in urine by his dog who put an end to Clark's sleazebags antics.

11 Juno Temple: Dirty Girl - 2010

This is an obscure flick that was a little misleading as it really had nothing to do with the Dirty Girl seen above. The show originally centers on Danielle Edmondston (Juno Temple), a highly promiscuous high school girl. Why wouldn't she be that way? Any guy passing by her in this pose on top of this classic car just becomes easy fodder.

The sex appeal for this character soon dies as the movie becomes more about her running away from home with her shy, gay friend in order to find her birth father. The movie then centers around the sex-capades of her gay friend. Nothing wrong with that, but the title of the movie was Dirty Girl, so one would expect more of that kind of thing from her.

10 Katherine Waterston: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - 2016

Why is this one this list? The movie is not even out yet. But, just look at her as she is talking and notice every little thing she does to flirt, with her tall attractive figure, long sexy hair and short skirt, while leaning on an old classic car, with a giant door and a big backseat. The movie is a British fantasy drama co-produced by J.K. Rowling. It is based on the book of the same name written by J.K. Rowling herself, and it's about the magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe. The movie will be the first in a trilogy and is scheduled to be shown in November of this year.

9 Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach): Dukes of Hazzard

So, this is not a movie, but a 35 year old television series. But something from this show had to be included here, as the name Daisy Duke is synonymous with small, tight jean shorts and fast, big 70s era muscle cars. Catherine Bach was so striking, that she made her character's name a staple for fans in any generation. Sure, Jessica Simpson looked great in the movie she starred in, and she definitely did add a lot of oomph to the flick a few years back. However, she had a tough act to follow and she didn't quite make it.


8 Angelina Jolie: Gone in 60 Seconds - 2000

One of the greatest action heroes in any era of cinema, male or female, Angelina Jolie has everything required to be on this list. This movie centers around Randall "Memphis" Raines (Nicolas Cage), who has to assemble a team of car thieves to steal 50 cars in 72 hours in order to save his brother, from getting killed by the gangster who commissioned the request in the first place. He enlists three others, including Sara "Sway" Wayland (Angelina Jolie) to help him out. If your car is being stolen and you are receiving this from her, you might be caught dumbfounded and flat footed just long enough to let her get away with it.

7 Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Deathproof - 2007

This is a Quentin Tarantino flick that did not do so well at the box office, as his attempt at combining horror with cars did not go down well with the public. The movie centers around a serial killer (Kurt Russell) who murders young women in staged car accidents using his ''death proof'' car. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Lee Montgomery. Her character is a young actress shooting a cheerleading movie in Tennessee. Eventually she goes missing and it is not known if she gets killed by the ''death proof'' car.

We don't see much of her in the flick, but when she drives around in her 70s era yellow mustang, in that outfit, you know she's going to get all sorts of attention. That photo of her getting out of that car is enough to get any hapless sucker going and was enough to launch a small career. Even with her minimal lines, such as "Ohh I love Pretty In Pink" and "He likes to watch me pee!", she was still able to star in the 4th and 5th installments of Die Hard.

6 Nathalie Martinez: Death Race - 2008

Okay, so this is a prison bus and not a car, but in this movie starring Jason Statham, she can only be seen in three places; that prison bus, a caged race car and a mechanic's garage. She doesn't disappoint in any location and she is always wearing that same outfit with those same luscious red lips and heaving bosom. What else do you need to occupy your time in that movie? It was better than watching a bunch of other guys get killed as they race in armored cars for that one chance to get out of prison. In the end she lives, a couple of other guys live as well, and everyone else dies.

5 Angelina Jolie: Wanted - 2008

Who else deserves to be on this list twice other than her? She is usually voted as one of the most attractive women by some poll or magazine, year after year, since what feels like the dawn of time. She also loves her cars and action flicks as she looks fantastic in all of them. That appeal helped this comic book adaptation gross almost $350 million almost a decade ago. Angelina plays an assassin appropriately named Fox. She helps recruit Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) into a society of assassins that his father was once a member of. Her nemesis is a man named Cross (who ends up being Wesley's father), with whom she has several gun fights with, including this one where the tattooed heroine is seen firing bullets from the hood of this fast-moving Dodge Viper.

4 Everyone: Mad Max Fury Road - 2015

The thrill in this action flick was mostly one damn long car and truck chase scene that pretty much endured for the entire length of this movie. All eyes were on Charlize Theron for this one. The beautiful South African shaved her head and chopped off one of her arms as she shed that traditionally beautiful image in order to show the world a different kind of female action hero.

Nevertheless, this movie was about girls and weird cars in a post-apocalyptic nightmare. The fact that pretty much every character in the movie was unconventionally beautiful (I.e grotesque) only added to the allure of the scantily clad women that the camera veered towards ever so often during the chase scenes.

3 Amber Heard: Drive Angry - 2011

The movie bombed and lost money, but for those that actually watched it, seeing Amber Heard wearing those skimpy shorts in her 69 Dodge Charger (or anywhere else), made it worth it. Amber plays Piper, a waitress at a local diner who ends up helping John Milton (Nicolas Cage) help save his grand daughter from getting killed by Satan. John escaped from hell himself to get the job done and apparently needed a car to do it, which Piper provided him with. To get there the duo needed three cars; the 69 charger, a red 71 Chevelle SS and a 57 Bel Air. All three cars were awesome and Piper just never saw the need to alter her outfit much throughout the whole thing.

2 Michelle Rodriguez: Fast and Furious 6 - 2013

Viewers are going to be seeing a lot of her character Letty, for at least 5 more years to come, and many viewers will be ecstatic about it. The whole series could have provided all sorts of pictures for this article from all sorts of actresses, but this lady is the queen of them all. She's been there from the beginning, can be seen jumping from and onto cars, out-racing everyone on the streets and fixing her hot rods in a garage. She does it all, and she usually does it wearing those skin tight jeans and that top. Every now and then she gets involved in a cat fight. What more can one ask for? Is it any wonder executives plan to release a version 8, 9 and 10 of this franchise. It's even rumored that Dwayne Johnson will get his own spinoff from this movie.

1 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Transformers Dark of the Moon - 2011

Say what you want about the movie, Micheal Bay sure knows how to give a lady a grand entrance. Was there anything more attractive in any of his films than the scene where Carly Spencer (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) is exiting this gull wing Mercedes on her way to work? We think not. It kept you wanting to see more and more of her throughout the movie, almost ignoring everything wrong with it. Apparently the trick worked because this one made over $1 billion. That's a lot of pocket change. Whatever happened to her? She can also be seen in item four of this list, portraying The Splendid Angharad in Mad Max:Fury Road. The now 29 year old is engaged to Jason Statham and spends most of her time modelling.

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