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15 Hottest Pics From Victoria’s Secret 2016 Spring Break Party

15 Hottest Pics From Victoria’s Secret 2016 Spring Break Party

Victoria’s Secret is almost as well-known for its fashion shows and parties as it is for its actual products. This year’s Spring Break Party in Cancun, sponsored by the company, was star-studded and filled with beautiful models who looked like they were having the time of their lives.

The Spring Break Party was a promotion for the Pink line by Victoria’s Secret. Pink items are flirty and slightly whimsical, and are often marketed to young adults. While you may remember the Pink sweatpants from Victoria’s Secret as the main piece from this line, there are also totes, fragrances, undergarments and sweat suits that carry the Pink logo. In addition to effortlessly modeling the latest bathing suits, the models who attended the party got to dance to some great music mixes from the DJ, drink from coconuts, and of course, take lots of selfies. In addition to the swimsuits, which were in a number of neutral shades this season, denim shorts were also part of the spring beach wear for the models.

Another factor that makes the Spring Break Party huge this year is that Victoria’s Secret is introducing swim suits that you can customize. You can choose the tops and bottoms that will make the perfect swim suit for you based on your body type. Want to know more about this fashionable event? Here are 15 of the hottest pics from the Victoria’s Secret 2016 Spring Break Party.

15. Rachel Hilbert Flashes the “Peace” Sign

Model Rachel Hilbert, who is the spokesmodel for Pink, was in high spirits at the celebration. She was wearing a white and neon pink bikini top, paired with Daisy Duke denim shorts. She stood on her tip-toes so that the photographer could get a full shot of her outfit, and flashed the “peace” sign and a big smile while posing for the picture. Hilbert’s beach wear is an indication of what the Pink swimsuit line is portraying this year. Fun and sophistication that looks easygoing. Hilbert struck a pose by the pool, so the blue, sparkling water served as a beautiful backdrop for her summer-ready ensemble.

14. Rachel Hilbert Poses With an Inner Tube

Hilbert further promoted the Pink brand at the party by posing with a Victoria’s Secret inner tube that displayed the Pink logo. She’s blowing a kiss to the camera, which is pretty common for Victoria’s Secret models. The carefree attitude of the brand, along with its unofficial mission to spread happiness, was likely the motivation behind the pose. Rachel is also sporting sunglasses and beach-ready hair, and her bright pink bikini top looks even more radiant in contrast to the inner tube. She’s also in a flamingo-type pose, which shows off her denim shorts and well-toned thighs. This picture easily gives viewers a few workout goals to aspire to.

13. Rachel Hilbert and Devon Windsor Stroll the Beach

In keeping with the theory that the only thing better than one Victoria’s Secret model is two, Angel Devon Windsor joined Rachel Hilbert for a beautiful stroll along the beach. Windsor was wearing another look from the swimsuit line. She had on a gray bra-style bikini top under a lace halter crop top. She finished off the outfit in Daisy Dukes made from white denim. Both models were wearing reflective sunglasses to make their looks more fun, and Devon added a few pink bracelets as another subtle way to promote the brand. While Hilbert’s look had more of an 80s retro vibe to it and Windsor’s look was more bohemian, they both looked stunning and ready for a day of fun in the sun.

12. Gigi Hadid Plants a Kiss on Cody Simpson

Gigi Hadid hosted the Spring Break event with fellow model Rachel Hilbert. While we’re sure she was happy to receive such an honor, she was probably even more ecstatic about the fact that Cody Simpson was there to perform. Sure, millions of women are “in love” with Simpson, but Gigi is actually his ex-girlfriend. The two looked stunning together, and could easily serve as the spokespeople for the entire summer season.

11. Devon Windsor and Rachel Hilbert Play Volleyball On the Beach

Devon and Rachel enjoyed a playful game of volleyball using pink beach balls to further promote the Pink brand. The photo op was another chance for the models to show off their swimsuits and well-toned bodies. The pink reflection of the beach balls on the sand make the shot even more interesting. The blue backdrop of the water adds another beautiful element to the picture, and reminds Victoria’s Secret customers that summer is on its way—and bathing suits are “necessary.” And, we’re pretty sure singer and actor Diego Boneta (the guy in the picture) is having the time of his life and is currently the envy of all his friends.

10. Devon Windsor Hits The Ultimate Party Pose

Model Devon Windsor poses on the balcony of the building, with her arms in the air, displaying the “peace” sign. She’s got a big smile on her face, and her pose shows off her flawless midsection. Viewers also get another good look at her swimsuit choice (the gray bikini top and lace halter), and it’s obvious that her top goes great with the stark white denim shorts she’s wearing. Diego Boneta, who was playing volleyball with Devon and Rachel during the party, appears in this picture as well, giving the international “I’m a rock star” sign. We’re pretty sure that’s exactly the way he feels.

9. Rachel Hilbert Swings In The Sun

Pink spokesperson Rachel Hilbert shows off her adorable side, once again, swinging and enjoying the great weather. The swing is the epitome of carefree summer style, and consists of a wooden seat and braided rope. Hilbert is able to show off her swimsuit again while swinging, and the bright pink color of her bikini top against the brown wood in the background. Hilbert’s hair is blowing in the wind, which makes her blonde highlights even more apparent. Her reflective sunglasses and big smile give viewers the impression that she’s having a great time. From what we hear about Victoria’s Secret parties, that’s not far-fetched at all.

8. Beach Tug of War

The Spring Break Party was about more than just beautiful women in stylish bikinis. It was also about these beautiful women playing a game of tug of war on the beach. The party-goers split into teams and tried to see which team could get the Pink Victoria’s Secret logo flag over the halfway point and win the game. Of course, taking a photo of the game provided yet another opportunity for viewers to get a glimpse of the trendy beach fashion that was seen throughout the event. Muted jewel tones were included in the bathing suit choices, and many of the women were wearing cut-off jeans shorts, which is completely on trend this season.

7. Party-Goers Show Off Colorful Swimsuits

Of course, there were lots of people at the Spring Break event, and they’re likely to remember their time at the party for years to come. At events like these, there are cameras flashing everywhere, so people know to come “dressed” in their best when Victoria’s Secret is involved. These girls are showing their fun sides with neon bathing suits that include fringes and ruffles. An eye-catching bikini top with a solid-colored bottom is on trend this season, and these girls definitely did it right. They’ve also got on pink-rimmed sunglasses on and are posing with a Pink inner tube for a little extra Victoria’s Secret promotion.

6. Huge Pool Party

The partygoers who attended Spring Break Party 2016 did more than just pose on the beach. They also spent some time in the water, splashing around and cooling off. Hundreds of people got into the pool, with their pink inner tubes, and took some time to enjoy the water. According to the pictures, people still had plenty of chances to show off their summer accessories, including hats and sunglasses. Bystanders had their cameras ready to take lots of pictures, and it was easy to see all the bathing suits and swimming trunks that were in and around the pool. Clearly, there was lots of fashion inspiration for those who are looking for something eye-catching to wear on the beach this summer.

5. Sara Sampaio

Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio took some time to pose during the Spring Break party, donning a “Love Pink” plastic inner tube. She was blowing a kiss to the camera, and wearing pink-rimmed sunglasses, which makes her skin glow. We can’t see much of her swimsuit in the photo, but it’s clear to see that her bikini top has lots of colors and a fun, floral graphic pattern. There are some surfboards in the background, which further indicates that the Spring Break celebration was a blast. The white sand in the background makes Sampaio glow even more—as if she needed any help. We can also see her smooth beach-ready tresses behind the inner tube, which makes this one of the hottest pictures from the party.

4. Diego Boneta Poses With Models By the Coconut Stand

What’s a beach-themed party without beverages you can drink from a coconut? Diego Boneta, posing with Devon Windsor and Rachel Hilbert, seems to agree with the notion that coconuts are a necessary part of a fun Spring Break party. The three (who all have great legs, by the way), are posing casually in front of the coconut stand, showing off their winning smiles and trendy sunglasses. Rachel and Devon are once again displaying their flat, toned stomachs, and it looks like some of the people in the background can’t get enough of their model physiques, either. We can’t say we blame them.

3. Diego Boneta Goes Shirtless

While the main attraction of the party is the beautiful girls wearing swimsuits that virtually every woman wants, there was a little male eye candy on the beach as well. Diego Boneta, who was seen taking lots of pictures with Victoria’s Secret models throughout the entire party, also took some photos with nothing on but a pair of shorts. His even tan and chiseled abs was just another reason to enjoy the party. It may even motivate people to get into their local Victoria’s Secret, even though he wasn’t technically wearing any of the products. But he’s obviously a fan, which means he may “coincidentally” show up at other Victoria’s Secret events, right? You’re welcome, ladies.

2. Cody Simpson Poses with Gigi Hadid and Rachel Hilbert

Co-hosts Gigi Hadid and Rachel Hilbert took some time from their oh-so-taxing duties to get a picture with singer and model Cody Simpson. Cody and Gigi used to be together in real life, and Rachel is apparently a friend of them both. Simpson is looking past the cameras, while Hadid and Hilbert are all smiles. It’s a pretty attractive photo—no one can deny that.

1. Diego Boneta Gets “Cozy”

Diego Boneta is clearly one lucky guy. Not only is he a successful Mexican actor and singer, Victoria’s Secret models seem to like him. He was pictured, once again, snuggling up to Rachel and Devon while the three relaxed on an outdoor bed with curtains and a canopy. All three were lying on their stomachs and flirting with the camera while Boneta took the picture on his phone. They all have perfect hair and great smiles, and the picture helps to show more of their attractive limbs as well. This was just another way to prove that this party was one of the best ever.

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