15 Hottest Pics From Victoria's Secret 2016 Spring Break Party

Victoria’s Secret is almost as well-known for its fashion shows and parties as it is for its actual products. This year’s Spring Break Party in Cancun, sponsored by the company, was star-studded and filled with beautiful models who looked like they were having the time of their lives.

The Spring Break Party was a promotion for the Pink line by Victoria’s Secret. Pink items are flirty and slightly whimsical, and are often marketed to young adults. While you may remember the Pink sweatpants from Victoria’s Secret as the main piece from this line, there are also totes, fragrances, undergarments and sweat suits that carry the Pink logo. In addition to effortlessly modeling the latest bathing suits, the models who attended the party got to dance to some great music mixes from the DJ, drink from coconuts, and of course, take lots of selfies. In addition to the swimsuits, which were in a number of neutral shades this season, denim shorts were also part of the spring beach wear for the models.

Another factor that makes the Spring Break Party huge this year is that Victoria’s Secret is introducing swim suits that you can customize. You can choose the tops and bottoms that will make the perfect swim suit for you based on your body type. Want to know more about this fashionable event? Here are 15 of the hottest pics from the Victoria’s Secret 2016 Spring Break Party.

15 Rachel Hilbert Flashes the “Peace” Sign

14 Rachel Hilbert Poses With an Inner Tube

13 Rachel Hilbert and Devon Windsor Stroll the Beach

12 Gigi Hadid Plants a Kiss on Cody Simpson

11 Devon Windsor and Rachel Hilbert Play Volleyball On the Beach

10 Devon Windsor Hits The Ultimate Party Pose

9 Rachel Hilbert Swings In The Sun

8 Beach Tug of War

7 Party-Goers Show Off Colorful Swimsuits

6 Huge Pool Party

5 Sara Sampaio

4 Diego Boneta Poses With Models By the Coconut Stand

3 Diego Boneta Goes Shirtless

2 Cody Simpson Poses with Gigi Hadid and Rachel Hilbert

1 Diego Boneta Gets “Cozy”

Diego Boneta is clearly one lucky guy. Not only is he a successful Mexican actor and singer, Victoria’s Secret models seem to like him. He was pictured, once again, snuggling up to Rachel and Devon while the three relaxed on an outdoor bed with curtains and a canopy. All three were lying on their stomachs and flirting with the camera while Boneta took the picture on his phone. They all have perfect hair and great smiles, and the picture helps to show more of their attractive limbs as well. This was just another way to prove that this party was one of the best ever.


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15 Hottest Pics From Victoria's Secret 2016 Spring Break Party