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15 Hottest ‘It Girls’ That We Are Already So Sick Of

15 Hottest ‘It Girls’ That We Are Already So Sick Of

Hot, young Hollywood is in full force, and there are so many “it-girls” out there that it’s hard to tell them apart. There are the model-actresses, the singers and the Insta-famous. It makes your head spin just to keep track of their names and faces. It’s fun for men to have a parade of new girls to ogle, and for girls to have fresh faces to imitate and admire. But some “it-girls” are better than others… and some have worn out their welcome.

With today’s instant gratification society, a girl has got to be on her A-game at all times, or risk losing her following. She also has to be careful not to alienate her audience, or she’ll be replaced in seconds with someone younger and hotter. There are plenty of wannabes out there just waiting for their big break, and there are a plethora of has-beens that are still trying to hold onto the spotlight.

With so much competition out there, the public has a lot of sway, and can pick and choose who they want to see more of… and who they want to see fade away. This piece is dedicated to the latter. There are so many “it-girls” out there that we could do with thinning out the herd a little bit. Many of these girls need to be taken down a peg or two because they are overexposed, overhyped and underwhelming. So here are the top 15 “it-girls” that we’re sick of.

15. Cara Delevingne


Life was good before Cara Delevingne. Heroin chic models were “out” and the most talked about actresses were Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. Then, Delevingne, with her unpronounceable name and questionable talents, came into the picture and the world seemed a little less sunny.

To begin with, she styles herself like a corpse. Her skin is pale, her eyes are dead and her bones protrude through her skin. She might like being zombie-chic, but the rest of us find it unnerving. Unless she’s trying to get cast in a Tim Burton movie, she’d better knock it off. And don’t get us started on those eyebrows. The last time someone had eyebrows that prominent was Salma Hayek in Freida. Also, the public finds Delevingne’s bisexual lifestyle to be rather inauthentic. Nowadays every hot young thing declares to the public that she’s bisexual, from Lady Gaga to Megan Fox. It could be that these stars are voicing a hidden truth – but it’s also likely that they are starving for attention and will say and do anything to be daring and garner press.

14. Emilia Clarke


If we hear one more thing about Emilia Clarke, we are going to vomit in agony. Yes, she’s on a hit show. Yes, she’s attractive as a blonde and a brunette. Yes, she has a lovely British accent. But enough already – she’s overexposed. Unless she plays the whole Hollywood game of revealing a life-threatening illness or disclosing childhood trauma, we’ve learned all there is to know about Clarke. And believe it or not, there are actresses other than Emilia Clarke, and there are shows other than Game of Thrones.

If we were her, we’d be worried about backlash. What goes up must come down, and the public loves nothing more than to put celebrities on pedestals and then knock them down. Before she knows it, she’ll be typecast as Daenerys Targaryen and will be scrounging around for work. How many HBO stars have been at the top of their game, only to be out of work once their show ended? There’s Timothy Olyphant from Deadwood, Kim Catrall from Sex and the City and Anna Paquin from True Blood. Clarke’s role in Terminator Genisys didn’t do anything for her as the franchise has been dead for years. The only thing we can be thankful for is that we haven’t had to hear about any Clarke Twitter feuds, high profile romances or barroom brawls.

13. Ashley Graham


People are tired of Ashley Graham. She made news for being a plus-sized model – so what?! She hardly invented the idea. There have been plenty of plus-sized models before her, like Emme, Sophie Dahl and Anna Nicole Smith. And there are a ton of models who are big boned and rocked it, like Christie Brinkley and Laetitia Casta.

Graham is just the flavor of the moment, and she’s rather vanilla at that. She has a decent face and a large rack, but that’s hardly anything new in the modeling business. All she did was pose for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. And she didn’t even get top billing, since Ronda Rousey and Hailey Clauson were featured on alternative covers. We bet that SI will go straight back to having thin models in 2017.

12. Daisy Ridley


Daisy Ridley is such a Plain Jane that it’s amazing she got cast in the latest Star Wars movie. She practically blended in with the scenery. Just because other leading actors in the franchise like Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Natalie Portman, went on to do great things, it doesn’t mean that Ridley will. Just look at how Mark Hamill has basically dropped off the face of the earth, and Ewan MacGregor is now a B-lister at best. If Ridley was smart, she’d take a page out of Margot Robbie’s playbook and go extra blonde, lose a bunch of weight, and get implants. Then, maybe she’d get more roles and have men panting over her.

11. Blac Chyna


Where do we begin with Blac Chyna? She has a booty that copies Kim Kardashian’s, she has a face that is a knock-off of Nicki Minaj’s and she’s as talentless as Amber Rose. That’s a losing combination, and people are tired of hearing about her. There are enough stars out there that are rich and famous for doing absolutely nothing, and we don’t need another one. Her real claim to fame is dating Rob Kardashian – the least well known and least successful Kardashian. The only thing juicy about their relationship is that it seems to have put rumors to rest that Rob is gay – at least for now.

10. Gal Gadot


You can’t click on any webpage without seeing the name Gal Gadot pop up. For a long time, no one was sure who she was, or what she did – thus, they’re totally sick of hearing about her. She is Israeli born and recently made the transition from model to movie star, as she was cast in the lackluster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie as Wonder Woman. She has also been cast in the Wonder Woman remake which is slated to debut in 2017. She’s had a lot of hype, but hasn’t done much in the entertainment business yet. Gadot comes across less as a natural star, and more as one the studios have painstakingly created. While superhero movies are big right now, they are a dime a dozen – so she couldn’t count her chickens before they’re hatched. Unless she is lucky enough to have a high profile romance, or can follow up her Wonder Woman role with a successful movie that can stand on its own, Gadot will be a “never-was.” We also suspect that if she had a normal name like Emily Smith or Madison Meyers, no one would give her the time of day.

9. Alicia Vikander


Alicia Vikander has put the cart before the horse. Since winning an Oscar, she’s been dubbed the next big thing, but she has a long way to go before attaining true stardom. Vikander is slated to play Lara Croft in the upcoming installment of the Tomb Raider franchise, and we doubt even that will put her on the map. It certainly won’t earn her another Oscar, if that’s what she’s aiming for. The media seems to be enamoured with her since she’s from Sweden, and is therefore interpreted as being exotic. But her looks don’t exactly rival the Swedish Bikini Team’s. She’s not blonde, she’s not tall, and she’s definitely not a C-cup. That’s perfectly fine, but Vikander is average looking at best.

8. Emily Ratajkowski


Emily Ratajkowski is odd looking, and people are quite literally sick when they see her. Her eyes are too broad, her cheeks are too sculpted, and her nose is too downturned and doesn’t fit in with her face. If you saw her at a bar you’d never approach her. But for some reason she’s an “it girl” and is everywhere. When people say she’s attractive, you wonder what they see in her. Don’t worry – you don’t need to have your eyes checked, because we are thinking the same thing! People are also sick of her because she’s a jack of all trades and a master of none. She’s modeled for magazines, appeared in music videos, done commercials and has had small acting roles. This adds up to a hill of beans, yet still we can’t stop hearing about her.

7. Lily Aldridge


Lily, Lily, Lily. It’s a name we hear constantly. She’s famous by proxy, as she’s in Taylor Swift’s Girl Squad and is a Victoria’s Secret model. But that’s about all she’s good for, and the public is weary of hearing her praises being sung. Lily Aldridge will never go down as one of Victoria’s Secret’s all stars. She’s okay looking, and can’t compete with the ethereal beauty of Adrianna Lima or the classic good looks of Stephanie Seymour. She’s also no spring chicken – at 30 years of age she’s old by Hollywood standards. As for being one of Taylor Swift’s BFFs, we think it’ll be a short lived friendship – Hollywood ones always are. Swift’s posse is just a bunch of mean girls with Swift as the queen bee, and rumors have it that it’s ready to implode.

6. Chrissy Teigen


Many people curse the day Chrissy Teigen made the cover of the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition. It was a turning point in her career, and since then people have been bombarded with hearing about her every move. We had to endure watching her visit family in Thailand. We had to cringe as she threw out a pitch at a major league baseball game. We had to cover our eyes when she posted pic after pic of herself on Instagram. And we had to shut our ears to stop from hearing about her and John Legend – first came love, then came marriage, then came a baby and then came the couple going on a date night when their daughter was a week old. The million dollar question is, why is Teigen an “it girl?” No one knows, and that’s why they’re so sick of her.

5. Rita Ora


When Joan Rivers was alive, she once quipped that no one knows what Rita Ora does. It was true then, and it’s true now. Which is exactly why people are frustrated with this “it girl.” Is she a singer? Is she an actress? Is she arm candy? Who knows?! All we know is that it’s pitiful that the media is following her around and giving us updates on what she’s wearing, who she’s dating, and what she has to say about cultural events. She’s an outlier in the celebrity world, and the press is just wasting our time by giving her press. It shows what a dearth of true celebrity news there is that Ora gets any attention at all. It makes us wistful for the days when Charlie Sheen was imploding, when William and Kate were getting married, and when Hugh Grant was in hot water over that whole streetwalker incident.

4. Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie is on fire right now. The question is, is she overexposed? She’s still getting a lot of press for her breakout role in The Wolf of Wall Street, and she has two movies this summer: Suicide Squad and The Legend of Tarzan. You can’t read a magazine, go on the internet or watch TV without being bombarded by this “it girl” – and it’s all a little much. Before you go saying that you can never have too much of a good thing, look back at how Megan Fox’s career tanked after she was overexposed.

Robbie is talented, good looking and seems like an all around nice girl. But there’s only so much you can hear about a person before getting bored. We already know all there is to know about her – she’s Australian, she was rumored to have hooked up with Will Smith, and she slapped Leonardo DiCaprio in the face during her audition for The Wolf of Wall Street. Yawn-fest!

3. Kendall Jenner


The public needs another Kardashian clan member to be in the spotlight like it needs another race war. That’s why so many people are already sick and tired of Kendall Jenner. Kim Kardashian became famous for being famous – but that took a lot of work in and of itself. Kendall just rode her coattails down the runway.

She’s being dubbed a supermodel, which has enraged original supermodels like Stephanie Seymour. Seymour called her the “b*tch of the moment,” and we have to agree. There have been many “it girls” before her, and there will be many after her. So for Kendall to think that she is anything unique just goes to show how large the Kardashian clan’s egos have become. Kendall is the face of Estee Lauder, but she can never compete with the classic beauty of former brand ambassador Elizabeth Hurley. Kendall has also walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret, but she could not command the stage like Heidi Klum. And Kendall has a fashion line (of course!) but it has none of the class of Victoria Beckham’s. Kendall is trying to make herself into a legitimate entertainer, but no one is buying it. She got born into a famous family, and that’s it. She’d better enjoy the perks while she can.

2. Gigi Hadid



Gigi Hadid would have led a charmed life regardless of whether she made it as a model. Her father is a billionaire, so he opened a lot of doors for her that would have remained closed to other girls. Basically, she got a free pass in life, and people are little miffed. She was already rich and well-connected before becoming an “it girl,” and most people think that was more than enough for one young lady. But Hadid knew the right people and shot to fame as a supermodel overnight. There’s a lot of resentment about this, because she didn’t have to pay her dues. She didn’t pound the pavement on casting calls, she didn’t painstakingly take pic after pic to post on Instagram with the hopes of being discovered, and she certainly didn’t live in a shoddy studio apartment while working nights as a waitress to pay the rent. Daddy took care of everything. And it didn’t hurt that her mother was a reality star on The Real Housewives franchise.

1. Kate Upton


Kate Upton tops this list because she’s been an “it girl” for way too long. She’s been on the radar since 2011, but what has she done? She’s danced dumbly in front of the camera, wore a nun-kini in the remake of the Three Stooges movie, and has appeared in numerous TV commercials. Any other pretty girl could do that, so what makes her so special?

Maybe she captured the public’s interest when she first came onto the scene due to her voluptuous body, but that’s old news by now. How many times can we look at her engorged breasts? Isn’t it time someone else took over? Upton has been extremely lucky in stretching out her 15 minutes of fame, and is currently engaged to ballplayer Justin Verlander. She’s lived a life that everyone dreams about, but few ever attain. Thus, it’s time for her to retire, and let another up-and-comer take her place.

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