The 15 Hottest Female Magicians In The World

The allure of magic is mystery, and understanding a beautiful woman has long been one of man’s greatest mysteries, so obviously when beautiful women practice magic, men pay attention. Magic allows us to sit back and enjoy the show, accepting we’ll never understand how the magician performs their illusions.

Throughout all of history and continuing even to this day, most famous magicians have been men, with women unfairly relegated to the roles of often ditzy or over sexualized assistants. Female magicians are extremely rare, with even the highest estimates approximating women form less than 10% of the magic industry.

If you Google “female magicians,” most of the results are about how there aren’t any. Look a little deeper, however, and you’ll find that there are female magicians out there, and they can be just as magical as the males in the field. The 15 women on this list prove that women are just as good at running the magic show as men, and they look fantastic while doing so.

15 Maria Gara, The Snake Babe

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14 Scarlett, Princess of Magic


13 Magic Babe Ning's Last Trick Was To Disappear

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12 Lady Amila Thinks Magic Is No Mistake


11 Mara Kazàn’s Magic Is Unlimited

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10 Laura London Fools The Queen

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9 Connie Boyd Shows The Beauty Of Magic


8 Sophie Evans Does Her Magic Close-Up


7 Megan Knowles-Bacon Breaks Gender Lines

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6 Kristi Toguchi, Lady Magician Of The Century

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5 Miss Katalin Is Magical

4 Krystyn Lambert Is A Supernaturalist

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3 Angela Funovitz Is Surreally Hot

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2 Christen Gerhart Mastered The Art Of Bitchkraft

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1 Alana Performs Magic InStyle

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Alana began performing magic when she was 13, and eventually developed an act known as Magic: InStyle. The act focused on Alana’s natural elegance and feminine charm, using props like diamonds, pearls, and fancy shoes in her illusions. She later crafted an act called In Her Hands, based on an illusion giving her extra arms. Multi-lingual, Alana has performed in Spain, England, France, and of course her native Germany, always performing her act in the language of the land she performs. She was the first woman ever to win the German Grand Prix in 2011, and therefore the first female to earn the title German Champion of Magic.

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The 15 Hottest Female Magicians In The World