The 15 Hottest Female Magicians In The World

The allure of magic is mystery, and understanding a beautiful woman has long been one of man’s greatest mysteries, so obviously when beautiful women practice magic, men pay attention. Magic allows us to sit back and enjoy the show, accepting we’ll never understand how the magician performs their illusions.

Throughout all of history and continuing even to this day, most famous magicians have been men, with women unfairly relegated to the roles of often ditzy or over sexualized assistants. Female magicians are extremely rare, with even the highest estimates approximating women form less than 10% of the magic industry.

If you Google “female magicians,” most of the results are about how there aren’t any. Look a little deeper, however, and you’ll find that there are female magicians out there, and they can be just as magical as the males in the field. The 15 women on this list prove that women are just as good at running the magic show as men, and they look fantastic while doing so.


15 Maria Gara, The Snake Babe

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With a name like the Snake Babe, its not surprising two of Maria Gara’s three primary topics of interest seem to be snakes and sex, and somehow it's natural to throw magic into the mix as well. Though her magic show has been criticized for being overly sexual, she sees the goal of magic as being fun, and feels adult fun is just as appropriate in magic as any other fun, as long as the audience knows what they’re in for from the start. She has appeared on The Jerry Springer Show and runs a personal web site focusing mostly on her modeling, but there’s some magic and (literal) snake charming as well.

14 Scarlett, Princess of Magic


Scarlett was a dancer and loved performing on stage long before becoming the Princess of Magic. Taking the stage in Planet Hollywood’s V Theater in Las Vegas, Scarlett performed a very family friendly show six days a week before making things far more adult and changing the title of her review to “Scarlett and the Seductive Ladies of Magic.” Her magic has only gotten more adult-themed since. Scarlett is the younger sister of magician Melinda Saxe, showing that the magical genes run in the family.

13 Magic Babe Ning's Last Trick Was To Disappear

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Magic Babe Ning actually retired from magic in late 2014, but her beauty and her impact mean she has to be on this list. Ning, born in Singapore, was named the “Sexiest Woman in Magic” by MagicSeen, before becoming a part of the very popular duo act JC Sum and Magic Babe Ning. Ning’s show was sexual without being traditionally feminine, instead incorporating samurai swords and fire in a daring and breathtaking act. Both with Sum and by herself, Ning was credited with popularizing magic in Singapore with their popular show and media appearances, not to mention Ning’s sex appeal.

12 Lady Amila Thinks Magic Is No Mistake


Lady Amila writes on her web site that “without magic, my life would be a mistake.” The German mentalist and illusionist refers to herself as the First Lady of Magic, appearing on the German version of The Next Uri Geller and being awarded the Best Illusions Act. She has performed magic from a young age and was one of the first female magicians to perform shows worldwide. She is also well known for her dual act Alex & Amila, performing with Austrian magician Alex Ray.

11 Mara Kazàn’s Magic Is Unlimited

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Mara Kazàn, born Maartje van Olst, has always loved magic, so it's no surprise she joined the trio Magic Unlimited as soon as she met the other members of the group, brothers Oscar and Renzo. The three so quickly mastered their craft they became the youngest trio ever to perform in Las Vegas while still in their mid teens. As a part of Magic Unlimited, Mara has received several international awards from Prince Albert of Monaco, and they continue to perform throughout Europe, at such unique stages as the Rock of Gibraltar.

10 Laura London Fools The Queen

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It’s only natural that a magician named London might be the only woman on this list to have performed for the Queen. Laura London did just that, performing at the Queen’s 80th birthday, and she’s also performed for Prince Charles on several occasions. When not performing for the Queen, she works VIP parties after rock festivals. London has also appeared on television several times, performing on The Magic Party for BBC Northern Ireland and in the United States on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us. Her ability to work for any audience, from the Royal Family to rock stars, might be her greatest trick of all.

9 Connie Boyd Shows The Beauty Of Magic


Connie Boyd is best known for her signature show “The Beauty of Magic,” but she has won countless awards for her sophisticated and stylish magic. Bob Saget called her “the foremost magician of our time” while presenting her the award for Best Cabaret Magician at the World Magic Awards. She started by studying dance as a child, training with the National School of Ballet in Canada, until an injury prevented her from continuing with her dance career. She adapted to become a trapeze artist until another injury caused her to decide to switch over to magic. She has since starred in and produced a variety of female-driven magic shows.


8 Sophie Evans Does Her Magic Close-Up


Many magicians work in teams, and Sophie Evans started as a part of the team Twisted Cabaret with Kevin James (no, not the guy from The King of Queens). She also performed a solo show, which lead to her winning Close-Up Magician of the Year from the International Brotherhood of Magicians two years in a row. Evans is one of the few female magicians to have worked in Las Vegas, and was the first female to perform in every room in The Magic Castle. She taught children's magic as Miss Evans on the BBC children’s show, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Sophie has also performed for a great deal of celebrities, including Muhammad Ali and Former President Jimmy Carter.

7 Megan Knowles-Bacon Breaks Gender Lines

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Megan Knowles-Bacon has been performing magic since she was a child, and was always surprised to find she was the only girl in the various magic clubs she joined. Although it was often daunting and lonely for her, she kept with her craft and eventually became the first ever female officer of the Magic Circle. Though the organization has been around over 100 years, Knowles-Bacon’s appointment as secretary broke gender barriers, especially considering she still gets confused for an assistant when she performs her shows. She hopes her new role in the Magic Circle will encourage more girls to perform magic and stop the discrimination against them.

6 Kristi Toguchi, Lady Magician Of The Century

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Magic is all about flash and performance, and Kristi Toguchi certainly understands that, having won the Outstanding Showmanship Award in Japan, not to mention the Lady Magician of the Century Award in Hong Kong. Both her father and her grandfather were magicians, and her personal interests lead to Toguchi earning her B.A. in Dance from the University of California, San Diego. Also a trained circus performer, Toguchi combines all of her skills to make her magic dance and soar in an electrifying show.

5 Miss Katalin Is Magical

Miss Katalin was born in Hungary, but by age 14, she was performing in Dubai, and less than a year later, she was performing on a cruise ship around Europe. Her native Hungary has awarded her “Best Magician of the Year,” and in America she won the World Magic Awards’ award for “Cabaret Magician of the Year.” Miss Katalin also performed at the 53rd annual “It’s Magic” show at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, sponsored by the Magic Castle. A compendium of the best magicians in the world at the time, Katalin was the only female chosen for the event that year. All of her success makes it clear why her native Hungary calls her “Europe’s Premiere Female Magician.”

4 Krystyn Lambert Is A Supernaturalist

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Starting out as a traditional magician’s apprentice, Krysten Lambert studied with Criss Angel before branching out with her own act, known as The Supernaturalists. She appeared with Angel on his television show BeLIEve and is now touring her show in Las Vegas. When not performing, Lambert is involved with a great deal of charity efforts, speaking with children in Asia about her love of magic and philosophy, teaching how they assist with critical thinking and setting goals. She serves on the James Randi Educational Foundation.

3 Angela Funovitz Is Surreally Hot

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Despite her beauty, Angela was shy until she started learning magic, at which point she broke out of her shell and became a model. Unlike the average model, however, Angela also graduated high school with the highest honors and was on her way through the Northeast Ohio Medical University’s MD program when she was booked on the television show Phenomenon to perform her magic to Criss Angel and Uri Geller, amongst others. She came in second place - quite an accomplishment for the only female to appear on the show. After the show, she returned to school and earned her medical degree. She now splits her time between practicing medicine, practicing magic, and combining the two through a charity effort she calls “The Magic of Medicine.”

2 Christen Gerhart Mastered The Art Of Bitchkraft

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Magic can leave people seeing stars, but Christen Gerhart takes that literally, considering she used to be a researcher for NASA and has a side job working for the Mt. Wilson Observatory. When not exploring space, Gerhart hosts a variety of magic shows on the Internet, including “Exposé” and her own female-centric show “Bitchkraft.” She combines her inquisitive nature and her love of magic as a judge on the Syfy show Wizard Wars, taking her mastery of magic from outer space into millions of homes.

1 Alana Performs Magic InStyle

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Alana began performing magic when she was 13, and eventually developed an act known as Magic: InStyle. The act focused on Alana’s natural elegance and feminine charm, using props like diamonds, pearls, and fancy shoes in her illusions. She later crafted an act called In Her Hands, based on an illusion giving her extra arms. Multi-lingual, Alana has performed in Spain, England, France, and of course her native Germany, always performing her act in the language of the land she performs. She was the first woman ever to win the German Grand Prix in 2011, and therefore the first female to earn the title German Champion of Magic.;  Wikipedia

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