15 Hot Women Prince Harry Fooled Around With

Prince Harry is 2nd in line to the throne behind his brother, Prince William. He has earned the nickname the party prince due to his love for the partying lifestyle. He is also arguably the most sought after bachelor on the planet. When he makes public appearances his red hair and boyish good looks make thousands of girls swoon.

Being a good-looking, charming guy that happens to be a Prince has definitely given him the upper hand when it comes to playing the field. There have been girls all over the world that have caught the Prince's attention, however, none have captured his heart...just yet anyways. Here are 15 of the young ladies that have turned the Prince's head and who knows, maybe one of them will one day become his bride and future Princess.


15 Jenna Coleman


British actress and on-again-off-again girlfriend of Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden, Jenna Coleman was spotted after a charity event getting cozy with Prince Harry. They were with a group of friends but Harry grabbed her hand and led her to an outside patio area where they cuddled together on a sofa and talked until the early hours of the morning. There was some serious flirting going on and the chemistry was obvious.

Seeing photos of his off-again girlfriend canoodling with the Prince must have sent Richard into a bit of a panic. He immediately ran to his girlfriend and they reconciled their relationship.

14 Lauren Pope


Prince Harry and Lauren Pope got together back in 2004. They were spotted in multiple PDA sessions while out and about partying at clubs around London including Chinawhite.

Sadly, the romance was not to be long-lasting as Harry is said to have suffered major embarrassment when the story was leaked that he was hooking up with the controversial party girl and reality television beauty. According to sources close to Lauren, she was left heartbroken when Prince Harry cut all ties with her and refused her texts/phone calls.

13 Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding performed at Prince Harry's 30th birthday bash in London and the Royal Wedding of Harry's older brother William and Kate Middleton. Prince Harry and Ellie were spotted getting cozy when they thought nobody was watching at the Invictus Games in London.

The tall blonde beauty looks a lot like Prince Harry's ex Chelsy Davy. Unlike Chelsy Davy, Ellie is from England and has no plans on changing her residency anytime soon. Has pop superstar Ellie Goulding captured Prince Harry's 'Beating Heart'?

12 Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence shot down the royal heir after he asked the Oscar-winning actress out on a date via his personal secretary. Prince Harry has been a big fan of J-Law's since the Hunger Games and was hoping this would be his chance to get to know her and possibly make a go of starting a relationship.

Harry asked his secretary to ask J-Law out on a dinner date while she was in London and then have her take a private tour of Kensington Palace. Sadly, the only British boy J-Law is interested in seems to be Coldplay's Chris Martin. It's not everyday Harry has a girl turn him down, but then again J-Law isn't your average English rose.

11 Emma Watson


Hermione and Harry?! The world was sent into a spin when pictures of Prince Harry and Miss Emma Watson were released. They both have a childlike innocence about them but also a certain mischievous look in their eye. Hermione would certainly be able to tame this dashing young Prince!

Emma Watson came out on Twitter to state that " don't need to marry a Prince to be a Princess." She went on to claim that the two are just friends and any claims otherwise are rubbish. Oh, how magical would it be if Emma did end up capturing Harry's heart and the two lived happily ever after at Hogw--I mean Kensington Palace.

10 Florence Brudenell-Bruce


Socialite Florence Brudenell-Bruce and Prince Harry enjoyed a fling during the summer of 2011. Florence said during August of 2011 she ended things with the Prince because she was frustrated and upset with his wandering eye. Florence is a stunning lingerie model that was born into an aristocratic family. She doesn't need Prince Harry's money and unlike most girls, she isn't interested in titles.

Prince Harry has told his friends that he was the one to end things with Florence because he didn't want a ball and chain. He enjoyed being free and not having to deal with jealous girlfriends. Harry has beautiful women throwing themselves at his feet and whoever he is with needs to understand that and be able to trust him.

9 Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack is the host of the UK's The X Factor. She recently spoke out publicly for the first time about her relationship with the 2nd in line to throne, Prince Harry. She said in 2009 they met and really hit it off. They shared a mutual love for the night life and clubbing. They dated for a couple of months until the tabloids broke news of their relationship and the media called her Harry's 'bit of rough'. The media made her out to be the villain, dragging the Prince into seedy clubs and staying out all hours of the night. Shortly after the media broke news of their relationship, Harry abruptly ended it without so much as a phone call.


8 Princess Maria-Olympia of Denmark


19 year old Princess Maria-Olympia of Denmark is said to have caught the eye of Prince Harry after an introduction through his cousin, Beatrice. Princess Maria-Olympia was named as one of the world's most eligible bachelorettes by Australian tabloid Tatler.

The stunning blonde is fast becoming a fashion icon with an impressive Instagram following. She regularly posts pictures of her lavish life. From skiing holidays in the Alps to fashion shows and Caribbean getaways. She certainly wouldn't be marrying Prince Harry for his money OR to become a Princess, as she already is one! Could this really be a match made in royal Heaven?!

7 Camilla Thorough


The former Miss Edinburgh and Prince Harry went off to a tropical island getaway after his relationship with Cressida Bonas hit a wall. They were holed up for a week in a secluded villa on the gorgeous island of St. Tropez, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Camilla Thurlow is beauty and brains. She is a charity aid worker who was introduced to Harry through Harry's cousin. Unfortunately, Camilla and Harry's relationship went south before it had even reached the 6 month mark.

What went wrong?! Was it the name— he didn't want to be married to someone with the same name as his step-mother?

6 Mollie King


In early 2012, Prince Harry was spotted getting dirty on the dance floor with British pop singer Mollie King. Pictures of them dancing at the London dance club Bunga Bunga garnered lots of attention in the media.

Mollie publicly commented on their relationship long after the fact saying that they did in fact go out for drinks but nothing more came of it. It does sound like a really great made of television Disney movie: The Pop Star and the Prince: A Love Story. 

5 Pippa Middleton


Of course it was only natural that after the wedding of the century, the single sister of the bride and the single brother of the groom would be linked together. They both have a very long wake of broken hearts. They are both extremely flirtatious party-goers who don't want to settle down anytime soon..or so it seems.

Only time will tell if their supposed random hook-ups will result in anything long-term but for now it's super fun to imagine these two getting together and Kate's little sis becoming Princess Pippa.

So, what do you think? Will Pippa be the one to tame Prince Harry and will Harry finally get Pippa to settle down?

4 Natalie Pinkham


Natalie Pinkham and Prince Harry definitely got caught red handed with a little PDA action. Harry and Natalie's photograph got spread across the media and everyone went nuts. Who was this girl?! The entire world wanted to know who the recipient of the boob-grab was. Natalie was a friend of Prince William's (who is in the foreground) and they were said to have hit it off.

This fling didn't last with Natalie suffering some embarrassment due to this ill-timed photo. She retreated from public eye and kept an incredibly low profile for a few years before breaking into television journalism. She is now a popular UK television journalist and covers many high profile events.

3 Chelsy Davy


Chelsy Davy is the tall blonde from South Africa who was in a long-term, on-and-off relationship with Prince Harry for over 5 years. They both run in the same social circles and so the media goes into a frenzy when they are both seen together.

These two spent vacations together and holidays with each other's families. The public got fairly used to seeing Harry and Chelsy together and so there still is this hope that just maybe they might rekindle their young love. Chelsy has stated her dislike for the weather in England and wants to remain a life outside of the royal family.

You never know. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe these two just need a few years to grow as individuals before coming back together as a couple. Only time will tell!

2 Cressida Bonas


Actress and model Cressida Bonas definitely caught Prince Harry's attention after his relationship with Chelsy Davy came to a halt. Cressida runs in the same social circles as Harry and was already friends with his cousins, Beatrice and Eugenie, before she and Harry started their relationship.

Prince Harry and Cressida dated for a little under two years before calling time on their relationship. They have been spotted out and about since they ended their relationship in late 2015, but sources say they want to remain close friends.

1 Camilla Romestrand

Norwegian rock star, Camilla Romestrand confided to friends that she had hooked up with Prince Harry during one of Harry and Chelsy's off-again streaks. She also sensationally claimed that she spent the night with Harry at the palace multiple times and on those occasions, Harry brought her breakfast in bed! Camilla said that Prince Harry was the ultimate gentleman.

The relationship obviously didn't go much further than a short-lived fling because after the off-again relationship with Chelsy ended, it was only a few months before he was in a committed relationship with Cressida Bonas. It does make you wonder what else this rocker chick got from this 'gentleman' Prince besides breakfast-in-bed?!

So, who will be the lucky girl to tame the party prince?!


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