15 Hot Celebrities Who Dressed Up As Princess Leia

Since Star Wars first debuted, one constant has remained: Leia Organa is one of the greatest heroines in all of science fiction. Carrie Fisher was only 20 when she made the role that has dominated her life as Leia, a feisty woman who can hold a blaster as well as any of the guys around her and dominated the saga well. The first film had her in just a white robe and a bun hairdo and famously George Lucas had her tape her breasts down to not be distracting. The second had her in a braided hairdo and mostly a winter outfit but the third blew fans away with her in that now-iconic metal bikini.

With The Force Awakens a smash hit and Fisher highlighting Leia older but still strong, it seems a fun time to look at just how influential her appearance has been. Over the years, the Leia outfits have been mainstays at conventions and cosplay and such with some ladies pulling it off better than others. It’s also become so famous that many a lady has donned it for movies and TV shows as well as their own sexy shoots. It shows just how entrenched the character is and likely to continue for some time. Here are a dozen celebrities who did the Leia look in ways that make her a sexy symbol yet also one to look up to and why we love her so much.

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15 Kelly Brook

via gotceleb.com

How do you make one of the sexiest costumes of all time even hotter? Let Kelly Brook wear it. The famed British model appeared in a photo shoot for Total Film in 2010 where she did a shoot sexing up various famous costumes like Indiana Jones. For Leia, she dropped much of the metal parts of the bikini but the thin fabric covering that amazing body was stunning and the metal arm coverings still carried the spirit of the outfit. Enhancing the ample chest, Brook did the costume proud and her nice hairdo adding to the fun shoot.

14 Kristen Bell

via redditweekly.com

Held back for a couple of years, the 2009 movie Fanboys has a bunch of geeks trying to get to Skywalker Ranch to convince Lucas to let their dying friend see Episode I early. Bell is Zoe, the token female who gets gruff from the guys on not being a “real fan” despite her knowledge. Various misadventures take place but the highlight is near the end as Bell proves herself by dressing up in the metallic bikini, her black hair adding to her sexy appeal and already a hot geek to make it all work. The movie is somewhat forgettable but Bell is more than worth remembering.

13 Alessandra Torresani

via xaotikdesigns.tumblr.com

To many, the best part of the sci-fi series Caprica was Torresani as the “spirit of a dead girl in a computer” at the heart of it all. A truly funny gal, the actress did some stints as guest host of Attack of the Show and one segment took place after Caprica was canceled as co-host Kevin Pereira offered to “save” the show with his own version. It became clear Kevin had no idea what Caprica was about and just mixing in various sci-fi properties as Alessandra just rolled her eyes. It did, however, end with her in the slave bikini and just by standing there, she was a great sight and the whole segment was much better than Caprica ever was.

12 Danica McKellar

via giftopia-event.blogspot.com

Best known as Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, McKellar has become quite popular since thanks to her book teaching a fun way to study math and a hot “geek girl” vibe. For a 2013 Halloween event, McKellar came onto the red carpet in full classic Leia regalia, complete with a blaster. Her smile was wonderful, showing she was loving playing one of her heroines and while the white robes weren’t as revealing, she nonetheless struck a few hot poses, proving once more how great it is to see a childhood crush grown up even hotter.

11 Arianny Celeste

via twitter.com

On the one hand, if there’s one woman you’d want as a sexy Leia, it would be the UFC ring girl and model. On the other, the video she did for Film Strip was a bit much in some ways. Interrogated by Darth Vader, Celeste’s Leia starts a dance in her white outfit before stripping it off to show the “slave girl” bikini as she saunters about. Yes, it’s sexy as hell but when you realize the idea is Leia showing off to her own father, it becomes a bit troublesome despite its heat.

10 AnnaLynne McCord

via pinterest.com

The best part of the cast of the CW 90210 reboot, McCord’s Naomi started as a superficial girl who, to her surprise as much as anyone else’s, fell in love with geeky computer designer Max, even dressing in various outfits to spice things up. For a fifth season episode, the two go to a convention to promote a computer game and the second Naomi steps out in the slave Leia outfit, Max is reminded how insanely lucky he is. McCord does a great job in the costume for most of the episode, including a fight in the convention hall as it fits her shapely body well. The show was so-so most of its run but this is one of the man times McCord made it must-see TV.

9 Maitland Ward

via hawtcelebs.com

The Boy Meets World actress has gotten pretty famous in the last few years for social media, often showing off her tall and striking body in very revealing outfits. So it was probably only a matter of time before she made her way to this one. In 2014, Ward attended the Long Beach Comic Expo where she donned a version of the bikini that already pushed its hot standards to the utmost. With some blue touches to it, it stood out more along with her smooth legs and chest that showed off Ward’s body, including a few tattoos. She may not get much acting work but the way she works these outfits shows why Ward remains a popular face on the red carpet no matter how little she dons.

8 Tina Fey

via 30rocknbc.tumblr.com

Fey’s sexiness isn’t as obvious as others but when she glams up and gets naughty, she can be truly wicked. A long-time proud geek, Fey naturally made sure Liz Lemon was the same on 30 Rock and that included working in a couple of Leia references. She first dons the full white dress with buns to get out of jury duty as dressing up like a nut got her kicked off constantly in Chicago. Sadly, she discovers that in New York, that’s just natural. Much better was that in the final season, she got married in the same dress which was just so fitting for her. Proves once more that girls with glasses can have a surprisingly sexy side.

7 Olivia Munn

via pinterest.com

During her hosting gig on Attack of the Show, Munn was a favorite showing off in a variety of geek-themed costumes. In 2007, she went all out for a convention, first showing up in a Leia outfit that showed off plenty of leg and cleavage with the bun hairdo. Later, she donned that metal bikini with the ponytail flowing over her chest, a sight that caused such a fuss that Munn needed her own personal security detail to get around. While she would pose with other women dressed in the same costume, Munn was clearly the best one there and why she’s a geek icon in her own right.

6 Yvonne Strahovski

via imgsuccess.com

Chuck always wore its love of geek culture on its sleeve with the title character a true nerd going all out for various sci-fi stuff. The first season’s Halloween episode had Chuck and best friend Morgan fighting and thus probably not able to don their usual costume of a sand worm while Chuck and Sarah (his “fake” girlfriend at the time) have to finish a mission. They make it to the party where Sarah shows up dressed as slave Leia and one look at her has Morgan telling Chuck it’s okay. She may be blonder than others but Strahovski still nailed the look perfectly (albeit more leg covering) to keep the show’s fun going.

5 Adrianne Curry

via gotceleb.com

She’s known best for three things: The very first winner of America’s Next Top Model; married to Christopher Knight aka Peter Brady; and being a total nutjob. However, Curry has been a favorite for some time for her total lack of shame showing off her gorgeous body in almost nothing. At the 2009 New York Comic Con, she rocked the slave Leia look better than most anyone else. Flaunting the chain around her neck, loving posing with various fans and obviously having a good time, Curry was a sensation and has taken to wearing the outfit to various other cons and doing a great job every time. She also went to the Dark Side in a tight Imperial officer uniform but Curry rocked the Leia look far better.

4 Jennifer Aniston

via rachel-greens-closet.tumblr.com

The biggest name on this list, Aniston donned her Leia look for an episode of Friends. In it, Ross (Rachel’s boyfriend at the time) talks of his long-time lust for Leia and dreaming of Rachel in the costume. She’s unsure but at the end, finally pulls off a robe to show the metal bikini although she does mix the bun hairdo with it. Still, the sight of her would be enough to get any man going…if not for the fact that, thanks to comments earlier from Chandler, Ross can’t stop seeing his mother in Rachel’s place. Still, you can’t argue with how hot Aniston appears in a classic segment.

3 Melissa Joan Hart

via listal.com

In her prime, Hart was known for her role as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. However, for a party in 1999, she showed she had a sci-fi loving side as well. The sheer cloth nicely showed off her legs as well as incredibly toned mid-section, her blonde hair locked in the tight ponytail and the chain around her neck mixed into the outfit’s design that made it hot but practical. Her smile made it clear she was enjoying herself, proving what a massively underrated hottie Hart was to make this outfit work so well.

2 Sophia Bush

via pinterest.com

In 2014, Mythbusters finally got around to doing the much-anticipated Star Wars special, testing out some of the wild parts of the movie. Guest hostess Kari Byron was in theme for the “camo” outfit Leia wore in Return of the Jedi with a nice bit for her legs. Meanwhile, major fan and Chicago P.D. actress Sophia Bush was their special guest to play Leia for their testing of swinging across the Death Star shaft and did that white robe proud, clearly having a blast doing this. While sadly neither wore the bikini, they did a good job showing the underrated other looks of Leia.

1 Kim Kardashian

via nydailynews.com

It’s hard to imagine Kim K looking bad in any costume but she went all out for this 2008 shoot to don that metal bikini. She had her hair in a “bun” style but still looked amazing with full chest and of course that famed rear end pushing on the lower part of her outfit. It was the first time she met her future husband Kayne West and both have acknowledged seeing a clear connection back then. One look at Kim in that outfit and it’s no surprise Kayne was smitten and more as she truly belongs in another galaxy.

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