15 Horror Movies That Are So Bad, They're Funny

With so many movies being made each year, by so many different people, it gets tricky to come up with an idea that is both original and successful. Some movies do really well, showing viewers something they've never seen before in a fun and creative way. Others do alright, taking a story that’s already been told and remaking it so that it is more modern or takes advantage of more advanced technical effects.

But then there are the other movies. The movies that you watch and just wonder what the writers could have been thinking. These are the bad movies. The ones that you never want to watch again. Then, there’s a level even further down as far as quality goes.

These lowest films are the movies on this list. The ones that are so bad, you actually do watch them again because their failure is hilarious. It’s like watching a car crash, but better, because you know no one gets hurt. You can’t take your eyes off the screen, except to maybe exchange an “oh my gosh, that actually happened” look with your friends. A lot of these movies you may have never heard of, and definitely haven't seen. But I definitely recommend trying to find them and experiencing them for yourself, because some of these movies are amazing. Maybe for your next night in with your friends, or your next lazy day. There are serial killers, aliens, animals, mythical creatures, and many, many more things that could haunt your dreams. These films are guaranteed to make you question the motives of every person involved, while giving you some of the best laughs of your life.

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15 Killer Klowns From Outer Space

via horrorfreaknews.com

This movie is un-disappointingly exactly what it sounds like. This 1988 classic- and I use that term lightly- tells the story of a small town that is invaded by aliens. The best part though? The aliens are clowns, or at least they look like clowns. Now, while this film may actually be slightly terrifying for those of us with a fear of clowns, to the rest of us it is just a movie filled with laughs and slap stick humor. The clowns are ridiculous, they run around the town causing havoc and taking over the town. Of course the movie ends up with a big climactic part in the perfect setting to go along with this absurd plot- a carnival/circus tent with amusements and fun house tricks galore. I won’t spoil too much, but just know the clowns do not disappoint when it comes to making you laugh- just ask the 6.2 stars it has on IMDb.

14 Jaws 3-D

via gizmodo.com

Now, the first Jaws movie was decently scary. Especially at the time it came out. Beaches in Florida saw a definite drop in attendance following the film’s release. But, then people decided that there needed to be a second and third movie and that’s where it started to get a little desperate. In the third movie, which came out in 1983 and received a startling 3.6 stars, we see a mother shark break into Sea World to try to rescue her baby who was trapped. As you can guess, things do not go as planned as the mother fights her way through the waters and people to get to her baby. So for the entire movie you get to witness overacting, poor writing, and iffy special effects. Oh, and you could have had the pleasure of seeing it in 3-D as well.

13 House of the Dead

via joblo.com

This 2003 “horror” film, was part of a long line of zombie films to come out in the past couple decades. The movie, which only got 2 stars, follows a group of students who travel to a mysterious island to attend a rave, because where else would they go for a rave right? Some bad events unfold and they end up getting stuck there to deal with zombies who inhabit the island. But these aren’t ordinary monsters. The students are attacked from all angles by the monsters, who turn out to be ruled by a single entity. This movie was made as a prequel for the popular video game House of the Dead apparently, but does not actually really have a lot to do with it from first glance. It does provide some good laughs and WTF moments, though.

12 Birdemic: Shock and Terror

via nordenergi.org

Following the success of The Birds, many filmmakers seemed to have the idea to make movies about nature and animals attacking humans. In 2010, yes just a few years ago, this lovely movie came out. The movie, which has 1.8 stars, tells the story of birds coming in and attacking a quiet little town in California. The citizens are terrified, while being attacked by clearly fake birds, but somehow some of them find the strength and decide to fight back. A wild battle ensues, because it turns out the birds are mutated. The film builds up very very slowly, and then is just a huge mess of overacting and badly made birds. IMDb estimates their budget at $10,000, but it would amaze me if they spent that at all. The dialogue alone is worth the time you would throw away watching this movie.

11 ThanksKilling

via horrorfreaknews.com

This 2009 movie is perfect to watch every Thanksgiving with your family, maybe after a few beers or hard ciders, though. It got 4.3 stars, and probably just because it has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years when bad movies got funny. It follows a homicidal turkey, yes a turkey, as it goes through and attacks a group of college kids during Thanksgiving break. While the budget was less than $10,000, the 70 minutes are pure gold. There is a lot of fake blood (and it shows), a lot of bad acting, and a lot of really memorable and crappy dialogue. You will not regret watching this movie, as long as you don't expect it to give you nightmares or even a good startle. Fair warning, the killer turkey- like all killer turkeys-- is a little foul-mouthed so pay attention to that before you show any kids (not that you would want to show kids this movie).

10 Leprechaun: In The Hood

via dirtyhorror.com

Now, I know getting into this part of the Leprechaun franchise gets a bit far from horror, but it is the most cringeworthy of the films. With 3.6 stars, this 2000 movie follows three rappers who hope to get even with a pimp. In their efforts to do this, they unleash an evil leprechaun who causes trouble while experiencing and running around “the hood.” Besides the amazement of seeing Ice-T in this film, you also get to witness the leprechaun rapping, because they had to put that into a movie set in “the hood” right? The movie is full of awful stereotypes and poor jokes, and it almost hits offensive if you don’t take it with good humor. This movie does come after a few other interesting entries into the franchise, such as the leprechaun going to Las Vegas, the country, and even space. Those are also great movies to rent if you want some good laughs.

9 Lake Placid

via nerdist.com

This 1999 film has an amazing (shockingly) 5.6 rating on IMDb, most likely because most of the reviews suggest it should be viewed as a comedy and not a horror film. The story is set in Black Lake, Maine, where a giant crocodile has been attacking and scaring residents. Finally some people come in to investigate and look into all the complaints and stories. So, three people come into this little town to stop a giant croc. The film, while a little rough, has some genuinely hilarious dialogue, a few good references to Deliverance, and some great effects to laugh at. Again, if you’re looking for a scare then this movie isn’t for you. But, if you’re trying to get a good laugh out of some people fighting a crocodile with some genuinely absurd measures, then this is definitely the movie for your day or night in.

8 Troll 2

via popcornographyblog.wordpress.com

This 1990 winner got a mere 2.7 stars on IMDb. The sequel, because for some odd reason there needed to be more than one of these questionable movies, follows a family into a small town on their vacation. The only problem? The town is filled with evil trolls disguised as humans who are planning to eat them. Complete with mediocre at best acting, horribly matched music, and cringeworthy special effects, this moving hits the trifecta for bad movie gold. Then just throw the rough, poorly thought out plot on as the cherry on top to finish it off. The movie may actually leave you speechless as you watch its trainwreck come together- or more fall apart- so perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you see the first Troll, just please take the time to watch this one because you will not regret the waste of time.

7 Wrong Turn

via worldmovies4fun.blogspot.com

Where do I even begin with this? I honestly couldn’t decide on one movie to focus on here, so I am just including the entire franchise. These movies are amazingly bad, but the first one still has a surprising 6.1 rating on IMDb because they’re amazingly addictive at the same time. The movies follow a family of mutated, inbred West Virginia hill people who come into contact with different members of the outside world. There are the love-filled angsty young adults, and one even involves prisoners fighting the hill people. There is even an especially gruesome scene where it shows two of the related hill people doing the deed while wearing parts of their victims. Because someone in real life obviously thought of that to add to the script- normal. The movie does deserve some props for creativity though, there are some pretty gruesome death scenes and some seriously twisted events.

6 Jason X

via movie-moron.com

This hour and a half long beauty came out in 2001, and holds a solid 4.4 rating on IMDb. This chapter of the Jason Voorhees story follows the murderous “man” to space where he lets loose on a group of unsuspecting people from the future. It is filled with the same joys you might expect to find in a Jason movie, like young lust, a throwback to a camp scene, overacting, and a lot of predictably gory deaths. This one brings a little added punch though, when Voorhees gets transformed into a half cyborg creation that is capable of inflicting even more pain (how do they come up with this stuff?). There are a few scenes that are so bad they are almost painful to watch, but a couple that are sure to make you laugh.

5 It’s Alive

via projectdeadpost.com

Amazingly enough, this movie is actually a remake. This 2008 film somehow has a 3.5 rating on IMDb, which honestly may be (probably is) too high. The movie shows the fight of two human parents as they deal with the fact that their baby is a mutant who murders anyone it comes in contact with, except for a select couple. There are a few gory death scenes, and some solid buildups with tension, but the real prize comes at the end when you finally get to see the “baby.” That’s right, you wait the whole movie to really get a view of the baby, but it is definitely worth it. The acting is horrible, the effects are painful, and the storyline is almost sickening it’s so poorly thought out and executed. But those last few minutes of the film, make it all worth it.

4 The Gingerdead Man

via villains.wikia.com

This 2005 movie is another one of those franchises where you really can’t just pick one. There are at least four of these movies, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made more. The basic premise is that a serial killer was executed and brought back to life as a gingerbread man who wants to get revenge on the victim who turned him in. He goes through and kills people at the bakery in the first one. Then in the second one, he goes through a movie production set killing people. In the third, he travels through time, with some random Silence of the Lambs references, and attacks people at a roller disco. The fourth involves a killer bong. They’re all filled with overacting and horrible dialogue, and they all seem to have the same low-budget effects that make it a franchise worth watching.

3 Blood Lake

via animalplanet.com

This 2014 horror film only appeared on television, and for good reason. The 4-star rating is far too generous, as this movie is filled with some of the worst acting and worst dialogue of all time. Apparently, lampreys decide to start feasting on residents of a small lake town after they go through the lake’s fish population. Somehow this movie, which aired on Animal Planet (somehow), actually landed Christopher Lloyd for a role. You know, Doc Brown from the Back to the Future franchise? Oh, what a fall from grace. The actors don’t try, and it’s clear the special effects team didn’t either. Basically, it is a boring film of just person after person dying in a stupid way.

2 Teeth

via basementrejects.com

This 2007 film takes an interesting idea and absolutely butchers it. Somehow the movie has a 5.4 rating and it might just be because people were amazed by the storyline. The acting is pretty mediocre, with a few actors getting pretty close to straight awful. The story, which is the only thing keeping it afloat, follows a young girl discovering her sexuality and her own unique body. Through a few choice encounters, she discovers that there is something different about her body. She has a way of fighting off unwanted sexual advances, which she receives an alarming amount of. Her defense mechanism? Teeth. Where? For lack of a better phrase, her down under. This may make you tense up a bit, as a guy or a girl, to think about teeth down there. But don’t worry guys, only the bad guys get hurt.

1 Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

via chud.com

This 1977 is a throwback to the horror films of another generation. With a solid 4.5 stars on IMDb, it deserves points for creativity. The story follows a demon spirit that possesses a bed so that it can eat its users alive. The bed eats those in it, and manages to somehow spit out just skeletons. The actual storyline and plot are a bit sketchy and unclear throughout the movie, but it has a few prizes to keep you coming back. First, the acting is overdone and quite horrible as it should be on this list. Next, the effects. You can clearly see at one point that the “acid” is styrofoam. Finally, the story about the actual film itself. Apparently the filming wrapped up in ’77, but it wasn’t actually truly released until over two decades later. Apparently the director didn’t have a lot of luck selling it, but then discovered it had been bootlegged with success and decided to try again. Thankfully he did, or we wouldn’t have this gem.

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