15 Hollywood Superstars Who Are Rumored To Be Mean In Real Life

I think it's safe to say that a good chunk of the American public idolize celebrities, especially teenagers, known as the "young crowd." There is no way that you, yes you, while reading this, are not having memories of your childhood where you imagined yourself as a movie character. Also, there is no hiding the fact that I would run around my house with a towel wrapped around my neck, pretending I was Superman, while avoiding tripping over the long length of the towel in comparison to my short, 5-year-old body height. Or, that time where my sisters pretended that they were reenacting Miss Congeniality, dressing up in fancy dresses, and strutting through the house like spies.

Putting those childhood moments on pause for a second, and focusing on our movie star celebrities, how well do those fans really know the actors and actresses they idolize? Or, realize the true personality of movie stars that some deem their heroes? The probability is slim to none. In reality, some celebs are truly villainous like the characters they portray, or it could even be the exact opposite. We should take a second and open our eyes to 15 movie stars who in fact, may not be all that nice...even if they happen to bring the good guy to life.

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15 Sandra Bullock 

14 Kanye West

13 Julia Roberts

When one thinks of Julia Roberts, her pretty (and rather large) smile probably comes to mind. She is a face that we see consistently on the screen, as long as the millennials can remember. She was the innocent and adorable lover in My Best Friend's Wedding, and she also starred in the romantic comedy Pretty Woman, which grossed more than $450 million worldwide, Mona Lisa Smile, Eat Pray Love, and Runaway Bride. She has three Golden Globes and an Academy Award. She is also known for her work with UNICEF and Gucci’s “Chime for Change.” In fact, she narrated a documentary about Rett syndrome, called Silent Angels. Well, what about off screen? This gorgeous face is apparently not so gorgeous when it comes to interacting with her in person. It is rumored that this pretty face is a top actress that people would prefer not to work with.

12 Tyra Banks

11 Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo, otherwise known as Jennifer Lopez, is simply stunning. The Latin-American actress has played in several movies, whether she was the star, the co-star, or even a featured role. You can see her playing the star role in Selena, a story about the singer Selena, and how she became a superstar with a very tragic ending. In many of her other movies, she is kind-hearted and is always looking to do what is best for the people around her. As Selena, she does everything she can to help her family, a family that is in a bad financial situation. In her other movies, such as Maid in Manhattan, she is a single mother doing everything she can to help her son. Well, this is all good and great, but she isn’t the nicest when it comes to her interviews.

10 John Malkovich

Oh man, John Malkovich. This guy, this guy right here, is one hell of an actor. He makes it look effortless. His name may not seem so familiar, but you should know exactly who this man is. He is the guy in R.E.D., starring Bruce Willis. He is the badass old guy that kills for fun. He walks around with a stuffed animal, filled with a gun. Of course, seeing an old guy with a stuffed animal would make you think he is a sweetheart. Deep down, he always wanted to use his collection of weapons to kill his enemies. He seems like a really nice guy, especially the way he makes people laugh, however, outside the acting world, he isn’t the guy you would think he is. I would spend a day with him if he weren’t so coldhearted.

9 Chris Brown

This famous rapper definitely embodies his own lyrics and manages to reveal a not-so-nice person when he hits the streets. Chris Brown has appeared in a few movies. In Stomp The Yard, for example, Chris's character passed away relatively early in the storyline; a character that was truly loved. Yeah well, Mr. Brown was not so loved by the American public when his scandal with Rihanna hit the tabloids. This was not a pretty time for Rihanna or Chris Brown, to say that least. Since then, Chris has not laid low; he is very successful and can be heard on the radio time and time again, whether he is releasing singles on his own or teaming up with other famous rappers as a featured artist.

8 Justin Bieber

The Biebs made his debut as the adorable little boy from Canada who was discovered on YouTube by Scooter Braun and signed by Usher. The pre-tatted and slick-haired Justin Bieber even had people like me trying to mimic that childhood hairdo. That being said, Bieber has starred in two movies, both of which were entirely about him (and he may have played a supplement role in Zoolander 2). With fame comes ego, and with ego, (for some) comes the ability to be a jerk. For all those screaming girls who are Beliebers, feel free to wake up to the reality of what is your “future boyfriend” (for you poor souls who are still lost, it was a reference to Game of Thrones).

7 Shia LaBeouf

Many know Shia LaBeouf for his role in Transformers. Lewis is not so little anymore, and there is no bacon-loving Beans consistently bothering the crap out of him. Well, the hotshot later went on to play in a variety of movies including Surfs Up, Holes, and Fury. While the characters that he has portrayed range across the board, one thing that has remained the same is his knack for being a straight up jerk. Shall we talk about his Nike commercial, or his red carpet drama? Also, his last name means "beef," but whatever.

6 Justin Timberlake

5 Charlie Sheen

The name Charlie Sheen brings the word, or even the hashtag, "winning" to mind, thanks to social media. One would think that a man who is the origin of a such a phenomenon, a phenomenon that people think is genuinely cool, would be cool himself. Nah. He also starred in Platoon and Wall Street, films from the 80s. Since then, he has played on the TV show Two and a Half Men, which ended up having 12 seasons. We have not seen him on the big screen for a while now. I wonder if his not-so-nice attitude or his substance abuse problems has anything to do with him not being able to land an acting role in recent films.

4 Mariah Carey

3 Christina Aguilera

We have seen Christina Aguilera as a beloved coach on The Voice, but in regards to the movie screen, she has played in Burlesque. In Burlesque, Aguilera plays the role of a young, talented woman that no one has yet to discover, who is just trying to make it by. Her character is genuine, disciplined, and hardworking. There is no discrediting her hard work in the music industry, that’s for sure. We see a supportive, loyal, and optimistic coach on the singing show she judges, but apparently, she has a nice set of red devil ears under that blonde hair of hers.

2 Ariana Grande

Like other celebrities who became famous as young adults, the name Ariana Grande brings to mind Victorious on Nickelodeon, where she portrayed Victoria’s best friend, or her amazing performance on SNL. Talk about playing the definition of a sweetheart. On the big screen, she played in Zoolander 2 and Underdogs. According to IMDB, she was credited as “Bondage Girl.” Ok. In fact, it’s been said that she whipped out some sass in her short-lived cameo in the film. Unlike the other actors and actresses I have mentioned, she seems to carry that sass wherever she goes. Within the past few years, Ariana Grande seems to be all over the tabloids, especially with her music and (more or less) recent relationship with Big Sean. This high-ponytailed brunette clearly has more than 99 problems if she’s going around with her claws out. Seems to me as though this feline needs a trip to the pet shop for a nail trimming.

1 Michael Jordan

Known as the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan was, indeed, a movie star. He starred in the movie, Space Jam, which was a movie about a basketball game between the Looney Tunes and their enemies. Jordan, in the movie, agreed to help the Looney Tunes to defeat the aliens in a basketball game. Of course, this was a great help, considering he is a legendary basketball player. This is a very nice gesture by Michael Jordan and he seems like a really nice guy, helping out those who need it in a time of need. However, when he is in public, he can be very rude. He is not the most gracious towards fans, when all they want to do is show their love for their idol. Come on Michael, you are better than that!

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