15 Hollywood Stars Who Will Never Do Any "Skin" Scenes

For decades, doing a nude scene has been something actresses have had to wrestle with in Hollywood. The pressure is there with casting agents and such and many an actress has bent to that to show their skin off, some more than others. Usually, it’s when they’re just starting out, some forgettable little movie and it’s not until they become major stars that those are remembered. There are also those who get famous, resist for a while before finally going nude. After two decades in movies, Cameron Diaz finally doffed it in 2014 for Sex Tape. Likewise, Olivia Munn had avoided a bunch of Playboy offers but then went topless in Magic Mike and other actresses have done the same.

It’s more interesting due to how some ladies have shown it, just not on film. Diaz had been photographed topless at the beach numerous times and other ladies likewise. In 2014, slews of actresses were literally exposed by the massive hack that released nude photos onto the Internet. However, some ladies continue to be resistant, openly stating that they have no plans on ever going nude on film and not likely to do so in the public eye in other ways. True, a few have changed their tune (such as Munn) but others are still adamant that they won’t do it. Here are 15 major actresses in Hollywood who, despite the hopes of fans, have said they will never go nude on camera and prefer to leave things to the imagination.


15 Mandy Moore

The star of such movies as The Princess Diaries and Saved! acknowledges that her mostly squeaky-clean image is a key factor in her never going nude on screen. She relates that while she respects other actresses who do so, she could never “handle walking past strangers on the street and know they know what you look like naked.” While she has gotten sexier roles, Moore prefers to stick to keeping her clothes on and acknowledges she’s lost some roles because the producers wanted nudity and she stuck to her guns. Moore is set to star in the upcoming NBC drama This Is Us to prove her beauty and fun drive don’t need to be exposed with her body to make her a star.

14 Emma Watson


It’s her most famous role that holds her back from showing off skin. Watson became a star playing Hermione Granger in the epic Harry Potter movies, evolving from a cute child to a gorgeous young woman as the series played across a decade. Watson has since added more roles to show some steamy side such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower. However, Watson says that when a scene involving nudity is offered, all she thinks of are the inevitable “Hermione gets naked” headlines and wants to avoid that. “I don’t want people to forget me as her and I’m proud of that,” Watson has said. Her attending college also affected things as he concentrated on her studies and while she may change her mind in the future, she prefers to keep dirty minds from clouding re-watching Potter movies.

13 Sarah Michelle Gellar

After time in soap operas, Gellar burst to stardom with the title role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, showing off some hot stuff amid the various monster fights. She added to it with movie roles like Cruel Intentions as an incredibly hot vixen who made out with Selma Blair yet still kept her clothes on. Various magazine spreads showcased Gellar in hot outfits and teasing but never going full-on with showing it all off. Gellar has stated she knew nude scenes would be offered to her but resisted, mostly because she felt it might overshadow those who later watched Buffy. Motherhood was also a factor as Gellar felt some pride at being seen as a role model to teenage girls and going nude would send the wrong message. She still remains active and hot today but Gellar has made it clear you’ll never see her in the “buff.”

12 Kristen Bell


While she wouldn’t have a knockout body, Bell’s fantastic acting and charisma made her stand out as sexy with her star-making role in Veronica Mars. But Bell has resisted showing off more in her various other roles as supposedly, her part as an actress in Forgetting Sarah Marshall was to have her nude in a wild sex scene but Bell kept her bikini on for it. She did come close taking part in Allure magazine’s annual “Look good naked” issue but even that was less risqué than others. The best proof of Bell not wanting to go nude was her starring role in the Showtime comedy House of Lies as she’s only gotten to her underwear in sexy scenes while numerous other ladies on the show have gone full nude. Bell seems to prefer being known better for her acting and humor, a good mom as well and while she would look great nude, her talent works better for her.

11 Jennifer Garner

Her breakout role as spy Sydney Bristow on Alias had Garner showing her sexy side plenty of times. From various costumes to her underwear, Garner put her body on display nicely but avoided showing off more than that in her movie roles. True, a few had hot times (Elektra for example) but Garner avoided the more risqué stuff, preferring to take on parts for real acting chops rather than pure sexiness. Garner has cited her motherhood as a factor, not as comfortable with such sexy roles afterward and notable how she’s moved to “mom parts” in later films. She’s said nudity was just never comfortable for her despite her great body, even saying “the world deserves better.” That’s surprising as to her many male fans, Garner doffing it all would be a deserving sight as the woman remains a knockout in every way today.

10 Isla Fisher


The Aussie actress broke out with her role as the nutty gal in Wedding Crashers where she appeared to go nude but it later turned out to be a body double. Fisher said in an interview that she took the theory that “if you see a gal’s nipples, she no longer turns out to be funny. That’s wrong of course but how I thought of things.” Fisher has adapted to motherhood and handling various successful roles so while she can respect those who do nude scenes, it’s not in her own future anytime soon. A shame given her great body and very nice sex appeal on display yet Fisher prefers to get laughs her own way rather than off her body alone.

9 Blake Lively

On Gossip Girl, Lively got to show her sexy side off quite a lot in various hot dresses and even less. Yet, Lively has said in interviews she felt incredibly nervous doing such scenes, apparently oblivious to how amazingly hot she comes off as. Lively has said she just feels far too self-conscious to go nude as just doing an underwear scene is a bit off-putting. According to her, husband Ryan Reynolds had to help talk her into her role in The Shallows where she spends the entire movie in a bikini fighting off a shark. Lively has gotten praise for getting back in shape after birth and showing off a bit more so one can wonder if she gets the confidence to go full out despite her claims she’ll never show her full body on film.


8 Megan Fox


From her breakout with Transformers, Fox was being compared to a young Angelina Jolie. She had dark hair, lush lips, incredibly curves, tattoos and an outspoken attitude. But one area the two are not alike in is that Fox has no wish to get nude on camera. Despite her many sexy and skimpy magazine shoots, Fox is adamant that nudity is not for her, saying that “what I look like having sex is the last thing I want to see.” Fox has also tempered a bit with motherhood, realizing she wants to be a good example to her kid and half-joking that it’s not like nudity would enhance her talent more in Hollywood. It’s rare to find an incredible sexpot keeping her clothes on but Fox can still win you over while she prefers to just tease rather than doff it all.

7 Anna Kendrick

After a few minor roles, Kendrick got attention by earning an Oscar nomination for Up in the Air. It took Pitch Perfect to launch her majorly, both as a singer and an actress and adding various hits like Into the Woods. Her charm and bright humor are clear but Kendrick has stated a nude scene isn’t in her future. Reportedly, the scene of her naked with a horse in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates was to show off more but Kendrick kept it to her blocked by the horse itself. Kendrick has said she doesn’t slam those who do nude scenes but it’s just not for her as she prefers to rest on her talents more than sheer looks. While she can get pretty hot in various roles, it looks like Kendrick is taking a “less is more” approach to how much she shows off to get viewers steamy.

6 Mila Kunis


For a woman once named “Sexiest Woman Alive,” Kunis can be surprisingly shy about herself. She’s talked in interviews about how she feels showing off, liking to go topless (if covering arms) in shoots but not that extreme in movies. The closest was some side of her chest in Friends With Benefits and Kunis has said “you get boob or ass but not both.” She kept her clothes on for her steamy scene with Natalie Portman in Black Swan so it’s more unlikely she’d be open to doffing it in the future. A shame given how her sheer sexual presence comes off in waves on film but for now, a few teasing shots is all that Kunis will give us.

5 Julia Roberts

It’s remarkable to see an Oscar-winner who’s been a veteran of Hollywood for three decades who hasn’t doffed it all at some point. It’s more ironic given how Roberts rose to fame playing a hooker in Pretty Woman, a bit risqué but the only topless scene in the movie was a body double. She’s teased it now and then but Roberts prefers to rest on her fame and talent and hasn’t seen a need to take it off in any of her films. Roberts also feels as a mother of three it’s not really appropriate and doing it now would just be more of a distraction than anything notable. She’s still one of the biggest box office draws in Hollywood history and the way she prefers to keep her clothes on adds a bit more appeal to her female fans to boost her more.

4 Jennifer Love Hewitt


From her breakout in the 1990s with Party of Five and I Know What You Did Last Summer, Hewitt was hailed for her mix of “girl next door” looks and incredibly sexuality. From various movies to spreads in Maxim and other magazines, Hewitt showed off her great body, especially her ample chest, in bikinis or less. However, she decided against nudity, openly saying that there were days when she didn’t feel that great about her body, especially her butt. Even when she was showcased in hot underwear for her series The Client List, Hewitt said she wasn’t as comfortable being a sex symbol as you might think. Having children has also shifted her thinking to how it’s unlikely she’ll ever flash that hot chest and remarkable a woman so incredibly hot could ever put her body down.

3 Christina Hendricks

The redheaded star of Mad Men is the epitome of the world voluptuous. Those deep green eyes, the lush curly red hair and of course, that stunning chest, Hendricks wowed on various shows before her role as Joan elevated her majorly. Many a fan has hoped she would doff it all to show that bust off but Hendricks has refused such efforts. She’s showed off a lot in magazines to highlight that incredible body in lingerie and such but Hendricks says she prefers to be known better for her acting, feeling a nude scene would limit her choice of roles to just off her looks and feeling rather self-conscious to be judged on her looks so much as Joan. A shame as a topless scene by her would crack the Internet but Hendricks’ lovely charms still win you over to remind how redheads have more fun than you think.

2 Jessica Alba


From her breakout on Dark Angel, Alba wowed fans with her incredible body and stunning sexual presence. She seemed a natural for a nude scene but long resisted, even when cast as a stripper in Sin City who kept her clothes on. While she appeared to be nude in a shower for Machete, it turned out Alba shot it in her underwear and the “nudity” was CGI. Alba has explained in interviews the simple fact that she felt it would be too embarrassing for her family (especially grandparents) and the blunt truth that “you look at my movies and going nude would do nothing to ‘elevate’ the picture.” Alba is mostly absent from movies thanks to how her Honest Company has made her more money than her movie career ever could and being a good mom is more important to her than showing skin for her male fans.

1 Jennifer Lawrence

In just a few years, Lawrence went from a no-name actress to an Oscar-winning mega-star of blockbuster franchises and among the most popular names in Hollywood. Her role as Mystique in X-Men First Class did have her mostly nude in blue paint and scales but other roles didn’t really require her to doff it all. Indeed, in his “Show Your Boobs” number at the 2013 Oscars, Seth MacFarlane cracked Lawrence hadn’t done so with Lawrence shown cheering that. Of course, in 2014, the entire world got to see Lawrence in full as she was the center piece of the infamous celebrity photo hack that featured her nude body in various positions. Lawrence would talk about how hurt she was by the exposure and it anything, it’s fuelled her desire to never show off on screen. While she may change her mind in the future, Lawrence prefers to rely on her acting and given her amazing success, she doesn’t need to strip to be a major star.

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