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15 Hollywood Females Who Looked Way Hotter After Putting On A Few Pounds

15 Hollywood Females Who Looked Way Hotter After Putting On A Few Pounds

Take a look around Hollywood these days and you will see a growing (and frightening) trend. More and more female celebs are opting to drop pounds in the hopes to look better on the red carpet, snag more attractive roles, or just keep up with the mounting pressure in Tinsel Town to look stick-thin. Well, newsflash: not everyone is meant to be so skinny, and the truth is, celebs who maintain a healthy weight are often a whole lot more attractive than their railing-thin counterparts. Just take celebs like Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, who were once so thin that people were actually scared for their well-being. Of course, some actresses commit to losing weight or achieving a certain aesthetic for a movie role, such as Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in Black Swan. Yet there are also other celebrities who say “no way” when it comes to dieting or losing weight for a film. Just take Jennifer Lawrence, who is very outspoken about the pressures to be thin and look a particular way. We applaud J-Law for speaking truth and staying true to who she is.

We use that preface to segue into our list of 10 Hollywood Females Who Looked Way Hotter After Putting On A Few Pounds. Sure, there are also male stars who have lost copious amounts of weight in order to fit a particular film role, so we don’t want to diminish how important it is for both women and men to fight the skinny stigma. It is just that our list today will focus solely on the female celebs. Are you ready to get started?

15. Jennifer Hudson


Jennifer Hudson was first fresh on the scene when she appeared on American Idol. She was an absolute gem, and even without the title of a winner, we knew that Jennifer would go far. She has dealt with personal drama and conflicts, and she even delved into acting when she appeared in the movie Dreamgirls alongside none other than Queen B herself, Beyonce. And yet, Jennifer Hudson is a star in her own right. With her stunning vocals, gorgeous good looks, and that undeniable charm of hers, Jennifer is such a sweetheart that everyone would want to be best friends with. So when she started slimming down, people were so happy for her that she was taking more control of her health and looking and feeling more confident. Yet nowadays she looks a bit too slimmed down, and many people think that she should put some meat back on her bones!

14. Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is known for her killer good looks, yet there was a time when she wasn’t looking too hot. Normally, the actress is flying high, giving talks to the United Nations, and waltzing around town with her beautiful kids and gorgeous husband, Brad Pitt. Plus, Angelina has become the queen of the plump lip (sorry, Kylie Jenner). We remember a time when Angelina was looking a bit sickly and the heroin chic look was so not working for her. Sure, Angelina has always had a runway-ready body, but that is no reason for her to go around looking like an emaciated model. Besides, she is an Ambassador to the United Nations, so she needs to look on point all the time. Fortunately, the star managed to get back to a healthy weight, one where she looked absolutely radiant. This woman glows, and so does her stellar acting career!

13. Tara Reid


Actress Tara Reid made waves in the 1990s when she was the star of a major TV series. She was actually one of the hottest women in Hollywood, and she lit up the silver screen. Then she made waves as one of the hotties on The Girls Next Door, and besides using Hugh Hefner as a sugar daddy, she was one of the women to watch for her sexy figure and allure. Yet Tara went the way of the super skinny runway models, and she was starting to look more sickly than sexy. People were getting turned off by her waif-like appearance, and she was having to dodge questions and rumors about her weight from the media and the paparazzi. Tara Reid definitely looks 100 times better when she has a more filled out figure and she can largely show off her feminine assets. When she’s just a stick, we can’t even admire anything about her. She looks like a deflated balloon.

12. Lady Gaga


Go Lady Gaga! We are just gaga over this singer, who recently turned 30 years old and has done a complete turnaround from her days of walking around in outfits made of meat. Lady Gaga took some time off from the music scene while she focused instead on her true identity and what she genuinely wants out of her life and career. We managed to go a few years without hearing much from her, but once she returned, she was a full powerhouse of might, independence, and girl power. She came out and spoke about her larger frame (which is now just normal, not scary stick figure,) her new music (more mature,) and her new aesthetic (less shock factor and more high-end pop star.) Lady Gaga now sports more natural looking hair, far less eye makeup, and she just seems to be so content with who she is. We absolutely love this new Lady G, and we love her fully feminine figure.

11. Keira Knightley


Keira Knightley was always one of the skinniest women in Hollywood. Long the subject of eating disorder rumors, some people just could not shake the fact that Keira was a naturally thin girl. Yes, she is extremely tiny, but some people are just born that way (not to quote Lady Gaga or anything.) Still, there were a few instances in which Keira seriously looked like she was going to keel over from being so small. Resembling a stick rather than a woman, we were worried while watching her strut down the red carpet. How was a girl like that supposed to have enough energy to act? It didn’t even look like she was eating! Of course, we don’t want to spread rumors, and we don’t think that Keira ever suffered from eating issues, but she is a person who definitely needs to check her weight. She made a particularly startling appearance at a Chanel runway show, where her outfit showed off an almost non-existent waist.

10. Selena Gomez


When Selena Gomez came out about her weight gain and explained to the public that she was suffering from Lupus, she had overwhelming support. Of course, there were the haters (as always) who said that Selena was getting fat and that she needed to lose the weight she had put on. Well, if you ask the rest of us, Selena has always and still looks downright gorgeous. In fact, she has so many adoring fans, musical and acting success, and enough social media savvy to stay out of the vicious girl fights that we see other celebs engaging in. Kudos, Selena! When we do visit her Instagram or Twitter, we are greeted with stunning photos and fun posts that show us who Selena really is: a beautiful young woman, inside and out. She even showed off her sexier side with the release of her latest album, Revival. Who remembers the music video for “Good For You”? We sure do!

9. Hilary Duff


Speaking of another Disney alum, we have Hilary Duff, a slightly older compatriot of Selena. Hilary has a beautiful boy named Luca, and even through her divorce from hockey player Mike Comrie, Hilary continues to look downright fabulous. She was always a beauty, and whether her hair was blonde or brown, the public loved her. She took a break from the public eye for a bit, mostly to focus on her child. When she returned, she looked more mature and slightly more filled out, which made her even sexier than before! We also didn’t think it was possible, but Hilary proved that she just gets better as time goes on. Her Instagram is filled with images of herself and her lovely son, and she is the queen at showcasing hip mom style. Proving that being a mother doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own appearance or dedication to self-care, we are rooting for Hilary all the way!

8. Mischa Barton


The case for Mischa Barton is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, she looks absolutely beautiful after putting on some more weight. After all, while starring on The O.C., she was like a railing! Not the type of girl that most guys would want to get with, just saying. Now that she is more filled out and has those feminine curves, she is on our radar once again. Unfortunately, most of the reasons that Mischa is back in the public sphere is because she has also dealt with some other drama, such as a hiatus from the Hollywood spotlight and a charge for driving under the influence. She even had her own car dispossessed! So, we sincerely hope that Mischa can get things together and takes as much time as she needs. To her credit, she’s looking pretty good, and she’s still a young woman at just 30 years of age.

7. Nicole Richie


Ugh, yes, we all remember when Nicole Richie lost all of that weight and got dangerously thin. It was not only hard to look at, but it was a serious health threat to the actress. Nicole was the heavier co-star to Paris Hilton on the TV series The Simple Life. Maybe that is what sparked her extreme weight loss, because let’s be honest; being no. two to Paris Hilton is a really tough job. Talk about a hit to one’s self-esteem! Nicole had to deal with a few years of the paparazzi snapping unflattering photos of her and tabloid magazines saying that she was starving herself and needed to go into a treatment facility as soon as possible. Still, once she started putting weight back on, she started to almost instantly look better. Granted, Nicole is still very thin and petite, but she looks a whole lot better than she did in her skeleton in a bikini days.

6. Kate Bosworth


Years ago, Kate Bosworth was looking seriously thin. This wasn’t even supermodel thin, this was scary skinny. Fortunately, she put on a few pounds, and she looked a whole lot better. Yet if you ask us, Kate could actually afford to put on a bit more weight, just to fill herself out more. Anyway, she is doing some really great stuff, such as launching the new ACZONE skin treatment. If anyone was going to buy an overpriced beauty product, they would definitely be more likely to do so with Kate Bosworth endorsing it. We would like to see her fill out her frame more, but Kate is happily married, she is continuing her work as a great actress, and she is even doing endorsements. Her latest acting gigs include two television appears that recently finished up production. Keep an eye out!

5. Demi Moore


Lately, actress Demi Moore has been in the Hollywood spotlight for sporting grey locks, a more free and easy-going look, and pretty much letting her career take a back seat as she focuses more on her health. To that we say: “You go, girl.” It is extremely refreshing to see a female celeb who is putting her own well-being first and not letting the drama and pressure of Tinsel Town get to her. Yes, she had to get some professional help for some psychiatric stuff, but she has come back better than ever. She also looks really good, especially when compared to her thinner, totally done-up days. So, what is Demi Moore up to these days? Well, she is still making waves as a beautiful 50-something-year-old beauty. When she isn’t visiting art museums and galleries or collecting copious amounts of dolls, Demi is working on her newest upcoming films, Wild Oats and Blind.

4. Natalie Portman


Eek, Natalie Portman in Black Swan was scary! Not just because she was battling her character’s inner demons, but because she had gotten down to a seriously threatening form. It was fitting for the film, but once the project was over, we wanted to see her put that weight back on – or else. Luckily, Natalie got pregnant shortly after Black Swan’s release, and the extra weight really helped her achieve that maternal glow as well as look healthier and happier. Already a petite woman, the added pounds helped Natalie to get back to a healthy weight as well as be in good health for her new baby. Even so, Natalie’s Black Swan diet was so scary dangerous that it was the subject of a tabloid article on celebrity diets NOT to try! Apparently she survived mostly off of carrots and almonds during the filming of the movie in order to drop 20 pounds.

3. Mila Kunis


Another actress in Black Swan was Mila Kunis. The That 70’s Show star also had to drop some serious pounds for the acting role, in which she played the rival ballerina to Portman’s character. Mila looked perfectly suited for the part, too. However, we were a bit concerned about just how thin and fragile she was. That is why when she put the weight back on after filming Black Swan, we thought she looked a million times better. She was more attractive, she looked healthier, and we weren’t afraid that she was going to break after hugging someone. Win-win! Another awesome success for Mila was her marriage to actor Ashton Kutcher in 2015. On the other hand, did you know that a real-life health issue for Mila is her chronic iritis? It causes temporary blindness, and she had to get surgery at one point. Her irises are also two different colors. Cool!

2. Emma Stone


Emma Stone was always one of those celebs who was able to play the spindly teenager with all the built-up angst. With her flaming red hair, her cat eyes, and that long and lean physique, she was a shoo-in for those kinds of roles. However, she was starting to lose more and more weight, and it was looking really unhealthy. When we saw her in Birdman (in which she played a daughter with a drug problem,) we were nearly appalled by her appearance. That is why once she gained some weight, we breathed a sigh of relief. Please, keep the weight on Emma! That’s probably why she is being scouted for an upcoming Agatha Christie film. We would love to see that! It’s bound to be eerie and creepy, especially if the rumors are true that Emma will star in a biopic about Agatha’s 11-day disappearance.

1. Lindsay Lohan


We all know what happened to Lindsay Lohan and her career, but it looks as though things may finally be looking up for the former actress and singer. The 29-year-old entertainer seems to be happy with her Russian boyfriend, and she is no longer that sickly-looking woman we saw a few years ago. Looking very healthy and much more vibrant, she is no longer a sore sight for eyes! She has even been exciting fans with her nostalgic photos of The Parent Trap set. (Remember her breakthrough role back in 1998?) Recently, both Lindsay and her boy-toy Egor Tarabasov showed up for a red carpet event, and they both looked really good! Even the paparazzi photos of their vacation on Mauritius Island was a stunning departure from the down and out Lindsay Lohan of years past.

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