15 Hollywood Females Who Looked Way Hotter After Putting On A Few Pounds

Take a look around Hollywood these days and you will see a growing (and frightening) trend. More and more female celebs are opting to drop pounds in the hopes to look better on the red carpet, snag more attractive roles, or just keep up with the mounting pressure in Tinsel Town to look stick-thin. Well, newsflash: not everyone is meant to be so skinny, and the truth is, celebs who maintain a healthy weight are often a whole lot more attractive than their railing-thin counterparts. Just take celebs like Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, who were once so thin that people were actually scared for their well-being. Of course, some actresses commit to losing weight or achieving a certain aesthetic for a movie role, such as Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in Black Swan. Yet there are also other celebrities who say “no way” when it comes to dieting or losing weight for a film. Just take Jennifer Lawrence, who is very outspoken about the pressures to be thin and look a particular way. We applaud J-Law for speaking truth and staying true to who she is.

We use that preface to segue into our list of 10 Hollywood Females Who Looked Way Hotter After Putting On A Few Pounds. Sure, there are also male stars who have lost copious amounts of weight in order to fit a particular film role, so we don’t want to diminish how important it is for both women and men to fight the skinny stigma. It is just that our list today will focus solely on the female celebs. Are you ready to get started?

15 Jennifer Hudson

14 Angelina Jolie

13 Tara Reid

12 Lady Gaga

11 Keira Knightley

10 Selena Gomez

9 Hilary Duff

8 Mischa Barton

7 Nicole Richie

6 Kate Bosworth

5 Demi Moore

4 Natalie Portman

3 Mila Kunis

2 Emma Stone

1 Lindsay Lohan

We all know what happened to Lindsay Lohan and her career, but it looks as though things may finally be looking up for the former actress and singer. The 29-year-old entertainer seems to be happy with her Russian boyfriend, and she is no longer that sickly-looking woman we saw a few years ago. Looking very healthy and much more vibrant, she is no longer a sore sight for eyes! She has even been exciting fans with her nostalgic photos of The Parent Trap set. (Remember her breakthrough role back in 1998?) Recently, both Lindsay and her boy-toy Egor Tarabasov showed up for a red carpet event, and they both looked really good! Even the paparazzi photos of their vacation on Mauritius Island was a stunning departure from the down and out Lindsay Lohan of years past.

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15 Hollywood Females Who Looked Way Hotter After Putting On A Few Pounds