15 Happenings We Would've Never Predicted Back In 2000

It is the year 2000. Steve Harvey is just a stand-up comedian that has never called out the wrong name while hosting a Miss Universe pageant, Ryan Reynolds is a B-list television actor that nobody wou

It is the year 2000. Steve Harvey is just a stand-up comedian that has never called out the wrong name while hosting a Miss Universe pageant, Ryan Reynolds is a B-list television actor that nobody would believe would be starring in a movie with Sandra Bullock; let alone, playing the Green Lantern or a major character in a Marvel film. A year later, the World Trade Center would be attacked and both of the twin towers blown up in New York City.

A lot has changed in sixteen years. After playing the Joker in one of many Batman films, Heath Ledger seems to have gone insane and dies shortly afterwards. Paul Rudd becomes extremely likeable and appears with many other stars in movies throughout Hollywood. Beyonce is no longer with Destiny's Child and marries Jay-Z, who now seem to think of themselves as the Queen Bee and her husband. NFL players are suing the National Football League because they had gotten concussions while playing football and some are being arrested for all kinds of things. Music Television (MTV) no longer plays music, and television has been overrun with reality shows. Kim Kardashian is famous for no reason other than being famous, and large booties are now in.

It seems like some things can be predicted, but many (if not all) of the things on this list were not at all predictable fifteen years ago.

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15 Jimmy Fallon Takes Over As Host On The Tonight Show

In the year 2000, Jay Leno was pretty comfortable in his role of being host of The Tonight Show. Nobody would have guessed that one of the silly impressionist from Saturday Night Live would be taking it over fourteen years later. In the days when Jimmy Fallon helped perform the “Weekend updates” on SNL alongside Tina Fey, everyone could see the potential of this funny man who made up his own songs and was also able to perform impressions of the most famous people around the world. Jimmy went from SNL to hosting award shows, to movies, to hosting one of the most popular nighttime television shows ever created.

14 Popstar Christina Aguilera Is Now A Judge on The Voice

When Christina was a little girl, she had an amazing voice (just as she does now), and tried out for a show called Star Search, but got second place. Disney happened to see the incredible talent in this little girl, and she appeared on the show, The Mickey Mouse Club, or MMC, during the 1990s. She sang and acted alongside other young (not yet) stars of the time; including Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. In 2000, Christina was anxious to leave her squeaky-clean image behind and went her own way as a solo artist and came out with several videos that showed off her new facade. She now is a respected judge on the show, The Voice, where talented singers are chosen to participate in a contest to win a recording contract.

13 New York Giants Defensive End Becomes Talk Show Host

There have been many times I've caught myself asking the question, “When does Michael Strahan sleep?” I swear every time I turn on the television, he's either commentating for a sports game, having silly banter with co-host, Kelly Ripa on Live, or sitting in on Good Morning America. Michael appears to be a very genuine, kind man that is also quite funny and seems to get along with everyone. In 2000, nobody would have guessed that this former player in the National Football League would have left his job playing for the New York Giants to sit behind a desk on live television.

12 Batman Gets a Makeover (Again) and Ben Affleck Takes Over

Batman has been remade many, many times in the last 73 years since the release of the first film. Lewis G. Wilson played the very first Batman in 1943, and was made fun of because of the way he looked and for the fact that he was very out of shape to play the character. Throughout the years, other actors have played the part, including Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer. George Clooney was mocked for getting the part in of one of the Batman films, but actually played the part fairly well. Warner Brothers recently announced that Ben Affleck will play the caped crusader in a future film, and it's difficult to determine just how well his acting skills will play out.

11 Airports Charge For Luggage

In previous years, you could fly anywhere you wanted to and bring along just about as many suitcases as you could carry. This sounds like a fantasy, doesn't it? It's true. People would just get two or three suitcases and pack them full of clothing that they would wear during their trip, and there were companies that added wheels to these carryalls, so it would be easier to manage. Airports did not complain during this time, and they even let you bring one along with you as long as it was small enough to fit in the upper compartment in the plane. It started out as airlines charging for extra bags after two, and then one, and now they're talking about not even letting you bring on a carryon without being charged for it.

10 Popularity Of Cellphones And No More Phone Booths

In the year 2000, cellphones were not widely popular, and not many people had one. A cellular device was nothing like they are today; it was basically a phone with the ability to text. Some phones barely even allowed texting; you had to dial the numbers, and the letters would come up as you pressed the number. Then you would have to press the same number between one and three times, until the letter that you want comes up. If you think that it sounds complicated and time-consuming, then you're right. Phones were nothing like they are today, and very few people had them. Sixteen years ago, you would probably find a phone booth on every other block, now most small children don't even know what a phone booth is.

9 The Internet/Social Media Would Basically Take Over the World

Personal computers weren't really that popular until the late 1980s; and even then they were only used for homework or for home finances. It wasn't until the internet was created that people started using them for more than just that. When people were first on the internet, they wanted to be able to talk to their friends and others around the world. The Internet Relay Chats were used initially in 1988, and were called IRCs, and people used them to connect to everyone else who was on the web. Not many people knew about this, since there wasn't that many home computers at the time. A lot of people went to chat rooms that were created on the internet, but the actual social media sites weren't available until 1997 when Six Degrees was created. It was absolutely nothing like the social media that we use today, and in 2000, it is doubtful that anyone would have guessed how massive the different sites would become. MySpace came out in 2003, and Facebook was a short time later.

8 Ziggy is Now Stardust

When I woke up the morning of January 10, 2016, my husband said to me, “Ziggy is now stardust.” I immediately knew what he was referring to; as I had been a fan of David Bowie since I was twelve years old. He was Ziggy Stardust. He was The Goblin King. He was the epitome of all that was awesome in the music world. It was the first time I had actually cried over the death of someone famous that I had never met in person before. I also had no idea how almost the entire world had felt the same way. Church bells played Space Oddity in The Netherlands shortly after his death, in remembrance. David had fought cancer silently for eighteen months, and only a select few knew the battle he was fighting. It was a sad day in music.

7 Robin Williams Takes His Own Life in 2014

Robin Williams suffered from Lewy Body Dementia, which is a disease that he didn't allow others to know until his wife allowed the public to learn about after his death. Lewy Body is a neurological disease that causes a huge buildup of protein, which is very much like Alzheimer's. The buildup of these proteins in the brain cause the victims to hallucinate, be depressed, or loss of memory; and it is most likely what had caused Robin Williams to commit suicide. It is very difficult to diagnose or treat patients with Alzheimer's (or any other neurological disorder), since scientists find it very difficult to study the brain while the person who has the disease are still alive.

6 Most People Don't Use CDs or Tape Players Anymore and Most Video Stores are Extinct

Even though headphones have made a comeback since they were widely popular in the 1970s, the use of CDs and cassette tapes have dropped dramatically. This is because of the invention of the computer and cell phones. Cellular devices are being made to hold more and more information, and people tend to use them for holding music, as well. Even the USB stick that people used to use to hold information seems to be facing obsolescence.

Since the birth of television, cable providers have been finding more ways for consumers to get away from having to go anywhere to rent movies. With the businesses of Netflix, the cable companies, and the internet, nobody really even watches “normal” television, anymore. Blockbuster closed its last store in January, 2014, and it is rare to see any other video stores around, either.

5 The Death of the King of Pop in 2009

In 2000, Michael Jackson was immensely popular and was known as the “King of Pop.” He lived in a place he called “Neverland Ranch,” before moving to a mansion in California, in which he rented. It was a shock to the world to hear about Michael's death, since he was planning a tour during that time. It is said that he died from an overdose of prescription pills, just as other famous people have done. Michael had three children, and had been divorced for a while at the time of his death.

4 Disney Buys Lucasfilm, LLC

During the 1990s and 2000s, almost everyone knew that George Lucas wrote and owned the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars movies and the merchandise that went along with it made a lot of cash, and it would have seemed like Lucas would have been crazy to sell the money making businesses. Lucasfilm also included the Indiana Jones movies, but all of the enterprises were sold to Disney in 2012 for over four billion dollars. Lucas is still able to give his two cents for the movies that are released, but it is no longer up to him what ideas are kept and what gets discarded.

3 Prince Dies in 2016

From 1993 until the year 2000, Prince was only known as a symbol, and it was unable to be pronounced; so he simply went by, “The Artist (formerly known as Prince).” It was meant to be the love symbol, and the reason he did that was so he could get out of a contract and tried to get out more albums so he wouldn't have to be under the influence of Warner Brothers any longer. Once he was done with the albums and the contract, he went back to being Prince. In 2016, he was found dead in the elevator of his home.

Prince had left a vault of music in his home, Paisley Park. According to Prince's friend, David Rivkin, “there's a lot of material in the vault that never got released," when asked about it. An investigator who found the music is in hopes that Prince did not tell his attorneys to not release the recordings, and said that “There is enough unreleased studio material for him to put out an album a year for the next 100 years.” Movies and videos were found in the vault, too. The authorities had not declared a reason for his death as of yet, but it is rumored that prescription drugs may have had something to do with it. Prince was only 57 years old.

2 Donald Trump Has a Reality Game Show and Then Runs For President

If a time machine actually existed, and we went back in time to the year 2000 and told everyone what was going on with Donald Trump, chances are highly possible that nobody would believe us. During the 2000s, Donald owned a lot of properties and was fighting with many people regarding the ownership of many buildings. He was sued by many, and had sued other people in return. He owned so many buildings, hotels and casinos, and had even filed for bankruptcy a few times, so it was inconceivable to believe that this man would even think of having a reality show, let alone, run for president of the United States (with the exception of one Simpsons episode during the year, 2000).

1 Disney Announces Three New Star Wars Movies and Releases The Force Awakens in 2015

After Disney took over Star Wars, they decided that they wanted to release more movies. More movies means more money, apparently. They came out with three more films of the Star Wars franchise, that follow the last three Star Wars movies, which were the original three Star Wars films. If you understand that, then you are a true fanatic of the force. It did not seem that the movies would be able to hold a candle to the originals, but seeing that the first one (that has already been shown in theaters) has a lot of the original characters from the films, it appears that Disney has kept its promise to keep the force alive.


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15 Happenings We Would've Never Predicted Back In 2000