15 Gorgeous Actresses Whose Face You Never See

Don't you hate that the highest paying jobs in this world seem to go to the people who just look or sound great? Think of the top sales people at the company where you work at. It's the same in Hollywood and music. When given a choice between talent and looks, looks always seem to win out with the talent coming later. This is the case whether you are a man or a woman. However, many attractive people are just like normal people. This is why some of the best looking women in Hollywood actually work in the less glamorous fields of their profession and do amazingly well.

How many times have you listened to a person's voice never wishing to actually see them in person, just in case they ruin that perfect image you have of them? The voice actresses on this list are guaranteed not to ruin that perfect image.

A small handful on this list wear masks in horror flicks when they play the bad guy, even when it's obvious they shouldn't be wearing anything that covers any part of their body. Included are some stunt women, movie directors, producers and even writers that built their careers on these other talents. Everyone on this list is beautiful, but wait until you see the top two entries, they will just knock your socks off.

16 Zoe Bell: Stunt Woman And Actress

There was a lot of weird stuff going on in Django Unchained (2012) as there always is with a Quentin Tarantino movie. Originally the masked woman seen above was supposed to be a huge part of the movie. The mask covered up the half missing face that the character was supposed to have. Most of the footage for the masked woman never made any of the final cuts except for the brilliant footage pumped out by the three main actors.

That masked woman ended up being Zoe Bell, the 37 year old stuntwoman from New Zealand who has not lost anything to age. Being from New-Zealand, the Tae Kwon Do expert started out performing many stunts for shows and films that were made in her native land. This included stunt doubling as Xena in Xena Warrior Princess. She also later stunt-doubled for Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and for Halle Berry in Catwoman.

15 Grey Griffin: Voice Actress

Like many voice actresses, the 42 year old may have had the looks to move over into film, but instead, her voice captivated all types of audiences for two decades. Her dreams of becoming a singer may have been dashed, but there are few voice actors that have her resume. Her animated films include Rugrats (1996-2003), where she portrayed almost everybody. Her most famous character was probably in the Scooby-Doo franchise where she was the voice for Daphne, the wealthiest and most stylish of the young sleuths. Her resume includes over 50 cartoons, 40 video games and 7 feature films. She can thank her grandmother, a singer herself, that raised her for inspiring her to excel in her career. The world got to see her face once in 1997, on That 70's show where she played Ms. Kaminsky on a single episode. Too bad, because what a gorgeous face it is.

14 Alicia Vela-Bailey: Stuntwoman And Actress

What would cause someone to cover up this person, especially with the mask in the middle depicted above? According to the actress, whenever she plays a villain, movie execs always seem to want to put her in a mask. Her acting credits include The Purge (2013). But she doesn't really make all of her money as an actress, what makes her tick is her stunt work. Her most notable stunt work came in Avatar (2009), where she portrayed many of the Navi as an actress while stunt doubling for the main heroine, Neytiri. After this film her stunt doubling work has taken off having doubled for many of Hollywood's A-list stars. She is a natural at the job, having been a gymnast as a young girl. She moved to Hollywood from Hawaii to be a model, instead she got an arguably more exciting career.

13 Bernadette Birkett: Vera Peterson In Cheers,

This is a little bit of an oddball selection. However, if you grew up watching this show and then later switched to its spin-off, you likely became enamored with the invisible character who becomes a staple in the everyday banter of the characters you see. In this show, the barfly Norm Peterson played by George Wendt, seemingly implies that he stays at the bar to avoid his wife Vera, whom you never see, but sometimes here. Ironically, Vera was voiced by George Wendt's real-life wife, Bernadette Birkett. If you're a husky middle-aged man like George and you can land her, you really haven't done too badly for yourself. Let us hope he treated his real wife better than his TV wife. He must have as they have been married for 38 years.


11 Gemma Ward: Supermodel

The Strangers (2008) was a small budget horror flick that was a huge success at the box office. Like many horror films, this one was supposedly inspired by true events. The rather entertaining tale depicts three strangers in masks terrorizing a young couple in their vacation home. One of these masked villains is actually a gorgeous supermodel.

Gemma Ward was scouted by accident when she was accompanying her friend to a modelling contest. Before she realized it she was gracing fashion magazine covers and making millions. The 28 year old has only made a handful of movie appearances so it is somewhat ironic that one of them has her ticket to gold all covered up. Ironically, it was 2008 when her modelling career seemingly ended at the age of 20. Gemma has stated in recent interviews that the modelling industry puts way too much pressure on young girls, thus forcing her to quit. After an eight year hiatus she has returned to the catwalk.

10 Gillian Flynn - Writer

The 45 year old writer spent 15 years in journalism prior to 2007, thus giving her the tools to create her three masterpiece novels; Sharp Objects, Dark Places and Gone Girl. The last of which was turned into a screenplay grossing around $400 million worldwide.

The author has angered feminists and has been accused of misogyny as a result of the unorthodox way she presents many of her villains, as most of her villains are women as opposed to men. She is quoted as saying that: "The one thing that really frustrates me is this idea that women are innately good, innately nurturing." Flynn also said people will dismiss "trampy, vampy, bitchy types – but there's still a big pushback against the idea that women can be just pragmatically evil, bad, and selfish". Apparently her audience buys into her theories as well.

Recently, the author has dabbled in comic books, having written a series called Masks that was published by Dark Horse Comics. The story details the life of a mother who dons a Happy Homemaker mask, in order to track her son's bully and then gives the bully a taste of his own medicine. Things get more violent from there. The darkness in her work lives on.

9 Vicki Pettersson - Author

The 43 year old author used her looks well as a young adult, performing as a showgirl for ten years in her native Las Vegas after obtaining her University degree in English. Eventually she decided to become a mother and nurtured her greatest talent of all: writing. She is known for two fantasy series of novels; Celestial Blues and Zodiac Series. Both of her book series are set in her hometown, with Celestial Blues centering around a casino heiress with superpowers.

Does Vegas have anything else to write about other than casinos? Apparently it does as her latest novel called Swerve, illustrates. It has received rave reviews from all of the normal sources and it outlines a woman's quest to save her fiancee after he gets abducted in the Mojave desert, from certain death.

8 Heidi Moneymaker - Stuntwoman

What does Black Widow have in common with the two pictured above? One is paid to look great, while the other does the work. Heidi is 38 years old, but still looks good enough and has all of the skills to be her own action star. She doesn't need anybody. She graduated as a history major at UCLA where she excelled on their gymnastics team. There must be something in her gene pool because her two younger siblings are gymnasts as well. She also did stunt work on the Star Trek reboot. When watching Fast and Furious 6, there is a scene where Michelle Rodriguez dives off a tanker and lands on Vin Diesel's car. That scene was all Heidi. Building on her gymnastics background, she has also learned how to fight, perform martial arts, handle weapons and stunt drive. This is one dangerous woman.

7 Sofia Coppola - Director

What happens after a good portion of the world gets upset at you for almost ruining an iconic movie trilogy like The Godfather? You find your true calling, learn from your brilliant father and develop a brilliant career of your own. The nepotism she suffered as a child may have ruined her acting career, but did not stop her from getting an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards for directing Lost in Translation (2003), becoming just the second female director to win an Oscar. She has directed six films in all, and at 45 years old, looks much better than she did when she filmed Godfather III over two decades ago.

6 Jamie Marchi: Voice Actress

From here on out voice actresses dominate the last six entries on this list, and we start with this 38 year old professional who has voiced over 100 characters in the last 13 years, predominantly in anime. Not only does she do the voice work for several Japanese anime shows, translated into English, but she also does some of the screen writing and directing as well. She graduated at the University of Oklahoma with a degree in theater, a rather unorthodox beginning for a voice actress, as most voice actors originate as musicians.

5 MarieEve Herington: Voice Actress

Over the years this redheaded hottie has appeared in a dozen or so television episodes, most notably on the popular TV show How I Met Your Mother, but it is her voice acting that pays her bills along with her singing career. She has voiced characters in anime shows such as Delilah and Julius and Pearlie. But what makes her tick is music. She has been performing live since the age of 12, and fronting one jazz band after another since the age of 16 years old. Once again, this is yet another person on this list that just looks better with age.

4 Chloe Hollings: Voice Actress

Ever hear that sensual voice in every commercial for perfume that makes you wonder what that person must look like? In this case Chloe will not let you down, unlike many of the people with sultry voices. She is a natural beauty, whose native tongue, French, lends itself so well to her genre. She also is a comedienne and has authored a diet book in french with a rather graphic title called F*** les régimes! a title that needs little translation where she guides you on her own little tricks to weight loss that made her look like this. She also does video games, most recently OverWatch.

3 Camilla Luddington: Voice Actress


She is the voice of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider series of video games and she looks every bit as good as the title character in real-life. There were rumors that she may be cast as Lara Croft herself in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboots. But at 32 years old, she lost out to the eventual winner as executives were looking for someone younger that could become the face of the franchise for several years. Alicia Vikander was eventually chosen. Recently she has become a successful actress in her own right with a recurring role on Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Josephine "Jo" Wilson.

2 Michelle Jenner Husson: Actress And Voice Actress

If you do not speak Spanish, then you will never see her or hear her. But luckily for the readers you can still see what she looks like and you will not be disappointed. Her career started at the age of 6 doing voiceover work and she had the enviable role of being Hermione Granger, as she was the Spanish voice of the Harry Potter character played by Emma Watson for the first four movies. If you are a PlayStation fan, then she is also the Spanish voice for the main character in Heavy Rain. If you want to see her on TV, then subscribe to Antena 3 and see re-runs of her recurring role on Les Hombres De Paco between 2005 and 2010.

1 Tara Strong

The voice acting legend is 43 years old, with the picture above taken when she was 40. In that department she can compete with anyone 20 years younger. But she does so much more, as you will see. She is an inventor and a businesswoman as well.

Anyone who has been to Comic-Con conventions has probably seen her as she has voiced close to a hundred video game characters in games like Mortal Kombat X, Lego Marvel's Adventures and Batman: Arkham Knight. In animation she is the voice of Mary Jane Watson and others in Ultimate Spider Man and Jayna in Teen Titans Go!. She has literally over 200 voice acting credits. She has also appeared in several live roles with guest appearances here and there, mostly over the last 20 years.

What's amazing is that this is not all she does. She runs an internet based company called VoiceStarz which teaches people how to get into the voice acting business. She also patented a line of baby bottles with caps that the user can set to note the calendar date for breast milk storage. Sounds like a simple idea, but only she came up with it. She is married with two children, so there really is no hope for anyone.

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