15 Game Of Thrones Characters Who Are 99.9% Likely To Die Before It Ends

First thing's first, there are spoilers throughout this entire article so if you aren't caught up, stop reading this and go watch "The Battle of the Bastards" immediately. Thanks. Remember when you

First thing's first, there are spoilers throughout this entire article so if you aren't caught up, stop reading this and go watch "The Battle of the Bastards" immediately. Thanks.

Remember when you first started watching Game of Thrones and everything in the world seemed okay? Ned was alive. Robb and Catelyn were alive. Many Lannisters were alive, even though they mostly sucked. Then, the ninth episode of season one happened and you didn't know what the hell was going on. They just killed off Ned, who by all accounts seemed like he was basically the protagonist of this story in several ways. What were the Starks going to do? What were the fans going to do?

Now, after six seasons, we've seen many characters come and go. We were pretty bummed about some deaths (you deserved better, Margaery Tyrell) and some deaths were a long time coming (see ya never, Joffery, Ramsey and Walder Frey). With it more or less confirmed that there will only be thirteen more episodes in the series, audiences are almost guaranteed to see some bloodshed and, unfortunately, with many of the villains already taken out, it's likely that we will see some of our most beloved characters dying.

You'd think people would be immune to the pain of losing a character on Game of Thrones, but this season tears were shed 'round the world when Hodor died and in doing so revealed the true meaning of his name. Sure, we'll all still cry when the characters on this list die but perhaps having a heads up may help ease the pain...? Probably not. Anyway, here are fifteen Game of Thrones characters who are 99.9% likely to die before the series ends.

9 Theon Greyjoy


This seems like an obvious choice for a character who will kick it before the end of the series, right? Sure, we’ve known Theon since the pilot but we haven’t really liked him since the pilot. To be honest, the dude was kind of an asshole. Then he went from kind of an asshole to a total asshole when he took over Winterfell. No, bro. Winterfell is the Starks and you, Theon Greyjoy, are no Stark.

Game of Thrones tends to be fair in some odd cosmic way most of the time, except for Ned. What happened to Ned Stark was not and will never be fair. Anyway, Theon became a prisoner of the sadistic Ramsey Bolton for quite a few seasons and certainly learned his lesson about why he should be a nice fellow who doesn’t burn poor farm boys.

Now, he’s knelt down to his sister, Yara, and joined forces with Daenerys. He also basically saved lil’ Sansa Stark from her rapist. It seems that he is on the path to redemption, but that could perfectly come together in him giving his life to save his sister or Dany or Sansa or someone. It could be a decent death scene, as we’ve known Theon for quite some time. In the end though, what it comes down to is the fact that he’s expendable and will probably be a goner.

8 The Mountain


What actually is The Mountain at this point? Some zombie killer who does Cersei’s bidding, right? Well, this dude has got to go. He, of course, seems indestructible right now so it may be hard to kill him, but there is some big-time speculation that The Hound came back to face off against The Mountain, his brother, in a battle to the death.

Being that The Mountain gave The Hound the scars on his face, The Mountain meeting his death at the hands of his brother, who he wronged so many years ago, would be satisfying as hell - almost as satisfying as Sansa feeding Ramsey to his dog. Oh, wait. Nope. Nothing was or will be as satisfy as that scene.

Regardless of whether it's The Hound who kills The Mountain or Arya who kills him, as he is a name on her list, The Mountain will surely die. He's Cersei's guard dog and being that she's on the Iron Throne, Cersei's days seem numbered as well. Whoever takes down Cersei will probably have to take down The Mountain first.

7 Olenna Tyrell


Olenna Tyrell is the OG of Westeros. I’ve pledged my undying love for Olenna (and the Tyrell family) in the past and I would do it again one thousand times but unfortunately it’s not looking good for Olenna.

She’s certainly smart since she’s, like, one of the oldest people living in the show. You have to give her credit for surviving this long. The only issue is that now she doesn’t have much to live for, as Cersei took out most of her bloodline in one wildfire explosion. She once had dreams of marrying Margaery off to whoever was poised to become king but now that dream is dashed, as is the dream of carrying on her family name. I mean, there might be some distant cousins named Tyrell back at Highgarden, but Olenna's direct linage is done.

With nothing to lose, Olenna is probably going to get her revenge and not care much for her wellbeing in the process. Also, if I'm being honest, what would the point of her surviving even be? She's older, will not sit on the throne and her family is all dead. She seems like a perfect character who could get killed off and really bum out her fan-base.

Before she dies though, I'd really like three or four more scenes of her being sassy as hell to all the Sand Snakes.

6 Melisandre


In the finale of season six, Melisandre was literally like, "Yo, I've been ready to die for years." By years, Melisandre may have meant centuries, since earlier this season she took her necklace off to reveal that she's actually 6,000 years old. She's pretty much lived long enough as it is and she's done some pretty horrible things, like burning little girls alive at the stake. On the other hand though, she did bring back fan-favorite Jon Snow.

Whatever your opinion of the redheaded hottie with magical powers, the outcome isn't looking too good for her. As stated before, she's kind of over the whole being alive thing and is ready for death. On top of that, plenty of people want her dead, Davos and Arya included. She's on Arya's list and when she met Arya in a past episode, Melisandre said that they would meet again, so it's very likely Arya could take her out.

5 Lord Beric Dondarrion


To be clear, Lord Beric Dondarrion has already died. He's that guy who dies but is brought back by his buddy Thoros. I'm not completely sure what the deal is with that but it seems like an awful lot of people in Game of Thrones can either bring people back from the dead or come back from the dead. I mean, good for them, right?

While Beric has died a few times, he dies for good in the books when he brings back Catelyn as Lady Stoneheart. In the show, he's returned in season six, is still alive and is now with The Hound. Since he died in the books to bring about Lady Stoneheart, it seems likely that he could die in the show for a similar reason - perhaps to bring back a beloved character who will die in season seven or eight.

Whatever happens, his storyline must lead to something important, as it would be odd to bring back his character in season six and not have it pay off one bit. It should also be noted that Beric is another name on Arya's list. She added him once he sold her buddy Gendry to Melisandre.

10. Ellaria Sand


There is 100% no way in hell she makes it through the series.

When first introduced to Ellaria, I liked her but that was mostly because Oberyn Martell liked her and he was one of the best characters on the show. When the show cuts to Ellaria's horrified expression after Oberyn's head is quite literally bashed in, fans felt for her.

Being that Oberyn was a great character who met a terrible, terrible end, it's easy to understand why Ellaria would want to avenge him, however she is going about it horribly. She killed Cersei and Jaime's daughter, Myrcella, who really had no place on the show, as she was a pure, kind human being. Killing an innocent young girl who actually didn't have anything to do with Oberyn's death wasn't the best move.

Ellaria went on to make another questionable move and murdered maybe every single dude in Dorne. Literally, every guy. I don't even know how people in Dorne are going to procreate and keep the city afloat.

She currently seems to be siding with Daenerys, which is a good idea with the dragons and all. Unfortunately, I don't think Dany would approve of some of the extreme measures Ellaria has taken. It seems almost a certainty that Ellaria will pay for her bold but not particularly well thought out moves.

9. Qyburn


Qyburn is another member of Team Cersei, which I'm fairly certain is not the correct team to be on. As if being on Team Mad Queen isn't enough, Qyburn has also done some pretty messed up things. First of all, he created The Mountain v2.0. So, yeah, thanks for creating Zombie Mountain, as if Human Mountain wasn't enough to deal with.

He also has an army of orphans who will stab people to death for him. Oh, and he helped orchestrate the wildfire explosion. This guy is a low-key villain and he'll most definitely meet his end. Jaime already questioned what the deal with The Mountain is so he'll probably question what happened with the wildfire. Considering the fact that he killed The Mad King to keep the city from burning, it's safe to assume that Jaime won't be happy that Cersei, with the help of Qyburn, burned it anyway.

To top things off, he's a minor character so with his laundry list of misdeeds his death is almost certain.

8. The Night King


In season six, we were shown the origin story of the White Walkers. Some poor dude was captured by the Children of the Forrest and a piece of dragonglass was shoved into his chest. Boom, White Walkers were created and however many years later, there is a freakin' army of White Walkers doing whatever the hell they want. Um, no thanks.

The war between the humans and the White Walkers has been a long time coming, especially when you consider the fact that the opening scene of the series was one of a White Walker attack. Yep, the series starts not with King's Landing or Winterfell, but with the White Walkers.

It's safe to say that this storyline will come to a head in the next to seasons and there are only a few ways it could end. The least likely way would be that they all sit down and discuss a peace treaty. Another way would be the White Walkers literally killing everyone rendering the battle for the throne that we've all watched meaningless. That would be interesting, but a bit too dark for audiences. Mostly likely, these White Walkers would need to be defeated, and since the Night King was the first, killing him may help take down the whole race.

Maybe it will be Jon Snow or maybe the dragons but something for sure needs to be done about the White Walkers.

4 Varys


What do I have against Varys? Absolutely nothing! I rather enjoy him and all the little pieces of gossip he always knows. Unfortunately, he seems like a likely candidate for a death.

There are really two people who care 100% about the goodness of the realm: Varys and Tyrion. Everyone else, regardless of how good their intentions, has their own agenda. Varys and Tyrion truly seem like they just want to make the kingdoms a nice place to live with a great healthcare system.

That being said, one of them will most likely be an innocent victim in the final seasons and my money is on Varys. Listen, George R.R. Martin has already said that Tyrion is his favorite character so I think he may be safe from harm's way. It's true that Tyrion could die in an epic way that would somehow help restore peace to the kingdom but I think the chances rest more on Varys dying rather than Tyrion.

But perhaps they both die and Cersei ends up staying on the throne forever. Now, there's an ending.

6. Jorah Mormont


Considering the fact that Jorah already has greyscale, that weird stone-man disease, going into the finale seasons, it isn't looking good for him. Sure, Dany did send him away and tell him to find a cure so perhaps he will find a cure, get better and return to fight alongside her. In that case, he might die for her cause.

Jorah is a great warrior and he may be needed in order for Dany to win the Iron Throne, but he is also in love with her. To be honest, him dying for her to win the Iron Throne would be a happier ending for him, rather than him pining over her every day of his life as she is married to Jon Snow or whoever she marries.

That's all if he cures the greyscale. The next time we see him, he could be a total rock dude already.

5. Davos Seaworth


Davos is an all-around good guy, but good guys are usually goners in Game of Thrones. Not only did he save Gendry by sending him away on a boat, but he was also a great Hand of the King to Stannis and besties with his daughter, Shireen. Who wouldn't like him? Well, for starters, Melisandre. Those two have had a beef for forever but she likely won't be the one to take him down since she was banished from Winterfell.

He could possibly survive the series and possibly serve as Hand of the King to Jon Snow but he is an easy choice for the creators to kill off. Fans like him so the death would sting and in the long run he is a disposable character, as he will not end up on the Iron Throne. Likely, Davos would be a victim of a White Walker, being that he's in Winterfell, or a fallen hero during a battle.

4. Podrick Payne


For the record, Podrick is one of my favorite low-key characters and I hope with everything in my body that he lives. My perfect ending for Podrick would be that he marries Sansa (I know they've never shared a line of dialogue on the show but follow me here) and he introduces her to whatever exactly it was that he did to the hookers in season three, because if anyone deserves Podrick's good sex, it's Sansa Stark. If this doesn't happen, I'll be writing fan fiction about it.

Now, on to his survival as a character. His name is actually on this list as a placeholder for several characters who may or may not die in the coming battles. Anyone who has a skill set as a warrior will likely face some difficult situation in the next two seasons which they may not survive. Podrick in particular is not the most skilled with his sword (step up your game so you can marry Sansa, Pod!) but he does have one thing going for him - he's in the good graces of Tyrion. He saved Tryion's life in the Battle of Blackwater so here's hoping that he survives.

There are several other skilled fighters who may be on the chopping block in the final two seasons, including Grey Worm, Jaime, The Hound, Tormund, Brienne of Tarth, and Bronn. The likelihood of all of them surviving is just impossible. A few of these beloved characters will definitely be kickin' it.

3 Littlefinger


Littlefinger is a world-class manipulator. He may be better than Margaery Tyrell, Olenna Tyrell or even Cersei. He came from a powerless family and somehow climbed the ranks of all of Westeros through manipulation and very strategic moves. One must give him credit for that but his overly ambitious ways will likely be his undoing.

Right now Littlefinger is still all in when it comes to playing the game. He has even revealed his end game to Sansa as him being on the Iron Throne with her by his side. I won’t even get into how weird it is that he has basically transferred his love of Catelyn directly to her daughter Sansa. I’ll just ignore that since I already have to deal with Jaime and Cersei being totally out in the open with their relationship now.

So far, Littlefinger seems to have been pulling the strings and has avoided getting himself into a situation too sticky for him to get out of. Most likely though, he'll trip up. There is also a fan theory that Littlefinger manipulated the entire beheading of Ned Stark in order to set the Lannisters and Starks against each other and make way for him to seize the throne and get another shot with Catelyn. If Sansa somehow finds this out, she may feed him to the dogs, too.

2 Cersei Lannister


Oh, Cersei. She once famously said that, “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” She knows that she’s going to die, right? Well, actually, yes. Cersei knows she's going to die. The prophecy from the witch told her that she would meet her end.

The prophecy told her quite a few things. It stated that she'd marry the king, not Rhaegar Targaryen, who she thought she'd marry. She obviously ended up marrying the king and becoming queen. The prophecy also stated that the king would have 20 children and she three, all of whom die. Robert did, in fact, have a shit ton of bastards and Cersei has her three kids, all of whom all now dead.

So far this prophecy is looking like the real deal. It also stated that a more beautiful queen will cast her down and take everything Cersei holds dear and that "Valonqar" will murder her. Valonqar means "little brother" in Valyrian so she always believed Tyrion would be the one to murder her. However, Jaime is also her little brother since she was the twin born first. There has been some speculation that Jaime may kill Cersei as he did The Mad King. I mean, she is basically The Mad Queen now.

Well, considering the fact that a witch predicted such a death and the fact that she's sitting on the Iron Throne, she 100% a goner.

1 Sansa Stark


It literally pains me to put Sansa Stark at the top of this list. Haven't we lost enough Starks? I'd say yes. In fact, if Melisandre has some spare time, I'd like her to bring back every single dead Stark, starting with Ned.

The thing is that Game of Thrones is not going to make the last two seasons easy to watch by any means. We, unfortunately, are going to be forced to say goodbye to some of our most beloved characters and I'd wager my money on at least one more Stark kickin' it. Jon was already brought back from the dead so he seems unlikely, as does Bran the new Three Eyed Raven. That leaves us with the two Stark sisters: Sansa and Arya.

For all intents and purposes, I would have put my money on Arya in this situation. Her only goal seems to be revenge, so one could think that after crossing every name off her list, she may die in an oddly happy way since she fulfilled her goal.

Sansa, on the other hand, has a lot more going on plot-wise. First of all, she was used by the power players as a pawn since season one. Finally, in season six, she became a strong player herself, perhaps not wanting the throne at all, but at least no longer being taken advantage of. She's evolved with an interesting character arc, considering the fact that in season one she was a spoiled, naive girl who actually wanted to marry Joffery and now she's feeding assholes to dogs and winning battles.

In a happy ending for Sansa, she'd find a guy like the one Ned described for her in season one - kind, faithful, brave (ahem, Podrick!), get married, have babies and live happily ever after in Winterfell. This is a pretty picture but Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, has actually said, "I don’t want to survive. If you’re on Game of Thrones and you don’t have a cool death scene, then what’s the point?” What the actual hell, Sophie Turner? Shut up and let Sansa marry Podrick for the love of all that is good.

So, from her comment and willingness to let her character die, it would seem that she may be the sacrificial Stark, who I will cry a million tears for if she dies.


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