15 Films That Were Almost Too Raunchy To Be Mainstream

Mainstream movies are supposed to be, well, mainstream. There is a world of difference between "mainstream" and skin flicks. Or is there? If a movie is to be shown in commercial movie theaters in the US, it must be rated. A movie is assigned a rating, with "G" being for General audiences and "R" (Restricted) and "NC-17", meaning the content is for those over 17 years old. Movies with R and NC-17 ratings means nudity and sex scenes, strong language, maybe even drug use. Beyond R there are skin flicks with their graphic, if not always scintillating, s*x scenes. The goal of films like the ones on this list is to push R rating to its extreme limits. To stay barely mainstream.

It will come as no surprise that the films on this list are rated R due to the raunchiness of their subject matter. From same s*x love to adultery and threesomes, here are 13 mainstream films that can be said to be barely legal. When they came out, they tested and pushed the boundaries of what was considered mainstream to extremes and often barely managed to land a mainstream R rating.

13 Chloe - 2009

12 Eyes Wide Shut - 1999

11 Last Tango in Paris - 1972

10 Secretary - 2002

9 9 1/2 Weeks - 1986

8 Basic Instincts - 1992

7 Blue is the Warmest Color - 2013

6 Wild Things - 1998

5 Shame - 2011

4 Body Heat - 1981

3 Henry and June - 1990

2 Weekend - 2011

1 Don't Look Now - 1973

You have to get used to a young Donald Sutherland (President Snow in The Hunger Games) with dark, Afro-style hair acting alongside a young Julie Christie, in this supernatural horror film. They play a couple, who are painfully grieving the death of their young daughter, on a trip to Venice. There are psychics, dire predictions, strange sighting, and lots of steamy scenes between Sutherland and Christie. It is a hot, truly scary film, with so many twists and turns that viewers are exhausted at the end. It caused quite a stir, not so much for its supernatural elements, but because of the steamy scenes between its two young stars.


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15 Films That Were Almost Too Raunchy To Be Mainstream