15 Female Celebrities That Have Famous Male Doppelgangers

Ah, Hollywood, the land of wealth, beauty, Botox, and Rodeo Drive. Not to mention the dreams of many mid-western youth. A place where you are either a star, know a star, or you just won’t survive. A place filled with people who judge your personal worth by your looks, and where those looks can get you rich. Because, let’s face it, all the beautiful people live in Hollywood.

But, sometimes those very looks are not just your own. There are several well-known female stars in Hollywood that, to their surprise, share their good looks with others. And we are not talking about other female personalities, but male personalities. Who would have thought that such feminine beauties would share what seems to be the same genetics and good looks with…men? Oh, the horror!!! How will these beauties survive? What will the world think? Well, we can’t answer those last questions for you, but we can present you with the more famous females and their male doppelgängers. So, hold onto your seats, because here we go!

15 Julia Stiles & Ansel Elgort

Best known for her fiery teen roles in movies like 10 Things I Hate About You and Save the Last Dance, Julia Stiles is an eternal beauty. Her flawless skin and soft features are the envy of girls of all ages, so it’s strange to think that Julia has a male look-a-like.

14 Ellen DeGeneres & Owen Wilson

Ellen DeGeneres is a household name. She’s broken barriers for the LGBTQ community, she’s given away more free stuff than Oprah, and her TV show is one of the best daytime shows on air today. Wanna know something else about Ellen DeGeneres? She could be the long lost Wilson sister. Okay, not literally, but there’s definitely a weird thing going on here.

13 Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber

Miley... Oh, Miley. Although it seems like you’re beginning to get your life together and back with the hunky Hemsworth brother, having a male doppelgänger like Justin Bieber can’t be a plus on your side. The internet went up in a roar of laughter when someone created a GIF meme of Miley’s and The Bieb’s faces melding together. The funnier thing is…there wasn’t much of a difference.

12 Jamie Lee Curtis & Tom Hanks

Apparently, as we age we also become other people - so is the case with Jamie Lee Curtis. In the dawn of her career, some many years ago, Jamie was a blockbuster princess who became a queen. But now she takes it easy. Or is she secretly auditioning and playing Tom Hanks stunt double?

11 Kendall Jenner & RJ Mitte

Kendall Jenner, television celebrity, is daughter to Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner. She is half-sister to television and media celebrities the Kardashians, through her mother, formerly Kris Kardashian. In her own right, Kendall is an accomplished model, having modelled for the likes of Victoria’s Secret and Chanel. She is also involved in a brand of nail lacquer, along with her mother and half siblings, the Kardashians.

10 Jennifer Lawrence & Justin Timberlake

Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of beloved Hunger Games character Katniss showed she is more than just another pretty face, she had a set of acting chops as well. Since her ground breaking performance in Hunger Games, she has gone on to be “the girl” in Hollywood. She has starred alongside many well-known names in the business, as well as the in the pop culture favorite X-Men, as the young and impressionable Mystic. Hey, she even got a chance to flex her vocal muscles, singing the well-received song “The Hanging Tree,” featured in one of The Hunger Games installments.

9 Solange Knowles & Orlando Jones

Solange Knowles, younger sister to Beyoncé Knowles of Destiny’s Child fame, is the whole package. She is a singer, songwriter, model and actress. Claiming song writing as her first passion, her influences lean towards the days of the Motown girls groups. She is also well received as a fashion icon.

8 ScarJo & Christopher Walken

Scarlett Johansson, through her role as Black Widow in the Avengers movies, proves a woman can still be beautiful and kick ass at the same time. Her radiant good looks and powerful physical abilities make her the perfect role model for women everywhere. She is proof that you can be sexy and tough, and not lose your true self. Her roles are ones of empowerment for her female characters, and that shines through in her performances. Not one to sit back idle, she is one of the hardest working females in Hollywood today.

7 Jennifer Connelly & Jared Leto

Jennifer Connelly has the type of ethereal beauty that most women only dream of. Having gotten her big break in the cult favorite Labyrinth, alongside another cult favorite David Bowie, she has had many roles through the years. She starred alongside Antonio Banderas in the critically acclaimed film Of Love and Shadows, which showed she could act with the best of them, no matter what anyone though. She again proved to be a mega star in her own right with a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for A Beautiful Mind. She truly is an ageless beauty and actress.

6 Mischa Barton & Elijah Wood

A television, film, and stage actress, who sometimes dabbles in modeling, Mischa made headlines a few years back when her fan favorite character was suddenly killed of the then ratings giant The O.C. She was quoted as saying that she needed to take some time off from television. It wasn’t that she wouldn’t come back to TV, it was just it had to be for the right role. It seems maybe that right role has not come along yet. In the meantime, she appeared in the latest season of Dancing with the Stars.

5 Glenn Close & George Washington

Who doesn’t remember Glenn Close and the bunny in Fatal Attraction. That one movie, in its time, made cheating husbands stand up and take notice. I am sure married woman everywhere considered her role in that movie an answered prayer. A six-time Oscar winner, Glenn has more than proven that she an actress for all time. There is a not a role that she can’t play, and a character that she can’t convince the viewing audience is “her.” She can be soft, edgy, quirky, and as in “Fatal Attraction” down right psycho.

4 Taylor Schilling & Jared Leto

Since landing her first major TV role in the show Mercy in 2009, Taylor has come a long way. Her most recent turn is as Piper in the critically acclaimed Netflix series Orange is the New Black. She was even nominated for a Golden Globe Award—how cool is that? Not unlike most up and coming actresses, she worked hard to get to where she is. She even worked as a nanny in Manhattan until she got her first big break.

3 Maria Schriver & William Dafoe

Maria Shriver, former Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and part of the Kennedy clan. This lady can do anything. She is an author, journalist, activist, and current special correspondent on ABC news, and even the former first lady of California, alongside her estranged husband Arnold when he was governor. It must be those do or die genetics she shares with our former President John F Kennedy, not to mention the trademark Kennedy jawline.

2 Ke$ha & John Travolta

Ke$ha, who broke walls for young female singers everywhere, rose to fame as an up and coming rap star. Claiming her musical influences as Madonna, Queen, and Beck, she has stated that she tried a variety of musical genres before landing on her money making sound. Active in both in both animal rights and LGBT, she has sold over 60 million records worldwide, and that number continues to rise.

1 Jennifer Connelly & Daniel Day-Lewis

Jennifer Connelly seems to look like a lot of people. She has appeared here for the second time, so something must be up with the universe. She is a timeless beauty, that cannot be denied, but she also seems to share her genetic good looks with several other people. And that makes one take notice that maybe she has that all around look, that most people strive all their lives to have, but never achieve.

My earliest memory of Daniel Day-Lewis was in the movie The Last Mohican. I found his portrayal of Hawkeye so enchanting that I wanted to rush right out and the get the book. But, alas, the book was nowhere near as memorable for me as he was in the movie. There is just something about him, that makes you want to see everything he has ever done. He doesn’t just act, he takes on the entire role of the character he is portraying making the audience believe that he is THAT person.

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15 Female Celebrities That Have Famous Male Doppelgangers