15 Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Deadshot

Since the Suicide Squad trailers started premiering, there has been a lot of attention on Harley Quinn (totally understandable) and the Joker. But the cast is a lot wider than that, and now that the movie is finally out, we can take a look at one of the most interesting characters starring in it: Deadshot, aka Floyd Lawton.

Aside from being played by Will Smith, potentially one of the coolest guys on the planet, this character has a lot going for him. He has an interesting backstory, and the fact that he is nothing more than a human with super talented skills – not a superhero in any way – really makes him very exciting. Just like Batman, this is a guy who relies on his physical prowess as well as his high-end gadgets to go up against superpowered enemies and even gods. That’s no mean feat, especially for an on-again off-again villain.

That’s not the only interesting thing about Deadshot, however – and there are at least 15 facts that you probably don’t know about him. You’ve seen the movie, so now get to know the character a little better. Prepare to gain a lot more respect for Deadshot and get excited for the next time we get to see him on screen.

15 His Original Version


14 His First Time On Screen

13 He Has Near-Perfect Accuracy


12 His Allegiance Changes Often

11 His Leadership Is Impressive

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10 He Has Another Team


9 He Has A Death Wish

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Deadshot tends to make risky decisions, and doesn’t seem to care whether he lives or dies at all. In fact, he often goes far towards the other direction, seeming to prefer death out of the two options. He has even shot himself on multiple occasions to achieve a goal, and has died several times in the New 52 canon. Thankfully for fans, each of these deaths is followed by Amanda Waller reviving him, not that she gets any thanks for it. He killed himself to be able to take out a terrorist ringleader at the same time, and was also murdered in cold blood by the Unknown Soldier. Both of those occasions saw him being revived, only to look very disappointed on finding out that this was the case. It’s not clear where his death wish comes from, but it definitely makes him even more of a ruthless killer and fighter.

8 He Was Combined With Bullseye


7 He’s Been Physical With Harley

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6 He Wore The Joker’s Face

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5 He Had A Son

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4 He Had A Brother


3 His Passion Is Money

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2 He’s Usually White


1 He’ll Be Back

While we can only speculate for the moment about what is coming next, we do know that we are going to be seeing a lot more of Will Smith as Deadshot. He has signed a multi-film deal to appear as the character, with speculation almost certain that he will be appearing in the recently confirmed Suicide Squad 2 (after all, how could he not?). Beyond that, we will have to see how many more pictures they decide to put him in – but if he proves a fan favorite, we could see him taking roles in just about every DC movie to come. There are a few scheduled in already which are unnamed, leaving us to speculate about whether any of them might focus on a particular Squad member and their backstories – almost all of which Deadshot could easily slot into, even if just for a cameo or two.

Sources: Screenrant, Comics Alliance

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15 Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Deadshot