15 Embarrassing Pics Of Their Relatives These Celebs Don't Want You To See

We don't pick our families, do we? If we did, many of us would like to disown some of the family members we have. And celebrities suffer along with the rest of us. Take the international singing sensation with an adult escort for a sister. Or the A-List Hollywood star with a brother arrested for sexual battery. Or an iconic singer with a homeless, destitute brother. Then there's the heir to a hotel fortune who seems intent on self-destruction. And because they are related to celebrities, the tabloids love to feed us every bit of sordid detail. And their celebrity relative is embarrassed, shocked and harassed by the media for comment. The rich and famous may have some control over their own lives and images, but there is nothing they can do about a brother, sister, or father who is out of control. Sometimes celebrities try to help. Usually, it doesn't make any difference. And sometimes the celebrity decides to cut all ties with the badly behaved relative.

Here are 15 celebrities with family members whose shocking pictures prove a total and utter embarrassment.


15 Nicki Minaj's Brother And The 12 Year Old Girl

Back in 2015, rapper Nicki Minaj's brother Jelani Maraj, was arrested and charged with having r*ped a 12-year old girl several times over a period of some eight months. Reportedly, Nicki posted his $100,000 bail. Seems that the prosecutors have DNA evidence that nails Maraj and they have tried to get him to plead guilty. With the trial due to start in November, negotiations continue. Nicki and Jelani were last seen together when they were photographed at his wedding in August of 2015. She posted the picture to her Instagram account, saying to Jelani: "I love u more than you'll ever comprehend". At the end of the day, big brother could be spending the rest of his life in jail.

14 Montana Fishburne - Adult Star

Batman v. Superman and Roots actor Laurence Fishburne, is a talented and versatile actor with a daughter, Montana, who decided to join dad in the film business. Is he proud? In a word, no. Channeling the Vivid Entertainment s*x tape revelation that made Kim Kardashian richer and more famous, Montana decided to do her thing in adult films and released a one hour Vivid tape of her own. Vivid said she was "scorching". Well, they would say that, wouldn't they? Twenty-something Montana saw it as a springboard. But into what? Dad, we bet, wishes his beautiful daughter would keep her clothes on and clean up her act. Whatever she expected to come from the 2010 video seems to not have worked. It's the last entry in her IMDb list.

13 Kate And Pippa Middleton Go Topless

Back in 2012, a French magazine published topless shots of Kate Middleton sunbathing while holidaying at a private Villa in France. One can imagine that the ultimate celebrity, Queen Elizabeth, was so totally not amused. Pippa Middleton, party girl extraordinaire, was also snapped topless while partying with obviously very close friends, on a boat. The tabloids don't seem to like Pippa and Kate much. Why? Well, they are seen as lazy and purposeless types and the product of parents who have dedicated themselves to making millions and climbing that social ladder. As we will see, the younger Middletons have provided plenty of pictures that the Royals would love to ban.

12 Brad Pitt, Angelina And His Soon To Be Ex Brother-in-Law

The subject is Angelina Jolie's brother, James Haven. There was that passionate kiss at the Oscars in 2002. We are certain Brad Pitt cringes when that one comes up, even if he and Angie are no more. Reportedly, Pitt worked hard to distance himself and Angie from her failed actor brother. But she seems to have this "thing" for him, as James receives 10 percent of Angelina's salary. And to add insult to Brad's injury, James is now a full-time nanny to their unruly brood of badly behaved, over-indulged children. And that kiss just keeps coming back to haunt the family. Some wonder what is actually going on between Angie and her brother. And this is not the only occasion where Jolie smooched her brother. If you don't believe us, check it out on Google. There are lots of images.

11 Prince Harry In Las Vegas

The Prince Harry Las Vegas pictures went viral in 2012. The whole of the English Royal family wishes those naked-romp-in-a-penthouse shots of Prince Harry would disappear from sight and memory. Up until fairly recently, Harry has been THE Royal problem. The tabloids loved those pictures of him stumbling out of clubs blind drunk and showing up to a party wearing a swastika armband. He could do nothing right. Then, in 2012 came the ultimate humiliation, with a drunken, party 24/7 trip to Las Vegas, ending with pictures of Harry in a hotel penthouse totally naked, having lost his clothes in a game of strip pool. And he wasn't the only one in the buff. Then there was that kiss and tell tabloid story of one girl's "wild" night with Harry.

10 Donald's Wife Modeling Past

We all know about all the publicity the Trumps got from the pictures of Melania that were reportedly shot in New York in 1995. The New York Post went nuts with headlines like "The Ogle Office" and "Menage a Trump". The pictures were bad enough, but the story called into question Melania's immigration status, both before and after the shoot. Was she working in the U.S. illegally? Some say yes. Trumps say no. Then there was that risque photoshoot for GQ aboard Donald Trump's private jet after the pair had become a couple. Donald was helping her career. Melania was taking her clothes off. Apparently, at the time, Donald was totally cool with the idea. We should also point out that the 1995 photoshoot appeared to have a kinky S&M theme. A first for potential First Ladies.

9 The Brother Of The Future Queen

The tabloid press love the younger Middletons, Pippa and James especially. Their sis Kate, is going to be Queen and, in the past, the three have provided some great shots for the tabloids to splash across their front pages. There was Pippa partying in her bra, James in a French maid outfit, James with a hair dryer aimed at his private parts, and on and on. There's even one of a smiling James sitting in a chair sipping a beer. Did we mention he didn't have any clothes on? Kate and Prince William have provided some interesting shots as well, including some obviously drunk ones and Kate topless. Then there is this one of James. In a dress. We decided not to show you James' bare bottom in a row of bare bottomed friends. Google "James Middleton naked" if you are interested.


8 The Nolan Brother That May Be A Contract Killer

The Nolan brothers in happier times. Brothers Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan wrote and directed mega-hit Interstellar, and Jonathan is the creative mind behind HBO's upcoming sci-fi Western Westworld. The one on the right is their brother Matthew Nolan. Seems the police in Costa Rica believe he is the hired killer who brutally murdered an American businessman there in 2005. For a time, Matthew was behind bars in Illinois, as his lawyers tried to block attempts to have him extradited to Costa Rica to face trial. He even launched a dramatic attempt to escape by tying bed sheets together. At last report, U.S. courts had refused to ship him back to Costa Rica and he is still a free, if bankrupted, man. The other two Nolan brothers probably tend not to bring Matthew up in conversation much.

7 Kate Middleton's Uncle Gary And Maison De Bang Bang

Back to the Middletons. Carole and Michael Middleton are self-made millionaires, dedicated social climbers, and parents of Pippa, Kate and James. And Carole has a brother, Gary Goldsmith, who also is a self-made millionaire. Sounds like a happy family? Not really. Uncle Gary is a bit of an embarrassment, sporting tattoos, a beer belly, and a reputation for doing and saying whatever he wants. According to The Daily Mail, undercover reporters filmed Uncle G. apparently cutting up lines of cocaine at his eight-acre Ibiza hideaway, La Maison de Bang Bang. See what we mean? Gary claims that his family has no issues with his behavior. If that's true, then we imagine the Royals might have one or two or three concerns about the Middleton clan, young and old.

6 Conrad Hilton And The "F**king Peasants"

This is Conrad Hilton, the guy who probably embarrasses sister Paris Hilton, big time. And that is saying something. There was the time he got into an ex-girlfriend's place after she broke up with him, even though she had taken out a restraining order to keep him away from her. He got probation for that, which he then violated by leaving California. He had a nasty, shouting meltdown on an international flight. Reportedly, he was shouting: "I will f*cking own anyone on this flight; they are f*cking peasants." He fails drugs tests, breaks into houses, and goes dangerously over the edge. People call Paris a party girl. And Conrad? Party guy for certain. But the words "troubled" and "addicted" and "out of control" lead many to think he may well not see old age.

5 Madonna's Homeless Brother

Meet Anthony Ciccone, singing megastar Madonna's 50-something older brother who at last report, was destitute and living in a Michigan garage. According to Radar Online, when the family got together in Michigan to discuss how they might help, Tony showed up drunk and Mario, Madonna's half-brother, kicked him out. Apparently, both Mario and Madonna think that Tony has had enough chances, so they have washed their hands of their troublesome sibling once and for all. And Tony? He sees himself as the victim and has told The Enquirer, "The ironic thing is my family thinks I chose this lifestyle. It’s not the case.” Apart from anything else, Tony got his 15 of fame from the incident.

4 Reese Witherspoon's Brother Arrested And Her Father A Bigamist?

John Draper Witherspoon is Reese Witherspoon's brother. There are some nice smiling pictures of them together way back when. But his mugshot is not so happy. Seems he was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee, for aggravated burglary and sexual battery, after he broke into a young woman's home and assaulted her as she slept. John is named after his father, Dr. John Draper Witherspoon. Back in 2012, Forbes reported that her dad had gotten married for a second time. Only problem was he was never divorced from Reese's mother. Reportedly, her mother sued to have the marriage annulled. Reese's mother has also said he has alcohol problems and doesn't even remember the second wedding. What a family.

3 Mariah Carey's Adult Escort Sister

Mariah Carey is one of the biggest names out there, a superstar singer with a mega-successful career and loads of money. Then there is her big sister Alison, the "adult escort" who is HIV-positive. What's more, she was arrested in August of 2016 when she offered sex for money to an undercover New York police officer. It won't surprise you to learn that Alison and Mariah are estranged and have not spoken for years. According to starcasm, when she was arrested Alison was working at a New York motel, having posted a bunch of online ads on escort services websites. Of course the tabloids flocked in to interview her and of course, Alison was all for reconciling with her rich and successful baby sister. Our advice? Don't hold your breath, Alison.

2 Daniel Baldwin Runs Naked Through A Hotel And Other Highlights

The running naked thing was in 1998 at New York's Plaza Hotel. He was running down the halls shouting "Baldwin". Sadly, there are no pictures of that incident to be found. That led to him being arrested for possession of cocaine. In fact, we could easily do a catalog of Daniel Baldwin mugshots. Brother of actor Alec Baldwin, Daniel has done the acting thing himself and directed, but seems to be more famous (or infamous) for his addictions and arrests. There have been arrests for possession of drug paraphernalia, for driving with a suspended license, and even for car theft. He's been ordered into rehab. And lately he has been doing reality TV, appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. A sure sign that his career is coming to an end.

1 The Lohans Totally Embarrass One Another

Lindsay Lohan is ashamed of her father. Her father Michael Lohan, is ashamed of her. Both have been in and out of jail and in and out of courtrooms. He gets busted for domestic violence. She does her DUI thing, then doesn't show up in court and violates probation. The mugshots were taken days apart. Lindsay reportedly wants nothing to do with him, hates him, wishes he weren't around. That doesn't stop him mouthing off about her. Currently, he claims she is pregnant. Now perhaps the only thing worse than have Michael Lohan for a father is having Lindsay as a mother. This is a family full of totally embarrassing pictures. Which one is the most embarrassing Lohan? Lindsay, hands down.


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