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15 Deleted Scenes That Would’ve Helped Movies Make More Sense

15 Deleted Scenes That Would’ve Helped Movies Make More Sense


We’re coming to a crossroads with how we watch film. DVDs and Blu-rays aren’t being purchased with the same enthusiasm as they once were and that means that special features, like deleted scenes, aren’t being seen nearly as much. While blooper reels can play over the credits, true deleted scenes cannot, because that my friends, would be confusing. So who cares about deleted scenes? Well, most of the time, no one does. Sometimes a scene is deleted that helps to make sense of the film, and other times a scene being deleted creates a plot hole in its absence. This is why we’re interested in deleted scenes, you see?

So how do these omissions happen? Why would an editor cut out a scene that helps make sense of the film? It’s tough to say. There are cases in which the theatrical runtime needs to be trimmed, or cases in which the director/studio simply didn’t like the scene and felt the plot hole created was small enough to be acceptable, and almost certainly cases where the team just didn’t think ahead. But that’s why we’re here. We want to clear up the confusion. Maybe you didn’t even know you were confused, but you were. Oh, you were. We’re going to make sense of everything for you. Sit back. Here are 15 deleted scenes that would have helped a movie make more sense.

15. Did He Say Octopus? – The Goonies

maxresdefault (1)


At the end of The Goonies, after we know it’s going to be a happy ending, a reporter asks the kids what went down and Data says something that confuses everyone watching. He says, “the octopus was very scary.” Now we know Data is a weird dude, but this line seems to come out of nowhere. Did he go on another journey that we don’t know about? The explanation behind this cryptic line lies in a deleted scene. Once you see it, you’ll understand why it was cut. Outside the pirate ship, the kids encounter a giant octopus. As they scream and panic, Data stays cool. He takes his Walkman out and jams it in the octopus’ mouth. As the music begins to play, the Octopus either goes crazy and swims away or it starts to dance and swims away; it’s tough to know what’s actually going down. Some of the TV edits for the movie even included this strange scene. But for the people who watch the normal movie, Data wasn’t talking crazy in this line. He was just referring to something that no one had seen.

14. Scar The Creep – The Lion King


In The Lion King, when Nala bumps into Simba in the forest where he met Timon and Pumbaa, it appears that she was searching for Simba, but appearances can be deceiving. The surprise that Nala shows in seeing her old fling tells us that she wasn’t looking for Simba at all. So why is she there? Well, there was a scene that was taken out of the film (though it stayed in the stage version of the story) that explains that Nala was exiled by Scar. You see, Scar wanted to get with Nala; he wanted her as his queen, and when she rebuffed him, he flipped out and banished her. The people at Disney thought this was too dark of a storyline for little kids so they axed it. Their thinking was, kids are too dumb to realize that there’s a plot hole anyways.

13. Jack Vs. Lovejoy – Titanic



Spicer Lovejoy (David Warner) is the old-timer who is Cal’s right-hand man in Titanic. The last time we see this guy, he’s hanging on the side of the ship and he’s bleeding from his head. We assume that he split his head open in the accident and the kerfuffle afterward, but that’s not actually what happened. In an earlier scene that was deleted, we see that Lovejoy and our boy Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), get into a scrap in the dining room. Jack grabs the old guy and smashes his head through a window. This is where Lovejoy gets the cut and this is why he’s bleeding. It seems that the director, James Cameron, didn’t like seeing sweet little Leo going bad on screen, so he cut it out.

12. Storm’s Punchline – X-Men



So Storm comes out all lightning eyed and Toad is clinging to the railing with his tongue in X-Men, then she belts out the stupidest kill line of all time: “Do you know what happens to a toad when it gets hit by lightning? The same as everything else.” You’re thinking, “W.T.F.” Ok, so there are a number of deleted scenes that led up to this lone. While they don’t necessarily make it any better, they do help it make more sense. Apparently, there were several earlier scenes that had Toad quip his (supposed to be) iconic line, “Do you know what happens to a toad when…” This was meant to be a running gag that would have been completed with Storm’s finishing line. It seems that the filmmakers didn’t like the sound of Toad’s line or his voice so they deleted it all from the final cut, hanging Storm out to dry.

11. Bueller’s Money – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off



Ferris does a lot of things on his day off in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. We know that Bueller is an entitled little jerk, but how does he afford to do all the things he does? How can he afford to pay for dinner, gas and tickets to all the entertaining events he goes to? This was explained in a deleted scene as well. Apparently, Bueller steals one of his father’s bonds, cashes it and goes crazy with the payout. This was deleted because the filmmakers didn’t want to show Ferris in a bad light like that. The weird thing is, Ferris is already shown in a bad light. Perhaps they didn’t mind that he’s a complete wanker, they just didn’t want him to be a thief as well.

10. Original Ending – Paranormal Activity



The ending of Paranormal Activity that we all saw was a last minute addition by Paramount so that they could do some sequels after, which they did. But the original ending actually made the film much, much better. You see, initially, Katie went downstairs at the end of the movie and started screaming, Micah, her husband, goes downstairs to investigate and then he starts screaming. This much was kept the same in all versions. However, instead of coming upstairs and throwing Micah’s lifeless corpse at the camera and then turning into a demon or whatever, Katie comes up alone in the original cut. She then sits by her bed and rocks for an entire day. The next night, the cops come by the house, enter it and come upstairs. Katie stands up and moves toward them, so they shoot her dead. This left a question lingering with the viewer. Was Katie possessed by a demon or was Katie insane?

9. What Happened To Ben Stiller? – Happy Gilmore



After Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) saves his grandmother’s house and brings her home, we all wonder, what the heck happened to Ben Stiller? You remember. He played the evil and abusive caretaker at the senior’s home? There was a scene that showed exactly what happened to this vile creature, but it was deleted. When Happy went to the home to bring Grandma back, he accuses Stiller of being an a*s. Even though Stiller denies it, calling grandma senile, Happy throws him out of a second-story window anyways. Stiller ends with the line, “my god, he’s strong.”

8. What’s The Deal With Boromir? – Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

maxresdefault (3)


There’s a rumor going around that some sad and demented people have only watched the theatrical versions of The Lord of the Rings. Even though that’s hard to believe, we’ll treat it as if it’s true. There are so many great additions in the extended cut that needed to be left out of theaters due to time constraints, but we will discuss one here. The most informative deleted scene is the one that describes Boromir’s motives in going to Rivendell and seeking out the ring in the first place. We learn that his father, Denethor, has put undue pressure on Boromir to get the ring and bring it back to Gondor. This is why Boromir is a bit pushy when it comes to using the power of the ring. Not only is he controlled by the power of the ring, he is also controlled by the will of his father.

7. Coincidental Encounters – Star Trek



So Nero (Eric Bana) kills Kirk’s father when Kirk (Chris Pine) is being born. Then he comes back two decades later to attack the Federation once again. Why in the world would he wait so long? What are the chances of him encountering and killing Kirk’s father and Kirk as soon as they become captain? Is Nero trying to wipe out the Kirk line? The answer to that question came in a deleted scene in which we learn that this is just a coincidence, not a plan at all. During the time that Nero was unaccounted for, he was being held prisoner in a Klingon prison. We learn that he was held there for 20 years and that they knew nothing about him in that time. But they find his papers and discover his plans. It is at the end of this scene that Nero escapes and starts his search for the Starship Enterprise. So it wasn’t just a coincidence that Nero and Kirk crossed paths so conveniently. That’s it.

6. Don’t Look At The Ark – Raiders of the Lost Ark



When the Nazis open up the Ark and get their faces melted off, Indy tells Marion not to look at it, saving her life. But how did he know not to look at it? You get the pattern of this list. The answer came in a deleted scene. The scene in question had Indy and Sallah visiting Imam, who translates the headpiece for them. Before translating, Imam gives them two warnings. Don’t touch the Ark and don’t look at the Ark. If you do either of these things, you’re gonna have a bad time. So Indy listened. We just never knew that this happened because the scene was deemed too unimportant to keep. We just had to assume that Indy had some inside knowledge on the thing.

5. DNA – Prometheus



In the beginning of Prometheus, we see an alien drink some liquid and then he dissolves, his blood running into the water and some DNA strands starting up. Over the course of the film, we can put together that this DNA became the foundation for human life. It takes a PhD to understand why this all happened though. This was initially much clearer, but the filmmakers decided to delete the original opening scene to make it more of a mystery, and a mystery it was. Initially, the opening scene was a sacrifice. It wasn’t just one dude randomly committing suicide, it was a sacrificial ceremony. It gave meaning to the death and showed that it was intentional to create humans. Why not just keep this scene in the damn movie?

4. Virus Compatibility – Independence Day



This is a plot hole that people have been crying about for years and years, and it’s got a few pieces involved in it. So Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith fly up to destroy the mothership. They get there, but then the mothership latches on to them and they can’t get their own ship free. Their plan changes to just shoot the nuke and sacrifice themselves. But wait, Goldblum’s got a better plan. He is going to upload a virus to the ship with his Mac, a virus that he apparently writes on the spot, and this will shut down the ship’s computer systems. So how could he possibly accomplish this? How would it even be compatible? Earlier, in a scene that was eventually deleted, we would have seen Goldblum working on the virus, playing with the computer on the alien ship in their possession. We also learn that our own digital technology is based on the alien tech they found years ago. There ya go. Now it makes sense. Kind of.

3. Ripley’s Grief Aliens



Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) wakes up from her deep stasis sleep and learns she’s been gone for 57 years. In that time, her daughter lived a life and died. The final cut of the film that we originally saw, though, shows a Ripley that seems to get over her grief extremely quickly. Soon after, she meets the little girl, Newt, and it looks like she’s fully moved on. However, a deleted scene (also in the director’s cut) gives us a much deeper look at Ripley’s feelings and her sadness. It also gives us a clearer picture of why Ripley latches onto Newt like she does.

2. Rebooting The Terminator – T2: Judgment Day

terminator 2


In the original Terminator, the Terminator is unable to learn because Skynet puts their CPUs on read-only. This is fixed in T2: Judgment Day by taking the CPU out of the Terminator’s head and reinstalling it. How do we know this? Because we’ve seen the deleted scene that explains it (also in the director’s cut). Although it was cut because it was deemed unnecessary, it explains how the Terminator is able to learn in the second film. The filmmakers decided to try and make this make sense in the theatrical version by having the Arnold say something to the effect of, the longer he’s with humans, the more he learns from them. Meh, not clear enough.

1. Maz And The Force – Star Wars: The Force Awakens



In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Maz Kanata knows all about the force. She knows who has it, what they should do with it and she even has force relics. What’s her deal? Just because she owns a spacebar, heh, that’s no reason she should have all this inside knowledge. The real reason she has so much dirt on the force was, however, explained in a deleted scene. We learn in that scene that not only does Maz have the force, but she’s pretty good with it, too. While Han Solo distracts the troops attacking her bar, she uses the force to collapse a roof on top of a whole group of Stormtroopers. There’s also another deleted scene in which we learn that the reason Rey is able to pick up the force so quickly is because she had a vision that showed her the entire history of the force. Like a “Force for Dummies” or the CliffsNotes version.

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