15 Celebs You Wouldn't Believe Enjoy Extreme Sports

Finding out that your favorite celebrity has a life of their own can be quite shocking. What can be even more shocking is discovering what kind of activities they tend to indulge in off-screen. Like anyone else, what you do to pay the bills does not really define who you are 100% of the time. So why pigeonhole these celebs into one specific category?

Truth is, most of the time, having an abundance of money can lead you to do crazy things. If you like to race, and have the funds, you can easily find yourself in a race car, testing its limits. In some cases, being cast in certain movies may have influenced an actor to continue practicing a new sport. Or maybe they have been exercising their vocation long before they were put under the scrutiny of the public eye.

The possibilities are endless when you've been lucky enough to collect a reasonable yearly salary. Still, this is not to say that you can't get an adrenaline high from hiking up a mountain or running a race, but simply that the types of sports that are considered extreme usually go hand-in-hand with inspiring bank figures.

15 Patrick Dempsey - Race Car Driving


At 50 years old, Patrick Dempsey has acquired quite the intimidating portfolio. Dempsey's talents have ranged from acting, directing and surprisingly enough, race car driving. It seems the actor we all know and love has been hiding some tricks up his sleeve and has managed to keep his racing profession on the down-low by blindsiding us with his 31-year acting career. Earlier this year, Dempsey announced that he would be taking a break from racing to focus on more important things, such as acting and family. During Dempsey's race car driving years, he has managed to participate in over 68 high profile races, in which he scored 9 podiums. And he even the won the Fuji FIA World Endurance Championship in 2015. Although Dempsey is no longer racing, his team Dempsey-Proton Racing will continue to participate with a Porsche 911 RSR in the World Endurance Championship season.

14 Angelina Jolie - Flying


There is a lot more to know about Angelina Jolie than meets the eye. Yes, she is a beautiful woman who has made her way through Hollywood, but she's been up to a lot more than just acting. Jolie became interested by the possibility of flying her own aircraft back in 2007. Oddly enough, she was introduced to the thought by her son, Maddox, who was completely enthralled by anything that made it up to the big blue sky. Jolie started off by flying a small prop plane and now owns her very own red and white Cirrus SR-22 -which is one the world's fastest single-engine planes. Jolie even brings her own children for rides and is proud to say that ever since she started flying, she has become Superman in her son Maddox's eyes. 

13 Orlando Bloom - Mountain Biking

Orlando Bloom is a British actor who is far from ordinary. Not only is he a motorcycle fanatic, but he also chooses mountain biking as a sport to keep fit for his upcoming role in 2017's Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Bloom's acting career has not been an easy one either; his roles have caused him to learn a vast set of skills that can range anywhere from horseback riding to archery. It comes as no surprise to find out that Bloom is somewhat addicted to extreme sports; in fact, if he wasn't, he would have had a hard time playing Legolas in The Lord Of the Rings. Bloom's character Legolas is trained in weaponry, canoeing and archery, so if Bloom were to turn down any intense training, he would have basically turned down the role. All in all, if Bloom did not enjoy extreme sports before his rise to fame, he certainly enjoys them now.

12 Rowan Sebastian Atkinson ( Mr. Bean) - Race Car Driver


Rowan Atkinson is nothing short of amazing. Don't know who Rowan Atkinson is? Well, that's probably because to you, he's the one and only Mr. Bean. This hilarious comedian has introduced his own special type of humor to the public and 30 years later, it's still cracking up the Globe. But what else do we know about this so-called Mr.Bean, asides from his uproarious personality? For starters, he has a degree in Electrical Engineering and is an extremely dedicated car enthusiasts who has even written for numerous British car magazines. Not enough? Well, you can add race car driver to the list! Atkinson drove a mid-engine Renault in the manufacturer's Turbo Cup Racing series in the mid 80s and also drove an Aston Martin at Silverstone in 2010. Want to see more of Mr. Bean behind the wheel? Check out his appearances on the TV shows Full Throttle and Top Gear.

11 Bradley Cooper - Motorcycle Driver

Bradley Cooper is no stranger when it comes to riding his motorcycle around Los Angeles. The actor is often spotted cruising around and although he might change up his choice of bike, he never changes up his safety guidelines. Want to know if that motorcyclist you just saw in LA is Bradley Cooper? If he's clad from head-to-toe in black leather protective gear paired with aviator glasses, then it's definitely him. Cooper is a connoisseur when it comes to motor bikes, and his love for them will often cause him to ride more than one a day. In the morning, he can sometimes be seen riding a Black Ducati, only to be spotted driving a KTM 1190 RC8 R in the afternoon. Oddly enough, Cooper only received his motorbike license back in 2011.

10 Katy Perry - Bungee Jumping


Katy Perry might come off as someone who would be afraid to partake in extreme sports, but there's a reason the pop singer was once engaged to Russell Brand. While Perry was in the middle of her "California Dreams" tour back in 2011, she was hit by a desire to do something crazy. The singer then decided it would be a good idea to bungee jump off the Auckland Harbour bridge in North Shore City, New Zealand.  Perry tweeted "Pre-show bungee jump in New Zealand! PPPSHAAAH!" before taking the leap.  In all fairness, some people would rather bungee jump off of a bridge rather than perform in front of thousands of people. So why not do both? If you're nervous about performing, bungee jump the fear away!

9 Jack Osbourne - Rock Climbing 

Jack Osbourne might be the most dedicated extreme sport lover in the world of celebrities. Although Osbourne did not take over his father's many talents, he definitely invented a new list of his own. Osbourne started on his journey when he enrolled himself in a six-month detox program where he lost 70 lbs. After being deemed fit, the rush seeker set his eyes on the prize: climbing El Cap Spire's Salathe Wall. If that's not enough proof that Jack Osbourne is an addict, then feel free to watch his show Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie to clear things up. Osbourne describes his feelings towards rock climbing in a very unique way, stating that, "The rush is the first and foremost thing that I love." Osbourne's love for rock climbing can be traced back to when he was only six years old, to when he watched Cliffhanger for the fist time and was instantly amazed.

8 8.Natalie Imbruglia - Mountain Climber 

Natalie Imbruglia is a singer who is most recognized for her hit track "Torn." However, Imbruglia's list of accomplishments does not stop there. She is also a songwriter, model, actress and an adrenaline junkie. Back in 2009, Imbruglia joined Jack Osbourne on his reality TV show Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie. Imbruglia was featured in season five for two episodes, in which she climbed the Canadian Rockies with Osbourne and two other guests. If that wasn't enough, after climbing the 8000 ft.-high Mount Fable, Imbruglia and crew then proceeded to fly to Hawaii to partake in some "free diving."

7 Matthew McConaughey - Surfing


Matthew McConaughey wasn't born a surfer, but it didn't take him long to get the hang of it. McConaughey was first introduced to the sport when he was filming the movie Surfer, Dude back in 2008 and he instantly fell in love with it. Although it wasn't always easy at first, McConaughey had the upper hand of being thought the art of surfing by Strider Wasilewski ,who quickly became more like a friend than a trainer to him. And now eight years later, he can almost call himself a pro. When asked what it was about surfing that made him continue practicing the sport even after he finished filming Surfer, Dude. McConaughey replied, "It might sound corny, but I’ve never had a bad time surfing. I love being out there, I love the culture, I love being outside—I just love it, man."

6 Kate Bosworth - Horseback Riding

Kate Bosworth is the type of person who can easily shock the public - be it with her fashion sense, acting skills, or even the types of sports that she indulges in. Bosworth started off her career by acting in the movie Horse Whisperer back in 1998, a movie that she felt connected to by her profound love of horse back riding. Bosworth did not stop at acting and soon found her way into modelling. The tall blonde beauty also took on surfing while filming 2002's Blue Crush and instantly became mesmerized by the sport. Bosworth also seems to have dabbled in skydiving as well. This adrenaline junkie even went as far as  jumping from a plane at 15,000 feet with ex-boyfriend James Rousseau back in 2008.

5 Jackie Chan - Martial Arts


Jackie Chan is a warrior when it comes to his field of work, not only can he act but he can do so while taking part in extreme physical activity. Throughout Chan's line of work, he has gotten injured countless times. He even has a permanent hole in his head from a stunt gone wrong. But nothing can stop the great Jackie Chan from returning to the sport that he loves and craves so dearly. Chan is so talented in acrobatics and martial arts that he even holds two Guinness World Records! One is for the most credits in a movie and the other for the most stunts done by a living actor. This daredevil is thought to be so on-point that he was once sucker punched by a fan who never doubted that Chan would block it. Ouch.

4 Leonardo DiCaprio - Wakeboarding 


Leonardo DiCaprio is a man who needs no introduction, not only has he accomplished world-wide success with his acting skills but he has done so without having a smug look on his face. This big-time actor has accomplished a lot since he played Arnie in What's Eating Gilbert Grape back in 1993. In fact, DiCaprio is much more than an actor; he is an environmental activist who is constantly fighting for the rights of our planet. He even purchased a 104-acre island with hopes of conserving its beauty. So when DiCaprio straps on his water jet boots and flies around the coast of Spain, let's just say he deserves nothing less than that adrenaline packed experience.

3 Vince Vaughn - Jiu-Jitsu

Vince Vaughn seems to be getting more and more curious as the year go by. In 2010, while Vaughn was expecting his first child, he decided to do something a little nutty. With his mother Sharon in tow, the pair decided to take a leap of faith and skydive for the first time. Vaughn and Sharon jumped out of a plane at 12,500-feet over Lake Michigan and they did this for the opening act of Chicago's Air and Water Show. It seems that this event caused a little stir in Vaughn's adrenaline chamber, which then resurfaced in 2016, when Vaughn decided to enroll himself in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Vaughn has been taking lessons at the Gracie University with head coach Rener Gracie, who is the trainer to thank for Ronda Rousey's success in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

2 Woody Harrelson - Kiteboarding 

Woody Harrelson is no newbie when it comes to sports. The 55-year-old actor does not shy away from any physical activity when given the opportunity. On weekends, you can either catch him running, biking or playing a game of football with other athletes. But one of Harrelson's favorite sports of all time is a little more extreme than what he usually likes to practice. Harrelson's love for kiteboarding is hard to miss when you see him hit the waves with a huge smile on his face, especially when he gets to kiteboard off the coast of Maui. Harrelson has also climbed the golden gate bridge to protest the destruction of the ancient redwoods in Northern California. Harrelson's love for nature has lead him to become an activist towards wildlife. The vegan actor has even started a business that makes paper out of wheat instead of trees, in hopes of conserving the forests.

1 Hugh Jackman - Zip-lining 


Hugh Jackman might have a reputation of steel when it comes to being the man, but it might be wise to have him in protective wear 24/7. It seems this great actor has a knack for getting himself injured. Jackman, who has portrayed the great Wolverine in the X-Men movies, makes it a point to do as many of his own stunts as possible, which would seem endearing if it weren't for the fact that he repeatedly injures himself on set. His weapon of choice? Wires. Jackman can often be found swinging from wire-to-wire when impersonating Wolverine, an unnecessary risk that Jackman's wife refers to as a "Mid-life crisis." The Australian thrill-seeker even went as far as zip-lining a 100 ft., from the roof of the Sydney Opera House to an outdoor stage to meet Oprah. A decision that almost cost Jackman his left eye.


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