15 Celebs You Want To Party With

Everyone likes to cut loose and have a little fun every now and then. This includes celebrities – after all, at the end of the day, they’re just people too. However, celebrities are able to take their partying to a whole new level thanks to their fame and fortune. Those exclusive nightclubs that you’ve never been able to wrangle your way into? No problem for them. The flocks of gorgeous women that you often see on a night on the town, but who won’t give you the time of day? Many of these celebrity men pretty much travel with their own entourage of bombshells. Sick of the cheap swill that they give you when you order a standard highball? These celebrities won’t stand for that – the price point for top shelf liquor is just fine for them, so they’ll make sure you get the best.

Celebrities are constantly followed by paparazzi, so it can be difficult for them to cut loose, but rest assured – they definitely do. Some might party too hard, but most have achieved the perfect work-fun balance. And let’s be honest – when you see some of these male celebrities captured in the tabloids, or even imagine what a night on the town with them might be like, it seems like a lot of fun. It’s a long shot, but you never know – maybe they might have an opening on their squad and be willing to take you out. Here are 15 male celebs that you definitely want to party with, should the opportunity arise.


15 Hugh Hefner

Okay, yes – when you think of a hot party, you don’t necessarily imagine an 89 year old on the guest list. However, Hefner transcends his age when it comes to parties. The insane parties that happened at the Playboy mansion over the years proves he knows how to throw a good bash (by hiring the best help, obviously) and how to craft a sexy, exclusive guest list. Plus, to this day, he manages to bring along an entourage of gorgeous women wherever he goes. It’s practically a built in party anytime he steps outside of his front doors. Hef might not be able to party all night anymore, but he’d definitely hook you up with some Playmates.

14 Diddy


Hip hop mogul Diddy’s invite only parties have been notorious for decades. After all, anyone can go partying at the hottest night club or bar in town, but it takes a certain level of fame to score an invite to a Diddy bash. His big, well-known parties are somewhat themed, but not in the kitschy way – he has the famed Labour Day “White Party,” and the “Party in the Hamptons.” Basically, the theme is just luxury – wear gorgeous clothing, drink top shelf liquor, and have a great time.

13 Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt shot to superstardom thanks to his role in Guardians of the Galaxy, and let’s be honest – everyone wants to party with Starlord. He’d bring out the best throwback jams. However, that’s not the only reason you’d want Pratt at your party. He has a great sense of humor and just seems like the type of guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Some A-Listers might require a red carpet and top shelf only drinks, but you could easily take Pratt on a pub crawl of local dive bars and have an absolute blast. He's the perfect low maintenance party bro.

12 Bradley Cooper


Disclaimer – we know that The Hangover is a fictional film. However, Bradley Cooper’s character on that show was basically the guy you want at every party, bachelor or otherwise – some of that vibe must have rubbed off on Cooper. Now, keep in mind that in real life, he doesn’t drink – but that just means his judgment will be clear, so he can dissuade you from making any stupid, drunken decisions. Plus, Cooper has some serious game – he’d give you tips and help you chat up that girl who caught your eye (unless he took her for himself, which he could, but he seems like too good a guy to do that.)

11 Charlie Sheen

Fair warning – if you ever party with Charlie Sheen, you better be the type of person who knows how to set your own limits, because he certainly won’t know when to stop. Sheen has gotten a lot of attention for his hard-partying lifestyle over the years, his often insane behavior and inexplicable comments, his choice in women, and more. He parties with porn stars and indulges in illicit substances. This is definitely not the kind of guy you’d want to turn into a life-long best friend, but for one night? That would be an insane party you’d likely never forget.

10 Robert Downey Jr.


Everything about Robert Downey Jr. screams fun. Let’s just give you a bit of a preview at what a RDJ party might be like – as he revealed to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, his 50th birthday party included a big slide that guests could go down… into a ball pit. Downey Jr. might not be as hard a partier as he was in his younger years, as he’s moved on to a clean and sober lifestyle, but he’s basically just a big kid at heart. He would be down for anything, would encourage even your most ridiculous idea, and keep you laughing all night.

9 Bill Murray

Once upon a time, Bill Murray was just an actor. However, thanks to his insane behavior over the years, he’s slowly become a legend. You could basically read any story about Bill Murray and have absolutely no trouble believing it, regardless of how far-fetched it might seem. And that is exactly the kind of guy you want to party with. Plus, he’s a notorious party crasher already, so you know loves partying with strangers. At the end of the night, you would pretty much be guaranteed a few insane stories that you could share with all your friends for years to come.


8 Seth Rogen


Seth Rogen is a funny guy, plain and simple – he would keep you laughing all night, and would be down for pretty much anything the night threw at you. Plus, he’s worked with basically every comedy superstar in Hollywood, so chances are he’d bring an amazing entourage of comedians along for the ride. This is the guy who came up with Superbad – that’s basically all you need to know. Plus, as an added bonus, he definitely doesn’t have a reputation as a womanizer, so you know he wouldn’t mess up your chances with the ladies.

7 Idris Elba

Perhaps we’re reading too much into Idris Elba’s latest role, but we can’t help but imagine partying with him would be totally 007. What do we mean by that? Amazing, expensive luxury cars, an elegant bar with incredible cocktails, clothing that women go crazy for… it would be a night of luxury and sophistication. He’d take you partying European-style. Just make sure you can keep up – while Elba isn’t a notorious partier, he seems like the kind of guy who knows how to have a good time. If you’ve graduated past the dive bars and house parties, Elba is the perfect guy to show you how to party in style.

6 Jon Hamm


Jon Hamm is best known for his role of Don Draper on HBO’s Mad Men, and he has one thing in common with Draper – a sense of mystery. Hamm has shot to superstardom in the past few years, but somehow, despite being on the A-List, he manages to keep a lot to himself. We can’t quite imagine what a party with Hamm would be like – but that’s exactly why we’d want to party with him to find out.

5 Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian doesn’t go to parties – his entire life is a party. He’s become a pop culture icon and amassed insane amounts of followers on his social media accounts, and it’s not merely because of his apparent wealth – tons of people around the world have money. No, Bilzerian is a legend because of the hard-partying lifestyle he shares on his feeds. Hot women? Check. Alcohol? Check. Exotic locales? Check. A whole lot of fun? Check. Bilzerian knows how to party, and if you can keep up with him, he’s guaranteed to show you a fun night. Plus, who knows – maybe he’d even pick up the bar tab.

4 Prince Harry


Who on earth wouldn’t jump at the chance to party with a member of the royal family? Prince Harry is the wildest amongst the British royals, and while his years in the spotlight have made him pretty good at avoiding the paparazzi, they’ve captured him partying a little too hard quite a few times. Simply put – this prince knows how to have a good time. Thanks to his title, Prince Harry would be able to get you entrance into any bar or nightclub you wanted to go to, and he would happily party with you all night long – after all, a recent return from deployment had him partying until 10.00 am the next day. The question is, could you keep up with him?

3 George Clooney

George Clooney is a married man nowadays, but for quite some time, he was Hollywood’s most notorious bachelor. Over the years, you know he’s been to a lot of parties, and he’s a must-invite based on his personality alone. Clooney is ridiculously charming and happy to talk to anyone and everyone, despite being a mega-celeb. He values the important people in his life, which means that he’s not going to be the kind of guy who will ditch you at a party if someone better comes along – you’re guaranteed to have a fun time all night.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio


Over the years, Leonardo DiCaprio has earned a certain reputation. No, it’s not that he’s frequently snubbed for awards – it’s that he somehow always manages to snag insanely hot women. I mean, sure, he’s a fairly good looking guy, but still – the sheer amount of supermodels he’s dated is absolutely absurd. If you partied with Leo, chances are he’d bring some babes along for the night and make everyone’s party a little hotter. Plus, you never know – maybe he’ll let you in on his best pick-up lines so that you can have a shot with that hot girl at the bar.

1 Jay Z

Unlike many other rappers, Jay Z isn’t the type to get caught for partying too hard and spiraling out of control. However, he’s definitely a man who knows how to have a good time – he just knows how to do it his way, with style and sophistication. He’s gotten involved in countless pursuits outside of just music, which means he could probably introduce you to some athletes and get you free drinks at his establishments along the way. He would be down for anything, and who knows – maybe he’d even invite his wife Beyoncé and some of his other famous friends along for the ride.




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