15 Celebs You Want To Kiss But Probably Shouldn't

In 10th grade, a unit in my chemistry class was called "chemistry in the kitchen." Unlike all the boring, math-heavy chemistry we had done until then, this module taught us, for instance, that the citric acid in lemon juice will keep a fruit salad fresh. One experiment we did was to try and consume a piece of chocolate with all five senses. "Food is not just enjoyed with the mouth", our professor said to us. "Listen to the piece break off. Remember that chocolate doesn't just taste good, it feels good in your mouth."

Kissing, in my opinion, is a similar experience. A kiss itself can feel good against your lips, but if it tastes like Indian food, the gig is kind of up. If the person's breath smells like the inside of an unearthed coffin, the mood gets totally killed (no pun intended).

Of the following celebrities, only one is a bad kisser. As for the rest of them, we have no data on their skills. But we do have oral reports about the circumstances surrounding the kiss. Some of them have rancid breath, others offensive personal hygiene. It doesn't come across on screen, them seeming poised and picture-perfect, but peek behind the curtain for a few minutes and find the 15 celebrities whose kiss you probably shouldn't accept.

15 Victoria Beckham

14 Julia Roberts

13 Megan Fox

12 Matthew McConaughey

11 Jessica Simpson

10 Robert Pattinson

9 Christina Aguilera

8 Jason Segel

7 Jennifer Aniston

6 Johnny Depp

5 Angelina Jolie


4 Ben Affleck


3 Kate Hudson


2 Shailene Woodley


1 Jennifer Lawrence


As Ariana Grande as Jennifer Lawrence said on SNL: "They told me not to do a gameshow but I was like 'Screw it, I can have fun, I'm a regular person.'"

As Kenan Thompson as Steve Harvey responded: "Okay... You know you say you're a regular person more than any regular person I know."

This pretty much sums it up: Jennifer Lawrence is a good time gal, easy and breezy, always down for whatever. That's why it comes as no surprise that she would play a joke on her Hunger Games co-stars by eating gross foods like garlic before they had any kissing scenes. It turns out there were a lot of games going on behind the scenes of the notoriously self-serious films.



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15 Celebs You Want To Kiss But Probably Shouldn't