15 Celebs Who You Didn't Know Had Strange Body Parts

Most of the time when people think celebrities, they automatically think of perfection. A lot of people think about their perfect bodies, hairstyles, and flawless public appearance, and to be honest can you blame us for these thoughts? Hollywood and the mainstream media are constantly perpetuating an image of what perfection is that makes a lot of people feel insecure or unworthy of happiness. But when the cameras aren't rolling, the lights off, and everybody goes home, even some of your favorite celebs suffer from the same issues that we as average citizens face. For instance, one in thirty-three children are born with a physical deformity, think about it... that's a lot. And we're not saying that us normal people are walking around dragging a single leg, with an enlarged eyeball hanging out of our eye sockets, but how many of those children do you think grew up to pursue entertainment and have successful careers? A lot more than you would think. Take a look at some of Hollywood's most prosperous and beautiful celebrities that just so happen to have some rather strange body parts/deformities.

15 Karolina Kurkova

14 Mila Kunis

13 Kesha


12 Megan Fox

11 Gemma Arterton

10 Ashton Kutcher


9 Joaquin Phoenix

8 Denzel Washington


7 Andy Garcia


6 Elizabeth Taylor


5 Daryl Hannah

4 Gerard Butler


3 Jennifer Garner

2 Seal


1 Harry Styles

This one's for all of the teeny boppers out there. You're One Direction boy band member, Harry Styles, is a freak... and not in a good way you little pervs. You know how most people are born with two hands, two eyes, two ears, two nipples, two of everything right? Harry Styles has a condition known as supernumerary nipples and was born with a total of four. That's right kiddies your man crush Monday has a body reminiscent to that of a cow, complete with four udders. He's very open about his extra nipples and had this to say to Star magazine about his strange condition, "I've got four nipples, I must have been a twin, but the other one went away and left it's nipples behind." Even though the guy's got extra nipples we definitely wouldn't want him around our girlfriends, with or without his shirt on.


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15 Celebs Who You Didn't Know Had Strange Body Parts