15 Celebs Who Were Starstruck When They Met Their Famous Heroes

They say you should never meet your heroes because they’re sure to disappoint you, but what about when you’re famous yourself? Celebrity status life, from the perspective of an outsider, seems like it would be a lot like high school, where everyone kind of knows everyone, but there are all of these unwritten rules and cliques that need to be navigated.

When regular folks meet a favorite star their reactions range from being quiet, to being a blubbering idiot, to screaming, or crying, and gushing hysterically about how amazing the person they just met is. Here’s the thing: even though someone might be an A-list star to the general population, that doesn’t mean that they weren’t their chapter’s leader of the Backstreet Boys Fan Club when they were in junior high, and even if they’ve been rocking the red carpet for years now, they still might lose their mind if they ever end up in the same room as their beloved Nick Carter!

One of the many reasons that people enjoy particular stories about celebs acting like the rest of us, is that it helps to humanize them. A star is a little more relatable when they freak out over meeting someone famous, after all they are real people too. This glimpse into the world of the celebrity super fan shows the world that no matter how great that actor looks in their $10,000 dollar suit, and how “cool as a cucumber” they come off in their late night talk circuit interviews that they still might get weak at the knees for a select few other stars. These 15 celebrities went full on fangirl when they met their role models.


25 Anne Hathaway Meets Mariah Carey

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Anne Hathaway was on the red carpet promoting her movie The Intern in New York City when she realized that the stunning songstress was standing right behind her. The Associated Press managed to capture hilarious footage of the 32-year-old superstar losing it over the prospect of meeting her “Hero.” Hathaway told a reporter, “I’m freaking out. Like, she’s two arms lengths away right now” and then became so flustered that she wasn’t able to get out a complete sentence. When the reporter suggested that Hathaway go up and introduce herself to Carey, the actor didn’t want to because the timing just wasn’t right. Apparently even the great Hathaway can get stage fright when she’s in the shadow of Mariah Carey!

24 Emilia Clarke Meets Matt LeBlanc

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Emilia Clarke is best known as the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen on the HBO series Game of Thrones and is loved by fans everywhere, but that didn’t prevent her from getting very shy when she appeared on The Graham Norton Show. As a self-proclaimed Friends superfan, she avoided talking to Matt Leblanc backstage when the two appeared on the comedy chat show together because she was afraid to approach him. When the host teased and proclaimed, “Emilia Clarke loves Matt Leblanc” she began to blush and she excused Leblanc who admitted that he’d only watched the first season of Game of Thrones. She eventually works up the courage to ask Leblanc to offer up his signature Joey Tribbiani line of, “How you doin?” to her.


22 Amy Winehouse Meets Tony Bennett

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Anyone who has followed the beautifully tragic life of Amy Winehouse or seen the documentary Amy knows how much Tony Bennett and his work meant to the soulful singer. She gushed when Bennett presented her with an award, and she was clearly living her dream when given the opportunity to sing a duet (which turned out to be the singer’s final recording) “Body and Soul” and she declared how much both she and her father love Bennett. To this day Bennett regrets not talking to her about her drug abuse or passing along some words of wisdom that had always stuck with him, specifically something he had been told by Jack Rollins (Woody Allen’s manager at the time) surrounding the drug overdose of Lenny Bruce that changed his life, "he sinned against his talent."


20 Taylor Swift Meets Madonna

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In 2015, when pop music icon Madonna performed alongside Taylor Swift at the iHeartRadio Awards in California the young singer couldn’t “Shake It Off.” She was bubbling over with excitement about working with someone who she greatly admired. When Madonna presented her with the award for Song of the Year, she posed for photos with her jaw agape and wasn’t able to get over the kind words that Madge had for her because it clearly meant so much. Swift posted about the moment on her Instagram account and wrote, “I might be okay but I’m not FINE AT ALL. #MyFangirlLIfe #MadonnaAndTaylor”.



18 Mark Ruffalo Meets Paul Rudd

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In 2014, while at Comic Con, Mark Ruffalo excitedly creeped up behind Paul Rudd as he was being interviewed on the red carpet because he was so pumped about seeing the star. Later, at the same convention, Paul Rudd returned the favor by sneaking up behind Ruffalo and demonstrating an equal level of fan struck glee. The two then “nerded out” together talking about what an honor it was to meet Lou Ferrigno because of his role as The Incredible Hulk. As they talked to each other, while the cameras continued to roll for Ruffalo’s interview, Ruffalo tried to step out of center stage to allow for Rudd to tell a story, mainly because he was so interested in what Rudd had to say and was more than happy to have him take over his own interview. Clearly, Mark Ruffalo loves Paul Rudd just as much as the next fan.


16 Emma Stone Meets The Spice Girls

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In 2012, Emma Stone told Entertainment Weekly about her childhood obsession with The Spice Girls and how she specifically wanted to be Baby Spice, Emma Bunton when she was growing up. Two years later when she was promoting the movie The Amazing Spiderman 2 she was sent a video message from Scary Spice Mel B. challenging her to make up for the fact that she hadn’t been a number one Scary fan by singing any Spice Girls song on TV. Despite being flustered, and crying with excitement over a message from a Spice Girl, Emma Stone came through and gave a slightly disjointed, but love filled rendition of “Wannabee,” she still knew all of the words by heart. The Spice Girls are currently celebrating their 20 year anniversary since the debut of Spice Girl Power.


14 Ariana Grande Meets Jim Carrey


Ariana Grande gladly admits that she’s had a lifelong crush on 54-year-old comedian Jim Carrey. The singer confessed her admiration and even Instagram a video of when she met the actor, where she cried and was taken aback with emotion surrounding the meeting. Grande told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan all about meeting Carrey saying, “"I was kind of nervous to meet him, because, I was like, you know, he's been my crush forever. What if he's not as nice as I'm expecting? "He was so over-the-top nice, and perfect, and just as I hoped he'd be. [He said to me in] his classic Jim Carrey, 'Nice to meet ya. Thank you. Remember, be nice.' I was like, 'Oh my God, you're so cute. I love you.' I was like, 'Wow, help me God, thank you.'"


12 Jennifer Lawrence Meets Anyone


People love Jennifer Lawrence because of the way that she embodies the spirit of the girl next door balanced with her immense talent. Whether it’s her blunt candor or the way that she freaks out whenever she meets other celebrities in spite of being a celebrity herself, people can’t get enough. She isn’t afraid to let her inner fangirl out by posing excitedly for photos alongside other A-list celebs like Bill Murray, has run away from Jeff Bridges because she was nervous about the prospect of meeting him, photobombed Sarah Jessica Parker, squealed in delight over meeting Taylor Swift, and has given an adorably awe-filled look to Anne Hathaway when they met. And who could forget the way she admitted to checking out John Stamos’s caboose?


10 Britney Spears Meets Ed O’Neil

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Britney Spears proved that she was a big Modern Family fan when she ran into Ed O’Neil at an airport. The blonde singer told the 70-year-old actor that he was her absolute favorite on the show and even asked him to pose for a picture with her, grinning widely from ear to ear like any star struck fan. He agreed, assuming that anyone would say this because he was the only star from the show at the airport. O’Neil didn’t realize who he’d taken a photo with until after his manager called him to tell him that a tweet featuring him and the singer, who had posted it to social media like any super fan would, had received over 53,000 likes.


8 Ewan McGregor Meets Louis C.K.


Sometimes a celebrity crush can go both ways, and maybe even blossom into a celebrity bromance. Social media seems to be a great way for stars and fans alike to profess their admiration for a particular person. When Ewan McGregor posted his praise for Louis C.K.'s stand-up on twitter saying, “@louisck I drove 400 miles yesterday listened to your stand up about parenting and tried not to drive off the road from laughing and crying.” C.K. awkwardly, yet hilariously responded with, “well I’m glad you didn’t die. Because I am in love with you. I mean…I enjoy your work.” CK has even created a comedy routine about how beautiful he thinks McGregor is and how despite having no gay inclinations, he would love to hook up with the Scottish star. After seeing the routine on George Stromboulopoulos Tonight, McGregor said he was flattered and added, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I met him somewhere, and I went behind him, just tapped him on the shoulder? Just to see how really serious he really is about it.”


6 Katy Perry Meets Britney Spears

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It took a movie about little blue creatures to bring the two songstresses together in person, despite the fact that both must travel amongst other pop star elite celebs. Katy Perry reprised her role as Smurfette in Smurfs 2 while Britney Spears had a song on the soundtrack. The two met for the very first time on the blue carpet (yes, there really was a blue carpet instead of a red one) at the premiere of the film. Perry was so excited about meeting her idol, Spears, that she got emotional and began to cry. Both ladies looked beautiful in blue dresses as they had their first face to face meet and greet. Before the two met Katy had excitedly told E! Online all about her excitement and how she couldn’t wait to meet Britney.


4 Oprah Meets Mick Jagger

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With the number of stars that Oprah has met over the course of her career, people would expect her to keep her calm, confident, and cool in the face of any celebrity. Apparently there are still some people who can even make Oprah swoon, namely Sir Mick Jagger. The media mogul and TV personality met Mick at a party in 2013 and couldn’t contain her excitement when she asked him to pose with her for a selfie, which she immediately uploaded to Instagram. She even added a caption to the shot, “My first time meeting Mick Jagger! And yes he dances like Mick Jagger!” Always one to include her real life bestie Gayle King, Oprah managed to snag and post a photo of her BFF dancing with Mick Jagger!

3. Prince & New Girl

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Ever wonder how Prince ended up on the popular TV series New Girl? He got on the show because he was a super fan and got in touch with the producers to profess his love for the sitcom, in particular his two all-time favorite characters, Nick and Jess. Recently Zooey Deschanel spoke to Conan O’Brien about how she had received an email from the singer’s manager saying that he wanted to appear on the show. This landed him a one episode guest spot on the show where he (spoiler alert) encourages the two to profess their love for each other. This one time episode is a bitter sweet recent reminder of all the wonderful and lovable eccentricities of the "Purple Rain" singer. In true Prince form, he wanted control over which other celebrity guest stars appeared as his party guests in the episode, which meant cameos from the Kardashian’s ended up on the cutting room floor.


2 Anna Kendrick Meets Beyoncé

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Anna Kendrick has a pretty impressive set of pipes, and can belt them out along with the best, despite her wee size, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t swoon at the sight of Queen Bey herself. While at The Grammy Awards, Kendrick has recounted walking past Beyoncé quickly, just to soak up some of her “aura.” Her friends then told her that Queen Bey was motioning for Kendrick to come talk to her. Despite being very skittish Kendrick got up her nerve to talk to the singer and tell her what an inspiration she is. Kendrick was thrilled when Beyoncé told her that she and her husband (Jay Z) had just watched Kendrick on the Kennedy Center Honors, and even complemented her on her little red dress. The Pitch Perfect star recounted her exciting encounter on Conan following the event.

1 Melissa McCarthy meets Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & Meryl Streep

Just because Melissa McCarthy can command a room with her spot on comedic timing and talent, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t freak out a little when she’s surrounded by other A list celebrities. While at the Golden Globes, McCarthy admits that she was particularly star struck in the middle of a conversation with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. McCarthy says she made things a little awkward when she literally stopped the couple mid-sentence to tell them, “you have to stop for a minute because it's a lot visually to take in.“ McCarthy says the couple laughed and then she apologized to them saying, “'Ok. I'm sorry. I needed to like regroup' because (you’re) kind of a lot." McCarthy’s regroup only lasted for a moment after Meryl Streep joined the conversation and Melissa kept, embarrassingly, announcing, “ 'Oh my god. You're Meryl Streep!'" to The Iron Lady herself.

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