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15 Celebs Who Post The Hottest Gym Selfies

15 Celebs Who Post The Hottest Gym Selfies

Your friends likely do it. Even celebrities are not afraid to indulge in the act. Indeed, the gym selfie is one of the most controversial forms of the selfie out there today, gathering mixed results from observers and onlookers. Sure, those who post gym selfies may be admired and garner a lot of likes and happy faces for their enviable bods. But if they post too many, they risk being labelled self-obsessed. Some may unfollow or unfriend. Those who post gym-selfies are very dangerous people.

A recent study found that those people who post gym selfies and share information about their diet and workout routine are more likely to be narcissists. Uh oh. That is because they seek approval from others.

Although those who post gym selfies may in fact be suffering from some type of psychological disorder, we can’t deny that they look hot while doing it. Here are some of the hottest (and most narcissistic) celebs with the hottest gym selfies for your viewing pleasure.

15. Jessica Alba



If you’ve ever wondered what Jessica Alba looks like after a romp (a romp at the gym, that is), check out her Instagram page. As you would imagine, she looks extra hot with that slight shine on her face. While her selfies are more modest – she isn’t one to post pictures of her booty in yoga pants like others on this list – she always leaves you wanting more. A lot of her gym and fitness selfies are more on the cutesy side with Alba making the thumbs up sign, almost as an act of accomplishment rather than an attempt to be sexy. She does love to show off her guns, but that is about all you’re going to see. But does it really matter? You would probably pay to watch Alba doing the dishes, if we’re being honest. Definitely check her out if you are looking for a little motivation to workout.

14. Karlie Kloss



Former Victoria’s Secret Angel and one of the top 30 models of the 2000s as declared by Vogue Paris, Karlie Kloss is prone to posting gym and workout selfies on Instagram. Although the majority of us won’t be looking like a supermodel anytime soon, Kloss does provide a lot of inspiration as we work toward our dream bod. Kloss does it all, from yoga to boxing to weight lifting. She even looks like a real life angel with perfect form while doing it, giving us the illusion that working out isn’t a struggle at all. And there’s something beautiful about that. Tyra Banks once commented that Kloss was one of her favourite models because of her “unique, atypical beauty.”

13. Miley Cyrus



Love her or hate her, but you can’t deny that Miley Cyrus easily has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. Her feminine frame is lean and toned, so it is not surprising that she isn’t afraid to flaunt her body in all of those gym selfies she posts. Perhaps it is her vegan diet or running after her pet pig that is responsible. Whatever the reason, you can catch Miley showing off her abs in sports bras and occasionally even in her actual bra, all of which will surely spice up your life. In others, she’s doing very Insta worthy yoga poses like the Sirsasana. Her gym selfies are not only full of appeal but also eclectic, which we appreciate. In other news, Miley will be appearing in Woody Allen’s amazon comedy series, Crisis in Six Scenes, to be released on September 30, 2016.

12. Vanessa Hudgens

The gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens, who rose to fame in the High School Musical series, has taken a few gym selfies in her time – not many, but a few. From displaying her toned legs in yoga pants to showing off her strength mid workout (no, this one isn’t exactly a selfie, but it counts if a friend took it), it never hurts to see a pretty girl in yoga pants. Now, although her gym selfies are a bit more rare than others on this list, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve a spot on this list. After all, she does have a petite and feminine bod that most of us would swoon after. While we could stand to see a few more selfies from Hudgens – it definitely wouldn’t be a bad thing, the paparazzi loves to take pictures of Hudgens while she’s in her workout clothes around town. Most recently she was spotted at a Soulcycle class. If you would like to see more of Hudgens breaking a sweat, you won’t have to miss out.

11. Lindsay Lohan



Lindsay Lohan may be a D-list celebrity now, but we have a feeling you won’t mind her showing up on this list. She has debuted many a selfie on her Instagram page over the years and some of those selfies include the infamous gym selfie. Whether she’s donning a sports bra and tight yoga pants while doing yoga poses or hanging from workout equipment, Lohan does indulge in the gym selfie from time to time and looks hot while doing it. Although they are rare (perhaps because she’s been accused of photoshopping her waist on multiple occasions in the past), her Instagram account is full of other sultry snaps for you to enjoy. In unrelated news, when Lohan isn’t the center of boy drama (after the big blowout fight with her fiance in the summer), Lohan is learning how to cook with Jamie Oliver

10. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is all about the gym selfie and hers are particularly fierce. She likes to mix her pictures up, too, so you get to enjoy her from all angles – if you’re into that kind of thing. Whether she’s posting pictures of herself with a post-workout glow, sans makeup and in her low-cut fitness tops or she’s using the mirror to take a picture of her entire body, Lovato is not afraid to look less than polished, unlike others on this list. We commend that. Based on her selfies, she does everything from weightlifting to running the treadmill to jumping on the trampoline to riding a bicycle. Lovato has a particularly sexy shot, which although is not necessarily a selfie, puts her shapely behind on display. Check her out on Instagram or Snapchat for a little fitness inspiration just when you need it most.

9. Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco (right) is always in great shape and has a very athletic body type to show for it. The Internet is full of pages and pages of paparazzi snaps of her coming back from a workout session, meaning she takes fitness seriously and appears to never miss a workout. Whether she’s carrying her yoga mat or running, she naturally always looks strong. While she doesn’t do so much of the gym selfie as she does the “wearing workout clothes in the living room selfie,” we really don’t care. All we care about is that Cuoco loves to show off her abs while wearing sexy sports bras. She may be making a goofy face or acting silly in some of them, but there is nothing hotter than a girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously. It is clear that Cuoco isn’t trying to be sexy, which is a refreshing approach to the typical gym selfie.

8. Amanda Bisk

No celebrity can compete with Instagram’s fitness models who have racked up huge followings based on their gorgeous bodies and Insta approved backgrounds. Amanda Bisk, a former Australian pole vaulter, is one of those people, with 625,000 followers to date. While her account doesn’t technically feature selfies, she posts a lot of pictures of herself, all of which feature her tanned, toned and strong body in its raw, full form. How many times can we say toned? You can see her doing various yoga poses and stretches and get a taste of her serious flexibility skills and beautiful body – all with stunning backgrounds.

Follow her now @amandabisk if you appreciate the pure beauty of the female form: you need to check this woman out immediately. She is also an exercise physiologist and elite athletics coach; if you have any desire to have a body like hers (and we’re guessing you do), she also has her own training program that can be accessed via her Instagram account.

7. Bar Refaeli

Laugh- it's good for the abs ?

A photo posted by Bar Refaeli (@barrefaeli) on

Israeli model Bar Refaeli, who was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2009 (and was also Leonardo DiCaprio’s former girlfriend), has an Instagram page that is full of bikini pictures and gym selfies. And rightfully so: Refaeli is basically ripped. She’s even posing in pictures mid-workout, whether she’s showing off her seriously amazing abs during pilates or lifting weights. Her gym selfies show a woman who prioritizes fitness and is proud of the strong body she has sculpted. Here’s one with her trainer.

Refaeli was all about maintaining her workouts even during pregnancy and was not afraid to show off her growing belly while in a sports bra. The latest headlines surrounding Refaeli is that she is now baring her toned booty only three weeks after having her child.

6. Gigi Hadid



It is not surprising that goddess Gigi Hadid, aka fashion model and one of Sports Illustrated’s rookies of the year, aka Zayn Malik‘s girlfriend and one of the hottest celebs at the moment, is going to put the rest of us to shame in just about any selfie she takes, including the ever popular gym selfie. Whether she’s looking cute in her gym attire while sitting on a treadmill or showing off her toned abs in the boxing ring (not technically a selfie, but does it matter?), we have gotten a little taste of the potential for Hadid as far as the gym selfie goes. She’s Hollywood’s newest “It Girl” so chances are that there are a lot more hot gym selfies to come. In the meantime, check out Hadid’s Instagram page for even more sizzling (but very tasteful) selfies along with a lot of other modeling pictures featuring Hadid in a very barely-there bikini.

5. The Kardashians



Does anybody know the selfie better than the Kardashians? Whether it is the bathroom selfie or the vacation selfie or the gym selfie, the Kardashians have mastered ‘the selfie’ in all locations. But that is especially true of the Gym Selfie, never missing a chance to share a post-workout picture after all of the hours they logged at the gym. From Khloe Kardashian proactively pulling down her gym shorts to reveal her toned stomach, or Kourtney Kardashian posing in front of the mirror in her tight-fitting yoga pants and sports bra, the Kardashians will take any opportunity to show off their smoking hot, toned and fit bodies at the gym. If you want to admire some curves, are in need of some fitness inspiration or simply want to know how to look cute at the gym, the Kardashians have you covered.

4. Jen Selter



If you know one Instagram-made celebrity, it is likely Jen “Belfie” Selter, who became Insta famous because of her hot bod and, well, her belfies – that is, her selfies featuring her impressively toned and round bottom. She has 9.7 million followers to date and has even turned her hot Instagram pictures into an actual career, making appearances in publications like Elle, FHM and Vanity Fair. If you are into big booties in tight yoga pants, Selter is your girl. She posts shots of her booty mid squat and mid pop. Of course, let us be clear: she does more than just belfies. She also shows off her flexibility skills in yoga pants, her toned stomach in the middle of a run, other cool yoga poses and even her entire bikini bod as she gets ready to take a dip in the pool. Selter is another queen of the gym (and fitness) selfie.

3. Chantel Zales



Blonde bombshell Chantel Zales, is a fitness model based in LA, so naturally she has perfected the art of the gym selfie and has garnered a large following on Instagram with 4 million followers to date. She is not only one of Instagram’s hottest models, though. She has also made appearances in Maxim and FHM. Her long luscious blonde locks and plenty of assets make it no surprise why she is one of Instagram’s hottest. Whether she’s showing off her curves in her bikini on the way to the pool, Zales is clearly a professional swimmer with the number of swimsuits she is always donning. As a fitness model, Zales has obviously cultivated a body that looks good in just about anything, so expect a lot of selfies showing off her curves in just about every Instagram picture. This Latina will make you sweat.

2. Emily Sears



With 3.4 million followers on Instagram, Australian Instagram model Emily Sears is doing something right. It might have something to do with being a blonde bombshell and having a likeness of a Playboy bunny or pin-up girl with curves in all the right places. Her sexy Instagram photos have even landed her a spot on the covers of British FHM and Maxim South Africa. Not only does she show off her booty in tight yoga pants, but she is not afraid to show off her curvaceous bod in bikinis, lingerie and skimpy dresses, all of which are sure to make you drool.

1. Base Body Babes

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A photo posted by HEALTH+FITNESS EDUCATION/INSPO (@basebodybabes) on

We have a feeling that a lot of men (and women) will be drooling over these two Australian bombshells. These cuties are both dripping in sex appeal and have the bodies to boot. Plus, what’s hotter than one sexy model, but two? If you don’t know who they are, you can thank us later. They are hot. After all, they currently have 630K followers and for good reason. They definitely work the sexy angel in their photos, which we’re guessing you will appreciate as well. Base Body Babes are personal trainers and Instagram models who easily rival Jen Selter in the body department. They also offer personal training, bootcamp or online coaching for you to choose from. We suggest you check them out immediately.

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