15 Celebs Who Post The Hottest Gym Selfies

Your friends likely do it. Even celebrities are not afraid to indulge in the act. Indeed, the gym selfie is one of the most controversial forms of the selfie out there today, gathering mixed results from observers and onlookers. Sure, those who post gym selfies may be admired and garner a lot of likes and happy faces for their enviable bods. But if they post too many, they risk being labelled self-obsessed. Some may unfollow or unfriend. Those who post gym-selfies are very dangerous people.

A recent study found that those people who post gym selfies and share information about their diet and workout routine are more likely to be narcissists. Uh oh. That is because they seek approval from others.

Although those who post gym selfies may in fact be suffering from some type of psychological disorder, we can’t deny that they look hot while doing it. Here are some of the hottest (and most narcissistic) celebs with the hottest gym selfies for your viewing pleasure.

15 Jessica Alba


14 Karlie Kloss


13 Miley Cyrus


12 Vanessa Hudgens

11 Lindsay Lohan


10 Demi Lovato

9 Kaley Cuoco

8 Amanda Bisk

No celebrity can compete with Instagram’s fitness models who have racked up huge followings based on their gorgeous bodies and Insta approved backgrounds. Amanda Bisk, a former Australian pole vaulter, is one of those people, with 625,000 followers to date. While her account doesn’t technically feature selfies, she posts a lot of pictures of herself, all of which feature her tanned, toned and strong body in its raw, full form. How many times can we say toned? You can see her doing various yoga poses and stretches and get a taste of her serious flexibility skills and beautiful body - all with stunning backgrounds.

7 Bar Refaeli

Laugh- it's good for the abs 👻

A post shared by Bar Refaeli (@barrefaeli) on

Israeli model Bar Refaeli, who was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2009 (and was also Leonardo DiCaprio's former girlfriend), has an Instagram page that is full of bikini pictures and gym selfies. And rightfully so: Refaeli is basically ripped. She’s even posing in pictures mid-workout, whether she’s showing off her seriously amazing abs during pilates or lifting weights. Her gym selfies show a woman who prioritizes fitness and is proud of the strong body she has sculpted. Here's one with her trainer.

6 Gigi Hadid


5 The Kardashians


4 Jen Selter


3 Chantel Zales


2 Emily Sears


1 Base Body Babes

We have a feeling that a lot of men (and women) will be drooling over these two Australian bombshells. These cuties are both dripping in sex appeal and have the bodies to boot. Plus, what’s hotter than one sexy model, but two? If you don’t know who they are, you can thank us later. They are hot. After all, they currently have 630K followers and for good reason. They definitely work the sexy angel in their photos, which we’re guessing you will appreciate as well. Base Body Babes are personal trainers and Instagram models who easily rival Jen Selter in the body department. They also offer personal training, bootcamp or online coaching for you to choose from. We suggest you check them out immediately.

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15 Celebs Who Post The Hottest Gym Selfies