15 Celebs Who Need A Dirty Tape To Revive Their Career

As we march forward through the 21st century, the world of entertainment is becoming more and more accessible. The days of learning a craft and honing your skills over the years in the hope that an agent or record company would sign you are long over. With so many TV channels, a wealth of reality shows, streaming platforms, and the ever-present Internet, it's easier than ever to get yourself on a platform in front of the world and anyone can become an instant celebrity.

With such easy access to instant fame, the world is full of minor celebrities, with each one desperate for attention, and to extend their fifteen minutes of fame by any means possible. However, these celebrities, as well as any other celebrities, have a new weapon in their arsenal; the celebrity sex tape. Not too long ago, a sex scandal may well have ended the career of a promising celebrity. But today the sex tape has become the perfect platform of publicity to jump into the spotlight and further their fame. This has not only become a good career choice for the up and coming celebrity, but it will often help the once-famous jump start their career again. So here we give to you a few celebrities that might benefit from a sex tape "makeover."

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15 Liv Tyler - Steven Can Only Do So Much

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During the late nineties and early "Noughties," Liv Tyler lit up the big screen with her stunning looks and acting abilities. The child of legendary rocker Steven Tyler, Liv's career was unstoppable. However as the Noughties came to an end, and a new decade approached, Liv's career suddenly went downhill quickly. With the roles drying up, Liv had to become content with smaller roles and cameos.

As it's been several years since Liv has had a big presence on the screen, maybe a new direction in her career is due. A sex tape would put this once A-list star back into the limelight and give her career a much needed boost. We're all waiting by the Internet with bated breath!

14  14. Mischa Barton - Couldn't Follow Up Her OC Success

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Once a glorious star and the only reason to watch The O.C, Mischa Barton has pretty much faded into obscurity. The slender and sexy actress was riding high on the back of The O.C and seemingly had the acting world at her feet. However, after being arrested on DUI charges in 2007, things only went downhill for Barton. She made the headlines again in 2009 after being placed on psychiatric hold and hospitalized. Even with her appearance in the short lived series The Beautiful Life, Barton couldn't escape her personal issues.

If Barton is looking to get herself back into the headlines and ascend into her former fame, then a sex tape could be the way to do it. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on our part, but this is one sex tape we'd all like to see!

13 Farrah Abraham - She's Done It Before...Sorta

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We know what you're thinking: hasn't Farrah Abraham already had a sex tape? The answer is yes. Following in the footsteps of such stars as Paris Hilton, Abraham 'accidentally' released a sex tape in order to get more attention. Which it did. However, the fame hungry Abraham is so desperate for attention that she will do anything to be in the spotlight. This even included faking a relationship in order to get on Couples Therapy.

Becoming a star of Teen Mom, you would think that being a mom would be an important focus in her life. But now she's using her relationship with her daughter for further attention as Abraham reportedly said she's taking a break from her daughter. Expect a new sex tape soon.

12 Crystal Harris - From Playboy To Music...Failure

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Crystal Harris is a classic case of a fame-hungry person. Since meeting Hugh Hefner at a Playboy party back in 2008, Harris quickly became a Playboy favorite. She was featured in the magazine on several occasions and soon caught the eye of Hef himself. After becoming his 'Number One' girlfriend, the two soon got engaged. However, when Harris was signed to Universal Music group, she quickly dropped Hef as her debut single was released.

Trying to distance herself from Hef and dissing their sex life, she thought she was on the path to music super-stardom. But she wasn't. When her music and appearances on reality TV didn't pan out, she went back to Hef and married him in 2012. A sex tape would give Harris some much needed attention.

11 Amanda Bynes - Absolute Trainwreck

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As with many celebrities, (some of whom make this list) Amanda Bynes is another story of having fame and fortune too young. Starring in Nickelodeon shows All That and The Amanda Show, Bynes quickly became popular and famous. She rode this wave for a while and landed movie roles in such films as She's the Man, Hairspray, and Easy A.

As with many stars before her, Bynes turned to alcohol and drugs. Bingeing on the good life took its toll and Bynes announced her retirement from the acting world and that she would focus on fashion. After being expelled from her fashion class, Bynes may well be looking to get back into the fame game. A sex tape of a former star that's all grown up is always a winner.

10 Scheana Marie - Wannabe Celeb

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When your biggest claim to fame is sleeping with or being in relationships with people, then you know that this is a person that needs fame and will do anything to get it. Scheana Marie is one such celebrity. Best known for being Eddie Cibrian's mistress and John Mayer's ex, Marie is currently starring in reality TV spinoff Vanderpump Rules. The aspiring celebrity believes that reality TV is the way to make her name and secure her fame.

However, we all know how fickle reality fame can be and it won't be long before Marie needs another string to her bow. A sex tape seems inevitable and one we wouldn't complain about seeing.

9 Brooke Mueller - No Charlie, No Fame

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Back in 2008 Brooke Mueller was rising high in the celebrity world. When she married Charlie Sheen they were regarded as one of the golden couples in Hollywood. Skip a year ahead (and one crazy Christmas), in which Sheen was arrested, Mueller's star started to fade. With many reports of DUI's and several trips in and out of rehab, Mueller looks set to join the rest of the wannabe celebrity pile.

However, given that fact that she befriended Paris Hilton, as well as appeared in her reality show The World According To Paris, Mueller may well pick up some tips on celebrity life from Ms. Hilton. A sex tape is a sure fire way to catapult Mueller back into the headlines.

8 Courtney Stodden - A Never Was

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Courtney Stodden became famous when she married a man in his 50s. Stodden, who was 19 at the time, used this to springboard herself onto the Z-list celebrity list. Since her marriage, Stodden continuously parades around in next to nothing and seems to use the late Anna Nicole Smith as her inspiration and role model for life. As the spotlight faded on her marriage, Stodden quickly filed for a divorce.

Since then, she has done the rounds of the Z-list celebrity circuit and has appeared on any talk show that will have her. After milking her marriage woes for all she can, a sex tape is surely on the horizon.

7 Kelly Brook - Even Statham Couldn't Push Her Status

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This sexy UK celebrity has been on the fringes of stardom for many years now. Constantly trying to break into the mainstream, with appearances in movies such as Piranha 3D and The Italian Job remake, Kelly Brook has also tried to break into TV with appearances in Smallville and One Big Happy. However, Brook has never quite broken through.

Even several high profile relationships with movie stars such as Jason Statham and Billy Zane couldn't push Brook's celebrity status higher. As a gorgeous model who often features in ad campaigns and even topless photo shoots, a sex tape scandal would revive her career and push her celebrity status up. We can only hope!

6 Lindsay Lohan - From Parent Trap To The Abyss

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The rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan has been well documented over the years. So much so that she's almost become a cliche of herself. As a young actress, Lohan showed a lot of promise for a long and happy acting career. But the transition from child star to adulthood can be a difficult one and none have proved that more so than Lohan.

With her drug and alcohol-fueled antics, plus several run-ins with the law, Lohan's movie star status is long over. With many trips in and out of rehab and the acting roles all gone away, a legitimate sex tape would not only get Lohan back in the papers, but could prove financially lucrative. If this ever did happen then the Internet better prepare itself for download overdrive!

5 Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt - Surprised They Haven't Filmed One Yet

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The Hills star' Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will do anything for fame and attention. As well as doing any reality TV they can, Montag and Pratt are also prone to extreme publicity stunts. Forgetting the vomit inducing nickname 'Speidi' that they branded themselves with. Montag also had ten plastic surgery procedures in one day, as well as numerous breakups and public fights, as well as a fake divorce in order to cash in! We all know that as their fifteen minutes of fame starts to fade, that a sex tape is inevitable. We don't particularly want these 'celebrities' to come back into the public eye, but we know it's coming, so watch out!

4 Paris Hilton - Where Is Paris, Lately?

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There are many so-called celebrities that ride high on the wave of fame and yet no one really knows how or why. Whether it's through reality TV or sometimes just being connected to someone famous that pushes them into the limelight, for over a decade Paris Hilton has been the poster girl for this new kind of celebrity. Trying her hand at everything from TV to music, Hilton has done it all. Yet the only thing she is really famous for is for being Paris Hilton.

Over the last few years, however, Hilton's star has started to fade. With several projects failing, plus her numerous run-ins with the law, it seems the Hilton bubble has burst. Her first sex tape pushed her into the spotlight so if she did another one now, it would no doubt have the same effect. "Another Night in Paris" would probably be just as popular.

3 Tara Reid - Sharknado Hasn't Helped Her, Not Surprisingly

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Not too long ago, Tara Reid was the perfect 'girl next door.' With movies such as Josie and the Pussycats, National Lampoon's Van Wilder and of course The American Pie films, Reid was catapulted into fame. However, a few years, and a few straight to DVD movies later, Reid's movie roles have all but dried up. Nowadays she is more known for that infamous boob slip, botched plastic surgery and her drunken antics.

With reports claiming that Reid is broke and with no job prospects on the horizon, a sex tape would no doubt give Tara Reid's career a boost. The tape would get us all talking about her again and would probably be the most successful tape she's made in a while.

2 Amber Rose - Famous For...

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When you make a point of hooking up with popular and successful rappers, then there isn't much you won't do to stay famous. This is the case with Amber Rose. The model, actress and fashion designer was spotted by Kanye West in the music video 'What them girls like.' They then started a romantic relationship. Not one to stay idle, Rose quickly moved on to Wiz Khalifa, whom she married. Once again, that soon grew stale, and she divorced him. Then came rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

After working her way through her list of rappers, Rose has now moved on to sports stars. However, rather than finding fame through the people you associate with, Rose could leap frog into new heights of fame with a simple sex tape.

1 The Kardashian Sisters - Act 2?

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The Kardashian clan have cemented themselves as reality TV royalty. With their show  Keeping up with the Kardashians, they have become must-watch TV. However, with so much publicity and exposure over the years, the Kardashian light is starting to fade.

A day doesn't seem to go by without us being subjected to Kim Kardashian's curves. As Khloe and Kourtney desperately try to break out of their sister's shadow, the girls will do anything to be seen as individuals.

Cue a sex tape scandal. Any one of these sisters could break out the camera and be an Internet sensation. Who knows, if times get hard for them, we may even see more than one Kardashian in this tape. Fame can make people do anything!

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