15 Celebs Who Live Sober Lifestyles

Celebrities are known for shocking displays of extravagance and excessive conspicuous consumption, which is often literal. The recovered—or more generous, “recovering”—alcoholic, is an all-too familiar trope, but these celebrities are not just sober now; they never experimented at all. Some are especially conscious of their health, some have direct personal experience among alcoholics, and some simply have no taste for it. Call them teetotallers, anti-sommeliers, or simply abstinent actors and actresses, all of these celebrities avoid alcohol for reasons dictated by things other than 12-step programs.

These celebrities are interested in everything from fashion, to cooking, to gay rights, to advocacy, but one thing they do not spend their time doing is drinking. It's nice to know that those among us who would rather have a good cup of coffee or a French pastry, more so than a cocktail to know that there are counterparts in Hollywood. In fact, some of these celeb accomplishments suggest a remarkable hypothesis that alcohol isn't much of a recipe for success. While “gin joints” truly have their place in cinema, (such as life), these 15 icons prove that it's not a necessary condition for romance or entertainment.

14 Jennifer Lopez

13 Blake Lively


Better known by her stage-name moniker Gossip Girl, Blake Lively has never been one for drinking alcohol. In a press piece from 2013 in the UK’s Daily Mail, Lively was followed as a cooking star in a new celebrity cooking show, Elletta’s Goodness, on Vogue’s new channel.

12 Natalie Portman

11 Tyra Banks

10 Kim Kardashian

9 Kate Beckinsale

8 Gillian Jacobs


7 Bruce Lee


6 Tilda Swinton

While a less familiar name than Kim K, British actress Tilda Swinton has been in some fantastic films, such as Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky, Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck, and, more recently, this year’s Hail, Caesar from the Coen Brothers. Her filmography is extensive, including work with award-winning directors David Fincher (of Zodiac fame), and Wes Anderson, who brought us The Royal Tenenbaums and Grand Budapest Hotel.

5 Dane Cook

4 Susan Boyle

As proved by her 2009 debut in the Britain's Got Talent TV program, Susan Boyle lays claim to some of Britain's top talent, but doesn't care for the characteristic Scotch whiskey.

3 Jennifer Hudson

2 Steve Jobs


1 Kathy Griffin

Talk show host and Emmy Award-winning comedian Kathy Griffin understandably avoids depressants like alcohol. In fact, she has admitted that, while she doesn't drink alcohol, "the more caffeine the better." This Illinois native has done stand-up comedy and starred in her own reality television show, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, which ran for six seasons on E! She's been married once, and her string of relationships after her marriage included a stint with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (yes, this makes her only once removed from Steve Jobs). Currently, she is an LGBT activist, and has made guest appearances on several popular programs, including Big Brother and America's Next Top Model, which, as we know, was created by Tyra Banks. Oddly enough, despite their shared affinity for teetotalism, Banks allegedly punched Griffin--and she wasn't even drunk!


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15 Celebs Who Live Sober Lifestyles