15 Celebrities Who Are Members Of The Mile High Club

The Mile High Club is, as if you didn't know, people who have had sex on an airplane. In the air. Up in the clouds. Sometimes it's a private jet. Sometimes the more daring celebrities figure out a way to do their thing in a commercial airliner. Bathrooms (ouch) and First Class are favored spots.

In 2016, we can all celebrate 100 years of Mile High antics. Believe it not, the first recorded incident of a Mile High Club moment was in 1916. World War I time and all. The founding member of the Mile High Club was one Lawrence B. Sperry, the largely unsung inventor of that ingenious sex aid, the autopilot. Seems he was up in the air with a Mrs. Polk (sorry) and after setting the device, they got down to business. Only problem was that they were so into "it" that they knocked the device which resulted in its being turned off and their airplane ending up in a bay, where they were rescued (in their birthday suits) by almost certainly surprised duck hunters. Of course, they both denied the obvious, which didn't stop one newspaper printing the story under the headline "Aerial Petting Ends in Wetting". No word on Mr. Polk's reaction to all this. Here are 15 celebrities who have joined the Mile High Club.

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14 Kim Kardashian


From Kim K., the woman who brought you her own very special sex tape, comes the admission that she has had sex on a private plane. Apparently, no names were named, but we probably have a guess or two. Such admissions are how she got famous for being famous, after all. Apparently, she wouldn't have the nerve to do it on a commercial airliner. We're taking bets on that one. Apparently mom Kris Jenner, isn't as bashful as our Kim. More of that later.

13 Miranda Kerr


In May of 2014, former Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr admitted to GQ Magazine, that she reached sublime satisfaction in the air, both on her own and "together". The cast of characters and numbers are a little fuzzy. She went on to tell the magazine that she loves sketching the female form, but needs a man in the bedroom. It was something to do with a nice strong . . . chest.  Really. The same article reported the probably unbelievable story that she didn't kiss her main squeeze Orlando Bloom for 6 months. We wonder if Orlando joined the Club?

12 John Travolta and Kelly Preston


Okay, this is the land of private Lear Jets, but one report suggests that the couple got up to the naughty list in the cockpit once. In the best tradition of Sperry and Polk. It appears that usually, John Travolta and Kelly Preston left the driving to someone else and (we hope) retired to the back of the plane. And what of Doug Gotterba? Who you say? Gotterba is a pilot who worked for Travolta back in the 1980's. He claims to have had a 6-year gay affair with Travolta. He, of course, wants to write a book. Travolta insists that he is in it for the money and is waving around a confidentiality agreement. Watch this space.

11 Ralph Fiennes

10 Zoe Saldana


On a 2014 promotional tour for her miniseries Rosemary's Baby, Zoe Saldana admitted to having had sex in planes and on trains. She didn't mention automobiles. And the train? She called it very "ghetto", but "it" was between 2 railway cars coming back into New York City from Coney Island. She assured her public that she had reformed and was a proper lady. Saldana is now a wife (to Marco Perego) and mother of twin boys. Can we get back to the reported "ghetto" moment? In between 2 cars? Just take a moment to think about that one.

9 Chris Brown

Rapper, singer, songwriter and women beater according to some, Chris Brown reportedly had sex in the First Class Cabin of a European airline. According to the rapper, he and whoever his partner was, put the cover up and retired to their own personal space before becoming famous Mile Highers. Apparently, nobody saw anything that appeared off. We think that's rather unfortunate. No word on his partner, though. Maybe it was his long time girlfriend Rihanna?

8 Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

It was a long flight to Thailand. And the Sports Illustrated model and her singer-songwriter husband, John Legend, decided to join the Club. No pod or enclosure to ward off unwanted attention. They were under a blanket in First Class. She thinks they should get a trophy (or something) for their industriousness. She has also admitted that when they go out to eat, she wears a dress so John can commune with her . . . legs. Having revealed to Cosmopolitan and the world what she and John get up to, she Tweeted shock/horror that her whole family had found out about their airborne activities. And this really comes as a surprise to Chrissy?

7 Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro

The actress and her singer-songwriter husband were on a flight to Miami, and they had a plan. Carmen would go into the bathroom first and Dave would stroll down the aisle, give the secret knock and then, well, they got on with it. Carmen has called it very adventurous and said it was more fun than you might think. No word on which airline. Apparently when Virgin kitted out their bathrooms with diaper changing tables, they got used for other horizontal activity. According to one report, they were more or less destroyed within weeks. Virgin's head Richard Branson didn't seem to mind too much and told the tale of how, at 19, he joined the Club in a Laker Airways loo.

6 Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

It's the mid-1990's. Seriously bad, in your face rocker Tommy Lee, meets and marries Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson, and they do a sex tape that is locked away in a safe in their garage. A workman who Lee had neglected to pay is totally mad and takes the safe, with the tape in it. This was the 1990's and while things go viral in the space of a day or less, back then, it took two years for the tape to go viral. But the joke was on the workman. The tape was the making of Tommy Lee and Pam. Lee and Anderson were rumored to have had sex just about everywhere you could imagine, including boats, planes and probably automobiles.

5 Robbie Williams

When he was known as a bad, drug and alcohol using rock star, Robbie Williams reportedly pretty much had sex everywhere. He has said that he had had sex in planes, on trains, in wine bars. And then there were the parked cars. Quite a few of them. Reportedly happily married since 2010, maybe Robbie has calmed down a bit. Or not, as the case may be. His latest album cover has his bare backside front row center, and he apparently has posted pictures of his wife's cervix on Twitter. Old rockers never stop rocking, or so it seems.

4 Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal


It was 2007, and Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal were an item, a really great looking young couple. They were coming back from attending the Rome Film Festival and boarded a Lufthansa flight out of Frankfurt. Reese got on first. All in black and sunglasses. Then Jake was spotted. They were, of course, in First Class. According to one report, they were locked in an airline bathroom for 11 minutes total. Together, we add. So, we think maybe they ultimately decided to join the Club.

3 Liam Neeson


Reportedly, the Irish actor joined the Club on a Lufthansa flight some years back. And he told The Mirror that the session was memorable. Apparently, he wasn't naming any names. So the lucky lady remains a mystery till this day. An ex-smoker, Liam Neeson also admits to smoking while flying, back when it was allowed, of course. So, did he have a ciggie after his memorable sexy time? It's doubtful it'll ever be uncovered.

2 Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner

Not to be outdone by daughter Kim, Kris Jenner has reported that she and Bruce locked themselves in an airline toilet and got on with business. Of course, as it would be assumed coming from a member of the Kardashian clan, she was promoting something at the time. Nothing from Bruce, though. But then again, we hear that they are not exactly close anymore. And Kris is full of praise for her toy boy Corey Gamble in the sex department. Perhaps a Mile High moment is in their near future.

1 Janet Jackson

This goes way back to when Janet Jackson was seeing Jermaine Dupri. They were on a commercial flight and they did a "Chrissy Teigen", and had sex without leaving their seats. No cramped toilets for our classy Janet. She blushingly made the admission to retired model and TV personality, Tyra Banks. Tyra was seemingly a bit taken back by the surprising story. We can only imagine the shock and horror of their fellow passengers. "OMG! You'll never guess what happened on my flight home."

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