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15 Celebs Who Are Actually Still Alive

15 Celebs Who Are Actually Still Alive


It feels wrong to admit when we’re shocked to find out that someone is alive… still. It probably is wrong to admit that, but we’re doing it anyway because we can’t expect anyone to live forever, especially celebrities. A life of fame and fortune has its perks, oh yes, but it also has some major health risks, something everyone recognizes. Hollywood has never been known for its drug-free or safe-driving attitudes. In fact, it’s better known for the exact opposite. Celebrities are rich and often foolish. They are exposed to copious opportunities to go wild and many of them do just that. But not all. Well, at least not all suffer the consequences of that lifestyle. The celebrities on this list have shown that they are quite capable of living forever. They may not be the oldest celebrities alive, though many of them are, but these are celebrities that we just assumed were dead, however horrible that sounds.

But really, can you blame us? When a celebrity leaves the public eye, we begin to wonder immediately if they’re dead. They can be teenagers, and if we don’t hear their name for over a year, our first thought is, rest in peace little guy. Now imagine what our thoughts are when someone leaves the public eye for years and years and they’re like 60+ years old. What are we supposed to think? Of course they’re dead. They were old back in the olden days. They’ve got to be long gone now. But no. Not these folks. These are the survivors, the outlasters, the live-foreverers. We don’t just want to admire the ages and health of these stars, but we’ll also look at their resume a bit, remembering their best work and reminding younger folks who these legends are. Here are 15 celebs who are actually still alive… and hopefully will remain that way for long after this list is published.

15. Sean Connery – 86 Years Old



You’re thinking, of course Sean Connery is alive. But don’t be so sure. Alright, you can be sure because he is still alive, but c’mon, this guy has been around a long time. He placed in the 1950 Mr. Universe competition (or 1953 depending on your source) for god’s sake. That was 66 years ago if math isn’t your strong suit. Plus, Connery hasn’t been seen in front of a camera since 2003, so no one really knows what’s going on behind the scenes in Mr. Scotland’s life. Now, at age 86, Connery is retired from acting, though he has dabbled with some voice work in the last decade. By all accounts, Connery is in good health and looks primed to live another 86 years, so here’s to the first Bond and the best Bond. We’re still secretly hoping Connery comes back to the big screen.

14. Rick Moranis – 63 Years Old



If your first instinct is declare an actor dead if you haven’t seen them in a while, then you’ve long since grieved for Rick Moranis. In about 1997, Moranis stepped away from acting and we haven’t seen him since. After his wife died from breast cancer in 1991, Moranis found it more important to spend time with his family than in Hollywood, so he retired from acting (though he insists he’s just picky about his future roles). But he’s not dead, far from it. He’s healthy and he’s a good father. When asked about the hiatus, Moranis said, “I’m a single parent and I just found that it was too difficult to manage raising my kids and doing the traveling involved in making movies. So I took a little bit of a break. And the little bit of a break turned into a longer break, and then I found that I really didn’t miss it.” We miss you, Rick.

13. Cloris Leachman – 90 Years Old



Not only is Cloris Leachman alive and well at the tender age of 90, but she’s still working like crazy. She’s as busy as she’s ever been. She’s probably best known for her role as Phyllis Lindstrom on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but she’s also been in so many great films, like Young Frankenstein and The Beverly Hillbillies. As mentioned, in her later life, Leachman has been incredibly active, not just active in film but literally active as well, even appearing on Dancing with the Stars in 2008 at the age of 82. She’s a medical wonder having stayed healthy and looking great her entire life. In 1946, at the age of 20, Leachman competed in the 1946 Miss America contest. Most recently, she appeared in the American Gods TV show as Zorya and has also reprised her voice role as Gran in The Croods 2, set for release in 2018. If you’re looking for a live-action modern reference, you may recognize Leachman as grandma in Bad Santa as well.

12. Doris Day – 89 Years Old



Doris Day is one of the biggest named celebrities ever to walk the earth. Day became a hit in 1945 with her song “Sentimental Journey”, and she wouldn’t look back for many, many years. She went to movies in the late 40s and, soon after, was a massive success in that industry as well, acting in classics like Teacher’s Pet and Pillow Talk. She’s received just about every lifetime achievement award you can win, and she’s recognized as one of the greatest stars we’ve ever seen. While it’s been many years since she’s been in film, Day released an album in 2011 at the age of 89. If you’re counting, that would put her at 94 (though Day claims that she is only 92, that cheeky bird). She remains a national icon and even if you don’t know who she is or what she’s done, you almost certainly know her name.

11. Bob Newhart – 87 Years Old



Most recently playing Arthur Jeffries on The Big Bang Theory, Bob Newhart‘s name pops up on this list because we’re surprised he’s still alive, not really because of his age, after all, he’s only 87 years old, but because he’s always been old. Like way back when Newhart starred on The Bob Newhart Show (the second one in 1972), he looked old. At least, he looked a lot older than 43 years old. Well that was 44 years ago. He’s doubled in age since then. You see how this math thing works? If you’re struggling to remember Newhart more recently, you might recognize him as Papa Elf in Elf, Will Ferrell’s dad… er, papa. Newhart is one of comedy’s living legends, having been in the comedy industry since the late 50s. His comedy albums are still thought of as some of the best to have ever been made.

10. Roger Moore – 88 Years Old



At the young age of 88, Roger Moore is one of the youngest stars on this list, but since he hasn’t been seen a whole lot in recent years, we felt we should include his name on the list. Best known for his turn at playing James Bond, Moore has been a working actor for over 70 years. Even though he probably wasn’t a household name in the United States until the 70s, Moore was in several successful TV shows prior to that. Since Bond, he hasn’t done really anything of note, though he has kept quite busy. He’s even got a few things on the docket for the upcoming years as well, so keep a lookout for the martini-drinking gentleman. There was also some big thing about him not paying taxes years back, but he’s probably not alone in that.

9. Jerry Lewis – 90 Years Old



Most people remember Jerry Lewis as one half of the comedic duo with Dean Martin. The two were inseparable and insanely popular around the world. Lewis and Martin would appear in no less than 16 films together, until their partnership died off in 1956. After that, Lewis would create and flourish in a solo career, one that he still upholds today, as seen in his latest film The Trust. Now at 90 years old, Lewis isn’t as zany as he once was and he’s had some health issues in the past. His public appearances have dropped off dramatically in recent years, so we hope everything is going well for the comedian. If you’re trying to picture him, think back to the original The Nutty Professor, not the Eddie Murphy one. You know, the guy who’s always cross-eyed and looking like a goof? That’s Jerry Lewis in a nutshell.

8. Carl Reiner – 94 Years Old



Writer, producer, director, creator and actor, Carl Reiner has done it all in the film industry. 94 years old and still looking like he’s going strong, Reiner has been around forever. He first started acting in the 40s and has stuck with it up until now, even though most of his work lately has been voice work. Younger readers would probably recognize Reiner best as Saul from the Ocean’s Eleven movies, but he’s done so much throughout his long career. It’s crazy to think that Carl is the father of actor and director Rob Reiner, who is 69 years old himself. Reiner is probably most famous for having created The Dick Van Dyke show in the 60s or working alongside Mel Brooks in a few pictures.

7. Dick Van Dyke – 90 Years Old



You may not even know how you know Dick Van Dyke, but you know him nonetheless. This is a man who’s been a household name since the 60’s and has remained in the public eye for most of that time. In 2013, Van Dyke first started reporting some health issues, and he took a step back from work, finally. Soon after, however, he seemed to overcome them and has come back to work, still acting and still dancing. Van Dyke is best known for his TV show, The Dick Van Dyke Show but not far behind that is his great performance and incredibly horrible accent in Mary Poppins. Now 90 years old, Van Dyke still looks strong and healthy.

6. Ed Asner – 86 Years Old



Like a few of the other celebs on this list, Ed Asner isn’t here because he’s old. At 86 years old, he’s relatively young compared to the other list members. Asner is here because it seems like he’s been around for an eternity, and for the entire time he’s been around, he’s looked pretty old. Asner has been in the industry since the 50s, but he became a huge name in the 70s with his character Lou Grant from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and then his own spin-off, Lou Grant. He was also the voice of Carl in Disney’s Up. For what he looks like somewhat recently, think back to Santa Claus in Elf. That’s him alright. Asner has pretty much looked the exact same for the past 50 years, so you’ll be excused if you thought he was 86 in 1970 because we certainly did.

5. Angela Lansbury – 90 Years Old



The “She” in Murder She Wrote, Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast and Mrs. Iselin in The Manchurian Candidate (1962), Angela Lansbury is a big named actress that is still very much alive and well. Lansbury is 90 years old, but when she first started in Murder She Wrote in 1984, she looked 90 then. Turns out she wasn’t 90 then. She was 58. Sorry Angela. But seriously. No one has seen Lansbury in the last 10 years, basically since she was in Nanny McPhee. Sure, she was in Mr. Popper’s Penguins five years ago, but no one saw that movie, no one. Despite her legendary career, Lansbury might go down in history for all the wrong reasons. Over the course of 33 years, she was nominated for 18 Emmy Awards, but she never won once. Add in her three Oscar nominations in which she also never won and you have one of the unluckiest actresses ever. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Leo.

4. Zsa Zsa Gabor – 99 Years Old



Honesty time. We didn’t just simply believe Zsa Zsa Gabor was dead. We thought she had died like five different times. You may not know why you know Zsa Zsa Gabor, but that’s the life of a celebrity. Gabor is basically a 99-year-old Kardashian. Actually that’s much too insulting for Zsa Zsa. While both Gabor and Kim have been in movies, Gabor wore clothes in her movies. She’s actually been in quite a few films over the years, but she is definitely most famous for her personality and her marriages. She was married nine times to very significant men, men like George Sanders and Conrad Hilton. She was named Miss Hungary in 1936 and had her best role in Moulin Rouge (1952). Since 2002, Gabor has been in fairly poor health after a car crash left her partially paralyzed. Can you imagine being in a car crash at the age of 85? She was recently hospitalized, but she seems to have recovered somewhat since then.

3. Olivia de Havilland – 100 Years Old



In July 1st, Olivia de Havilland crossed over the century mark, putting just one more astounding accomplishment beside her name. Best known for playing Melanie Hamilton in Gone With the Wind (which was released in 1939!), de Havilland made her debut in film in 1935, 81 years ago. Not only is de Havilland renowned for her career’s longevity, but she’s also incredibly accomplished, having won two Academy Awards, received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and awarded the National Medal of Arts, the highest achievement that an American actor can receive. She may not be the most recognizable name these days, but she’s been a major part of the film industry for a long, long time and deserves to be celebrated while she’s alive and well.

2. Eva Marie Saint – 92 Years Old



The amazing 92-year-old Eve Marie Saint has been acting for over 70 years. To put her amazing career in perspective, Saint won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in On the Waterfront 62 years ago. Most recently, Saint was in Winter’s Tale in 2014 and she’s done some voice work for The Legend of Korra. This age-defying woman has two stars on Hollywood’s walk of fame, one for film and one for TV. She’s been in North by Northwest, A Hatful of Rain and Superman Returns. It’s funny looking back and seeing that in 1949, Saint was featured in an article about being a struggling actress. If you would have told her then that she would be a working actress for the next 65 years, she may have thought you were mad.

1. Kirk Douglas – 99 Years Old



Kirk Douglas may not be as spry as he once was, but at 99 years old, we’ll forgive the acting legend if he wants to take things a little easier these days. Not only has Douglas been acting since the 1940s, he’s been a star since then as well. After his role in 1949’s Champion, Douglas was as close to “can’t miss” as an actor can get. While today, he may be best-known for fathering Michael Douglas, a more contemporary name, anyone with an interest in the history of film will recognize Kirk as one of the true legendary figures of Hollywood. Performing in Spartacus Douglas also helped end the Hollywood blacklist in the early 60s. After he suffered a debilitating stroke in 1996, people feared it wouldn’t be long until we lost Douglas, but, 20 years later, the man is still living and still working a little, blogging and writing when he can.

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