15 Celebs We Wouldn't Want Sliding Into Our DMs

They say it goes down in the DM, but what about the times someone slides into your inbox who you just can’t stand? Maybe it’s an ex-boyfriend, a neighbor, or the hairy FedEx guy who just can’t take no for an answer. Direct Messages have become one of the easiest ways for us to get in contact with people we love (and hate) at the simple press of a button, but this modern form of communication is definitely a gift and a curse.

When you’re on the receiving end of an unwanted private message, you have two options: reply back, or ignore and delete immediately. When we think of some of today’s hottest celebrities, there are a few we wouldn’t mind seeing pop up in our inbox, like Beyoncé, Zayn Malik or Leonardo DiCaprio. But on the flip side, there are a ton of celebrities who we pray never come across our social media profiles.

Keep reading to see our list of 15 celebrities we don’t want in our DM’s.


15 Tyga


These days, Tyga is known more for his personal life, legal issues and financial woes than for his music. And for those reasons alone, we couldn’t make this list without including him. It seems like everyday there’s a new story about how broke the rapper is. He has been sued by everyone, including previous landlords and former business partners. Getting a message from Tyga in your DM can only mean he’s down to his last $5, and he needs borrow a couple of bucks until his next pay check hits…whenever that may be. On top of that, he’s in an on-again off-again relationship with Kylie Jenner, so corresponding with Tyga means you run the risk of getting exposed and landing yourself on the front cover of gossip magazines as a homewrecker. If your privacy (and your pride) mean anything to you, go ahead and ignore that DM from Tyga.

14 Lindsay Lohan


At one point, Lindsay Lohan was considered Hollywood royalty, but just like most child actors, Lindsay has seen her life spiral out of control. With an arrest record that puts most seasoned criminals to shame, Lindsay packed up and jetted off to London to get away from the blinding lights of Tinsel Town. Little does she realize, it’s not her location that’s the problem, she’s the problem. Now that she’s engaged to Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov, her life has continued to be messier than a Spanish soap opera.

The couple has been involved in some very public incidents, including a shocking video of Lindsay accusing Egor of strangling her, and another lover’s spat caught on video of the two fighting over a cell phone. Basically, Lindsay is nothing but drama, so seeing her name pop up in your DM means that you'll be in for a wild ride. Do yourself a favor and don’t even open the message.

13 Farrah Abraham

I guess you can’t expect much from someone who has been milking the media since 2008. We were introduced to Farrah Abraham when she appeared on the MTV series 16 and Pregnant, and little did we know what she would turn into today.

Farrah didn’t hide her snotty and bratty attitude from the cameras while filming the series and the subsequent Teen Mom program. And it seems like on each and every episode, she was cursing out her parents, her boyfriend and the show’s producers. But Farrah surprised us when she took her life into a completely different direction and starred in an adult film. These days, Farrah wears her porn star badge proud, and we can’t help but feel a little bad for her daughter, Sophia, who’s subjected to it all. Farrah hitting you up through your DM will probably include a message riddled with expletives, or perhaps an invitation to star in her next film. Either way, don’t fall for it. Farrah’s is definitely more trouble than she’s worth.

12 Jaden Smith


What the heck happened to Will Smith’s spawn? You would think the child of one of the most level-headed, lovable actors in the industry would turn out to walk in his father’s footsteps. But that’s clearly not the case for rapper and model Jaden Smith. If you dig a man in a skirt, Jaden’s the guy for you; but if you can appreciate logical and rational conversations, just keep it moving.

Dealing with Jaden would require having the patience of saint. Just try to get through one of his nonsensical interviews, like the time he and his sister Willow told the New York Times that going to school is overrated, and “kids who go to normal school are so teenagery, so angsty.” Do you get it? Yeah, we don’t either. We're hoping Jaden wouldn’t dare clog up our inbox with a DM. We can only imagine it would be a longwinded essay criticizing us about our life choices. And honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that.

11 Justin Bieber

Is there anything likeable about Justin Bieber? His music is subpar, he can’t even dance, and he’s horrible to his fans. The singer’s pompous attitude made headlines when he made the announcement that he would no longer offer meet and greet sessions before his shows. This was clearly just another way for him to distance himself from his fans who made him who he is today. His sense of entitlement is one of the main reasons why we would hate to see him sliding in our DM’s. Can you imagine after a night out partying with Floyd Mayweather and Chris Brown? Justin comes across your Instagram profile, and he likes what he sees! He sends an incoherent/drunk message and he demands that you reply. He’s Justin Bieber, and he will not be ignored! If this isn’t enough for you to bypass his message completely, then I don’t know what is.

10 Kris Jenner


You’ve heard of the Kardashian curse, right? It seems like every man who gets involved with one of the women in this family gets himself wrapped up in a string of unfortunate events that leave them broke, in rehab, changing genders or knocking on heaven’s door. From Lamar Odom overdosing in a Nevada brothel to Scott Disick struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, no man is safe when it comes to this family’s bad juju. Sure, Kris Jenner may be able to help you quit your job at Chick-fil-A and catapult your career as a reality TV star, but is it really worth it in the end? She will constantly be in your DM’s telling you where to show up so paparazzi can get you at just the right angle, and the second you disobey her commands, well, it was nice knowin’ ya. If you’re down to see your life go up in flames, then by all means, reply to that DM from Kris Jenner. Don't say we didn’t warn you!

9 Taylor Swift

This one seems like a no-brainer, but surprisingly, Taylor Swift still manages to get men to reply to her DM’s despite constantly playing the victim and trashing her exes in all of her songs. T-Swizzle is one of those celebs who make us instantly roll our eyes the second she pops up on our television screen. Getting a DM from the singer is the equivalent of getting a message from your annoying childhood friend who your parents forced you to hang out with back in the day. Super annoying, right?

Taylor’s true colors were finally shown when she was exposed for lying about giving her blessing to Kanye West to use her name in his song “Famous.” If she will lie about something as simple as that, can you just imagine what else she would lie about? A simple exchange in DM land has the ability to turn from platonic to downright weird if Taylor decides to inbox you. We imagine she would profess her love for you after the first two messages, and then label you the bad guy when you refuse her advances.


8 Floyd Mayweather


Some celebrities’ good aura just shines through from behind our television and computer screens. You can just tell when a celebrity is a good person by the way they conduct themselves, the way the act, and their down to earth personalities. When it comes to celebs who are humble and have a good heart, Floyd Mayweather usually doesn’t come to mind. And for that reason, he’s one of the celebrities we wouldn’t want in our DM’s. Sure, he’s the undefeated boxing champ, he’s a talented athlete, and he’s literally the definition of “started from the bottom.” But despite these redeeming qualities, Floyd annoys us to no end, and seeing a message from him in our DM is bound to induce a panic attack. We can only imagine opening up the message and seeing a selfie of Floyd, dripped in gold chains and diamond rings, doing a bellyflop into a stack of $100 bills. Yeah, just rub it in. You’re rich, we’re poor. We get it.

7 Kanye West

You know that family member who blows their money on shoes and clothing, and they never have enough cash leftover to pay their bills so they hit you up for a loan? Kanye West is like that broke family member. After admitting he’s $53 million in debt, any DM from Kanye is sure to include a request for some funds, and if we’re tired of lending money to our broke cousins, we’re definitely not about to lend any to Yeezy. These days, Kanye’s music comes second to his Twitter rants, his beefs with fellow artists like Wiz Khalifa, his obsession with Beyoncé and his frenemy relationship with Taylor Swift. Getting a message from Kanye is guaranteed to be full of drama…hilarious drama, nonetheless. Before you could even reply, he will probably send five back-to-back messages about how great he is, how he’s the hottest Hip Hop artists in the game, and how Kim Kardashian is the most beautiful woman to walk the face of the Earth. Keep up with your delusions, Kanye, just keep them out of our inbox please.

6 Caitlyn Jenner


Back when Caitlyn Jenner was Bruce, she was the likable patriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family. But she was also the outcast - left to golfing and flying her remote control helicopters all by herself. Her ex-wife, Kris Jenner, definitely wore the pants in the relationship, and we hated seeing Caitlyn being treated like an unwanted houseguest in her own home. After breaking free from the shackles, Bruce became Caitlyn, and the world applauded her for having the strength and the courage to be true to herself. We were also secretly hoping she would really stick it to the rest of the family by spilling all of their dirty little secrets, but that hasn’t been the case. In fact, we’ve come to realize that after transitioning into Caitlyn, the reality TV star is just as fame hungry as the rest of them. A message from Caitlyn would probably be flipped into a storyline on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So unless you’re as attention seeking as she is, just hit the delete button as soon as that DM comes in.

5 Ariana Grande

Don’t let those cat ears fool you, Ariana Grande is anything but sweet and innocent according to numerous stories. The singer has been exposed for her diva demands, her poor attitude and her ability to make her fans cry at the drop of a hat. Receiving a DM from Ariana probably means she wants to lure you into her world of wishing death upon all of her fans, or perhaps she’s looking for a new sidekick to help her lick all the donuts at the local Krispy Kreme. She can get away with it because she’s Ariana friggin’ Grande. You, on the other hand, are bound to get locked up. Sure, she’s beautiful and she looks harmless, but a message from Ariana is bound to take you down a path of destruction. We would definitely delete her message without hesitation, and you should, too!

4 Suge Knight


OMG do you want to die? Like literally, do you want to see your life flash before your eyes? If getting a barrage of bullets to your chest doesn’t sound like your ideal way of leaving this Earth, maybe you should think twice about replying to that DM from Suge Knight. The former Death Row records CEO and current inmate is locked up behind bars for a fatal hit and run that left one man dead, but Suge’s bad boy antics have been well-documented for decades. He has been rumored to be the man behind the murders of the late rappers Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G., and all of his former associates have since parted ways with him. So what could he possibly be DM’ing us about? Maybe he needs some money on his books. Who knows, and we hope we never have to find out.

3 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has kept a low profile after admitting he tested positive for HIV, but we still can’t forget all of his off-the-wall antics before he came clean about his status. From saying he doesn’t need rehab because he was born with tiger blood, to coining the infamously annoying hashtag of #winning, Charlie’s acting career took a backseat while he became a caricature of himself. While he battles the virus away from paparazzi cameras, we can’t help but wonder what a DM from the troubled star would include. His hard partying days seem to be over, so you can scratch an invite to a wild soiree off the list. And his acting opportunities have all but dried up, so he’s definitely not trying to get in contact to ask you to guest star on a television program. That leaves only one thing. Can you guess what it is? Yeah, we can’t either. That’s why we’re hoping we never receive a DM from Charlie. There’s just nothing good that can come from it.

2 Chris Brown


Oh, Chris Brown. So much promise, so much talent; and it has all been overshadowed by his violent outburst, uncontrollable anger, alleged drug use, and oh yeah, that domestic violence incident against Rihanna. It seems like every other month there’s a new report about Breezy fighting someone, acting a fool in public, and going on yet another one of his rambling Twitter rants. At this point, we’re all basically watching a train wreck in slow motion, and for this reason alone, Chris needs to stay far away from our DM. Okay, maybe we would be kind of geeked if the singer messaged us and invited us to Ibiza on his private jet. We may actually consider the invitation, but then our common sense would kick in. Opening a DM from Chris can only lead to a bad situation. You don’t have a millions of dollars like Chris, so hiring a top-notch attorney to get you out of a sticky situation isn’t in the cards for you. So go ahead and delete that DM without thinking twice.

1 Miley Cyrus

Sure, we might be a little bit curious to see what that mouth do, but Miley Cyrus is definitely the number one celebrity we wouldn’t want sliding into our DM. It seems like Miley’s whole appearance and personality changed over night. She started out as the lovable Disney character Hannah Montana, and she morphed into a wrecking ball swinging, tongue wagging, nipple-baring weirdo.

Her social media pages are chockfull of creepy selfies. Miley is definitely a fan of photographing herself smoking blunts, all while looking completely spaced out. A DM from her might include an invitation to join her on her next trip to get her armpit hair dyed pink, or an offer for her to twerk for you for free in the comforts of your own home. Let's face it, she's pretty interesting to watch from afar, but having her in our DM is just a little too close for comfort. No thank you!


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