15 Celebs We Love To Hate (For No Good Reason)

We all have celebrities that we love and admire with all of our hearts.  When Morgan Freeman dies, we'll have to hold a national day of mourning.  Betty White is the grandma we all wish we had.  Neil Patrick Harris is just the coolest person ever.  These celebrities could commit murder and we'd take their side; we'd just say they must have had a good reason, because they're perfect.

Then there are celebrities that we hate as if we had a personal grudge against them.  We're talking villainy akin to Voldemort.  We hate these celebrities and want bad things for them.  What's worse is that, when asked why we hate them, we don't always have a reason.  They didn't necessarily commit a flagrant atrocity; they're just awful people that deserve out hatred, that's all and that's enough.

Even if we know the reason why we hate a celebrity, it's easy to step back and realize that that isn't really a good reason to hate someone.  You wouldn't hate your neighbor if he got a DUI or if he insulted someone you didn't know on Twitter but, because it was a celebrity that did it, we loathe them with every fiber of our beings.

There are so many celebrities we should totally hate for really good reasons that we just ignore, like Jay-Z (he straight up murdered a guy back in 1999) or Matthew Broderick (a stupid mistake of his got two people killed).  But no, we ignore their atrocities and forgive them because, hey, they're awesome people.  Meanwhile, we hate these guys based on their behavior at tacky awards shows.

Try to keep your cool as we go through fifteen of your worst enemies.  Here are celebs we don't need a reason to hate, and we love it.

15 Justin Bieber


We all loathe Justin Bieber.  Somehow, his superficial and generic songs always top the billboard hits and we end up hearing his songs on the radio our entire commute to work.  He is, without question, an annoying individual.

Let's break him down: Justin Bieber is a 22-year-old Canadian  pop singer that was discovered when he was only fourteen.  These days, he makes a few mistakes (like angering PETA by bringing a tiger to his dad's birthday party), but he's largely pretty good at making fun of himself and recognizing that his career isn't improving the world in any way.  But these aren't the reasons we hate Justin.

14 Miley Cyrus


Oh, Miley, you poor, kid.  Miley climbed to fame because of her dad, washed up country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.  She started with her own Disney show, Hannah Montana, in which she played a teenage pop singer trying to live a normal life.  Since she left Disney, she's pulled some crazy stunts and broken all of the achy-breaky-hearts of her childhood fans.

13 Taylor Swift


Speaking of annoying twitter battles, Taylor engages in them like it's her job.  The teen country singer turned pop idol loves to think of herself as a positive role model for women everywhere of all backgrounds; really, she encourages girls everywhere to fit into her mold of narcissistic-hipster-white-chick.  She publicly invites celebrities to join her "crew," as if it's some coveted prize to be her backup girls, and we applaud all those that flagrantly turn her down, like Chloe Moretz, Miley Cyrus, and even Sir Ian McKellan.

12 Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart is perhaps one of the least talented A-list actors out there.  She was the lead, Bella Swan, in the Twilight series, as well as the title character in Snow White and the Huntsman, but she's constantly getting roles in hit movies and none of us can fathom why.  No matter what movie she's in, she seems to play the same apathetic, lackluster, confused character.  Who is giving her these roles and why???

11 Angelina Jolie


Everyone knows Angelina Jolie is practically a goddess; and that's part of the reason we hate her.  She's absolutely gorgeous, extremely talented, and has the grace of a queen.  She knows she's better than us common folk and doesn't feel a need to prove it by participating in media hype or annoying tabloid drama.  She keeps to herself, and we see her aloof behavior as a slight towards us.  And if she doesn't like us, then FINE!  We won't like her either.

10 Lindsay Lohan


We started hating Lindsay for a good many reasons: her horrible music career, her extensive and flagrant drug use, her desire to be known as a celebrity slut, and her disrespect for the merits of a college education.  Even Oprah publicly shamed her and lectured her on living a better life!  We all watched Lindsay fall from grace and she is commonly known as a failure.

9 Shia LeBeouf


Shia gave us reasons to hate him that we just can't let go of, like his various bar fights, his lies about dating celebrities, when he live tweeted his acid trip, when he complained about not being famous anymore (while starring in the Transformers movies), or when he drunkenly interrupted a Broadway production of Cabaret.  We all resigned to believing that he'd lost his cool and couldn't handle Hollywood life.  Now, no matter what he releases or does, we assume it's some drug or booze fueled rant of a sad man.

8 Kim Kardashian


The woman who is famous for a sex tape she made in 2003; yup, there are so many reasons to hate Kim Kardashian.  She's vapid, stupid, fabulously successful, and does literally nothing to help society.  But that's just the thing: she does nothing.  Our hatred for Kim Kardashian is actually the reason she's so famous.  If we all stopped caring about Kim, she'd lose her terrible television show, her stupid video game, and her plain fashion line.  If we just stopped caring about her, she'd go away!

7 Kanye West


Kim's husband is just about as terrible as she is, if not worse.  Kanye has said in interviews that, "if the bible were written today, [he'd] be a main character."  Before we all decided to hate Taylor Swift, he ruined the moment she won her first VMA.  He frequently shows up to concerts hours late and then gets angry at disgruntled fans, as if it were somehow their fault he was late.

6 Madonna


If you ask any 80's music fans what their opinion of Madonna is, of course they'll say they loved her music.  It's what she did since her 80's peak that makes us hate Madonna.  She's 57, but she releases music and accompanying videos with the sexual overtones of a 25-year old singer.  We're all for Madonna releasing whatever albums she wants, but does it have to be so oversexed?  We loathe her for trying so hard to stay in the public eye.

5 John Mayer


There must have been a time when we loved John Mayer, right?  Otherwise, he would never have become famous.  There must have been a time that we were rooting for him to succeed!  He was once a celebrated artist whose tours sold out immediately after they were announced.  Now, we all just want him to crawl back into the hipster cave from whence he came.

4 Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is crazy.  We all know this.  It's not hard to find examples of him acting like a lunatic.  You needn't look farther than his interview with Oprah where he seemed to actually be having a mental breakdown over his love for Katie Holmes.  Or his scary performance in the movie Rock of Ages.  Or his passion for the church of Scientology.  Who knows what drove him insane but he's nuts for sure, and we write him off because of it.

3 John Travolta


John is like Hollywood's creepy uncle.  He ruined Idina Menzel's shining moment at the Oscars by pronouncing her name Adele Dazeem.  He's straight-up sexually harassed Scarlet Johannsson.  Plus, he's into Scientology; 'nough said.  John Travolta is the creepy old dude that no one wants to hang out with anymore.

2 Jaden Smith


This teenaged brat just thinks he can have it all, doesn't he?  Son of the renowned Will Smith, Jaden picked up an acting career to follow his father's footsteps.  Only thing is, he sucks.  He's not a good actor, he ruined The Karate Kid for us, and all his movies are butt-awful and we hate him forever.

1 Bono


Bono is the worst.  He is so awful.  Everyone hates Bono because... because...  Wait, why do we hate Bono?  He's the lead singer of the iconic  band U2, and he spends all of his time, fortune, and fame in support of philanthropic efforts.  He writes almost all of the music that his rock band performs, and most of the songs have political, religious, and social undertones- it's music with a message, what we all profess to prefer.  Yet, we HATE HIM.  And his philanthopic work revolves mostly around humanitarian work in Africa, where he raises and spends millions of dollars to help the continent that is constantly stuck in a state of political unrest and injustice while most countries pretend the problems don't exist.  Yet, we HATE HIM.  BONO SUCKS.  Except, not really, though.  He's actually a really awesome person.

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