15 Celebs We Hate More Than Adam Sandler

Hate is a strong word, and, to be honest, we're not even really using it. Everyone else is. It seems that everyone these days hates Adam Sandler. The poor guy can do no right. Every film he's put out in the last decade-plus has been lambasted as the worst thing in the history of cinema. You ask the critics and they'll tell you that his sarcasm is tired, his voice annoying and his insistence on addressing stereotypes has turned from innocent but racist to bordering on hate speech. Is he as bad as they say he is? No, not even close. His films aren't nearly as good as they once were, and his bit is old-school, 90s style, but he's still got some laughs left in those boots. Most of his films still have a sweet aroma to them, even if you might hurt yourself cringing through some parts. Is he the worst? Again, no, not even close. There are some people who are hated much, much more.

What is it that makes a celebrity hateable? Sometimes all it takes is one bad day or night. One public outburst is all it takes to put you in the people's bad books. Many of the most hated indulge in arrogance, confusing their own financial success with some kind of superiority. Others, like Sandler, just appear in some bad films or make bad music. One can earn the hatred of the people in so many different ways, but the people on this list are hated. That we do not doubt. You may not hate them just like we may not hate them. But people do. Oh, people hate them so good. Here are 15 celebs we hate more than Adam Sandler.

15 Shia LaBeouf

14 Mel Gibson

13 Kristen Stewart

12 Miley Cyrus

11 Taylor Lautner

10 Gwyneth Paltrow

9 Jennifer Lopez

8 Kim Kardashian

7 Justin Bieber

6 Bill Cosby


5 Kanye West

4 Jaden Smith

3 Anne Hathaway

2 Katherine Heigl

1 Chris Brown

Chris Brown is the scum of the earth. In 2009, this little dweeb beat up then-girlfriend Rihanna and was charged. He then went all over TV and the Internet crying about it like he was the victim. Two years later, he was crying that people wouldn't get over it, wouldn't get over the fact that he beat up his girlfriend. He said he didn't remember the night, then said that he obviously remembered the night, then said it was all a blur. Stupidity won't get you out of this little boy. Brown went on to get himself involved in a number of homophobic attacks, assaulting Frank Ocean and a couple of other civilians in different altercations. Most recently, Brown denied police entry into his home, even after they returned with a warrant. Police and helicopters then surrounded the property and made a massive deal over something that could have been dealt with in a calm and collected way. Maybe it's all in an effort to make himself look a bada*s to help him sell records. All it's done is make him look like a little baby.

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15 Celebs We Hate More Than Adam Sandler