15 Celebs We Hate More Than Adam Sandler

Hate is a strong word, and, to be honest, we're not even really using it. Everyone else is. It seems that everyone these days hates Adam Sandler. The poor guy can do no right. Every film he's put out in the last decade-plus has been lambasted as the worst thing in the history of cinema. You ask the critics and they'll tell you that his sarcasm is tired, his voice annoying and his insistence on addressing stereotypes has turned from innocent but racist to bordering on hate speech. Is he as bad as they say he is? No, not even close. His films aren't nearly as good as they once were, and his bit is old-school, 90s style, but he's still got some laughs left in those boots. Most of his films still have a sweet aroma to them, even if you might hurt yourself cringing through some parts. Is he the worst? Again, no, not even close. There are some people who are hated much, much more.

What is it that makes a celebrity hateable? Sometimes all it takes is one bad day or night. One public outburst is all it takes to put you in the people's bad books. Many of the most hated indulge in arrogance, confusing their own financial success with some kind of superiority. Others, like Sandler, just appear in some bad films or make bad music. One can earn the hatred of the people in so many different ways, but the people on this list are hated. That we do not doubt. You may not hate them just like we may not hate them. But people do. Oh, people hate them so good. Here are 15 celebs we hate more than Adam Sandler.


15 Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is a guy that people love to hate. There's something about him that really rubs everyone the wrong way. He's done some weird things. He had that whole plagiarism thing, then he apologized with a plagiarized quote, almost certainly a weak attempt to downplay and make comical the crime. Now he's transitioning to this weird meta-style art, which again is all in an effort to make us forget that he's actually a bit of a douche. Remember when he said that he knocked out Tom Hardy on the set of Lawless? Didn’t he also say he was going to kill his girlfriend on camera? Sometimes it's almost as if LaBeouf forgets that people actually care what he says. Maybe we should just stop caring what he says.

14 Mel Gibson


A couple of years ago, Mel Gibson would have been much higher on this list, but the guy has paid his dues. He's made some drunken remarks, yeah. He went through a period where he was nearly a raving lunatic, for sure. He's prone to violent outbursts, he's racist and he's prejudice, but he's been working to make amends and he seems happy and a bit changed in recent years. It's tough to completely let him off the hook, and it will probably haunt him for most of his career. But film fans are a forgiving bunch. People have forgiven Robert Downey Jr. for being a degenerate. Many have all but forgotten about Woody Allen's creepy love story and Roman Polanski is still considered one of the industry's greats. Give it two more years of quiet from Gibson plus some film success, like he seems to be on the verge of, and he won't even make this list next time.

13 Kristen Stewart

For whatever reason, people have never really latched onto Kristen Stewart, and by "whatever reason," we of course mean she is awful at acting. Seriously, if shuddering and stuttering were considered excellence in acting, Stewart would be a multiple Academy Award winner, but unfortunately, for her, there's much more to it than that. She looks uncomfortable on camera, like she's embarrassed to be out there. She looks like how most of us would feel having to act in front of cameras and all those people, except we don't audition because we know we'd be bad. Does she know there are other careers out there? A bit of extra hate definitely comes from her role in Twilight. The fact that she has so many fans from such horrendous movies makes people angry. She's always frowning too.

12 Miley Cyrus


There's a lot to like about Miley Cyrus and a lot to hate. She is one of the most polarizing celebrities out there because of her music, her personality and her persona. She's got that tongue thing, which is so dumb, but she says that she does it because she's uncomfortable smiling, which is kind of sweet. So we love it and we hate it. She's very outspoken and not shy about her lifestyle, which is both brave and commendable but also a bit arrogant—more love and hate. Her music is pretty annoying too. But some of it is catchy though. Ahh, forget it.

11 Taylor Lautner

Why do we hate Taylor Lautner? Well, he's not a very good actor. There's that. But he seems like a really nice person. Maybe it's the enormous success he's had in a relatively short career. Maybe it's because he made a name for himself on Twilight and, similar to Kristen Stewart, people will hate anyone and everything attached to that series of books and films. To make this list you must be hated more than Adam Sandler, which is true with Lautner. He's one of the few actors to consistently score worse than Sandler and he was even in a movie with him, The Ridiculous 6, playing a role that was considerably worse than Sandler's own. The further away from the memory of Twilight the better for Lautner. Expect him to get a lot better in people's eyes as he gets more experienced in the industry.

10 Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow has taken on a lot of hate and she doesn't know why. She says that people don't like her because she's had an easy life. She admits to her life being easy when she was a child, but she is adamant that she worked for everything she's got in her acting career. This could be very true, but being the daughter of Blythe Danner and director Bruce Paltrow probably made the introductions in Hollywood a little easier. Family friend Steven Spielberg, is also said to have helped out a bit, so you can see why people think she's had a bit of an easy walk. But it's not her life that people hate. It's the way she talks about her life. She is easily the most pretentious actor out there. Talking about flowering zucchinis and how much better Paris is then the slums we like to call America, Paltrow is infuriating to listen to. But she's worked very hard. We'll give her that.

9 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is one of those famous people that you don't really like, but hate is a bit strong, isn't it? Sure, JLo has been in some really awful movies throughout the years. She's beautiful and has aged really well. For the most part, her music is the worst. These are all reasons to dislike her, but why do we hate her? Maybe it's her very public love life. This is a woman who's been married three times and divorced three times (Ojani Noa—one year, Chris Judd—two years and Marc Anthony—10 years). She's also dated Ben Affleck (they were engaged), Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Diddy/Sean Combs and Casper Smart, plus many, many more. There is also no shortage of people who doubt JLO's talent, rightly or wrongly, and, if the people doubt your right to riches, they ain't gonna like you. That's just a fact of life.


8 Kim Kardashian


The famous for nothing crowd will always be despised by the public. Kim Kardashian grew up incredibly wealthy. Her father gained some of his own fame for defending O.J. Simpson in the massive 1995 court case. This let Kim hang out with a rich crowd, like the once hated but now forgotten Paris Hilton, but it wouldn't be until 2007 that people really noticed her. When her and musician Ray J's s*x tape leaked, people began making note of her name. Capitalizing on this 15 minutes of fame, reality TV producers sought out this rich family to make a show about their life. Other shows following this formula had proven successful and these Kardashian women are attractive, why wouldn't this work? Well it did work and Kim became a pop culture phenomenon. Now she hires people to do things for her and puts her name on it to make it seem like she's actually the brains behind the operation, but let's be honest. It's an insult to our intelligence to suggest that Kim Kardashian has intelligence of her own. Like Paris Hilton, Kardashian is a figurehead propped up by her public image. Her business advisors give her one instruction: stay relevant Kim. So she posts nude selfies every other week and stays relevant. Job well done.

7 Justin Bieber

It's unlikely that people doubt Justin Bieber's talent. Regardless of whether you like his music or not, the guy has a cajillion fans that say they like it, so he must be doing something right. The reason why he's so hated is because of what he's done with his fame. Rather than use his millions of dollars for good and become a positive role model for all of his young and impressionable fans, he spends money on exotic cars and races them down quiet streets at all hours of the night. He acts like a total nob every chance he gets and pretends he's a thug coming straight out of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, a beautiful little town known for its Shakespearean festival each summer. He's a total wanker and will have to work hard to wipe off all of the loser filth that he's painted on himself in layers over the years.

6 Bill Cosby


In the early 60s, Bill Cosby started to make a name for himself on the stand-up comedy circuit. In the 70s and 80s Cosby was one of the most recognizable comedians on TV with his popular shows Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and The Cosby Show. In 2014, Cosby's name started making the news when comedian Hannibal Burress began to accuse him of being a r*pist in his stand-up routine. He brought up the fact that there had been numerous allegations against Cosby but somehow the guy has kept his public image intact. After that, people began to look at the facts and more and more women came forward. As of today, more than 60 women have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse, r*pe, battery, child abuse, the whole gamut of sexual deviancy. These allegations go back to the very beginning of his fame in the 60s. It's not a good time for Cosby and it's about to get a whole lot worse when the trial starts up.

5 Kanye West

More hated than Bill Cosby, Kanye West comes in at five because he is definitely the most arrogant POS walking around today. It's fitting that him and Kim Kardashian are together. That kid will be humble, no doubt. It's impossible to list all of the reasons why we hate Kanye West. He's one of the most overrated rappers in the history of the game. One decent album with catchy songs and the guy talks like he's the best rapper alive. Monosyllabic rhymes, autotune and ridiculously basic flow is all we get from this guy, but yet he expects to win every award there is and throws a hissy fit when he doesn’t. The only reason people like your records is because anyone, toddlers included, can rap along with you Kanye.

4 Jaden Smith


The more Jaden Smith talks out loud, the faster this kid moves up the most hated list. Really he shares this spot with his sister Willow, because these two are incredibly similar. Their self-righteousness didn't just happen one day. This has been instilled in them. So let's bring in Will and Jada to share this throne with them as well. The kids may be the voices of stupidity and pretentiousness but their parents are definitely the inspiration. Jaden feels that the best way to show how smart and evolved he has become is to put down the rest of society. To puff himself up, he must first show how everyone around him is a dimwit. The problem is that he uses words he doesn't understand and says things he believes are profound but only showcase a basic miscomprehension of the world. He is still young, but at 18 he has to start being more aware of how his words will stick with him because of his celebrity.

3 Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is hated for the same reasons you hated that overachieving do-gooder in high school. She's the one who follows the letter of the law, narcs on people who stray but a little and eats chips one a time. She boasts while pretending to be humble, puts on the fakest act like every day, is full of sunshine and rainbows, and is put in front of us like she's the next best thing in Hollywood when she might be one of the most overrated actresses working today. Her smile is too big and she's annoying in interviews. Does she play the perfect part behind closed doors as well or is it all an act? The truth is, we don't care. Act or reality, little miss Hathaway bothers us. She's said that she wanted to be a nun when she was a little girl, which tells you exactly what she was like growing up. Prude Jude Hathaway.

2 Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl won’t quite go away, but, if we're lucky, it won't be long yet. This ungrateful actress is best known for her roles in Knocked Up and Grey's Anatomy, both roles which she would publicly mock because she feels she is so much better than she is. After Knocked Up came out, it looked like Heigl was headed toward movie fame, but then she opened up those lips and started talking without using her brain. Complaining about the role and how it portrayed women, Heigl essentially spat in the face of the film that gave her a chance at real fame. With Grey's Anatomy, the show that made Heigl rich, this ingrate refused her Emmy nomination all so she could publicly criticize and embarrass the writers of the show. The goal was to earn more time for her character on screen (in a bloody ensemble show); the result was having her character written off the show. She's conceited, cocky, full of herself and arrogant. I'm sure there are other qualities as well, but that's enough for now.

1 Chris Brown

Chris Brown is the scum of the earth. In 2009, this little dweeb beat up then-girlfriend Rihanna and was charged. He then went all over TV and the Internet crying about it like he was the victim. Two years later, he was crying that people wouldn't get over it, wouldn't get over the fact that he beat up his girlfriend. He said he didn't remember the night, then said that he obviously remembered the night, then said it was all a blur. Stupidity won't get you out of this little boy. Brown went on to get himself involved in a number of homophobic attacks, assaulting Frank Ocean and a couple of other civilians in different altercations. Most recently, Brown denied police entry into his home, even after they returned with a warrant. Police and helicopters then surrounded the property and made a massive deal over something that could have been dealt with in a calm and collected way. Maybe it's all in an effort to make himself look a bada*s to help him sell records. All it's done is make him look like a little baby.

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