15 Celebs That Women Think Are Hot, But Men Don't

When discussing female celebrities, girls will often admit to which stars they think have the best hair, make-up, style, wardrobe and all around good looks. But when it comes to discussing how hot they are, men will usually disregard everything that women assess them by, and simply discuss how hot female celebrities are. It is usually the men that lend their hotness perspectives to surveys and polls for all the hottest female celebrity rankings everywhere. And why not? It does make sense, since they are probably the best to judge anyway. Yet, every so often, there is a clear disparity between who men think to be hot and what women think on the same matter, or in this case, on the same celebrity. Clearly, perspectives as well as parameters seem to differ between the sexes. So we worked on the brainwave to find those 15 celebrities that women definitely think are considered to be hot, but men don’t agree quite as unanimously as one would expect.

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15 Kaley Cuoco

14 Kate Moss

Hot fashion model Kate Moss was once considered to be the fresh-faced diva that everyone could and should emulate. Now 41, the ageless beauty was previously named ‘Best Dressed Woman in the World’ by British Glamour and even the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ by the men’s magazine Arena. Yet, that was years ago. The lady’s hotness quotient has been dwindling for a while now, with especially vicious opinion changes coming from men. Discussion forums such as DigitalSpy have lately been flooded with haters who seem to be discussing and dismissing her for  being a lady in need of a good soapy scrubbing. While there are still men who will stop short of calling her downright ugly, it is clear that most don’t really find her hot anymore. We girls still love her of course; anyone’s who’s on the wrong side of 40 and still manages to look like she does definitely needs our unwavering admiration.

13 Kirsten Dunst

Spiderman actress Kirsten Dunst has always been called cute, girl next door and several other things, not surprising since she started as a child star and grew up right before us. Yes, with movies like Bring it On, where she played a cheerleader and Bachelorette, the star was swinging like a pendulum between those that considered her to be hot and those that still weren’t convinced. Women mostly like the brunette though, and think her beautiful, but most forum polls (such as Listal and KillerMovies) show that men are mostly pretty vocal about her not being hot at all. Now why that is so, we are not sure. Go figure.

12 Rachel McAdams

When Rachel McAdams was cast in the 2002 movie The Hot Chick, it all seemed to come together in a neat little package with one sure shot hot chick playing a super hot chick straddling a stripper pole. Both men and women alike were star struck with Rachel’s great looks and fabulous figure and her ‘hot’ quotient seemed to have struck a nice long ladder. Yet, her decision to go brunette for movies like The Vow and The Family Stone and her choice of starring in some pretty wishy-washy movies seems to have hit her hard. Although a lot of men compare her to other attractive celebrities, opinions are quite divided, it is clear that not all men consider her to be hot anymore.

11 Cameron Diaz

The problem with Hollywood and indeed with most film industries worldwide, is that an actor is only relevant till they are still being discussed as someone hot. A few years ago both men and women definitely, undoubtedly, indisputably found Cameron Diaz hot, yet the last few years have seen drastic changes happen to her hot image. In 2011, Maxim ranked Cameron number 4 in its list of 100 hottest women but the very next year, she didn't even get on the list! Popular opinion persists that while men like women that are fit and toned, they don’t necessarily consider women who are more muscular than themselves equally so. It is also a common opinion that Cameron has been trying too hard to stay hot and is hence faring worse on the hotness scale than other 40 plus celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston.

10 Reese Witherspoon

Unfortunately for most men, hotness falls solely and completely in the realm of sexiness, 'a la Megan Fox' style. Now, no one’s disputing that Reese is one cute and pretty, pocket sized damsel but there sure will be several contradictory opinions when one is discussing her hotness quotient. Well, for one, she lacks the length that should ideally go with the ‘hot, leggy blonde’ tag; then there’s also the innate sweetness of her charming face that leaves no adjectives like sultry and sexy to even apply, and that puts Reese neatly in the ‘not really hot’ category with men. Us women have no issues thinking of her as otherwise, though!

9 Olsen Twins

Fraternal twins Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen have really hit it big in Hollywood and while most consider them beautiful, glamorous or charming, not many men consider them to be hot, as in seriously hot. Women are often wooed with good fashion and an innate sense of style, which the Olsen twins seem to have in oodles. But even with the ladies that loved their fashion sense, they seem to have lost some favor with their decision to have nose jobs and the likes. Though some women still stand by them, most forums on the topic show that men are not quite on the same opinion page as their female counterparts.

8 Kate Middleton


7 Amanda Seyfried

Gorgeous eyes, perfect jaw line and a well toned physique. What’s not to like about Amanda Seyfried? You’d think it’s a no brainer with everyone screaming, hot, hot, definitely hot! Yet, while almost everyone agrees that Amanda is simply beautiful, not everyone goes all that gaga on her hotness quotient. Many men, in fact, are quite meh about her looks; surprising if you ask any women about it. Several message boards and forums have ongoing hot or not debates about her and especially when it comes to men, a clear verdict seems to be far away still.

6 Jennifer Lopez

You’d think that most men would find a sexy appeal in a beautiful body, big booty and olive looks, but when it comes to Jennifer Lopez, apparently not everyone agrees on her hotness quotient. Undeniably, J Lo is talented, beautiful and appealing, but is she sexy, sultry, hot? Some men don’t think so. The 40 plus star seems to be pushing her envelopes a bit; what with the booty songs and with the full on cleavage shows and though one would not think so, it seems that not all men are turned on by such blatant claims at sexiness. A lot of men rather prefer her glam diva look, even when it is not overtly inviting. For us women, it really doesn’t matter, does it?

5 Rihanna


4 Taylor Swift

Most people would think of Taylor Swift as a pretty blonde girl with serious talent and an unnatural attractiveness. Yet, many times, that is not the same measurement for a scale of hotness or sexiness. A lot of men, especially those who are more into the Megan Fox or Mila Kunis types of sexiness, find the lass to be too simple, youthful and natural looking to elicit the ‘oh, she’s hot’ responses. We think it is just a matter of taste. Perhaps some men like their hot women a little more ‘open eyed’ than Taylor, or maybe they just have different reactions to doll faces and cute eyes. Whatever the case, it is definitely true that unlike women who are mostly cleanly on the ‘hot’ side, men are fairly divided in their opinions of her.

3 Victoria Beckham

Yet another celebrity with polarizing views on her hotness status is Victoria Beckham. While the former Posh Spice is definitely the style and fashion icon that women look out for (or look up to, as the case may be), men are fairly divided in their opinions of her. There are some that criticize her for being too skinny, some for being too plastic in her looks and yet more for her ‘stand-off-ish’ coolness, others just look at her toned body, gorgeous face cut and fabulous outfits and judge her to be hot. Clearly though, not all men think that the lady’s hot!

2 Sarah Jessica Parker

With Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, opinions range from one extreme to the other. Some people consider her to be hot, while others consider her to be downright ugly and link her face to that of a horse. Whatever one thinks of the lady, her case is definitely one where you can prove (or disprove) the notion that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. There are numerous online polls, forum discussions and questionnaires on peoples’ opinions of the star. While women seem to have no issues with her looks, men on the other hand have been caught picking on her facial features, nose and voice. If we were to go out on a limb and pick a side, we’d say that most men do not find SJP all that hot!

1 Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is clearly a fashion and style icon and women are mostly found to be a bit lenient on them with regards to their looks or hotness quotients. The main issue with men is that they are clearly not swayed by outward glamour and usually say it like they feel it when it comes to someone being sexy or hot. With Nicole Richie, at least the online public opinion seems to tilt towards ‘not hot’, with the main reasons being ‘too skinny’, ‘anorexic looking’ and ‘fickle’. It’s a pity that the lady has not been seen more favorably under the ‘hot’ light, but who knows the future; all the objections to her claim to hotness seem totally overcome-able. Let’s wait and watch this one then, guys.

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