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15 Celebs That Have Very Strange Addictions

15 Celebs That Have Very Strange Addictions

We have all come to accept the fact that no one is perfect and, in turn, have our own special quirks that make us who we are. Yes, that means celebrities, too. Then again, when you think about how obsessed most people living in today’s society are with everything that surrounds celebs, it’s kind of crazy on all scales. We can’t seem to get enough of where they shop, eat, do their groceries, live their everyday lives and, you guessed it, how they live it. We basically want to know everything there is to know about them and, even if it may seem a little invasive from time to time, if they’re willing to share, we’re all ears.

This being said, there are different levels of weirdness and even those who may appear to be normal above all else can shock even the strangest of us. That’s not to say that everything that they do may seem to be the most outlandish of things. Not at all. But, we all have those things that we’re a little too obsessed with, hence the widely used term “addiction” and this vice is blind. It is solely based on the body’s natural response to a certain act or ingestion of a particular substance so, in this particular situation, celebrities are just like the rest of us. Want to learn more about the addictions of the stars? Read on and let your mind be blown!

15. Emma Watson – Learning


Emma Watson shows that you don’t have to look like a complete nerd to be sexy. Her thirst for knowledge is great and is one of the driving forces in her life. By soaking it up, she feels like she will be able to comprehend the world around her which is never a bad thing. While this may be an uncommon “addiction,” this attendee of an Ivy League school, world-renown actress and political ambassador doesn’t plan on giving it up anytime soon. Hey, considering what she has done thus far who knows what she’ll be capable of 10, 20 or even 30 years from now!

14. Rihanna – Art


Rihanna has never been known to do anything less than stand out from the crowd due to her adoration for anything in the creative sphere, but this Caribbean beauty seems to know when it’s okay to take a step back and enjoy the finer things in life, too. Art has always been known as a long term investment and Rihanna seems to have picked up the passion for exactly that. This all started when she had the opportunity to purchase a painting of Bob Marley from artist Ronnie Wood and she has been unstoppable since. While she may not be the biggest spender in Hollywood, art seems to just call for her and she’s not afraid to spend her cash if the price is right.

13. Paris Hilton – Skydiving


Paris Hilton may not seem like the adrenaline seeking type, but there is more to everyone than what meets the eye and this is a prime example of such. While it may be difficult to picture this heiress jumping out of an airplane, she has gone on the record saying that she loves the adrenaline rush that she gets every single time that she does it (and has done it at least once a year after she decided to try it out as a means to celebrate her birthday). So, what will be next for this blonde-haired millionaire? Who knows.

12. Robert Pattinson – The Antiques Roadshow


While it may not be the coolest thing to admit to the general public, or to anyone for that matter, we all have our guilty pleasures and Robert Pattinson‘s just so happens to be the British rendition of The Antiques Roadshow. Having watched it ever since he was a child, this Hollywood heartthrob would one day love to take a break from acting on the big screen and host the show. Apparently, his adoration for it stems from watching the genuine reactions of those who appear on the show, because they vary from absolute shock in knowing that this find can change their lives forever to the upper class who are so disgruntled when they find out their object is worthless. Now, if that’s not a reason to watch, then what is?

11. Kanye West – Physical Entertainment


We all have our vices and Kanye West‘s is anything to do with sexuality. He is a self-proclaimed sex addict and literally can’t go anywhere without his collection of media. Addiction can start at any age and his began while he was in the fifth grade. Once his mother found out that he was passing around dirty magazines, she impulsively hit him. It’s just strange to think that the adult video store is known as the “crack house” in his mind but at least he is willing to be vocal about his sexuality. While we may not know the intimate details about how this has effected his love life, you can’t help but say to each their own and leave it at that.

10. Nicole Kidman – Cake


Nicole Kidman is awesome in so many ways and her willingness to enjoy life is one of these reasons. While she claims to maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle, she will not deny that she does consume what can be deemed as “unhealthy” treats because there is no point in living unless you get to enjoy yourself from time to time. That being said, she has gone on record stating that she eats a manageable piece of cake or pie anywhere from three to four times a week! While it may not show, there’s the truth and, hey, in her defense there are very few people strong enough to cut out their love of certain foods completely.

9. Cheryl Cole – Carrot Juice


We all try to eat as healthy as possible, but is there ever such thing as having too much of a good thing? Cheryl Cole doesn’t seem to think so. This X-Factor judge’s addiction began on her trip to South Africa and she has been known to start her day with two big glasses of carrot juice and then consume six more with a side of smoked salmon throughout the day! Sure, she says that she loves how it gives her healthy, glowing skin and strong long nails but only time will tell how long it will take until she begins to look more like a carrot than a human being…

8. Lorenzo Amoruso – Baileys



Lorenzo Amoruso will forever be known as the quiet, nice guy in the realm of soccer, or football depending on the part of the world that you’re in, and his addiction mirrors that quiet-type perfectly. After he was injured back in 1997, which ended up resulting in a lengthy time off, he passed the time drinking Baileys Irish Cream and it quickly became his addiction. While the reason behind this choice beverage may be unknown, there are definitely way more destructive things in the world than it, so the minds of his coaches can at least rest on that accord. Sure, we all have those things that we love but when it comes to the point where we’re directly associated with it, then you know that there’s a problem – and that’s exactly where this Italian Stallion stands at this moment in time.

7. Ozzy Osbourne – Sugar Puffs


While Ozzy Osbourne may not be known as the sweetest guy in Hollywood and may have a slightly off-putting past, especially with the biting off a bat’s head incident, it seems like his age has finally caught up to him. It’s funny to think that this once major alcoholic and drug addict has moved on to the sweet stuff. Eight years ago, he was completely saddened by the fact that he was unable to find one of his favorite things in the whole wide world, Sugar Puffs, in Los Angeles, and had his people contact their headquarters in England to make the proper arrangements. It would be one thing if he asked them to just send over a few boxed, but he literally has a deal with them that basically states that they’ll send more boxes over whenever he is running low on stock. Sound familiar? Well, at least this glazed wheat cereal isn’t nearly as dangerous as his previous addictions.

6. Jessica Simpson – Nicotine Chewing Gum


Jessica Simpson was never known as the brightest light bulb in the aisle, but she is definitely amusing and that’s one of the reasons why America loves her. This being said, she knowingly has her flaws just like the rest of us and has been known to give into temptation every once in awhile. So, what’s her poison? Nicorette chewing gum. The way that her body responds to it gives her a buzz like no other and she loves how it reacts with her entire system. She has her mother’s friend to thank for the high and, while it may have just been an honest mistake the first time around, it’s not something that she’ll be able to give up any time soon.

5. Heidi Montag – Plastic Surgery


Heidi Montag has always been a beautiful woman, but at the age of 23, she practically put her body through torture when she decided to undergo a whopping 10 procedures in a tight time span of 10 hours! She was addicted and obsessed with planning out exactly what she was going to do and went under the knife three years after the ideas came to mind. Given, at least she thought things through and she is finally happy with the way that she looks, but who’s to say when her addiction will resurface and that will be a dangerous day considering that it almost killed her the first time around!

4. Salma Hayek – Breastfeeding


There are very few things better than the cleavage of Salma Hayek, but she is more obsessed with the nutritive properties of it than anything else. Her inability to stop breastfeeding wasn’t ruining her life per se but it was really getting to her head, nonetheless. She went on record saying that she doesn’t care about what happens to her as long as she can continue on with the painful process. Salma’s addiction meant that both of her children were breastfed even after they reached a year old and she even nurtured a malnourished child in the same fashion while visiting a poor country! They may say that beauty is pain, but she’s an addict all the same.

3. Madonna – Adoption


It is a known thing that most women want to become a mother to at least one child in their lifetime and Madonna is no different… to an extent. Having bore two children of her own didn’t seem to be enough for this music legend though which then led her toward the route of adoption. While this may not seem too absurd, she did go into a deep depression after one of her submissions was denied which is not normal in any sense of the word. This being said, she may not even be able to adopt any more from Malawi, the location that she obtained the other two, due to the President’s take on her behavior.

2. Snooki – Pickles


While Snooki may not be known for very much else other than Jersey Shore, her addiction is unlike any other on this list considering that it literally saved her life. Sure, this may sound more than a little bit absurd, but pickles is the reason why this 4-foot 9-inch star is now back at a healthy weight. High school can be tough on everybody, but for her it meant trying to be as light as possible to ensure that she would forever have a spot on the cheerleading squad – which meant that she would consume as little as possible and weigh herself daily. Thankfully this has since changed and her love for pickles is not only something that she can now be known for, but can hold dear knowing that it was a contributing factor to getting her life back on track.

1. Angeline Jolie – Cockroaches


Angelina Jolie has always been a beautiful and extremely sexy woman, but just because she’s gorgeous doesn’t mean that she’s not into some weird things – like cockroaches. She developed a taste for these insects on one of her trips to Cambodia and has loved to eat them ever since. While one of their drawbacks is the pointy end that your stomach cannot digest, the amount of protein and meatiness outweighs that small setback. She has since passed on her love for creepy crawlies to her children, who apparently eat crickets with the same love as most have for chips!

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