15 Celebs Confess Their Most Messed Up Secrets

Celebrity secrets are something magical. Not only do some of these revelations show us that celebrities are really human, humans with more money than they can count, but some of these shocking secrets tell us something about ourselves. Well, they at least show us that these celebrities are actually horrible people, and we're better than them. But's that's not really the case because even if they've done something horrible, because they are celebrities, they can commit atrocities and get away with them, things that normal humans would be jailed for life for committing. There are other secrets on this list which make you feel bad for celebrities, which is a strange sensation. It seems weird to feel for people who can reach into their pockets and grab a crumpled up $1,000 bill to wipe away their tears with.

The only common thread between the secrets on this list is that they're all pretty unbelievable. Celebrities just seem to be blessed, but not all of them are. Some of them have had incredible challenges in their lives; some of these secrets show the celebrities as disgusting, weird, creepy and wild. Really, when you think about it, celebrities are weird people. They're often egotistical and narcissistic; they crave attention so desperately that some of these secrets, no matter how insane, seem somewhat expected of them. That being said, these are wild stories. They're all illuminating and they're all shocking. Let's get to them, 15 shocking celebrity secrets they want to keep hidden.


15 Christopher Walken – Was A Lion Tamer

You know, this one isn't actually all that surprising considering who we're talking about here. At the tender age of 15, Christopher Walken was probably just as weird as he is now. Being the weird duck he was and is, Walken decided that he would join the circus as a lion tamer, well, assistant lion tamer (or assistant to the lion tamer). In the show, he would pose as the circus owner's son and get the lion to do all sorts of tricks, playing that he and the lion would fight after "his father" would leave him alone with the ginormous cat. Walken was an amateur clown growing up as well, so this transition to the taming of lions might have been a bit easier for him than it would be the average person, as weird of a claim as that is. Ok, maybe it wouldn't have been easier, but lion taming is a bit more expected knowing that Walken was clowning around as a young child.

14 Denise Richards – LesbiHonest


This one isn't so much shocking as it is the stuff of fantasies. When Denise Richards was in the pool with Neve Campbell in Wild Things, the world stood still. That single scene was the reason why so many teenagers stayed in their rooms for hours on end each day in the 90s. Many still haven't left. The reason we love the movies so much is because they make fantasies like this come true, but the best part about this one is that Richards really did this in real life. Sure, maybe the real life lesbian experience for Richards wasn't as dramatic as it was on screen with Neve Campbell, but we can pretend like it was. Hell, maybe the affair was with Campbell. Richards never revealed who the other party was, so maybe, just maybe, it was with her once co-star. Rumor activated.

13 Tom Cruise – Shared His Bed With Cher


In the 80s, when Tom Cruise was 23, he was just becoming one of Hollywood's big stars. The story goes that he met the 39-year old Cher at a White House fundraiser and the two instantly hit it off. For whatever reason, the eccentric Cher has long been considered a sex symbol and Cruise is about as weird as a human can get, so these two together is a really strange image. But, as my grandmother always said, weirdos are fond of each other. The connection between these two lasted right up until Cruise traded Cher in for a newer model. Believing in life after love, Cruise decided that Mimi Rogers was better for him than Cher so he cut ties with the terrible dresser, Cher, and married Rogers—then married Nicole Kidman, then married Katie Holmes. We will await who's next in line. Nah, actually, we don't really care.

12 Andy Garcia – Was Born With A Conjoined Twin


When Andy Garcia was born, he had an undeveloped conjoined twin on his shoulder. The twin, about the size of a softball, was removed from his shoulder. Though Garcia says he has no memory of it, he has a scar that reminds him of his brother that never was. You got to feel for the guy. Not only did he forever lose someone to play catch with, he forever lost something to play catch with. Ahhh, that's gross and pretty mean. I apologize Andy. It's actually a very common issue and nothing to be ashamed of. Anyways, there's no way that Andy could retain all of that great talent with a twin beside him sharing the glory, so he simply absorbed him in the womb. If he wasn't premature, there probably wouldn't have even been any evidence of the crime leftover, but he was early and was caught in the act.

11 Jessica Simpson – Doesn’t Brush Her Teeth

Ever since that TV show that Jessica Simpson was on, the world has been well aware of how absolutely cripplingly stupid she is, but this secret makes that fact even more apparent than ever before. Simpson, because she doesn't like when her teeth are "slippery," doesn't brush her teeth. That's right. There are a few things here that we need to address. First is the slippery bit. Or, in other words, clean. Instead of actually brushing off the fuzz, plaque and crud from her teeth, Simpson says she just uses Listerine. She rinses out her mouth with mouthwash and, for special occasions, she might wipe her teeth on her sweater. Yep, her sweater. This grown-a** woman wipes her teeth with her damn sweater because she doesn't like the way they feel when they're clean. What a waste of so many things.

10 Angelina Jolie – Had A Double Mastectomy


If you're a celebrity news hound, this won't be news to you. But, if you only watch actors act and don't care about their personal lives, this one might surprise you. Angelina Jolie has revealed that, because of her high risk for breast cancer, she had a preventative double mastectomy, reducing her chances from 87% to 5%. You would never be able to tell by looking at the actress because she got breast implants. Since Jolie lost her own mother to the disease, she took preventative measures to reduce her chances so her children wouldn't have to go through what she had to. Good for her.

9 Bill Murray – Arrested For Smuggling Weed

It certainly isn't that abnormal to hear that Bill Murray, as a 20-year old man, was arrested for having drugs on him. How this whole thing happened, however, is just insane. Murray, flying into Chicago's O'Hare Airport, was arrested by airport officials for smuggling Marijuana into the country. He wasn't found out by sniffing dogs or x-ray machines, though, he was found out because he joked to the person in the seat beside him that he was smuggling pot into the country and the guy told on him. And boy howdy, was he ever smuggling. Authorities checked his luggage and found that old Billiam had 10 lbs of pot on him that he intended to sell. Murray was fortunate to only receive a slap on the wrist for the infraction, largely because of who he is. If this was a normal person, they would be getting water tortured in Guantanamo Bay as we speak, no doubt.


8 Rebecca Gayheart – Ran Over A Child


One sad day, as 9-year old Jorge Cruz was crossing the street walking home from school, actress Rebecca Gayheart was driving nearby clueless as to her surroundings. The story goes that Gayheart was on her cellphone, probably a very important one because she's so important, when the cars ahead of her stopped to let the boy cross the road, Gayheart appeared to not feel like stopping that day. Instead, she veered into the turning lane and drove into the unsuspecting little boy. The records of the incident, including statements from her lawyer, make Gayheart out to be the victim, describing her as distraught and shaken. Yeah, that's exactly what you should be when you're facing serious jail time. But there's a catch here. She wasn't seriously facing jail time. She was facing a $28,000 fine. Since Gayheart's net worth is about $5 million, that's an equivalent of a $1,000 fine for the average American. Wow. Hopefully she recovered.

7 Leighton Meester – Born In Prison

Leighton Meester, best known for her role in the TV show Gossip Girl, was born as a criminal. OK, not really, but she was born to a criminal who was serving time in jail. Leighton's mother was doing time for her involvement in a drug ring which smuggled marijuana into the US from Jamaica. Technically, she was born in a hospital, but, for a brief moment, she was a being smuggled by a known drug smuggler. Meester would go on to say that the event just goes to show you that you can't judge people and that people change. Well, that was probably before Meester sued her mother for taking her money and giving it to Meester's little brother so that he could get plastic surgery and hair extensions. So I guess the message is, you can't always judge people but sometimes you can and some people don't really change after all.

6 Terrence Howard – Watched His Father Kill A Man


In 1971 in Cleveland, Ohio, Terrence Howard's family was waiting in line to see Santa Claus (not the real one—one in a shopping mall). The accounts vary wildly as to what really happened, but Howard claims that his father was holding his family's place in line when he called them to come and stand with him. As they entered the line, another man said something (possibly racialized) about them cutting in line. Howard's father apparently said something back to this man and it then turned physical. The man pinned Howard's father against a wall and kneed him in the groin repeatedly. Howard's father's groin started to bleed (as the result of a re-aggravated injury). It's said that at this point, Howard's father began to stab the man repeatedly with an unknown weapon. The man would later die from his injuries. Merry Christmas, I guess.

5 Charlize Theron – Mother Killed Father

In 1991, at the age of 16, the immensely beautiful Charlize Theron was at home in South Africa with her mother and father. After some heavy drinking, Theron's father attacked her mother and threatened both Theron and her mother. It's said that Theron's mother grabbed a gun in the altercation and shot and killed her father. The act was judged to be in self-defence and she was later let off. Soon after, Theron and her mother moved to New York City to get away from that life. Theron would go on to become one of the most gorgeous women on Earth. She'd also become a wonderful actress.

4 Thora Birch – Parents Were Early Skin Flick Stars


Thora Birch has been acting for a long time, ever since she was a little girl. In a way, it makes sense that Birch became an actress because both her parents were actors. Her parents weren't great actors, mind you, but they were skin flick stars. They were both in one of the pioneering adult film hits, Deep Throat, starring Linda Lovelace. I think it's safe to say that Birch has surpassed her parents' acting careers. But, how cool would it be to say that you were conceived on the set of a movie, which may or may not have been how Birch came to be. Sure, it's unlikely that it went down that way, but contraception was uncommon in those days, so you never know.

3 Woody Harrelson – Father Was A Contract Killer


In 1979, when Woody Harrelson was 18, he learned a secret about his father. It was after his father was convicted of murdering judge John H. Wood that Harrelson learned his pops was a contract killer for the Texas drug lord, Jamiel Chagra. When Chagra was on trial for drug trafficking, he had Harrelson's father murder the judge who was overseeing the case. Harrelson's father was known to have killed several men during his career as a hitman, and he even claimed that he killed John F. Kennedy, but he later retracted that claim. Harrelson would visit his father during his life sentence, but saw him more as a friend than a father. Harrelson's father and two other men attempted to escape in 1995, but they were unsuccessful. In 2007, Harrelson's father was found dead of a heart attack in his cell.

2 Matthew Broderick – Killed A Mother And Daughter


In 1987, Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey began dating after meeting on the set of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. During a drive through Northern Ireland, Broderick veered into oncoming traffic hitting another car and killing the driver and her daughter. Broderick and Grey suffered some minor injuries and broken bones. Initially Broderick was faced with five years of jail time for dangerous driving, but the courts thought better about sending Bueller to prison. Instead, they fined him $175 dollars. That's not a typo. I don't know what's more disgusting, the fact that Broderick was fined less than $200 for killing two human beings or the fact that he was secretly dating his movie sister. Years later, Honda got the great idea to include Broderick in a car commercial. Top notch, research team.

1 Keith Richards – Snorted His Dad

Keith Richards is basically a walking corpse. The guy is nearing 100-years old and has been doing the hardest of hard drugs for like 89 of those years. Of all the crazy drugs that Richards did in his wild life, the most insane was his father. You read that right. Keith Richards snorted his father. After his father was cremated, Richards put his ashes into a line and popped him up his nose. Yeah, after the media got a hold of this story and the public began to criticize him, Richards' agent said he was only joking, but Richards doesn't joke about drugs. That's the one thing in his life, other than his music, that he's been serious about. He snorted his father's bone dust. That's about the craziest thing I've ever heard.

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