15 Celebs Confess Their Most Messed Up Secrets

Celebrity secrets are something magical. Not only do some of these revelations show us that celebrities are really human, humans with more money than they can count, but some of these shocking secrets tell us something about ourselves. Well, they at least show us that these celebrities are actually horrible people, and we're better than them. But's that's not really the case because even if they've done something horrible, because they are celebrities, they can commit atrocities and get away with them, things that normal humans would be jailed for life for committing. There are other secrets on this list which make you feel bad for celebrities, which is a strange sensation. It seems weird to feel for people who can reach into their pockets and grab a crumpled up $1,000 bill to wipe away their tears with.

The only common thread between the secrets on this list is that they're all pretty unbelievable. Celebrities just seem to be blessed, but not all of them are. Some of them have had incredible challenges in their lives; some of these secrets show the celebrities as disgusting, weird, creepy and wild. Really, when you think about it, celebrities are weird people. They're often egotistical and narcissistic; they crave attention so desperately that some of these secrets, no matter how insane, seem somewhat expected of them. That being said, these are wild stories. They're all illuminating and they're all shocking. Let's get to them, 15 shocking celebrity secrets they want to keep hidden.

15 Christopher Walken – Was A Lion Tamer

14 Denise Richards – LesbiHonest


13 Tom Cruise – Shared His Bed With Cher


12 Andy Garcia – Was Born With A Conjoined Twin

11 Jessica Simpson – Doesn’t Brush Her Teeth

10 Angelina Jolie – Had A Double Mastectomy

9 Bill Murray – Arrested For Smuggling Weed

8 Rebecca Gayheart – Ran Over A Child


7 Leighton Meester – Born In Prison

6 Terrence Howard – Watched His Father Kill A Man

5 Charlize Theron – Mother Killed Father

4 Thora Birch – Parents Were Early Skin Flick Stars


3 Woody Harrelson – Father Was A Contract Killer


2 Matthew Broderick – Killed A Mother And Daughter

1 Keith Richards – Snorted His Dad

Keith Richards is basically a walking corpse. The guy is nearing 100-years old and has been doing the hardest of hard drugs for like 89 of those years. Of all the crazy drugs that Richards did in his wild life, the most insane was his father. You read that right. Keith Richards snorted his father. After his father was cremated, Richards put his ashes into a line and popped him up his nose. Yeah, after the media got a hold of this story and the public began to criticize him, Richards' agent said he was only joking, but Richards doesn't joke about drugs. That's the one thing in his life, other than his music, that he's been serious about. He snorted his father's bone dust. That's about the craziest thing I've ever heard.

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15 Celebs Confess Their Most Messed Up Secrets