15 Celebrity Women We Won't Find Hot In Five Years

Much like wealth, popularity and beer, beauty does not last forever. Betty White, of all people, was smoking hot decades ago, but now she's the sweet old famous lady nobody expects to say dirty things. She may still be a beautiful woman, but in a grandmotherly way, not in a way that gets one featured in magazines found under a teenager's bed.

For women in show business, much like women outside of it, there is lasting hotness, attractiveness which can stick around for decades. Monica Bellucci is one prime example. She is the most recent James Bond girl. The Italian Goddess is over fifty and still looks (I don't just throw this word around) magnificent. Julianne Moore is another example. She's been one of the best actresses in the world for over two decades, and still, despite being over fifty, she is stunning.

Lindsay Lohan is an example of the opposite. The girl has not aged well. She could have, but booze and drugs took hold and now she looks like the kind of cretin who can be found in the nasty part of any large city shouting at a guy who refused to give her a cigarette. While she was one of the sexiest in show business over a decade ago, she looks rough these days. For more information on women who haven't aged with too much grace, see Tara Reid. I'm no Nostradamus and I can't predict the future, but here is our take on fifteen celebrity babes who might be hot now but probably won't be in five years.

26 Kate Moss

25 Beyonce


23 The Olsen Twins


21 Iggy Azalea

20 Fergie


18 Heidi Montag


16 Pamela Anderson


14 Ronda Rousey

There will be plenty of you reading this right now who say that Ronda Rousey isn't hot now. Fair enough, she is a bit more built and doesn't have the kind of pretty face that pleases everyone. But for our purposes, we have her listed as a hottie as of February, 2016. There are a couple of reasons, however, that five years down the road, this may not be the case. The first is her chosen line of work. Upon her return to MMA, she will likely have to square off against Holly Holm again. Even if Rousey wins that bout, Holm will still likely rearrange her face to some extent. Others will have taken note as well, that before a match-up against Rousey, work on the striking game and make sure she can't get her arms around you. In short, she's going to take plenty of hits to the face over the next few years (depending on how long she continues to fight) and that will be detrimental to that pretty face.

13 Madonna


11 Miley Cyrus


9 Kim Kardashian


7 Victoria Beckham


5 Kate Upton


3 Gisele Bundchen


1 Angelina Jolie

It's very unfortunate, but this former sensationally beautiful woman is, in the opinion of this professional hot-woman-rater, within five years of being not so hot. I've said for a long time that Angelina Jolie looks about halfway between being an incredibly attractive woman and a member of another species. The strong jawline and unnaturally large lips are a major part of the issue. Big lips (Scarlett Johanssen for example) are a great look, but Brad Pitt's woman has a whole different situation going on. Add that to the fact that she's starting to show her age overall, and you have a cocktail that leads to not being hot at all in five years.


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15 Celebrity Women We Won't Find Hot In Five Years